Friday, August 29, 2014

Improve Office Functionality with An ESI Monitor Arm

ESI monitor arms provide excellent ergonomic benefits for home and business work environments. These fully functional and adjustable computer screen mounting systems will change the way you operate while computing for life. In today's post, we'll highlight 5 of the top selling monitor arms from ESI and their benefits. Enjoy!

1.) Single Screen Monitor Arm

Single Screen Monitor Arm

First up is the EDGE series monitor arm from ESI. This single screen unit is perfect for small home and business office applications. The EDGE mounts securely through a desk grommet and can also be clamp mounted to the side of most office desks. This simple to use monitor arm is easy to install and features an integrated wire management routing track to help keep you space looking nice and neat. Priced at $198.99, this starter unit is an excellent value.

2.) Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Next up is the EDGE dual screen monitor arm from ESI. If you're still working with a single computer screen sitting on your desk and flipping back and forth between tabs, it's time to step into the modern age of office ergonomics. Similar to the EDGE single screen model highlighted above, this dual screen unit adjust easily to create more usable workspace. This 2 screen set up allows users to simultaneously mouse between monitors for quicker and more efficient computing. Priced at $361.99, this product will help you operate at performance levels you never knew existed.

3.) Three Screen Monitor Arm

3 Screen Monitor Arm

Used commonly in high tech work environments and in networking furniture layouts, three screen monitor arms are incredibly versatile and beneficial. Type an important email, check your stocks, and browse the web simultaneously with this super cool setup. The horizontal display does take up a significant amount of space, so be sure to measure your screens before adding this unit. Needless to say the 3 screen look, will add plenty of wow factor to your workspace while speeding up your day to day computer tasking. This MMFS3 unit is available for $439.99 and includes free shipping.

4.) Six Screen Monitor Arm

6 Screen Monitor Mount

Unless you're a tech junkie or working in a fast paced networking job, our next ESI unit may be a little much. None the less, the MMFS6 model 6 screen monitor arm from ESI is just plain cool. Talk about making your space look futuristic. While having 6 screens up at a time is a bit unnecessary for the average home office, believe it or not these MMFS6 units are quite helpful to credit card monitoring companies and fast paced call centers. Priced at $834.99, this mega mounting system was just too awesome not to sure and will probably become the industry standard one day!

5.) Heavy Duty Monitor Arm

Heavy Duty Monitor Arm

ESI also specialized in a variety of heavy duty monitor arm systems for those who want to operate on multiple screens. Units like the EDGE2-MAX will support up to 40 lbs. and screens up to 24" in size. This heavy duty pole mounted setup offers a 14" height adjustment range and monitors can be positioned by sliding along the crossbar to accommodate various screen sizes and shapes. Priced at $448.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better unit on the market today.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lesro Impresses with Mystic Reception Furniture

The Lesro Industries Mystic reception furniture collection is truly impressive. This line of high quality guest chairs, bench seating, and accent tables offers the perfect blend of wood and metal accents for a contemporary look that's simply unmatched. In today's post we'll be highlighting a variety of unique products from the Mystic collection and their aesthetic benefits. Enjoy!

Lesro Mystic SeriesFirst up, the Mystic S1801G7 guest side chair. This single user guest chair is available in a wide range of fabric and leather upholstery options that work well in lounge, waiting room, and reception area applications. The S1801G7 features wood arm caps available in 6 finish options to compliment your choice of 2 frame finishes. This stand alone chair offers a highly preferred wall saver design and just the right amount of wow factor. Priced at $221.10, the S1801G7 is also an excellent value.

Mystic Series Bariatric Chair
The S1891K8 lounge chair from the Mystic Lounge Series is perfect for big and tall users. This heavy duty chair supports up to 750 lbs. and doesn't lack in terms of style. All too often, users are left sorting through a slim selection of quality chairs for bariatric applications. Luckily, Lesro has introduced seating solutions like the S1891K8 to meet the needs of design teams looking to impress while keeping visitors in supreme comfort. This comfy chair is available in all the top upholstery options Lesro has to offer and is a top choice for healthcare based waiting areas.

Mystic Bench SeatingThe Lesro Industries Mystic Collection also offers a wide variety of versatile bench seating solutions for larger reception areas. Products like the S4803G7 bench accommodate up to 4 users at a time without the need for ample spacing between each seat. These space saving bench chairs are great for applications where seating a large number of guests comfortably is top priority. Priced at $867.90, Mystic bench chairs are a bit more pricey than most of the products from this collection, but provide tons of space and style benefits that will be appreciated by businesses for years.

