Tuesday, December 30, 2014

7 New Years Resolutions For A Better Office Life

New Years Resolution Ideas
With the new year just around the corner, we know you guys are all getting those resolutions ready. That being said, we thought it would be fun to share 5 office related resolutions that will improve your life in the workplace. Here's to an awesome 2015!

1.) Be More Ergo Friendly

This one deserves a spot at the top of the resolution list! Being ergo friendly means providing yourself with the tools necessary to work comfortably, effectively, and efficiently throughout those long days at the office. Using quality ergonomic chairs and a combination of popular computer accessories will definitely help, but being ergo friendly means educating yourself regularly on the various ways to improve your work life while avoiding fatigue and common stressors that do us all harm. Commit to being more ergo friendly in 2015 and enjoy the rewards!

2.) Go To Bed Earlier

Going to bed earlier will no doubt improve your office life. Feeling groggy at work and overly fatigued is commonly a result of poor rest the night before. In 2015, be sure to get your full 8 hours to ensure you are ready to give your best.

3.) Eat Breakfast Every Day

Believe it or not, most of us are in such a rush every morning that we zoom out the door without eating a decent breakfast. All too often we make breakfast for our children and never take a moment to consider the benefits for ourselves. As breakfast is the foundation for a quality day, be sure to eat a little something every morning before hitting the office. A piece of fruit, yogurt, breakfast bar, or muffin are all easy to incorporate into your morning routine so there's no excuses with this resolution!

4.) Build Better Workplace Relationships

Take the time to communicate with your coworkers more in 2015. If you build strong relationships with your teammates, you'll become an unstoppable force ready for the rigorous demands of modern business. You'll also make some new friends which is always a good thing! Hosting a pot luck, picnic, or other workshop will provide the perfect avenue to get this resolution started on the right foot.

5.) Get More Organized

An organized office is an effective office! If your space is cluttered and in disarray it's time to come up with a system for office optimization. Start by arranging your important documents effectively in file cabinets and desk side pedestals. Next clear your office of unnecessary debris including candy wrappers, chip bags, and all that other stuff that naturally accumulates throughout the day. Now set aside 15 minutes every Friday for cleaning and organization. This will ensure you start every week off with an organized space ready to work for you!

6.) Eat Healthier Lunches

We all love a good burger and fries, unfortunately they don't love us back! This year it's time to focus on eating healthier lunches at work. If you plan your lunches in advance you'll be much better equipped for success. Consider looking up some good recipes online so you don't get overwhelmed with a salad overdose. If you want, make a Friday a cheat day to reward yourself for being a healthy eater all week! Going healthier and avoiding those pricey fattening lunches will have you ready to tackle the rest of your day with more energy and pep.

7.) Create A Sustainable Exercise Routine

Finding the time to exercise is never easy, but if you create a sustainable routine with a teammate you'll be poised for success. Talk with your fellow office friends to see if anyone is considering a new gym or workout schedule. Consider teaming up a couple days each week after work. This will help you hold each other accountable and will no doubt lead to a healthier lifestyle at home and at the office! If you can't get out of the office to work out, consider deskercising. Yep, you read that right, deskercising! This is one of the latest trends that involves simple stretches and exercises that you can do at your office desk for a healthier and more ergo friendly work life,

Monday, December 29, 2014

End of 14' Office Furniture and Chair Deals from OfficeFurnitureDeals.com!

As 2014 winds to a close, we want to thank our customers and readers for a great year with some awesome specials. In today's post we'll showcase 10 end of the year furniture and seating deals you don't want to miss! As always, all of our products include free shipping for added value. Be sure to check out our end of the year coupons as well for extended savings!

1.) Woodstock Marketing Sweetwater Mesh Chair - $150 + Free Shipping!

Office Chair Clearance

2.) Woodstock Marketing Joplin Chair - $299 + Free Shipping! (Call to Save 10% Today!)

Office Chair Sale

3.) Woodstock Marketing Ravi Chair - $229 + Free Shipping! (Call to Save 10% Today!)

Modern Office Chair

4.) Cherryman Verde Writing Desk - $648 + Free Shipping! (Call to Save 10% Today!)

