Thursday, January 29, 2015

Simplify Your Office Makeover With These 5 Best Selling Furniture Collections!

It's no secret that office makeover projects can become frustrating! With all the options available on the market in 2015, we decided to simplify the process by showcasing 5 of the industries absolute best furniture collections sure to take your office interiors to the next level. Avoid the hassles and headaches this year and keep things easy with one of these top notch lines!

Modern Office FurnitureCherryman Industries is a premier manufacturer of executive desking solutions for both modern and traditional work environments. Their best selling line, the Verde series offers high end appeal that's simply unmatched. This full service collection includes easy to spec desk configurations that are ready to meet all your private office needs. Available in two attractive finish options, Verde will not overwhelm you with a ton of customizable options that leave you feeling frustrated and confused. Simply select a desk configuration to meet your space requirements and accent accordingly with wall cabinets, accessories, and filing solutions.

OFM UNO FurnitureWhen it comes to the lounge, lobby, and reception area, OFM is leading the way with their innovative seating collections. Simple to shop lines like UNO are sure to save you time when designing your waiting area. UNO offers a variety of contemporary lounge and pillow back reception chairs in cool two tone color options that are sure to wow your guests. While most two tone chairs available in 2015 are hard to spec and design, UNO's simplicity is unmatched. Compliment your UNO series chairs with OFM's profile tables and kick your corporate appeal up a notch!

Global Zira Boardroom FurnitureThis year it's all about powering up the conference room! Unfortuately, most of the most high tech conference furniture collections available in 2015 are incredibly confusing. Luckily, selecting custom power options for your conference tables just got easy with Global's best selling Zira collection! This full service furniture line offers techy conference tables that can be easily customized with plug and play telecom plates to meet all your multi media meeting area needs. Zira was also expanded to include matching boardroom accessories that include presentation boards, refreshment carts, and wall cabinets that really rock! Looking to highlight your additional office areas? No problem! Zira offers the modular desking solutions ready to serve all your interiors.

Lesro Reception FurnitureThe premier manufacturer of professional reception area guest furniture solutions in no doubt Lesro Industries in 2015. A leader in the field, Lesro offers 12 high quality collections to choose from for your waiting area needs. Lesro's guest chairs, bench seating, and sofas are shipped quick in a variety of leather, vinyl, and durable fabric upholstery options. Lines like Lenox can be customized in a choice of 6 wood finish options to showcase your interiors to perfection. Those in need of new reception furniture in a hurry will love the quick shipping capabilities of Lesro and their trending collections. Lenox is a top option for both contemporary and traditional waiting environments and should be highly considered for any office designer looking to keep things simple without sacrificing valuable appeal.

Mayline Sync TablesMore often than ever, businesses are striving to create multi use training room areas for meetings and presentations. That being said, no brand is more equipped to meet the needs of this trending environment that Mayline. Their innovative Sync training tables collection offers versatile tables available in a variety of basic sizes to meet your specific space requirements. Choose from a few simple finish options and enjoy the flip top, space saving capabilities of these mobilized tables. Sync tables can be ganged together to form larger configurations or used separately as needed. Rest assured, their is no better line of training room tables available on the market!
Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Ways To Create A Better Boardroom for Your Business

Boardroom Design Tips
These days, most big decisions and presentations take place in the boardroom. That being said, it's essential to create a professional meeting area designed around comfort, efficiency, and functionality. In today's post we'll highlight 5 key ways to enhance your boardroom that are sure to do just that. Enjoy!

1.) Keep It Simple

When it comes to professional boardroom design, it's best to keep it simple! You don't want to overcrowd your space with a bunch of bulky chairs and accessories that take away from the overall atmosphere. Design your space around 3 key elements to keep things simple. Element 1 is the table. As the main focal point of your space, the table you select should be used to showcase your meeting space and accommodate your guests comfortably. Element 2 is storage. Utilize wall cabinets to house stationary, documents, and presentation aids. This will help you create a more organized and professional boardroom. Lastly, the third key element is performance. To improve your boardroom performance you'll want to aid some key accessories like a presentation board, flat screen TV, or lectern for presenters. If you focus on these 3 simple elements, you're boardroom makeover will be on the path to success!

2.) Add Power

These days it's all about power in the boardroom, and we don't mean wall outlets! Powered conference room tables are the way of the future. More than ever businesses are using high tech conference, meeting, and boardroom table models with integrated power modules in order to speed up presentations and meeting efficiency. Brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Global Total Office are now offering factory installed power modules for tables that feature HDMI, USB, Audio, Phone, and Ethernet inputs. These customizable modules are a must have for businesses with multi media presentation needs and will no doubt improve any professional meeting space.