Mystic Furniture by LesroLesro has also introduced a line of Mystic series accent tables to help design teams and businesses alike further enhance waiting areas. Products like the S2811G7 can be added to provide table space as well as seating for 2 guests for only $552.75. The S2811G7 is truly a versatile product that stands apart from the crowd.

Mystic Coffee TableMystic series coffee tables and end tables like the S1485T5 and S1285T5 incorporate the same wood and metal design characteristics as the incredible chairs from this collection. Choose a cohesive finish and show your design prowess and business sophistication with ease. These tables start at $152.90 and are a must have for any makeover project using the Lesro Mystic line.

Mystic Bench by LesroLast but certainly not least, the S1005B7 from the Mystic Collection was just too cool to leave out. This two person backless guest bench features upholstered seating surfaces and contemporary metal legs. The S1005B7 can act as a modular coffee table or seating option for guests and provides a ton of aesthetic appeal. As the title of today's post says, Lesro truly impresses with the Mystic collection!
Monday, August 25, 2014

Why A Home Office May Be Right For You

It seems like every day brings a new work trend that takes us further away from the past. However, with all the bring your pets to work days, bring your kids to work days, pajama days, and casual fridays, there's definitely a trend to the trends - there's no place like home. Modern workplaces all over the world have been striving to make the working life more accessible, but sometimes it's just impossible to escape the distractions. In today's article, we'll highlight the top reasons why a home office might just be the next big thing!

Best of Both Worlds

Pets, casual clothes, pajamas - there's a reason modern offices allow them once in a while, and that reason is comfort. Working at stylish home office desks rather than an iron office building gives all that and more. In fact, part of the reason modern and open offices have become such a huge trend is because they typically allow more room to be oneself. The casual clothes, personalized spaces, and room to chat with coworkers is supposed to reduce stress so employees can work comfortably. Unfortunately, all the hustle and bustle can be distracting for individuals that need quiet to concentrate. With phones, Skype, FaceTime, and social media sites however, instant contact is a snap. Nowadays, home workers get the peace and quiet they need, and all the coworker contact they want!

Comfortable Environment

For most of us, home is where the heart is, and we're never as comfortable as we are in our own controlled environment. Unlike a public office, at home, you get to decide just about everything to do with the world around you - control that is vital to focus. All too often, public office workers have no control over lighting, noise, chairs and furniture for office use, equipment, office accessories for work and other vital things that could help them work better as individuals. Contrarily, with the kids away at school, most home workers enjoy plenty of quiet time. Surrounded by one's own home office furniture and recliners, they are the captains of their own ships so long as the job gets done.

Save Money, Improve Health!

Commutes, lunches, and snacks can all take a surprisingly large dent out of paychecks. In addition, working under the gun can also inspire poorer health, especially when a quick trip to McDonalds is faster than making a sandwich in the morning. Responsible home office workers on the other hand don't have to have these problems. For most of them, the morning commute merely consists of a few steps. Lunch is as simple as a trip to the refrigerator. With the opportunity to choose better foods from the pantry, shop ergonomic chairs to reduce pain, and take the dog for a 15-minute walk after lunch, home workers have a much better chance to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Forced Responsibility 

For all the benefits a home work life provides, it is not the choice for everyone. This is a lifestyle that requires great personal discipline and accountability. If power goes out, it's still the home worker's responsibility to finish a proposal, even if that means going back to the office building for a day. Being able to call that desk your own comes at a price when your work from the house. For some, it builds great time management and organizational skills. For others, it may just build up courage to confront the boss about adding sound absorbers to the walls - and that's okay too!

Be Yourself

Whether you decide to work at a home or in a building, it's important to find a place that gets you be the best of who you are. If you are responsible, accountable, and focused all on your own, then a home office life may be just the thing to make you shine. Fortunately, some modern workplaces are hipping up to the benefits of a home-work lifestyle, and are striving to make public business life as comfortable as possible. By adding discount modular furniture and sound barriers, along with a mix of team-working open floor plans surrounded by quiet individual work areas, offices everywhere are beginning to meet the needs of everyone. In the end, wherever you work - there's no place like home!
Friday, August 22, 2014

Chair Questionnaire: Choosing The Perfect Office Chair for You!

