Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cyber Monday Office Furniture Sale and Coupons

Here at Office Furniture Deals we are getting geared up for our Cyber Monday Sale! In today's post we've highlighted 10 of our hottest specials, as well as our active coupons good through December 1st. As always, all of our furniture and seating includes free shipping for added value!

1.) Cherryman Verde Series 10' Conference Table - $1167.00 + FREE Shipping!

Conference Table Sale

2.) Cherryman Verde Series Reception Desk - $706.50 + FREE Shipping!

Verde Reception Desk

3.) Cherryman Amber Series Furniture Set - $1712.00 + FREE Shipping!

Cherryman Amber Sale

4.) Cherryman Amber Conference Table - $1235.00 + FREE Shipping!

Cherryman Amber Conference Table

5.) Cherryman Amber Reception Desk - $1142.50 + FREE Shipping!

Amber Reception Desk

6.) Mayline Medina Desk and Hutch Set - $961.99 + FREE Shipping!

Medina Furniture

7.) Mayline Medina 8' Conference Table - $503.99 + FREE Shipping!

8.) Offices To Go Mesh Task Chair - $103.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mesh Task Chair

9.) Offices To Go Mesh Conference Chair - $162.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mesh Conference Chair

10.) Offices To Go Mesh Back Executive Chair - $198.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mesh Executive Chair

Active Cyber Monday Coupons List:


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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Benefits of Natural Lighting in the Workplace

Thinking about adding a desk lamp to your work space? What if we told you there was a way to brighten up your office, improve health, and increase the visual appeal of your space, all without costing you a dime? Sounds too good to be true, but natural lighting does all that and more. In today's feature article, we're highlighting all the ways that cracking open a window may be the best work decision you could ever make. Enjoy!

Vitamin D

When most of us think of Vitamin D, the sun first comes to mind. This is because our body's make tons by itself vitamin D when we stand in the sunlight. Cracking open a window at work does more than just kickstart your vitamin D levels. It improves overall health, betters mental sharpness, and can help battle colds up to 30% more than those with low levels (according to Men's Fitness magazine). You never even have to leave those healthy ergonomic task chairs at work. Just open a window and soak up the rays!

Optical Illusions

For architects, natural lighting is the ultimate illusionist. Harry Houdini  has nothing on the way sunlight  tricks viewers into thinking a space is much bigger than it actually is. Remember all those fancy gothic churches from Europe? Well, all those stained glass windows and high walls were designed to create dramatic sunbeams, increasing the illusion of epic size tenfold! In the office, open windows, well-placed mirrors, and discount glass office desks reflect this light all around a room for the same effect. Even light-colored wall paint makes a difference! It's all in the way the light falls.

Saves Money

Sure, glass desks to refract sunlight are cheaper than executive hardwood behemoths, but they can still do so much more. Glass desks and office furniture for sale provide excellent ways to pay for themselves in electrical bills. Everyone knows sunlight is free, but few take advantage of it. Opening windows and turning off expensive artificial lights can save a fortune at a small business. Unfortunately, solid wood and metal office furniture blocks this light, limiting it's reach. Desks and coffee tables with glass inserts, on the other hand, do not block light, and instead bounce rays all over the room! The initial switch in furniture may be a pain, but it definitely pays for itself with time!

Reduces Employee Stress

Is all that comfortable executive seating doing nothing to sooth your nerves? Well, perhaps an open window will. Many studies have linked a lack of natural sunlight to depression, which, combined with the stress of a workplace, can have terrible effects on the body. Doctors' solution: Live in work in the light! Too much light input can be stressful for the eyes, but with artificial lights off and the sun on, healthy natural light rarely fails to calm. Reduce office stress and improve employee effectiveness with this affordable trick, and you will never go wrong!

Increases Focus

Not only does natural lighting reduce employee stress, it can also increase focus! Several studies by scientist, Mirjam M√ľnch, of Switzerland, have found that exposure to natural sunlight rather than artificial office lamps and lighting does wonders for the body. Studies showed that individuals who had been exposed to sunlight were more awake, had better focus, exhibited more stable moods, improved employee outlook, and had them producing consistently higher quality work for the business!

Prevents Bacteria

As if the sun hasn't done enough for us already, this is one final tip that's so weird we just had to include it. Studies have yet to show exactly how sunlight can prevent bacteria growth since UV rays do not penetrate cloth and dosage is so small. But, research has managed to gather that sunlight definitely plays a role in reducing bacteria and buildup of mold! Apparently, the sun's heat works both to warm and dry interiors, battling the conditions mold and bacteria love to grow. In conjunction with healthy modern mesh chairs to reduce the buildup of sweat and bacteria on employees, a few open windows can turn your office into a healthy, happy place of productivity!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Office Design: What's In & What's Out!

Looking to keep your office areas up to date with the latest trends? If so, you don't want to miss today's article! Here we will highlight what's in and what's out in in the world of office makeovers. From the lobby to the conference room we have you covered. Enjoy!