Modern Writing Desk

5.) Cherryman Verde File Cabinet - $894 + Free Shipping! (Call to Save 10% Today!)

File Cabinet Sale

6.) Cherryman Amber Furniture Set - $1615.50 + Free Shipping! (Call to Save 10% Today!)

Office Furniture Sale

7.) Cherryman Amber Conference Table - $1235 + Free Shipping! (Call to Save 10% Today)

Conference Table Sale

8.) Cherryman Amber Reception Desk - $1142.50 + Free Shipping! (Call to Save 10% Today!)

Reception Desk Sale

9.) Mayline MNT36 Medina U Desk - $1398.99 + Free Shipping!

Medina Desk

10.) Mayline Medina Conference Table - $687.99

Conference Table

End Of December Coupons List:

Code: FP3400
Receive $25 Off + Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $499 or More

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Office Decorating & Design Tips: Lobby Edition

Lobby Decorating & Design
A stylish lobby will help your business make a positive first impression on visitors. In today's post we'll highlight the the latest trends and decorating tips for guest welcoming areas that will help you do just that. Enjoy!

1.) Get Inspired

Before starting your lobby makeover project, you'll want to find some inspiration for the job! Visiting surrounding businesses, blogs, and design webpages will help spark your creativity.

2.) Ask for Help

When the pressure is on you to create a stunning space for your business, it can be overwhelming. One way to ensure your project gets rave reviews is to get your team involved. Ask for opinions and insight from your coworkers to ensure your new lobby has a little something for everyone while maintaining your overall vision.

3.) Research Trends

Researching the latest lobby design trends will help you keep your space up to date an on the cutting edge. This year tablet arm lounge chairs, glass coffee tables, and curved reception desks have all been incredibly popular. You can research additional lobby design trends on our blog as well!

3.) Shop for Value

In a nut shell, you'll feel much better about your lobby makeover project if you maximize your budget! Buying your lobby furniture from multiple sources will limit your opportunities for savings as many of the industries top brands will be happy to provide you with bulk discount pricing. Before making your purchase, be sure to contact your dealer of choice to inquire about coupons, specials, and additional savings you may qualify for.

5.) Prep Your Space

Once you've purchased your new lobby furniture, you'll want to start preparing your space for it's arrival. Start by creating a helpful staging area to place new furnishing when they arrive. This will ensure that your lobby doesn't become overcrowded during the installation process.

6.) Paint In Advance

Painting your lobby before your new furniture arrives is the way to go. You don't want to be covering your expensive new lobby seating and tables with drop cloths. Avoid the headaches and unwanted spills! Paint your space with your team about a week before your furniture arrives.

7.) Team Installation

The assembly and installation process can be extremely frustrating if you don't have the right number of people on hand for the project. Plan ahead with your team and schedule a time that works for all parties to tackle the installation. A group of 4 people can typically handle a small to medium sized lobby makeover in a single day. Most lounge chairs, sofas, and guest chairs ship partially or full assembled and this will save you time. Be sure to have basic tools on hand as well as a first aid kit in case of emergencies. Follow assembly instructions carefully and your install should be a breeze!

8.) Accents Matter

The accents used in your lobby will make a big difference in the overall feel of your space. Area rugs, lighting fixtures, magazine racks, and other accessories should be added to enhance the overall vibe your looking to create. Whether your going for swanky modern or at home comfort, you'll want to shop for complimenting room accents to take your space over the top. Antique and thrift stores, as well as home stores offer plenty of great products for the job.

9.) Share Your Work

When you've completed your lobby makeover, show it off! Take some pictures and post them on your company Facebook page. Try tweeting about your design challenges and post the steps of your makeover on Pinterest. The feedback, compliments, and even criticisms will help you become a better designer!
Thursday, December 18, 2014

5 Swanky Executive Office Interiors You Can Afford!

Executive office makeover projects are often quite costly. This can leave us budget shoppers out in the cold with sub par furniture. Luckily, there are still a few great office furniture manufacturers that take pride in offering high quality furnishings at prices the average consumer can truly appreciate. In today's post we'll highlight 7 stunning executive office interiors that we all can afford. Enjoy!