Office Chair Questionnaire

Finding the perfect office chair for your specific needs can be a long and difficult process. With thousands of popular chairs available on the market today, how do you know which model is right for you? No need to worry! In today's post we'll be highlighting our simple and easy to follow 7 question guide to help shoppers choose the most best chair possible. Enjoy, and happy shopping!

1.) What's Your Price Range?

Right out of the gate, it's important to determine an acceptable budget for your new office chair. While respectable seating options can be purchased for as little as $100, high end chairs range well into the thousands. Determine a price you are comfortable with and move on to question 2.

2.) What Chair Style Showcases Your Personality?

Modern, traditional, contemporary, and retro are all trending office chair styles that accommodate a variety of different style preferences. Some shoppers prefer a cutting edge modern chair with plenty of wow factor, while other like the class look featured in today's luxurious traditional seating options. Choose a style that highlights your individual personality and move on to question 3.

3.) Why Type of Upholstery is Best for Your Office?

When shopping for office chairs online, you're bound to run into a variety of fabric, leather, vinyl seating choices from reputable brands. Chair upholstery options are graded by the amount of double rubs (times a material can be used without showing wear) to determine the quality and grade. Determine what type of material will work best for your decor and style preferences and select a grade withing your budget. Most of the chairs for sale on the market today are standard in one or two fabric or leather color options to keep things a bit more simplified. However, top office chair brands offer ample textiles to provide variety to shoppers like you!

4.) What Back Height Do You Prefer?

Today's most popular ergonomic chairs come in low, mid, and high back styles to accommodate users of all sizes. Test a few models at a local showroom to determine which back height will best suit your daily needs.

5.) What Daily Functions Do You Perform?

When selecting your new office chair, it's important to determine your most common office functions and the purpose your chair will serve. If your shopping for a new chair for the home office, computing styles will  work great for your needs. If the chair is for your high end business space, executive styles will be preferred. Those who sit for long periods of time throughout the week will typically be performing more functions and should expect more from their chairs. That being said, it's important to shop accordingly for styles built around the demands of your specific work day.

6.) What Ergonomic Features Do You Need?

Selecting ergonomic features is not a step to be feared. While the options are quite numerous, most chairs come standard with the basic attributes needed to provide you with customizable comfort throughout the work day. Pneumatic seat height, chair tilt features, lumbar support mechanisms, and adjustable arms are the most common. If you'd like help determining your ergonomic seating needs, meet with a physician or chair specialist at your convenience. Most will be happy to provide suggestions.

7.) How Soon Do You Need Your Chair?

Shoppers looking for in stock office chairs will find plenty of solutions available both in store and online. Basic color options like black, brown, blue, and gray will be available in a timely manner. Those who want unique textiles and colors will be shopping brands like Global Total Office and RFM who offer made to order products that take approximately 3 to 5 weeks to manufacturer. It's important to determine how soon you need your new chair, to then determine what brands you should consider. In a nut shell, If you are in a hurry, ask your dealer about in stock office chairs. If you want something a bit more fancy, inquire about made to order products.

Once you've answered the 7 questions above, it's time to choose a manufacturer. Brands like Boss, Offices To Go, and Eurotech offer excellent computer chairs that ship quickly. Brands like Global Total Office and RFM mentioned above specialize in more made to order products available with customizable options. Shop a variety of brands to determine styles, features, and attributes you need before settling on one particular manufacturer. For suggestions you can read office chair reviews online, visit ergonomic forums, or consult with professionals about best selling models. In the long run, it's most important to choose a chair that keeps  you comfortable, showcases your personal style, and stays within the budget!
Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Go Modular with Global Bungee Tables

Designing a conference room is never easy. As a room with a purpose, the final product must be functional, modern, and appealing enough to impress corporate guests. Unfortunately, for offices that have to budget money and space, a fancy one-room area just for the occasional conference is not always an option. To anyone in need of versatile conference room furniture that's both functional and stunning, look no further. In today's article, we present modular Bungee Tables by Global Total Office - the perfect thing to jazz up a conference room. Enjoy!