3.) Follow The Trends

Knowing the latest boardroom design trends will keep you space up to date and looking great for years to come. In 2015, hot trends include the use of powered conference tables as well as wall mounted TV's, and gray wood finish options. Modular boardroom table sets that allow for quick room  reconfiguring have also been quite popular this year. In terms of style, utilizing boardroom and conference room furniture with industrial design elements like metal will certainly boost meeting area appeal and keep your space on the cutting edge. When designing your space, be sure to research the hottest boardroom makeover trends to ensure you create a functional, versatile, and super cool environment of your business.

4.) Keep It Comfortable

Boardroom comfort is a key element that's often critiqued by business visitors. In order to provide a comfy atmosphere of your valued clientele, you'll need to select conference chairs that are up to the task. This year, sleek conference room seating has been the most popular choice. Chairs like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing offer excellent comfort and space saving designs that will allow you to maximize the number of guests that can fit around your boardroom table comfortably. Utilizing stylish conference chairs built for comfort will enhance appeal while simultaneously earning you an abundance of positive compliments from your visitors. Keep it in mind that a comfortable boardroom is a functional boardroom. If guests are fidgeting and complaining, it's easy to assume they are not retaining as much information as you'd like them too. Consider a chair upgrade to improve comfort and focus in your space.

5.) Accessorize

While we touched on accessorizing the boardroom earlier in today's post, it's certainly helpful to take a more in depth look at this important topic. While the right combination of boardroom accessories will no doubt improve your space, adding too many products will make your meeting area feel crammed and ineffective. The top 5 boardroom accessories of 2015 are wall mounted TV's, beverage carts, lecterns, storage cabinets, and white board cabinets. These 5 main accessories all offer individual benefits that will help take your space to the next level. That being said, if you are limited by space, analyze the benefits of each to determine while will offer you and your business the most. If you don't need much storage space, you can probably avoid a bulky wall cabinet. If you feel providing your guests with refreshments is essential, a beverage cart is a must add product. Weighing the pros and cons of each boardroom accessory will help you eliminate "want" products and focus on "need" products.
Monday, January 26, 2015

Chair Of The Week: Avenger 812-LX by OFM

OFM 812-LX Avenger ChairWant to take your office comfort to the next level? You need the 812-LX Avenger from OFM! This hot new office chair is the topic of our fist ever Chair Of The Week post! The 812-LX offers high end features, top notch style, and out of this world support. In today's article we'll showcase the 812-LX in all it's glory. Enjoy!

At first glance the 812-LX Avenger series office chair will draw you in with it's perfect blend of modern and traditional design characteristics. With a diamond stitched back pattern and overstuffed headrest OFM's newest Avenger chair is no doubt luxurious! Complimented by sleek curves and a meticulous attention to detail, the 812-LX is an absolute winner!

Big and Tall ChairFinding a supportive big and tall office chair with style can be easier said than done. Thankfully their are awesome brands like OFM to fill the industry void! The 812-LX is incredibly supportive and offers the ergonomic features big and tall users need to reach optimal comfort in the workplace. With it's heavy duty frame design and pneumatic cylinder, the 812-LX is ready to accommodate all users up to 400 pounds.

The 812-LX Avenger chair also looks great in professional boardroom settings. The attractive loop arm design and rich brown upholstery works in harmony with wood conference tables. The perfect seating solution for any meeting area, the 812-LX offers unmatched versatility business seating consumers will love in 2015.

Heavy Duty Office ChairIn terms of price, these heavy duty ergonomic chairs are spot on by industry standards. At $399.85 the 812-LX offers the adjustable features we've come to expect from chairs nearly twice the price. With a respectable market price, high end features, and out of this world appeal, the Avenger is no doubt one of the best values on the market in 2015.

Those looking to create eco friendly work environments will love the Avenger office seating collection by OFM. These GREENGUARD CERTIFIED chairs are made with sustainable materials that are suitable for school and classroom applications. Known for their superior quality, OFM's new Avenger chair passes all the tests with flying colors.

We give the OFM 812-LX Avenger chair an overall grade of A+. These versatile ergonomic executive chairs work well in nearly every application. The heavy duty features, price point, and design characteristics make these chars amongst the best new options on the market. You'll be hard pressed to find more for less, and a better all in one seating package for your business interiors.
Thursday, January 22, 2015

Collaborative Work Environments: The Way Of The Future!