Modern Lobby

Lobby Ins:

This year beam seating has been incredibly popular. Brands like Global Total Office and OFM offer stylish modular seating for both traditional and modern lobby makeover projects. Beam seating provides excellent space saving benefits and the good looks needed to take your corporate waiting area to the next level.

Like with beam seating, tablet arm lounge chair models have been booming in 2014. The ability to provide waiting area guests with a more comfortable and versatile visiting experience is a must. Tablet arm chairs provide an extra element of class to the visitor experience and really come in handy during longer waits. Check out brands like Mayline for super cool and affordable tablet arm chairs designed specifically for professional lobby areas.

Last but not least, curved reception desks have been trending in a major way. Curved reception welcoming desks look great from nearly every angle and provide a nice modern touch that's sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves. Products like the Marque reception desks from OFM will show you why this trend looks to keep growing in the remainder of 2014 and beyond.

Lobby Outs:

While wood seating has been very popular in years passed, it has seen a drop in 2014. More and more companies are opting to go with metal accented seating as opposed to wood for a more industrial look. While wood seating will always have it's place, if you want to stay up to day with the latest trends, you'll want to go with metal! It looks great, it's easy to clean, and it's much more durable.

Overhead lighting is a thing of the past. The cold look of traditional overhead lighting fixtures that were installed when your building was built have to go! Consider using hanging lighting and accent lamps to showcase your space. When designing your lobby it's important to create a welcoming look wherever possible, and those boring ceiling lights just won't cut it.

Carpet is definitely the most affordable way to go when it comes to flooring. However, it's out when it comes to lobby design! If possible consider laminate wood flooring as it's only a bit more expensive. If you have the budget tile is a great way to go and will no doubt make your space more luxurious and professional. Another affordable option is concrete staining. Commonly seen in modern restaurants and even homes, concrete staining is very cool and shows a lot of character!

Modern Home Office

Private Office Ins:

The industrial look is in! Using metal tones and commercial grade furniture will take your private office to a whole new level. Consider best selling office furniture collections like e5, Verde, and Medina for your work space. You'll be glad you did.

Another emerging trend for personal office makeovers is the use of wall mounted hutch units. Used in professional business settings for years, wall mounted hutch units save space and provide much needed storage. Don't clutter up your office with file cabinets on the ground when you can utilize your walls and maximize potential!

Private Office Outs:

U shaped desks are great for larger areas but tend to make average sized office spaces look over crowded and crammed. More and more office projects are being completed using modular workstations that can be form fitted to provide a more effective work experience. Modular stations save space, look great, and don't lack in versatility like the U shaped workstations typically used in private office makeover projects of the past.

Metal file cabinets don't do much for your office appeal, and for that reason they're out! While most of us are guilty of having a couple of these sitting in our spaces, it's time for an upgrade. If you want to keep your work environment up to date with the latest trends, consider wall mounted hutch units, wall cabinets, and even mobile file pedestals that match your furniture finish. These will make for a more well rounded space that's much more appealing and just as organized.

Elliptical Conference Table by Global

Conference Room Ins:

Modular table configurations are in! While space is always at a premium around the office, modular conference table sets will help any business maximize square footage while boosting efficiency. Modular conference room table sets include a collection of flip top tables with mobilized bases that can be moved and configured into a variety of shapes that work for your specific meeting needs. Brands like Global Total Office specialize in modular conference tables and should be highly considered for your makeover project.

If you want to step up your meeting productivity, there's no better way to do it than with a powered conference table. Once thought of as a high cost and luxurious option for big businesses, factory installed power modules have become the industry standard. Brands like Mayline, Lesro, and Global Total Office offer a variety of factory installed power module options that are cost effective and easy to spec.

Conference room tables with metal legs offer an industrial look that's just plain cool! You may be surprised to find that conference and boardroom tables with metal legs are commonly more cost effective than those with the traditional wood bases of the past. This growing movement is expanding in a major way and provides a more open feel, as well as a commercial quality that' sure to wow your meeting area guests.

Conference Room Outs:

Wood veneer conference room tables are incredibly heavy and difficult to move. This has definitely caused a major drop in popularity as businesses are looking for more user friendly products to outfit there meeting areas with. In addition, wood conference tables may be luxurious but they are far more expensive than the trending laminate tables of 2014.

Once piece conference tables are also out in 2014. These large tops are incredibly difficult to move and have really become obsolete. No matter the material you choose for your new conference table, consider a two or three piece top as they are much easier to work with. In the event of an unwanted scratch or dent, you'll also have the ability to replace a single section of your table as opposed to a whole new top!