About Global Bungee Tables

Global Total Office is a top notch furniture manufacturer that's been designing quality desks, tables, and chairs for many years. Their experience definitely paid off in design of the Bungee table series, which showcases some of the most versatile, high tech conference tables on the market. Featuring a high end modular design that allows these tables to be connected, reconfigured, and easily stored, Global Bungee tables allow conference rooms to be used for more than just talk. The need for presentations, projects, and training new recruits also gives Bungee tables lots of use. They are the perfect thing for business owners wishing to minimize extraneous costs by choosing furniture that can accomplish more than one task.

Here, There, Everywhere!

So where exactly do Bungee tables work best? Well, the answer may surprise you. Initially designed for use in conference rooms, Bungee tables by Global Total Office are the most ideal for meetings. However, with highly functional features, these tables make one room capable of so much more. Styled for meetings with corporate executives, these versatile conference tables for sale are also utilitarian enough for internal meetings with coworkers. The ability to rearrange and connect in multiple layouts also renders these tables perfect for training purposes, education, presentations, special events, and workplace projects too.

Superior Style

Not only are Bungee tables capable of great things. They are also wonders of modern style. Global is notorious for offering plenty of customizable aspects to their products, such as upgrades, colors, and upholstery options, and the Bungee table series is no different! Here, tables are offered in multiple sizes to fit conference rooms large and small. Most models, like the Global BK180F 15' Bungee conference table set offer multiple leg finishes, shapes, and optional caster kits for mobility. In addition, Global's reputation for custom styling is also replicated by a set of ten stunning table finishes. The selection is an office interior designer's dream come true!

Ultimate Versatility

In the high stakes business world, style can get you far, but it definitely isn't everything. Thankfully, a quality office furniture brand like Global Total Office knows this. Through their Bungee table series, this brand works to provide every office with the equipment to combat every task! In most workplaces, conference rooms aren't just for conversation. They are places of education, idea sharing, and business projects where employees build cooperation and teamwork. With excellent ergonomic features like the ability to reconfigure, rearrange, connect, nest, fold, and roll, Global Bungee tables can adapt to every scenario. With just a few bungee cords, users can build their own ideal work environment to get the job done.

Final Grades

With all that Global Bungee modular boardroom tables are capable of, it's no surprise that we give this series an A+ for utility. Paired with professional modern styling that any corporate leader can be proud of, they have definitely earned themselves five stars! Of course, there are many conference tables and furniture for less, but considering all the attributes of the Bungee series, the tables are a steal. If multi-functional tables are a must for your office, no series is better than this one!

Monday, August 18, 2014

What's Hot: Powered Conference Tables

As the world of technology races, so does the world of business! So it's no surprise that the addition of tablets, laptops, and smartphones has brought about a new generation of professionals who rely on them to get the job done. Thankfully, great furniture manufacturers have devised powered conference tables to better integrate this new technology. Check out today's article featuring the top powered tables for conference and idea sharing in the workplace!



First on our list of top-of-the-line powered conference tables is the Napoli series. If versatility is what you're seeking, no set is better than this! The Napoli collection by Mayline features a swath of conference tables in varying sizes to meet the needs of every office. Most options are offered in the choice's choice of either mahogany, sierra, or golden cherry for a luxury finish. In addition to excellent versatility and high quality veneer styling, these tables also feature power ability to appeal to the modern workplace. Constructed of AA-grade North American hardwood, Napoli collection tables are always a utilitarian office tool your workplace can be proud of!



Our next selection of high powered conference tables hails from the same reputable manufacturer as the Napoli collection. Also from Mayline, it's not hard to see why the Aberdeen series is an office favorite. With a styling that expertly blends modern applications with traditional charm, Aberdeen conference tables appeal to guests and business executives alike. Like the Napoli collection, most Aberdeen tables are offered in versatile sizes and colors with great discount prices to stay in budget. Optional modules for power are a staple of most models so users can hook up laptops and smartphones for presentations!



For minimalist modern appeal that gains a ton of use, look no further than Lesro for your conference room furniture needs! With stunning tables and chairs for sale, their Mystic collection will undoubtedly leave guests mystified. Offered in numerous sizes with a choice of five stunning finishes, Mystic tables by Lesro can find a place in just about every office. The uptown styling includes tables with elliptical, square, and round tabletops to appeal to specific decor needs. Of course, the power capabilities of most models enhance the boardroom experience by integrating technology into every meeting. Best of all, they're amazingly affordable!