Open desking configurations have become the premier choice of interior design teams and office furniture professionals alike. As traditional cubicle and panel furniture systems get left behind, businesses are looking for innovative ways to create collaborative work spaces designed around efficiency and functionality. In today's post we'll highlight 5 of the absolute best collaborative minded furniture collection and their benefits. Enjoy!


Global Zira Series Desking

The Global Total Office Zira collection offers a wide range of conference tables, reception stations, and office desks we've all come to love. But what you may not know, is that this innovative line offers high quality open desking solutions designed to meet the needs of any open floor plan. Zira's extensive lineup of modular components will no doubt transform your office interiors into team oriented spaces ready to meet the needs of your modern business.


Princeton Office Furniture by Global

Another trending open desking line from our friends at Global Total Office, the Princeton series, is rocking work floors around the country in 2015. With a wide offering of unique office storage and bench seating solutions available, creating a one of a kind Princeton work environment is now easier than ever. Princeton desking is easy to spec and integrate into professional work spaces. Whether your office interiors are small or large, Princeton offers the interchangeable pieces needed to meet your specific needs.


e5 Desking

Mayline's e5 collection is amongst the industries hottest office furniture collections heading into 2015. The combination of modern and industrial style characteristics will boost your workplace appeal while helping you create the collaborative work environment you need to promote teamwork within your most important departments. The Mayline e5 collection offers high tech capabilities simply unmatched by many of the industries other best selling collections. The e5 plug and play capabilities will help your workers prevent those pesky trips under the desk to turn on devices and route wires. The work surface level power, USB, and HDMI inputs come in extremely handy and put technology at your fingertips.


Verde Multi User Desk

Not typically thought of as a premier line for collaborative work environments, the Cherryman Verde collection deserves some much needed attention! While this best selling office furniture line is no doubt amongst the premier options for private office environments, Verde can also work wonders on your work floor. Cherryman's preconfigured modern desk configurations can be joined together to create multi user executive workstations with the top notch appeal we've come to expect from this swanky line. Choose from two quick shipping finish options and minimize the office makeover headaches incurred from custom designing!


Mayline TransAction Series

Last but certainly not least, another high tech furniture line from our friends at Mayline! The super creative TransAction line boasts a wide range of tables and workstations ready to be interlinked to form some of the coolest collaborative configurations money can by. While TransAction is amongst the pricer open desking collections on the market, it does offer the workplace benefits needed to make up for it. Custom TransAction series work environments can be outfitted with modern power modules   installed by Mayline to ensure you office space operates at peak performance levels. TransActions metal leg design ensure durability while the wide range of laminate surface options help designers create out of this world interiors with ample wow factor!
Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Deal Finder: Adjustable Computer Chairs Under $250

Looking for the perfect new office chair but limited by a tight budget? No need to worry! In today's blog article we'll be showcasing 5 awesome computer chairs priced under $250 with the adjustable ergonomic features needed to reach optimal comfort in the workplace. Enjoy!

1.) Ravi

Ravi Mesh Chair

The all new Ravi series mesh back chair from Woodstock Marketing is stylish, comfortable, and down right versatile! Ravi chairs are ideal for office computing and tasking applications but also work great in professional boardroom settings. Woodstock released the Ravi collection just a few short weeks ago and these seating solutions have hit the market with a bang! Priced at just $229.00, Ravi series computer chairs fall well below today's deal finder budget!

2.) Ambarella

Ambarella Chair

Cherryman's new iDesk seating collection has become a top choice of interior design teams and ergonomic professionals alike. Models like the all new Ambarella chair offer high end ergonomic features and a budget friendly price point that's simply unmatched by nearly all competing office chairs on the market. The Ambarella chair is available in 2015 for just $214.00 in the black on black color combination.

3.) 11685

High Back Mesh Chair

The Offices To Go 11685 model high back office chair is an ergonomic work horse! With standard features like adjustable arms, a contoured mesh back, thick padded seating, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and much more, the 11685 is a well rounded seating solution you can rely on. Priced at just $203.95, you'll be hard priced to find a better office chair for your space priced even twice as much! As an added bonus, 11685 computer chairs ship quick for those in need of new office seating in a hurry!

4.) Europa

Europa Chair

Eurotech is one of the seating world's most highly regarded manufacturers. This industry leading brand takes pride in offering innovative seating solutions with cutting edge design characteristics. That being said, the Europa chair showcases Eurotech's initiatives to perfection. These sleek leather chairs priced at $233.00 feature polished frame accents, ribbed backs, contoured seats and a slew of adjustment capabilities located on the seat mechanism to keep users operating effectively while computing.