Last but certainly not least, rectangular top conference tables are just not being chosen for conference room makeover projects like they used to. More unique and innovative options like elliptical conference room tables are taking over. Cool shapes mean wow factor and compliments, while traditional classic options like rectangular models have become a bit ho-hum.
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

7 Ways To Improve Your Waiting Room

Waiting rooms are often underwritten as boring places - places where sitting and staring until one's name is called is the major event. However, it doesn't have to be. Businesses everywhere are figuring out that when waiting rooms and reception areas look interesting, visitors stay interested longer. Giving your guests a comfortable seat, a table to set their things, and something pretty to look at goes a long way. These seven great tips will help you to turn your office reception area from a boring waiting room, into a great first impression! Enjoy!

Contemporary Seating

Unless you're running a food stand, few visitors enjoy standing in an office, especially one with long wait times. Providing contemporary reception seating for office guests is the first step to being a good host and business owner. Stylish, comfortable guest sofas offer a homey presence mosts visitors will appreciate. For those looking to maximize workplace productivity, adding lounge chairs with tablet arms is a must! With a cool tablet guest chair like the Sirena 3372LCMLTM by Global, laptop users can sit through longer wait times and still stay productive!

Area Rugs

Office looking a little drab and dull? An area rug can perk things right up! In an office, area rugs are excellent for preventing scrapes on expensive flooring from office chair casters and desk legs. They also provide greater soundproofing to reduce workplace distractions. These nifty carpets come in all shapes and sizes for every kind of decor imaginable. A solid color can reduce the effects of a visually busy room, while patterned rugs can add a spark of color and liveliness. Even fuzzy area rugs can add texture that gives life to a boring office!

Industrial Accent Tables

If there's one thing an active office needs to be, it's sturdy. Adding industrial strength furniture to your workplace will help ensure long lasting results. Tables like the AT36SQ-DVN height adjustable industrial table from the Endure series by OFM offer durability for an affordable price. Additionally, tables like the CT2102A Santana coffee table by Woodstock also provide industrial strength without sacrificing style. Add these heavy duty tables to an office reception area or waiting room for guests to set beverages, bags, magazines, and fill out paperwork.

Natural Light

Natural lighting is often underrated in design, but it certainly provides plentiful benefits! By opening a window onto your office waiting room, not only do you get all the benefits of a power-saving light source, but your guests gain things too. Several studies have shown that natural lighting is a natural mood enhancer. Employees who work under natural lighting conditions are reported to have higher energy, better focus, and reduced rates of depression. So, if you're guests and receptionists seem like they could use a pick-me-up, crack open a window!

Bonus Tip: Mirrors and glass accents offer stylish design features that reflect light and make a reception area even brighter!

Cool Lighting Fixtures

Unfortunately, the sun doesn't shine in all places. Thankfully, for all those reception areas without windows, cool office lighting fixtures can save the day! Lighting fixtures play a big part in the style and personality of a room. The type of fixtures you include in your reception area can greatly affect how visitors view your business. Does lighting come in the form of lamps on side tables beside couches for guest use? Or does it hang from the ceiling or glow from hidden corners? All these aspects play a big part in the functionality of your space and how a waiting room looks.

Curved Reception Desk

Any office with a heavy focus on customer service has a lot to benefit from a curved reception desk! What most business owners don't realize about a standard straight-front reception desks is that, while they does have aesthetic value and space-saving possibilities, straight front desks send messages of limited welcome to a large room because they only face one direction. On the other hand, curved welcome desks can face many directions by design, greeting visitors from more angles. Desks like the Marque 55296 curved reception station from OFM send messages of openness and willingness to assist. Plus, they also look super cutting edge!

Wall Texturing

Want a way to decorate your walls without wading through a sea of expensive artwork? Then wall texturing may be the solution for your waiting room! Commonly, wall texturing refers to the actual texture of a wall, which doesn't always have to be flat. In fact, the wall texturing trend has recently skyrocketed in popularity as a way to eliminate visual blandness in a room without being to distracting. Light plays across the the textured surface, giving dimension and dynamics to a boring waiting room. Another popular alternative is using stencils and paint to create visual textures without changing the actual definition of walls. Both styles pop in a waiting room, taking it from drab to fab in no time!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ergo Office Trends: 2014 Edition

Ergonomic Office Trends 2014
It's been a big year in the world of office ergonomics. As being comfortable and effective in the workplace is always a top priority, we thought it would be beneficial to highlight this years top ergonomic trends and their benefits. Enjoy!

1.) Integrated Lumbar Support

Adjustable lumbar support features are nice, but seldom used and will definitely raise the cost of any office chair! That being said, the industries top seating manufacturers are now providing the majority of their office chairs with integrated lumbar supports. These standard features provide much needed lower back support and don't require adjusting. Simply sit down and enjoy your work day in comfort.

2.) Electronic Height Assist

While height adjustable office furniture is nothing new, tables and desks that adjust via hand cranks are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. This year, top ergonomic furniture brands are trending towards electronically assisted height adjustment mechanisms to provide a more user friendly working experience. Using a height adjustable desk or table will allow you to revitalize blood flow, boost energy levels, and reduce fatigue while encouraging continuous body movement throughout those long days at the office.