Our next series comes from a brand that's famous for products with excellent style and utilitarian features. For conference tables with versatile design characterisitcs, look no further than the Zira collection by Global Total Office. Like the other collections on this list, Zira tables boast a dazzling array of style options, adjustable features, and varied sizes for every workplace. However, where most furniture lines offer only one basic styling, Zira collection conference tables come in diverse designs. This way, users can choose a table they like based on looks, then customize size, color, and power capabilities to meet their specific needs. Talk about creative freedom!



And finally, we leave you with Mayline's unique TransAction tables to make your workplace shine. Featuring optional technology ports, these tables offer all the best hookups! Tables with power capabilities allow users to plug in their smartphone or laptop to make presentations a breeze at meetings. With variable sizes, colors, and casters available offered too, these tables are some of the most useful conference tables for sale on the market. Enhance your workplace with a few incredible TransAction tables today and know that your workplace is equipped with the best of the best!
Thursday, August 14, 2014

Flash Furniture Introduces Cool New Office Chairs!

Known for their affordable products, modern designs, and user friendly office solutions, Flash Furniture has been on a roll in 2014. With a wide variety of best selling new office chairs available, Flash is rapidly becoming the go to seating brand for those in search of contemporary appeal on a budget. In today's post, we'll be highlighting 5 of the top new office chairs available from Flash and their workplace benefits. Enjoy!

Flash Furniture Office ChairModern Office ChairFirst up, the CH-CX0528H01 high back office chairs. These cutting edge office seating solutions boast a modern mesh back design with attractive leather seat trim. Available in a choice of black or white, CH-CX0528H01 series chairs work great in home, executive office, and conference room environments. At only $129.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a more versatile and unique chair on the market at even twice the price. The integrated headrest, padded loop arms, and user friendly ergonomic attributes make this cool chair a real winner.

Adjustable Desk ChairGreen Office ChairThe new H-0549FX chair collection from Flash Furniture is perfect for home and business use. This cool mesh back chair line offers models in green, black, and gray mesh back options. At first glance you'll notice the space age design characteristics and unique frame color complimenting your mesh back of choice. Priced at $119.99, these unique desk chairs offer the awesome ergonomic features and design characteristics we've come to expect from Flash Furniture without breaking the average shoppers budget. The ergonomically contoured back cradles and supports the natural curve of the spine while the built in lumbar support helps to keep any user working efficiently.

Tufted Office ChairTraditional Leather Office ChairGo traditional with the new CI-J600 seating line from Flash Furniture! These luxurious leather office chairs boast tufted back surfaces with over stuffed head rests and brass nail head trim. Available in brown, burgundy, and black options, these nostalgic chairs work well in law office and executive applications. Priced at $425.99, these traditional chairs are a bit more pricey than most models from Flash but are indeed more elegant. Don't be fooled by the old school look! These chairs offer excellent ergonomic features like a locking tilt control and swivel seat for improved productivity in the workplace. Mahogany finished base caps compliment the leather surfaces to perfection.

Armless Computer ChairAdjustable Swivel Chair by Flash FurnitureFor those in search of a well rounded office chair outfitted with high quality ergonomic features, without the over the top modern look, Flash's has you covered. The new WL-F062SYG line is everything you want from an ergonomic office chair, in a package that's affordable. At $183.99, the WL-F062SYG provides users with an adjustable height lumbar support, padded foam fabric seat, back tilt lock mechanism, tilt tension control knob, and much more. The height adjustable concave arms and heavy duty nylon base make for a comfort line of ergonomic computer chairs designed to help users reach peak performance levels in the workplace. An armless version is also available at only $161.99, for those in search of a little more elbow room.

Red Office ChairBlue Office ChairWrapping things up with a bang is the BL-ZP-806 collection from Flash. This line of mid back mesh chairs are available in 3 cool color options to compliment modern work environments to perfection. These versatile and comfortable chairs feature contoured backs for ergonomically correct support as well as built-in lumbar supports, tilt lock mechanisms, and tilt tension adjustment knobs. Priced at $120.99, it's easy to see the value in these new office chairs! If you're going for ample wow factor, chairs from the BL-ZP-806 collection are perfect for you!
Tuesday, August 12, 2014

5 Tips To Create the Perfect Dorm Room Workstation

August is here, and it seems like everyone is headed back to school. However, for some students, the next grade is one of the biggest steps they will ever take in life. Making the jump from high school to college is always fraught with new experiences, but never fear. Here at, we're dead set on making this transition all the more easier for you. For all the all-nighters you'll spend over textbooks (and all the ones you'll spend surfing the web), here's what you'll need to set up the perfect dorm room workstation. Enjoy!