Modern Office FurnitureKicking things off this bang is this absolutely stunning space outfitted with Mayline Medina Furniture. The main office desk is a 72" wide station that features an attractive silver modesty panel and desk risers. The curved end design can be complimented by desk extensions and integrated pedestals for storage if needed. The rear office wall is highlighted by a two drawer lateral file cabinet and wedge style bookcases. This entire collection an be yours for just $999.00. Now that's value!

Cherryman FurnitureNext up, is this swanky executive office interior using the Cherryman Industries AM-406N model typical. This 10 piece office furniture set priced at just $2441.50 is perfect for high end home and managerial work environments. The AM-406N includes a 71" wide front desk, two pedestals, two lateral file cabinets, two accenting bookcases, a hutch, and much more. Matching Amber series wood side chairs are also available to accent your configuration. Rest assured, this setup is sure to get your office space the attention it deserves.

Discount Office FurnitureThird on our list of affordable executive interiors is this posh office outfitted with Offices To Go Superior Laminate Casegoods. When it comes to budget friendly furniture that doesn't lack in style, the Offices To Go Superior Laminate collection is a preferred choice of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. The wide range of components includes bow front desks as well as storage cabinets, overhead hutch units, and side tables all priced under $500 each. This best selling collection will allow any executive to create the once of a kind custom office space of their dreams without putting too much strain on the wallet!

OFM Venice FurnitureOur next executive space is all about wow factor. This elegant work environment is highlighted by OFM's popular Venice furniture and includes a modern executive desk with side return for additional workspace. This Venice configuration priced at $1899.99 also includes a matching rear wall cabinet that rounds out the space to perfect. The Venice line from OFM is available in two finish options that are sure to impress even the harshest critics. As an added bonus, OFM Venice furniture is typically in stock and ships quick for those in need of new office furniture in a hurry.

BT23 Brighton Desk by MaylineNext up is another hot space from our friends at Mayline. This executive workspace features a Brighton series BT23 workstation with overhead storage hutch, post leg front desk, return, and and suspended file pedestals. The BT23 is available in two trending finish options for just $1091.99. You simply can't beat the value the Brighton collection has to offer. For those looking to grow their furniture configuration as business needs increase, the Brighton line offers matching file cabinets, receptions stations, conference tables, and much more to take your office interiors to the next level.
Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Office Chair Reviews: Global Total Office Priority Seating

Global Total Office Priority chairs are an excellent choice for both home and business work environments. These sleek and supporting office seating solutions offer high end comfort and the ergonomic features to match. In today's post we'll review the Priority collection and it's benefits. Enjoy!

Global Priority Chair

The Priority office chair collection offers a slimline design that saves space and looks great. The back curvature, sharp arm lines, and attractive base details give the Priority a modern look that's sure to earn any workspace ample compliments. Priority can be designed in an extensive selection of fabric, leather, and vinyl upholstery options to meet your decor needs as well as two tone options that will help any user showcase their individual style.


Mid Back Office ChairThe Priority seating collection from Global Total Office includes 3 main models. The 8490 Priority high back office chair is the most popular and offers a high end executive look. The 8491 Priority mid back chair offers a clean and sophisticated look with the ergo features needed for all day computing. Last but not least, the Priority 8492 side chair makes the perfect addition to any office space and allows important guests to enjoy the same comfort as you during their visit.

Priority Side Chair
Priority 8490 and 8491 model chairs come standard with an excellent assortment of ergonomic features to help keep users comfortable and productive during those long days at the office. Both models are constructed with a rigid outer shell that maintains the ergonomic contour, seat, and back cushion for comfort. The standard knee tilt mechanism features a user friendly side tension adjustment for unmatched convenience. Priority side chair models feature flexing sled style bases and the same rigid outer shell that's the backbone of this best selling seating collection. Ready for your ergonomic demands, Priority will not let you down!

Sleek Office ChairApplications:

The 8490 high back office chair works well in high end executive office applications. This head turning seating solution is perfect for upper management and CEO's. The 8491 Priority chair is another great choice for executive work environments, but finds it's true calling in the boardroom and work floor computing applications. The 8492 side chair is quite versatile. These comfy guest chairs work well in office reception, lobby, and private office environments. As all of the Priority chairs are available in fabric, leather, and vinyl upholstery options, creating a custom office chair for your specific needs is a breeze!