5.) Air Flo

OFM Air Flo Chair 650

When the budget is super tight, shoppers are often forced to settle for sub par seating that just doesn't fit their needs. Luckily, there are still brands like OFM out there to help! With chairs like the 650 model Air Flo, budget shoppers are still able to capitalize on the industries latest style trends while simultaneously gaining the ergonomic features needed to work at the highest levels of productivity. Air Flo chairs are available for just $178.99 in your choice of 4 cool two tone color combinations.
Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Beyond The File Cabinet: Cool Office Storage Solutions for Your Space!

Tired of the those boring metal file cabinets taking up space in your office? It's time to modernize your space! While file cabinets will always play a vital role in the world document organization, cool alternatives are definitely available to boost your workplace appeal. In today's post we'll showcase 5 unique office storage solutions that will no doubt take your office interiors to the next level!

Medina Low Wall CabinetWether you're looking to get organized or simply up your office appeal, the Mayline Medina series low wall cabinet will do the trick! This affordable office storage solution priced at just $438.99 is available in 3 unique finish options including the popular gray steel variation pictured here. The MVLC low wall cabinet offers two laminate doors and two glass doors for the perfect blend of modern and traditional appeal. Outfitted with attractive silver handle pulls, this luxurious storage option is great for conference room, home, and executive office applications.

Office Storage CabinetWhen it comes to office storage, Offices To Go is not a brand you'll probably have pop into your mind. But they should! This innovative furniture and seating manufacturer takes pride in creating the versatile products you'll need to create fully functional work interiors built around efficiency and professionalism. The SL3622MSF model mixed storage cabinet is a prime example of this awesome brands capabilities. Featuring a combination of organizing drawers and file storage space, the SL3622MSF provides the perfect alternative to the clunky metal file cabinets of the past. Available in 4 attractive finishes, you'll have no problem integrating the SL3622MSF into your space.

OFM Venice Wall CabinetYou'll be hard pressed to find a brand like OFM reliant upon traditional file cabinets for office organizing. This cutting edge manufacturer is always ahead of the office design curve and regularly sets trends that make the industry what it is today. Their 55116 model Venice series executive storage cabinet offers a modernized approach to office organizing in two different finish options. Priced at $880.99, the Venice cabinet is a bit more pricey than the average file cabinet but looks far more stunning in the workplace. The 55116 requires no tools for assembly, leaving those afraid of installation with nothing to fear. Pair the Venice cabinet with a wide range of complimenting desks and workstations to create a fully functional and well organized interior designed for your modern business mindset.

Personal Storage TowerNext up, the 9100 series personal storage tower from our friends at Global Total Office. For those looking to maintain the durability of metal in the workplace without the lacking appeal of traditional file cabinets, the 9100 provides the perfect solution. This versatile tower features a wardrobe section designed to keep your jackets, umbrellas, and hats off the desk and out of the way. Outfitted with a multiple file drawers and additional storage sections, the 9100 series storage tower truly does it all. Global offers all of their 9100 series storage products in a variety of cool paint finishes to avoid those bland taupe tones we've all seen a bit too much of. This is one metal organizing solution that's far from the ordinary!

Cushioned File PedestalLast but certainly not least, desk side pedestals like those from Mayline's e5 collection have become the way of the future. Outfitted with comfy cushion tops, these units act as a small guest stool and storage container all in one. Cushioned pedestals have played a major part in the booming trend of office designers looking to utilize product for multiple purposes. As space is always at a premium around the office, these mobile units can be situated wherever is convenient and pulled out when needed. While guest chairs are always nice to have on hand for office visitors, cushioned pedestals provide that extra seat your space is lacking when you always seem to need it. Mayline's e5 pedestals can be purchased individually or in preconfigured desk packages at a discounted price. Rest assured these trending storage solutions are cool, comfy, and downright versatile!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ergo Elegance: 6 High End Office Seating Solutions from Global Total Office

Looking for an elegant ergonomic office chair for your workspace? You'll have no shortage of options if you choose Global Total Office! This industry leading seating manufacturer takes pride in offering innovative office chairs designed for optimal support and functionality. In today's post we'll highlight 6 of Global's high end office chairs and their incredible benefits. Take your office efficiency to the next level with a Global chair in 2015!