3.) Under Mount CPU Holders

The times of crawling under your office desk to turn your computer on and off are over! In 2014 brands like ESI, Symmetry, and Global Total Office are revolutionizing the way we operate our computers power source. Under mount CPU holders have become the industry standard this year and provide a ton of workplace benefits. These units typically lock for added office security and retract to provide more useable leg space when needed. The under mount design keeps your CPU off the ground and helps to protect against flood and water damage while making for easier access throughout the day.

4.) Clamp Mount Monitor Arms

The monitor arm trend is here to stay! While grommet mounting systems where the most commonly offered options in years gone by, clamp mount systems have become the preferred choice for their increased versatility. Now users have the ability to move their screens and mounting setup at a moments notice without the headaches and limited positioning options caused by grommet mount systems. With a clamp style mount, all you need is the edge of your desk. Installation is a breeze and the benefits are endless!

5.) Tablet Mounts

Most modern businesses are now using tablets on a daily basis to pull up records, charts, and important information. That being said, ergonomic product manufacturers are in a steady race to create versatile tablet mounting systems that will surely help your work day! Tablet mounts can be easily attached to desk surfaces in reception areas, executive office spaces, and conference rooms to boost ergonomic efficiency.

6.) Sit to Stand Articulating Arms

Simple retractable keyboard trays will always have there place in business. By saving useable workspace and helping promote good posture, traditional keyboard trays of the past are no doubt useful. This year however, more and more users are opting to add sit to stand articulating arms instead of the traditional slide tracks used in previous years. The ability to quickly adapt to any work situation and type from multiple positions is simply too enticing to ignore. This trend is here to stay!

7.) Width Adjustable Arms

Office chair arms have typically only gone up and down in years past. In 2014, all of the top seating providers are moving forward with chair arms that do much more! This year width adjustable arms have been the latest craze. Users that require big and tall office chairs will love the ability to widen the stance of chair arms to provide a much more comfortable work experience. If you're shopping for a new office chair, choose a model with height and width adjustable arms. You'll be glad you did!

8.) Deskercising

Did you know you can exercise at your desk? This emerging trend is easy to follow and doesn't cost a thing! A variety of cool deskercise ideas can be found online to help boost your energy, promote good blood flow, and help you stay healthy. Deskercising isn't a substitute for going to the gym, but it's fun and empowering. Give it a try today!

9.) Group Training

More and more businesses are educating employees about the benefits of ergonomics and good health in the workplace through group training sessions. These team oriented events allow employees to share personal ergonomic tips and advice about what works for them as well as areas of discomfort. As group ergonomic training sessions are trending up, discomfort in the workplace is trending down!
Monday, November 17, 2014

New In November: iDesk Chairs by Cherryman

The new iDesk seating collection by Cherryman Industries is an absolute winner. This cutting edge office chair line offers excellent ergonomic benefits and modern design characteristics to match. In today's post we'll take an in depth look at the new Cherryman iDesk chairs and explain why you should consider one for your office today!


Oroblanco 402W

It's hard to ignore the high end modern appeal showcased by Cherryman iDesk chairs. These professional grade office chairs feature durable mesh backs and upholstered seats available in a variety of cool colors. Cherryman's iDesk chairs are sure to turn heads in any work environment and earn your space positive compliments in the process. Rest assured these chairs look better and out perform nearly all models on the market. The new iDesk chairs are paving the way for a ton of hot new trends emerging in the final quarter of 2014. Sleek curves and elegant details are guaranteed to make these ergo chairs a hit with interior design teams and business professionals alike!


Ambarella Chair

The iDesk collection features the Oroblanco and Ambarella seating solutions. The Oroblanco boasts a supportive and contoured mesh back available in black or charcoal with a polished five star base. To compliment the Oroblanco task chair models, Cherryman introduced matching mesh back side chairs that work well in a variety of key office applications. Ambarella chairs from the iDesk collection offer a more executive friendly look and feature high backs for optimal support. The Ambarella combines T arms, a polished base, and metal accents that really pop!


Oroblanco Chair

iDesk chairs offer far more than good looks! These highly advanced ergonomic task chairs come standard with the cutting edge features modern professionals need to operate comfortably throughout those long days at the office. Adjustable arms are standard on all tasking models along with heavy duty pneumatic cylinders to help users adjust chair height regularly. The syncro-tilt mechanism with seat slider is easy to operate with it's built in user guide. Chairs lock in 4 of the most typically used positions and feature a side mounted tension control knob. Unlike most of the high tech ergonomic chairs of the past, iDesk seating is easy to operate and incredibly user friendly. Cherryman has simplified the ergonomic learning curve with all the new iDesk chair models!