A Versatile, Compact Desk Set

The most important ingredient in setting up a stylish work area in your dorm room is always a cool compact workstation. Since most college students are forced to share the space with up to four other individuals, the "compact" part is definitely a must. Thankfully, with discount ergonomic workstations from great brands like Mayline Office Furniture, finding an affordable desk to fit comfortably in a small space is no problem. We recommend searching through Mayline's Eastwinds collection, or through a few Flash Furniture office desks in order to find the right thing. Both brands offer amazing compact desks for far less than most competitors. Save that tuition money while you can!

Ergonomic Monitor Arm

Having adjustable monitor arms for computers are a must to save space in the dorm room. For those of you that don't know, monitor arms are meant to hold up a computer screen in a way that's efficient and healthy for the user. The ability to stretch out, retract, and tilt to meet the needs of viewers makes these devices indispensable - especially for those that suffer from back pain due to slouching to see a computer screen. The problem sounds petty, but for anyone that's ever experienced it, monitor arms are lifesavers that will last for years. All that extra desk space for textbooks is just an added bonus!

CPU Holder

For those of you that aren't tech savvy, efficient computer CPU holders are one of the best money-savers (especially if you're prone to accidents…) Anyone that's ever spilled a cup of coffee on their computer's hard drive knows the terror of lost data and an expensive trip to the tech store. (Now try imagining dad on the other line when you tell him from the dorm - yikes!) In order to save yourself potential trouble in the future, we recommend adding an inexpensive CPU holder - or hard drive holder - to your workstation. Not only do they keep hard drives off the ground and out of the disaster zone, but they also make rewiring a snap! In fact, they're so efficient that some ergonomic desk sets even come with them built in. And by the way? Super affordable!

Stylish Storage

Crammed in a 10-by-10 foot room with an irritable roomie? Then efficient storage is an absolute must. Finding a place to put all those accessories and school supplies is just one more problem you don't want to deal with. Instead, take the initiative and figure out what sort of storage device is best for you. Some more affordable options are bookshelves, small storage cabinets, and shelving to keep things off the floor. Desk pedestals are always efficient ways to store any extra pens and paper. To save money, try to find a workstation that already has one built in. They shouldn't be hard to find.

Cool Accessories

Finally, we get to the fun part! For most college kids, decking out the dorm is one of the best first experiences to have in college, and choosing some cool office accessories is just icing on the cake. To start off, let there by light with a cool desk lamp to keep your style ball rolling. Mouspads, computer mice, and fun USB hubs will help you stay connected with mom until she's finally okay with you leaving (which should be about halfway through your fourth year). And lastly, never forget the desk organizer! Not only is it an efficient way to stay neat, but they're also an excellent place to hide snacks from a mooching roommate. We hope you enjoy your first year!

Congrats Grad!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Office Design: 5 Must Have Items To Personalize Your Desk

Your desk is your home away from home. Whether your office is actually in your home or a skyscraper doesn't matter, but it must leave you feeling creative and comfortable. Cool office design is all the rage these days, so it's only natural that a personalized workspace is too. However, work does require tools first and foremost, and while it's fine that they look good, functionality should never be sacrificed. That's why, in today's article, we're showcasing our picks for the top must have office accessories to personalize your desk!

Cool Mouspad… and Mouse!

Keeping a cool mousepad around is one of the best ways to showcase your personal style without sacrificing necessity in your office. Almost everyone with a computer requires a mousepad for smooth surfing. While you're at it, you may want to take a gander at some of the fun new computer mice scurrying all over the internet. Add both next to office keyboard platforms for a fully functioning, fashionable workstation. With all the cool computer accessories out there, it's never hard to find something that speaks to you!

Dressed Up Monitor Arm

A misplaced computer screen can lead to all sorts of muscle and back problems with continuous misuse. W recommend that anyone who spends more than three hours per day on an office computer have adjustable monitor arms around to promote workplace health. Thankfully, just these hunks of hardware are good for more than just pain prevention. They're user-friendly, and also save plenty more desk space for decoration. Doll up your computer screen with some googly-eyes or inspirational words to suit your style!