1.) Spree

Spree Ergonomic Chair

Global's newest ergonomic office chair, the Spree is the perfect way to kick off today's post! The Spree is a modern marvel that will captivate you at first sight. These sleek designer chairs were specifically created to avoid restricting upper body movement and allow users to easily access space all around their work station. The unique lumbar area wraps around the users waist to provide a secure feeling while simultaneously creating excellent support. The seat slides to the rear and reclines while tilting to provide a smooth and comfortable tilt action. The front of the seat does not lift during tilting so the feet stay flat on the floor. The seat structure is flexible and suspended over space that allows the seat to move and flex with with user ensuring long-term comfort. Spree chairs feature a unique seat depth adjustment with controls at your fingertips. Controls are located on either side of the seat so the seat can easily slide and extend the roll out seat edge providing a 1.5" of additional seat depth.

2.) G20

G20 Chair

The G20 is a high quality office chair intended to bring harmony between form and function. Cast aluminum is used in the wide sweeping lines with delicate edge details and is carefully integrated with highly tooled nylon components to create a crisp simple profile. The cutting edge synchronized mechanism was designed to allow the back to smoothly tilt while the seat gently reclines to the rear. The back of the G20 chair is a special mesh composed of alternating vertical rows of clear elastomeric yarns and black polyester yarns. The G20's lumbar support is fully active. It can be raised or lowered to suit any user's preference! Designed with easy to use and effective adjustments, the G20 is amongst the best ergonomic office chairs on the market!

3.) Vion

Vion Mesh Chair

The Vion series high back mesh chair by Global Total Office offers incredible style and ergonomic features designed for optimal workplace efficiency. This designer office seating solution is available in your choice of mesh back and seat color to enhance workplace decor. Vion chair features include a polished base, adjustable arms, breathable mesh back, tilt tension control, pneumatic seat height adjustment, chair tilt lock, and much more! The weight sensing mechanism helps to prevent those troublesome lean-backs that result in that falling feel we all hate. Priced at just $412.99, the Vion is an absolute value and excellent ergo investment!

4.) Arti

Arti Chair

If you're in search of modern elegance and luxury appeal, the Arti series high back office chair is sure to provide your office space with that and more! The Arti chair back articulates like a human spine and reshapes itself to mimic the user’s profile – automatically responding to body movements and sitting positions. The back rest is linked together by internal steel cables and highly graded steel springs, which play a vital role in ensuring maximum strength and flexibility. Arti's frame and horizontal flexible wings are made with tough, highly engineered grade plastics. Select your Arti chair in one of 5 fashionable colors to show your individual office personality. A variety of fully upholstered, mesh, and segmented back Arti chairs are offered from Global in 2015.

5.) Roma Nester

Roma Nesting Chair

Meeting areas, training rooms, and classrooms are also in need of ergo elegance! If this is the case for your establishment, look no further than the Roma nesting chair from Global. As one of the most versatile and user friendly new seating solutions available on the market in 2015, Roma is nothing short of incredible! These space saving office chairs offer a sleek look that will help maximize seating around the conference table. Roma will keep any student comfortable and computing more effectively. When used in training applications, the Roma nester can be paired with flip top tables to create totally modular environments that are easy to clean and reconfigure when needed. Choose from a variety of awesome color options to suit your specific needs.

6.) Robust

Robust Big and Tall Chair

Last but certainly not least, the Global Total Office Robust office chair for big and tall users. Ready to support up to 500 pounds effectively, the Robust chair defines heavy duty in the workplace. The two tone finish options will help provide a stylistic face lift to any space while the width adjustable arms ensure a spacy sit. Additional ergonomic features of the Robust big and tall chair include a pneumatic seat height adjustment, forward and rearward seat tilt with infinite lock, and free floating back angle control. Robust chairs are standard with a six prong, oval tubular steel bases that are 32" in diameter for stability. The chair's casters are are suitable for hard surface flooring or carpet. If you are a big and tall individual in need of comfort and ergonomic luxury in the workplace, the Robust is perhaps the best solution available. You will not find a more reliable and stylish seating solution on the market!
Thursday, January 15, 2015

Office All Stars: OFM Recoil Chairs

OFM Recoil Chairs
Known for their innovative office furniture and seating solutions, OFM has truly outdone themselves with the recoil chair! In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at this versatile collection, it's benefits, and usable applications. Enjoy!

At first glance, you''ll notice the out of this world modern appeal of the OFM Recoil chair. The incredible design characteristics will draw any office visitor in for a closer look and sit. Once sitting, visitors will notice the gentle reclining action generated from applying pressure to the chair back. This comfy rocking motion is where the Recoil's name was derived from.