Oroblanco Side Chairs

Most of today's cutting edge ergonomic chairs are priced well over $500. Luckily for shoppers on the budget, iDesk chairs are far more affordable. The Oroblanco 402B and 402W models are available for just $321.50 while the Ambarella 401B is even less costly at $214.00. Oroblanco side chairs are priced starting a $164.50 and can be purchased in discounted two packs for even greater savings. As the best value on the market, iDesk chairs provide adjustable features, style, and durability that's simply unmatched.


Oroblanco Side Chair with Wheels

iDesk office chairs work great in a variety of office applications. Both Oroblanco and Ambarella models are affordable enough to use effectively in the home, and durable enough for professional business applications. Oroblanco side chairs can be used to showcase modern appeal in lobby, waiting room, and reception areas or outfitted with casters to be utilized in professional training spaces and conference rooms. These versatile chairs can seat office guests to CEO's with ease.
Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 Cool Office Chairs for The Modern Workaholic

Work long hours day in and day out? Need more support from your office chair? Today's article is for you! In this post we'll be highlighting 5 of the absolute best and coolest ergonomic office chairs for the modern workaholic. Enjoy!

Obus Ultraforme ChairThe Obus Ultraforme chair from Global Total Office is a workaholics dream. These high and mid back office chairs are designed for optimal functionality in the workplace. Obus Ultraforme chairs feature a blend of upholstered seating surfaces and mesh inserts that provide excellent breathability. A Synchronized Glider mechanism incorporates the benefits of many chair features into one to provide a more user friendly sitting experience. Feet can stay flat on the floor while tilting, which relieves pressure under the thighs and encourages good blood flow. Doctor designed comfort clinically proven to reduce back and neck pain, fatigue and headaches by encouraging proper back alignment make these chairs the perfect option for workaholics!

Eurotech Bodyflex ChairThe Eurotech Seating Bodyflex chair will have you sitting at the highest level of workplace comfort! This high end ergonomic chair boasts modern style in abundance. The self inclined mechanism balances body weight resulting in a smooth yet effortless sit for those long work days. Bodyflex chairs are cool to look at, easy to operate, and downright comfy! Standard ergonomic features include a tilt tension control, center tilt, tilt lock, and the list goes on! Choose from a wide variety of cool color options to compliment your command center to perfection.

OTG10904BPriced at just $198.99, the Offices To Go 10904B chair is perfect for the workaholic on a budget. This fully functional mesh back office chair offers high end looks and the ergonomic features to match without the thousand dollar price tag. As any true workaholic knows, time is money! That being said, the 10904B chairs typically ship within 2 to 3 business days of order ensuring your new seating solution arrives quickly. Features like the adjustable lumbar support, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and height adjustable arms allow users to customize their 10904B to suit specific seating preferences.

Concorde Pulsor ChairWhat true workaholic has time for a massage? The answer is not many! Luckily, brands like Global Total Office manufacture seating solutions like the Concorde Pulsor Chair with adjustable massage features. These luxury office chairs allow users to work comfortably while enjoying a high quality massage without leaving the workplace. Pulsor chairs provide the ultimate pampering for those long days at the office and top notch ergonomic features any modern executive will love. Pulsor chairs run on AC adapters or rechargeable batteries that ensure your office massage therapist (office chair) is ready to lend a hand at a moments notice.  

Not looking for all the the modern design characteristics in your office chair, but in need of top notch support? The Eurotech 24/7 chair is the perfect choice. Don't let the subtle design characteristics fool you however, these chairs mean business! With extra thick molded foam cushion and multi-function mechanism, the 24/7 office chair is for those seeking maximum comfort in a round-the-clock atmosphere. Standard features include pneumatic height adjustment, articulating seat & back, swivel tilt with tension control, ratchet back, lumbar support, independent back angle adjustment and waterfall seat. Available in new dove fabric black and charcoal upholstery options, the 24/7 can be used to match a wide variety of office interior tones effectively. 

In the long run, workaholics need quality chairs they can rely on all day long. The professional quality seating solutions highlighted in today's post provide just that. From the Obus Ultraforme to the Eurotech 24/7, these user friendly chairs offer high quality ergonomic features and the top notch style characteristics to match.
Wednesday, November 12, 2014

6 Ways To Get Inspired For Your Office Makeover Project

Taking on an office makeover project can be lots of work. So many factors fall into consideration, like price, style, and utility, and designers must consider these things. But often, just deciding on what to put in your new workplace can be more trouble than anything else. That's why, in today's article, we're dishing out inspiration! Enjoy these great tips on inspirational sources for your next office project!

Look Around

Keeping your eyes peeled for styles you like is a the most important bolt in your toolbox when it comes to design. Just being aware of architecture, colors, space, and style choices when you're out and about can give some great food for thought on what you can do with your own space. Be sure to visit surrounding businesses, websites of companies you like, and social media outlets that showcase art. Companies like Pixar and Google, and websites like Pinterest, are great sources for inspiration on modern office decor. An informative office furniture dealer may also provide some great tips and tricks for office design. All it takes is a watchful eye!