Fun USB Hubs

USB hubs are the perfect combo of style and functionality. As tech pieces, USB hubs work like epic charging ports for multiple devices. Simply plug one end into your computer, then use the other hubs to hook up smartphones, mp3 players, lights, games, or anything else you need! Creative tech designers have made USB hubs in all sorts of shapes and styles to suit everyone's decor. Shop around, and see if you can find one you like!

Someplace To Store Stuff

Office storage is a tricky business. Everyone has different needs. The important thing to remember here is that you are not limited by choice! Reputable and affordable office furniture brands have taken it upon themselves to create clever ways to store everything from files, to papers, binders, books, and more. Consider your needs, and decide which office storage device is right for you. Bookcases, mobile office storage carts, and desk pedestals are some of the most popular choices. Thankfully, most manufacturers offer several options in the style of their furniture collections so decor always matches up.

Personalized Pencil Holder

Even if the modern office has tried to go mostly paperless, pens and post-its still remain a pretty common sight. And what better way to organize all these things than with personalized pencil holders and drawers for desk use. For those seeking functionality, retractable trays are always a good go-to. However, for an extra splash of style, and spunky old coffee mug with lots of character is great too. Take your pick, and let the doodling begin!

Cozy Office Chair

And finally, we leave you with the staple ingredient of every good office space. Comfortable, cozy ergonomic chairs for less are always a big plus for the office shopper, and nowadays, they're needed in almost every office. Ergonomic chairs are specially designed to relieve pain, with some models being targeted directly toward specific ailments. Watch for smart features like "tilt tension control," "waterfall seat," and "adjustable lumbar support" for focused pain relief. Choose from stylish brands like Global Total Office, RFM Seating, Eurotech, and Flash Furniture for superior chair variety and versatility in style!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mayline Raises Bar with New Medina Desks

Mayline Medina Collection
The all new Medina furniture collection from Mayline is officially turning heads in office spaces across the country. This innovative line of laminate executive desking offers modern appeal at an affordable price point. Created as a cost affective alternative to the popular Napoli collection, Medina offers the same Italian influenced style characteristics at a more consumer friendly price point. Needless to say, this new line from Mayline raises the bar in every way!


Mayline Medina desks combine a blend of laminate surfaces with metal and glass accents. With a wide variety of both small and large configurations available to meet spaces of any size, going modern just got easy. The rich wood grain tones compliment the silver modesty panel accents and handle pulls to perfection. The glass hutch and storage cabinet doors add a touch of high end appeal without going to over the top. Overall, this collection's top not style is sure to earn any space an abundance of positive compliments.


The Mayline Medina Collection is available in 3 attractive laminate finish options. The mahogany finish offers a classic look that works great in both home and business work environments. Mayline has taken note of the success that dark wood tones are enjoying this year and is offering a mocha finish on all of the popular desks from this collection to help keep your office in line with the hottest trends. Last but not least, the Gray Steel laminate option is an instant favorite. The look of gray wood is sure to provide any space with ample wow factor and a desk configuration that looks very high end without the hefty price tag.


The Medina collection is an excellent choice for both home and business needs. The affordable price point makes desks from the Medina line very attainable for the average home office consumer while the quality craftsmanship and modern characteristics make them highly desired by business professionals. If you choose not to go with a pre configured set, Medina's wide range of desking components will allow you to easily spec a custom layout to meet your specific needs. With an abundance of desk, pedestal, wall cabinet, and hutch options available, this soon to be best selling line is all about versatility!


The Medina line offers an excellent selection of quick shipping desk typicals to help you design your office in a hurry, without sacrificing style. Check out the popular layouts below!

Configuration 1: $1702.99

Mayline Medina Desk Configuration

Configuration 2: $1407.99

Medina Home Office Furniture Layout

Configuration 3: $999.99

Mocha Finished Medina Desk Layout

Additional Notes

Those looking to finish multiple office areas will love the Mayline Medina Collection. This extensive line includes a wide range of desks as well as high quality furniture for professional conference rooms. Medina conference tables are available with factory install power modules for multi media spaces as well as a wide range of presentation aids and storage components to take any meeting area over the top. This line does it all!

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Office Furniture Deals Blog

Office Furniture Deals Blog