Final Thoughts:

This year sleek office chairs that save space have been trending in a major way. That being said, the Priority has enjoyed immense success in both home, executive office, and boardroom settings. These stylish office chairs offer the adjustable features needed to provide top notch support for users. We give the Priority collection an overall grade of B+. We'd like to see the price point be a bit lower on the Priority and an adjustable arm option would also be a welcomed addition. Overall, you can't go wrong with a priority. These chairs really make the conference room pop and will no doubt impress your office visitors.
Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The 6 Point Office Chair Safety Inspection

Office Chair Safety Tips
If you've had your office chair for more than a year, it's time for a quick safety inspection! In today's post we'll highlight the 6 important steps you'll need to take to ensure your chair is ready, willing, and able to handle your workplace needs safely. Enjoy!

1.) Casters

When checking your office chair, you'll want to start from the ground up. Start by flipping your chair over on it's side. Next, inspect the casters thoroughly. You'll wan to remove any debris that could hinder the mobility of your chair. All too often paperclips, tumb tacks, and rubber bands get stuck in casters. This makes office chairs unstable and unsafe!

2.) Pneumatic Cylinder

The pneumatic cylinder is the main point of contact between your chair's base and mechanism. This important feature controls the height of your chair and is also a main factor in stability. Over time the pneumatic cylinder can become loose in the mechanism. If you wobble your chair back and forth and the base seems stable but the seat wiggles, try disconnecting the mechanism from the cylinder. Next inspect the parts, clean them, and reattach securely. Rest assured, you do not want to sit down in an ergonomic chair only to have it fall over because of a bad connection between the cylinder and mechanism!

3.) Arms

Adjustable arms have become the standard on most of today's best selling computer chairs, task chairs, and executive office seating solutions. Over the course of time, chair arms will become loose if they are used regularly. About one a year, check the screws connecting your chair arms to the seat of your office chair to ensure they are tight and secure.

4.) Mechanism

The mechanism located underneath your seat is essentially your chairs central nervous system. This is the main area you'll want to focus on when looking over your chair as it controls the majority of your adjustable functions. First an foremost, ensure that your mechanism is attached securely to the chair seat. Next, maintenance your office chair by adding a touch of lubrication to the mechanism and cylinder joint. Lastely, ensure that the paddles and tension knobs coming off the side of your mechanism are operating effectively. You can also lubricate these joints just to be safe. WD40 should work just fine! The more advanced your office chair is, the more often you'll want to inspect the mechanism. More bells and whistles means more things that can go wrong. In fact, some of today's most high end office chairs have up to 6 adjustment handles coming of the mechanism! Protect your investment and be sure to inspect this essential part of your office chair.

5.) Tilt

Have you ever leaned back in an office chair and felt that free fall feeling? You're not alone, and it's usually only fun if you're a little kid. This common dilemma is caused by the tilt tension setting on your chair being too loose. In most cases the knob located on the side of your mechanism can be tightened and the issue can be quickly resolved. You'll want to set the tension to where a bit of pressure must be applied with your back to make the chair tilt. This is the safest and most ergo friendly way to go!

6.) Upholstery

Believe it or not, your office chair upholstery can actually be unsafe. All too often our work environments and desks are shared by fellow coworkers. When you arrive at work everyday, be sure to wipe your chair down to remove germs. You don't want to be sitting in an office chair all day that was just accommodating an individual that was recently under the weather. Simple upholstery cleaner and even leather wipes are nice to have on hand at all times to keep your office chair looking great, and germ free.
Monday, December 15, 2014

OFM Marque Stations: Stylish, Versatile, Affordabe

OFM Reception Desk
If you want the best for your office reception area, OFM Marque stations are the choice for you. These versatile, stylish, and affordable reception style desks offer high end appeal and the user friendly features needed to conduct business effectively. In today's post we'll review the popular stations from the Marque collection. Enjoy!