Get Employee Opinions

Employees are an invaluable part of the business, and they are also the face that customers most often see. This makes employee opinions and invaluable part of office redesign. Rounding up some office chairs for a meeting in the boardroom or office training area will provide the designer with the opportunity to learn more about what employees and clients want and need.

Design On A Dime

Budget is a hugely important consideration when shopping. Thankfully, most online furniture dealers will offer a "shop by price" option that allows shoppers to view products by price range alone. This way, all the tempting expensive stuff is weeded out before it pickpockets you! Also, designing on a dime can offer excellent opportunities to invent new trends. Instead of investing in pricey office visitor seating sets, you may decide to incorporate discount beam reception seating to save space. Bean bags have actually become a huge hit in many modern offices today because they offer comfortable seating without the high tech price tag!


One way to save big when designing is to just do it yourself. Can't find the desk of your dreams? Craft stores all out of the decor you're searching for? Chances are, there's probably a "how to" video with instructions to make what you want someplace out there! There's lots of blogs with clever tutorials on how to redesign space, make simple decor, or even rig up professional grade office lighting fixtures in a snap. Rather than purchasing a set of new office chairs in cool colors, see if you can refurbish them with a roll of fabric and spray paint. Cutting corners where you can may save you a fortune.

Consider What You Need

When making over an office, needs should always win out over wants. Of course, it would be nice to invest in an aquarium or new wall art for the reception area, but if computer software is outdated or business reception seating is falling apart, everything else needs to wait. Considering what you need to actually improve your business can maximize workplace potential, increase productivity, and increase revenue for curb appeal later on.

Professional Opinion

When in doubt, ask an expert! There are plenty of ways to get professional advice on decorating - some of it free! Of course, contracting a designer to help you makeover the workspace is ideal, but if you don't have the money for it, asking for opinions from DIY experts or designers in the comments section of their blogs is a great way to get quick, free advice. Don't be afraid to call up online furniture dealers either. Many of them possess a wealth of design knowledge, and can provide specific information about products, recommendations for installers, and possibly even exclusive bulk discounts or deals on the furniture you want!
Monday, November 10, 2014

10 Ways To Improve Your Boardroom

Zira Boardroom
Looking to boost meeting productivity, decor, and efficiency in your boardroom? Today's post has you covered! Here will share 10 awesome ways to help you take your corporate meeting area to the next level. Enjoy!

Power Modules

If you are still running extensions cords across your table top to obtain power during your meetings, it's time for an upgrade! Brands like Mayline, Cherryman, Lesro, and Global Total Office are offering new conference tables with factory installed power ports that will rock your meetings. Choose from a variety of user friendly inputs like HDMI, RJ45, and USB to improve your meeting experience.

Presentation Boards

Presentation boards help visual learners focus and retain more info during important meetings. If you use your boardroom to host strategy sessions, a presentation board will greatly improve your space. Instead of everyone taking individual notes, try writing down ideas on the presentation board to get the team more involved as a cohesive unit. There's no doubt a presentation board will help promote better communication and ideas during meetings.


A lectern or speaking podium is a great way to boost boardroom appeal while providing presenters with a helpful place to provide information from. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline provide affordable lecterns that can be moved easily into position via casters when needed. A lectern will make your space look great while adding another element for visual and auditory minded guests.


Don't settle for those dull taupe walls any longer! Visit a local paint store or hardware store and grab a few free color cards. Meet with your team to select vibrant colors that showcase your business personality. A couple coats of paint will go a long way in your boardroom and will no doubt liven up your atmosphere. You can even host a painting party one night after work for a little team bonding.

Lighting Fixtures

Adding cool lighting fixtures above your table and in the corners of your boardroom will set your space apart from the competition. Lighting fixtures will also save on power costs when compared to the pricey overhead units your space is likely settling for. You can find awesome deals on new office lighting fixtures online and in local stores. Stop by, take a few pics of lighting you like and present them to your team. Decide on a few fixtures that will make your space pop and reap the rewards!

Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets provide excellent aesthetic value and storage space. No boardroom looks it's best when it's overly cluttered. That being said, if you want your meetings to run smoothly and effectively you have to be organized. Presentation materials, stationary, and more can be easily stored in a wall cabinet placed adjacent to your conference room table. In most cases, industry leading brands offer a variety of wall cabinet solutions available to match the finish and style of your conference table.

Sleek Seating

Sleek conference room chair options like the new ribbed back models from brands like Offices To Go, Flash Furniture, and Eurotech are trending in 2014. The ability to improve decor while helping your business maximize boardroom seating potential is just plain smart. Sleek conference room chairs provide a unique modern look that doesn't lack in terms of comfort. Fabric, leather, and even vinyl models are widely available and should be highly considered compared to the overly bulky boardroom chairs of the past.

 Food & Beverage Station

Adding a food and beverage station to your boardroom is another great way to improve your space. While having refreshments on the table is definitely one way to go, this commonly leaves unwanted water marks on your table finish and can actually cause long term damage to your furniture if not cleaned immediately. As an alternative, mobile food beverage stations prevent condensation build up on tables and provide valued guests with a nice way to get up, stretch their legs, and obtain a light snack during longer meetings. Mobile food and beverage stations are the preferred choice as they can be moved when needed and save space.


You can't go wrong with adding a wall mounted flat screen TV or mobile TV cart to your space. Televisions can be set up to run presentations or simply showcase a variety of themes to improve the overall vibe of your space. If you room lacks natural lighting, try running a loop of an outdoor landscape. It will make a big difference! You can also use HD TV's to display charts, stocks, and other important digital info during meetings that guests will surely appreciate.

Natural Lighting

While adding lighting fixtures will certainly help, natural lighting will also improve your boardroom. If you space has windows, or a half decent view for that matter, open those bad boys up! Natural light will liven up your space and energize your guests. Your view will get compliments while your business is saving on those pesky electrical costs. Natural lighting is your best friend, and in the long run... it's free!
Friday, November 7, 2014

How To Avoid The Top 5 Boardroom Makeover Mistakes

Overcrowded Boardroom
Boardroom makeover projects can be tricky to say the least! The combination of chairs, tables, and accent furnishings must work together in harmony to ensure a professional appearance to valued clientele. In today's post we'll share the top 5 most common boardroom makeover mistakes and share the tips, tricks, and advice needed to help your business avoid them.

1.) Oops I Didn't Measure Properly!

The number one boardroom makeover mistake is improper measuring. Before starting the shopping process, the first step of your project should be obtaining accurate dimensions of your space. Start by taking perimeter dimensions. Next, take note of all electrical outlets, entry ways, windows, and load bearing members that need to be accounted for. Once complete, double check your measurements to be 100% sure you've avoided mistakes.

2.) My Boardroom is Overcrowded!

By following a few simple guidelines you can avoid the all too common, overcrowded boardroom! On average you'll want to provide about three and a half feet of space per chair around your table. Anything less won't provide your guests with much elbow room and will make your space feel crammed. In addition, you'll want to leave around four feet of perimeter space around your entire table. This will allow provide the space needed to move conference chairs around comfortably when needed. Lastly, adding to many storage and accent components will also make your room feel tightly compacted. While room accents are important, be wise when designing your space and don't over do it!

3.) I Mixed and Matched Furniture and It Doesn't Match!

This is yet another common mistake that can easily be avoided. While we all like to think of ourselves as excellent designers, mixing and matching products is a tough job. Purchasing your new office furniture from a full service collection is always a smarter idea. As many of the industries top brands offer finish options like maple, cherry, and mahogany, not all of them match perfectly with one another. Consider using furniture from a specific collection to ensure you have well rounded an matching look you can be proud of.

4.) I Wasn't Ready for The Delivery of My Furniture!

It's and absolute must to prepare and prep for the delivery of your boardroom and conference room furniture to ensure your business is not caught off guard. Discuss estimated lead times with your furniture provider of choice. Approximately 3 business days after you order furniture, email your dealer for an estimated ship date. When that day comes, contact your dealer for tracking information. While these things should be provided, it's your responsibility to stay on top of your project. Don't get caught unaware with a delivery truck of new conference furniture at your door. It's never fun!

5.) I Didn't Prepare for Installation!

Like with furniture delivery, installation is another key factor in boardroom makeover success. Discuss with your furniture dealer about the difficulties of the installation process and what your business should expect to encounter. In most cases conference tables only consist of a few parts and are typically quite easy to assemble. Most conference room chairs will take around 20 minutes each to assemble. Wall cabinets and accent furnishings will often ship partially assembled and will take around 30 minutes to build out. You'll want to have a small team of about 4 people on hand to assist with the process. Be sure to account for debris created from furniture packaging materials that tend to add up throughout the build out. Last but not least, if you feel installation is something that's out of your league, don't hesitate to discuss this with your furniture provider upfront. They will be happy to provide a list of resources in your area that are certified for jobs of this nature.
Wednesday, November 5, 2014

5 Reasons Why You're Uncomfortable In Your Office Chair

Office Chair Discomfort
Are you finding yourself uncomfortable at work? Your office chair just might be the culprit! Settling for discomfort on a daily basis can result in a productivity drop and overall lack of efficiency. That being said, the importance of office comfort and ergonomics cannot be underestimated! In today's post we'll share the top 5 reasons why your feeling uncomfortable in your office chair, and help you solve these all to common issues.

Seat Height

Your chairs seat height is very important. As most all ergonomic office chairs manufactured since 1980 come standard with an adjustable pneumatic cylinder, it's vital you adjust your chairs height to ensure optimal comfort. Sitting in a chair that is too low to the ground will cause you to over reach and exert your body in unnecessary ways. While this may seem minimal in the short term, the long term effects can cause serious damage to your back. Set your chair height to an effective level that promotes good posture and no slouching asap!