OFM Marque reception stations feature curved fronts that look great from any angle. The visual appeal is further enhanced with metal accents and sophisticated lines. Marque reception stations fall squarely into the modern office furniture category. If you're looking to earn some compliments, you simple can't go wrong with Marque!
Curved Reception Desk


You simply can't beat the versatility of the Marque collection. These user friendly reception desks require no tools for assembly, making installation an absolute breeze. The Marque line was enhanced this year with the addition of ADA compliant sections that can easily integrate in to existing stations. These matching add-ons are sure to make handicapped and elderly visitors much more comfortable when signing in.


In our opinion, there's no better reception desk for the money. Marque stations start at $994.99 for the basic 55290 single user model. Marque curved reception desk models like the 55310 offer a touch more modern appeal with plexi glass transaction screens. These popular units start at $1132.99. Custom Marque stations with ADA sections are significantly higher priced at around $3000.00, but you certainly get a lot more workspace for the money.

Modern Reception Desk

While Marque reception stations don't come standard with storage pedestals, plenty of options are available from OFM. A variety of matching credenzas, mobile file pedestals, and wall cabinets are available from lines like Venice and Milano. The ability to add the storage options you need, when you need them is a really nice feature and will leave your business with room for growth. Yet another reason why the Marque collection rocks!

Best Sellers:

The 55312 Marque reception desk with plexi glass transaction screen offers plenty of workspace and looks perfect in just about any guest waiting area. These factors make it one of the most popular models from the Marque line. In addition, businesses have loved configuring custom 2 person reception desk models using 55310 Marque stations and ADA sections. These versatile welcome desks are accommodating and sure to turn heads in your waiting area.
Friday, December 12, 2014

Office Makeover Showcase: 2014 Edition

As 2014 winds to a close, we thought it would be fun to highlight 7 of this years hottest office makeover projects. In today's post we'll showcase our favorite boardrooms, executive offices, and guest waiting areas that are sure to spark your office design creativity. Enjoy!

Excellent Executive

Executive Office Design

Talk about wow factor! This luxurious executive space is sure to impress any office visitor. Designed using Napoli furniture by Mayline, this high end work environment offers the perfect combination of modern and traditional appeal.

Bodacious Boardroom

Boardroom Design

This high tech boardroom is another modern wonder from Mayline. Highlighted by a TAC12TB TransAction series conference room table and matching mocha accent furniture, this stunning meeting area is ready for productive and efficient meetings. This year, powered conference room tables were a huge hit, and lines like TransAction were the best in the business.

Loveable Lounge

Modern Lounge

If you were in need of new lounge furniture in 2014, there was no better choice that Global Total Office. This loveable lounge is outfitted to perfection with Wind Linear series seating and accent tables. Global's wide range of upholstery options allows your design ingenuity to shine while helping businesses create one of a kind waiting areas.

Wild Waiting Room

Modern Waiting Room

Check out this upscale modern waiting room furniture configuration from our friends at OFM. This super cool space is outfitted with UNO series seating and Profile series accent tables. If you want your office guests to wait in style, you can't go wrong with OFM products for your project.

Cutting Edge Reception

Reception Area Design Ideas

This year Global Total Office expanded their popular Zira furniture collection by adding some of the hottest new reception desks on the market. As the reception desk is the main focal area of any business welcoming area, it's vital to make a professional first impression on your guests. That being said, Zira reception desks are more than up to the task!

Sky Lounge

Sky Lounge

Another great space from our friends at OFM, this sky lounge features Recoil series lounge chairs and glass cocktail tables from the trendy NET series. This room with a million dollar view is well complimented by OFM's classy guest furnishings. The combination of purple and black chairs really pops!

Awesome Open Desking

Open Desking

Cubicles are rapidly being left behind and replaced by high tech open desking configurations. As businesses are looking for more team oriented atmospheres, spaces like this are becoming the industry standard. Highlighted by Mayline's e5 furniture, this beautiful group desking configuration is all about collaboration and modern appeal.
Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Look Back at 2014's Coolest Modern Office Desks

If you were in the market for a modern desk in 2014, the odds are you considered one of the 5 outstanding models showcased in today's article. These super cool workplace solutions offer impeccable style and the features needed to take any office interior to the next level. Let's take a look together at this years coolest modern desks!

Modern U DeskFirst up, this super sleek Cherryman Amber series U shaped desk with side file and bookcase. Known for it's affordability and modern appeal, the Cherryman Amber collection has been a long time favorite of industry professionals and interior design teams alike. Desks like this highlight Cherryman's next level craftsmanship and quality. This U desk combines ample work surface with the  versatile storage components needed to keep any space well organized. With desks like this, it's no wonder why Cherryman tops today's list!

Medina DeskNext up, the Medina series MNT33 from Mayline. Another U shaped desk, the MNT33 combines a 63" wide front work surface with 48" left handed return and matching rear wall credenza. Available in three attractive finishes that include mocha, mahogany, and the super cool gray steel, this Medina desk is ready for your home and business operating needs. The MNT33 is no doubt one of the best looking, most functional, and best values on the market today. While all of the Medina series desks where a hit in 2014, the MNT33 offers a lot for the money and is a real head turner!

Princeton DeskGlobal has taken their furniture offering to the next level with collections like the Princeton series. This modular office furniture line combines high end appeal with unmatched versatility. Desks like this C1F1 configuration provide plenty of storage for files, stationary, and important documents as well as cool side mounted wardrobe cabinets to keep ties and jackets hung neatly. The C1FI configuration is available in an extensive offering of laminate tones that will let any user create the one of a kind space of their dreams. Rest assured, Princeton desks like the C1F1 are certainly in the Ivey league!
Glass Desk

As the glass office furniture trend is in full swing, brands like Calico Designs have introduced clean, sophisticated, and down right classy office desks that keep office spaces on the cutting edge without breaking the budget. This year, cool glass office desk models from Calico like the 50310 Jameson station were amongst the industries top sellers. This corner style desk combines glass work surfaces with sleek metal legs to form a desk that's sure to earn your office space the compliments it deserves.

Modern Desk with White AccentsLast but certainly not least, you couldn't go wrong in 2014 with any desk from the Cherryman Verde collection. While we've already highlighted the Amber U desk as our  first product, we wouldn't be doing this article justice without showcasing the VL-749N. This table desk set with white and silver accents keys on too many current trends to list! The VL-749N is available in two unique finish options that will no doubt help your space stand apart from the competition. In addition to the components included in the VL-749N set, Cherryman offers awesome file cabinets, wall cabinets, and desk side storage solutions to match. The Verde collection was no doubt this years number one choice for modern office makeover projects!
Wednesday, December 10, 2014

7 Cool Deskorations for the Holiday Season

Decorating for the holidays is a fun experience that the whole family can take part in - but that doesn't mean the fun has to stay at home! Bringing some of that festive cheer into the workplace with bright lights and pretty snowflakes is an excellent way to bring everyone together! For all the elves busy at their own workshops this season, we hope you enjoy these festive decorating tips for the office!

Twinkling Lights

Lights are practically the spirit of the holidays! Wherever you go, twinkling lights and candles are meant to warm everyone's heart - no matter what you celebrate! Hobby stores are bursting with decorative office lighting for sale this time of year. Next time you go, don't be afraid to pick up a few lights to glow softly around door frames, desks, and cubicles in the office.

Computer Contest

The computer monitor is one of the most underrated pieces of equipment designers neglect to take advantage of when decorating. This holiday season, we invite you to have a computer decorating contest with your coworkers! Dress up single and dual screen monitor arms in reindeer ears and red noses, menora screensavers, or kwanza colors depending on what you celebrate. For a neutral party, building a mini hearth with a moving fireplace download certainly spreads holiday warmth. Personalized stockings with candy prizes for the winner will hang lovelily on their new fireplace!

Scented Candles

Everybody loves the smells of the winter season. Whether your preference is Peppermint Party, Winter Pine, Merry Maple, or Snowberry, subtle holiday scents do wonders for an overworked office. Best of all, they usually don't offend anyone's celebratory style! Check with your nearby coworkers to see if they have any allergies to candles or air fresheners first. If they don't, brew up some hot cocoa in the breakroom and enjoy the festive fragrance!

Going Greenery

Choosing affordable green furniture by Global Office and similar brands is always a trendy decision, but how about going a little greener with holiday plants? Craft stores are always sporting plenty of faux holiday firs, wreathes, garlands, and mini Christmas trees that won't cramp your eco-friendly style this season. Living decorations like pinecones, poinsettias, and lilies looks beautiful around the cubicles, and can even help improve indoor air quality if planted. A few colorful ornaments on the ends will help give your plants an extra Christmas-y kick!