Arm Width

These days, using an office chair with adjustable arms is a must. While this user friendly chair feature is rapidly becoming the industry standard, office workers are commonly settling for an arm width that's causing discomfort. Larger individuals will find themselves straining to use armrests properly while smaller individuals will be reaching out wide to use their chairs designated rests. If you are not sitting down and finding your arms hitting the arm rests at a 90 degree angle, you may be accepting poor posture and blood flow while working. Consider adding an aftermarket set of arms or purchasing a new office chair that has the features you deserve.

Back Angle

The back angle of your chair should be adjusted every day. In most cases, users will slide their chair up to the desk, lean forward, and begin working. In the long term, this will cause discomfort that can be avoided. The slouching, over extending, and lack of overall support has got to stop. Try adjusting regularly to keep the chair back in contact with your back at all times. Even most of today's most basic tasking and computer chairs are made to adjust! Take advantage of your chairs benefits and provide your body with more support and a more effective work day.

Tilt Tension

Ever get that falling feeling when you lean back in your office chair? Rest assured, you're not alone and we understand this is only fun if your 10 years old! This common issue can be quickly solved by adjusting your chair's tilt tension. The tilt tension knob is typically located at the front of your chairs mechanism underneath the seat. Some of today's newer adjustable task chairs feature a side controlled tension knob that can be simply twisted forwards or backwards to control the tension at which your chair back relines. No matter where your adjustment knob is located, if your chair is set to free fall mode, it's time to tighten that puppy up! You'll certainly be glad you did.


According to the all knowing Wikipedia webpage, lumbar is an adjective that means "of or pertaining to the abdominal segment of the torso, between the diaphragm and the sacrum". Often referred to as the lower spine region, the lumbar area is commonly affected by your office chair. If you suffer from low back pain, try adding an aftermarket lumbar support or even a pillow behind your back while working. If this doesn't work, meet with your physician for more insight. You may consider upgrading to a new office chair with an adjustable lumbar support feature.
Monday, November 3, 2014

8 Ways To Earn Compliments On Your Office Space

 Attractive Office Interior

When it comes to office design, a little positive recognition always feels good! In today's post we'll share 8 great ways to ensure your space gets the compliments it deserves. Enjoy!

1.) Ask for Opinions

Before starting your office makeover project, be sure to inquire with your coworkers about what styles they like. Keeping your space in line with the overall office opinion is a sure fire way to earn positive feedback. While you will always want to let your personality shine, a few helpful opinions from trusted coworkers can go a long way! Just remember, to many opinions can leave you confused. Make sure to ask the friends and employees you trust the most.

2.) Research Design Trends

Researching the latest design trends will help you create a stunning space that you can be proud of. That being said, if your space looks cutting edge and up to date, it's sure to earn plenty of compliments from visitors! This year gray and white tones are super popular, along with metal and glass accents to provide an industrial feel. Brands like Mayline, OFM, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries are all offering trend setting office furniture solutions in 2014 that will help make your space stand apart from the competition.

3.) Visit Surrounding Businesses

Before settling on your new office furniture, visit a few surrounding businesses. Spread a few compliments and don't be afraid to ask where they purchased there furniture from and what brand it is. This will provide your valuable insight on where to find value while simultaneously inspiring your for your own project. If you  you do your research, your space is bound to come out looking professional and stunning, thus earning you the compliments you and  your space deserve. 

4.) Host A Social Meeting

Once you've successfully completed your office makeover, host a social meeting to improve team morale and communication. This provides a great avenue to invite coworkers over to check out your new space without overly bragging about it. You'll have a great opportunity to get to know your team better and will no doubt be complimented on more than just your design ingenuity. Don't forget to provide a few snacks and drinks!

5.) Post Pictures On Your Social Networking Sites

If your proud of your new office desk layout and furniture configuration, don't be afraid to take a few pics and share them on your favorite social networks. This will help you generate positive feedback from friends and family as well as your beloved coworkers.

6.) Don't Forget The Details

No office space is complete without the right combination of accessories and accent products! Without these vital elements no space will earn the compliments it's truly worthy of. Adding ergonomic products like monitor arms and keyboard trays will improve your personal productivity while adding a touch of wow factor. Room accents like plants and wall art will no doubt liven your space up and boost the amount of compliments you receive.

7.)  Showcase Your Personality

If you've created an inviting office space that showcases your personality, the compliments will certainly come. The furniture and office seating you choose will help, but the overall feel of your space is determined by your positive attitude! If guests feel at home when visiting your work environment, they'll certainly want to come back again and again.

8.) Give Compliments

Last but certainly not least, you can't expect to get compliments on your space without giving a few out. You have to spread the love! Visit your surrounding coworkers and businesses you've visited in the past. Be sure to compliment there design ingenuity, professionalism, and cleanliness. Remember, everyone loves a little positive recognition!

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