Workplace Winter Wonderland

Few decorating tips are better than the ones that save money. Thankfully, most offices already have everything they need to sport a winter wonderland look! With some coworkers, take a few sheets from the printer and use some affordable office accessories to cut out and decorate paper snowflakes. With paperclips or hooks, hang them from the ceiling along with some tinsel to really freeze your friends this year! Personalized ornaments with coworkers' names also make wonderful hanging decor.

Colorful Cubicles

Decorating stylish workstations and cubicles is one of the biggest joys office workers find this time of year. Instead of trying to decide on a them with your coworkers though, why not ask everyone to pick their favorite (or draw from a hat)? Themes like Gingerbread House, Santa's Workshop, Elsa's Castle, Whoville, Holiday Hearth, or Candyland can easily transform a cubicle into a party!

Spirited Sweets

No matter what you celebrate, holiday food is always enjoyable! One of the best ways to win the hearts of coworkers any time of year is with sweet and savory treats. Decorating modern break room tables with snickerdoodles, candy canes, peppermints, cocoa packets, marshmallows, and s'mores will have everyone fat and happy for the holidays. Just don't forget to include ingredient lists for those who might have allergies!

We hope you've enjoyed these clever holiday deskorations for the office. We wish everyone a safe holiday season from OfficeFurnitureDeals.com!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Go Ergo with Eurotech Seating!

The Eurotech Seating brand is synonymous with cutting edge chair designs and high tech ergonomics in the workplace. This industry leader is ahead of the curve when it comes to comfort and productivity in the workplace. In today's post we'll highlight the best office chairs Eurotech has to offer and their respective benefits. Enjoy!

Eurotech Wau ChairThe Eurotech Wau seating collection offers a distinctive modern look that's sure to earn your office space the compliments in deserves. Wau chairs are available in both fully upholstered and all mesh variations to suit your specific needs. Wau chairs have become the preferred choice of industry professionals and ergonomists alike for their supportive frames and user friendly features. Rest assured, these best selling ergonomic chairs will have you saying WOW for certain!

Ergohuman Mesh ChairThe Ergohuman seating collection put Eurotech on the map! These innovative mesh, fabric, and leather ergonomic chairs offer incredible modern appeal with the features to match. Both the high back and mid back office chair models from the Ergohuman collection work well in executive office, conference room, and home settings. These professional grade chairs may not be the newest to hit the market, but they are still amongst the upper echelon of seating solutions for those in search of the absolute best. The wide range of adjustable features standard on Ergohuman chairs make for a customizable sit that will help any user get through those tough days at the office.

High Tech Office ChairEurotech Body Flex chairs are truly the modern marvels of the professional workplace. These flexible office chairs offer a high tech look that's sure to turn heads. Sit in a Body Flex chair once and you'll never settle for anything less! Standard with ergonomic features that include a tilt tension control, center tilt, tilt lock, and waterfall seat edge, these bad-to-the-bone office chairs will help you go ergo in a hurry! Priced starting at just over $300, Body Flex office chairs are also an excellent value. Choose from a variety of cool color options and create the Body Flex adjustable office chair that matches your personality and ergonomic needs.

The Symbian office chair from Eurotech was an absolute must for today's post. These super cool chairs feature a wide frame design that provides a comfortable sit for larger individuals. Symbian chairs are available in both high back and mid back models, including a super cool purple seat model that's really unique! The Symbian chair collection was designed with modern ergonomics in mind. The adjustable arms, headrest, and chair frame, makes for a customizable office chair that's ready to adapt to any work situation. These best sellers are great for nearly any office application you want to throw at them!

Chakra Office ChairLast but certainly not least, if you love modern ergonomics, you've got to see the Eurotech Chakra chair! While far out appeal that's actually functional is hard to find, but the Chakra has it. These swanky modern chairs feature an open zoomorphic structure that is light and airy yet extremely comfortable. These innovative chairs focus on the body's power centers and cushion the chakras. Rest assured these cutting edge chairs will leave your body free of tension! Eurotech introduced the Chakra office chair line in the early part of 2014 and it's been a hit ever since. Choose from a variety of cool color combinations to match your office style and enjoy the ergo benefits.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Lobby Design Tips: 5 Do's and Don'ts for Makeover Success

Lobby Design Tips
Lobby design can projects can be a bit tricky to say the least. However, if you cover the basics and follow the simple guidelines highlighted in today's post,  you and your team will be set up for makeover success. The do's and don'ts showcased here will help you prevent common design mistakes while helping keep your space up to date with the latest trends.

Do: Measure Effectively

Any interior design team, decorator, or furniture specialist will tell you that the first step to lobby makeover success is always measuring effectively. Start by obtaining the perimeter dimensions of your space. Be sure to notate all power outlets, entry ways, windows, and room obstructions. Once complete, double check your work to be sure. Like they always say, measure twice and cut once!

Don't: Guesstimate

Simply assuming the dimensions of your space is a sure fire way to end up in deep trouble when! All too often shoppers purchase reception seating and accent furniture with the hope that it will fit correctly. This usually ends very badly and can be easily avoided by taking the time to measure effectively.

Do: Sketch Layouts

Sketching layout ideas for your space will provide you with valuable insight on how your new lobby furniture will fit in your space. Before you start the shopping process, grab a piece of paper and draw a rough outline of your room. Determine how many guests you want to accommodate and draw seating and accent furniture in accordingly. Play around with a few different layout ideas to see what you feel will work best for your business needs.

Don't: Visualize

Once again, simply assuming a specific chair will fit perfectly in a specific spot is not smart! While it's okay to visualize a beautiful lobby for your business, it's not okay to tackle your whole project based on visualizations of how things will fit in certain areas. Take the time to write down where chairs and lobby tables will be placed to ensure a smooth transition into your new space.

Do: Use Modern Lighting Fixtures

Those looking to take their lobby spaces to the next level will want to use cool lighting fixtures to make their spaces shine. The use of drop lighting, lamps, and recessed lighting will bring your space to life. Consider visiting a professional office lighting store in your area for inspiration. You'll be glad you did!

Don't: Settle for Building Grade Fixtures

The lighting fixtures installed by the construction team who built your building are no bueno! These commercial fixtures are typically quite cheap looking and really suck power. The money saved by adding energy efficient fixtures over time is simply too great to ignore. If you're wanting your lobby to earn the compliments it deserves, get rid of those boring fluorescents.

Do: Use Tablet Arm Seating

Tablet arm lounge chairs and lobby seating solutions provide valued guests with a more comfortable visiting experience. Tablet arm chairs also add an extra element of cool to any lobby area. These versatile seating solutions will no doubt earn your space high grades from visitors on a daily basis. Keep you lobby makeover up to date with the latest trends and use tablet arm chairs. Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and OFM all offer cool tablet arm chair models like the Santa Cruz that will no doubt boost your corporate appeal.

Don't: Use Fabric Chairs

While several cool and durable fabric upholstery options are no doubt available from high end lobby seating manufacturers, your best bet is to use vinyl and leather. In most cases, fabric shows wear much more easily and simply won't last your businesses long enough to justify the investment. Higher grade fabrics from brands like Global Total Office and Lesro Industries are very nice, but for the money... why not choose leather and create a more luxurious feel to your space? In a nut shell, low grade fabrics won't hold up and high grade fabrics cost around the same price as leather. Invest your money in an upholstery option that will impress guests while looking great for years to come.

Do: Paint Before Installation

It's a smart idea to get rid of those lack luster taupe finishes no doubt droning out your office vibe. If you're planning to paint, there's simply no better time to do it than before furniture arrives. Get your team together on a weekend and throw a lobby painting and pizza party. While this may be a hard sell, it sure beats painting around your brand new furniture and hoping to avoid spills!

Don't: Paint Around Furniture

So you decided to paint your lobby once your new furniture was professionally installed? If this was the case, you no doubt spent twice the time needed and had to pray for no spills and unwanted drips. Any designer will tell you that paining before furniture is installed is an absolute must. You simply don't want to risk it. If you must paint after furniture is installed, use tarps and drop cloths to cover your seating and tables. This will help to prevent accidents and should be enough to keep your new furniture safe!

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