Available in 5 cool color options. The two tone gray and nickel back option offers a sophisticated look that's sure to earn any guest waiting area an abundance of daily compliments. The additional colors like red, purple, yellow, and and green allow businesses to put a personalized modern touch on office interiors.

Modern Lounge Furniture
In terms of price, the Recoil chair is surprisingly affordable when you consider it's appeal and features. At just $377.95, you'll be hard pressed to find a better lounging solution on the market for even twice the price. The Recoil's craftsmanship is everything we've come to expect from our friends at OFM. The 400 pound weight capacity makes the Recoil an excellent option for big and tall guests while the heavy duty spring back is great for reclining stability.

Modern Lobby Chair
All Recoil lounge chairs are upholstered in a stain resistant fabric upholstery that looks very similar to vinyl. This easy to clean material makes the Recoil an excellent choice for healthcare applications and any other space where little ones are present with snacks and drinks. The curved base design puts off contemporary vibes and also makes vacuuming waiting areas a breeze when needed.

The Recoil chair works great in office lounge, lobby, and waiting room areas. OFM's wide range of complimenting products like the UNO chairs and Profile series end tables match the Recoil to perfection. These cohesive products make it easy to spec and design guest waiting areas.

OFM's Recoil chairs are sure to be a hit in 2015. We fully expect these innovative guest chairs to be amongst the industries top sellers this year. The modern design, durable upholstery, heavy duty spring loaded back, price point, and unique color options make Recoil a must consider option for any business considering a decor facelift. We highly recommend giving a Recoil chair a try today. You'll be glad you did!
Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Wonderful World of Office Chairs

Office Chairs

With thousands of ergonomic seating solutions available to choose from in 2015, it hard to select the perfect model for your personal needs. That being said, in today's post we'll highlight everything you need to know about the world of office chairs to help you achieve ultimate comfort in the workplace.


When it comes to office chairs there are plenty of style to choose from. Basic style identifiers include modern, traditional, leather, mesh, and fabric. You'll also want to shop for new office chairs based on what application they are designed for. Office tasking chairs are great for both professional and home office computing applications. Executive chairs are typically used by upper management and feature luxurious leather upholsteries and high end features. Big and Tall chairs are heavy duty and support users from 350 to 500 pounds. Before selecting your new chair, take the time to research the various styles and determine which will best suit your needs and work environment.


Choosing a name brand office chair for your workspace is the way to go. Avoid lacking knock offs and low quality products whenever possible to ensure you get the most out of your seating investment. That being said, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with a list of industry leading office chair manufacturers you can trust!
  • Global Total Office
  • Eurotech Seating
  • Offices To Go
  • RFM Preferred Seating
  • Mayline
  • Hermann Miller
  • OFM, Inc.

The word "ergonomic" is probably heard on a daily basis in just about every office on the planet. Office ergonomics is the search and application of products to better our functionality, comfort, and efficiency. Ergonomics can be used to describe a variety of workplace elements, but are most commonly applied to seating. While not all ergonomic chairs are created equal, most on the market today will have some form of ergo feature designed to improve your work day. Features like adjustable arms, lumbar support, syncro tilt mechanisms, and headrests are all incorporated into chairs to hep you get through those long days at the office. While all of the ergonomic bells and whistles are nice, it's best to work with your dealer of choice to hone in on the key features that will work best for your particular needs an body type. This will help you maximize comfort and avoid overspending on features you don't really need. 


While we touched on upholsteries quickly in the style section of today's post, they certainly deserve a bit more attention! The upholstery used on your office chair will play a key role in determining the life and longevity of your chair. Seating upholstery is graded based on the amount of double rubs (abrasions) it can withstand. The higher the grade, the more durable the upholstery. That being said, some fabrics can actually be more durable than leathers and vice versa. When selecting your office chair, be sure to inquire with your dealer about what fabric upholstery grade the chairs you're considering are crafted with.


When shopping for office chairs for the home or business, you'll certainly be looking to maximize your budget. Start your search online and look for popular office chairs with good reviews. Once you've narrowed down your search to a few chairs, visit a comparison shopping engine online and search out your favs. Google Shopping, BizRate, Shopzilla, Amazon, and Bing are all top choices. But like with most things, Google reigns supreme. Their shopping engine offers more office chairs than any other and is very user friendly. Here you will be able to sort your favorite chairs by dealer and price while also seeing coupons, free shipping specials, and promotions that will help you save. If your purchasing multiple office chairs of your business, contact your dealer of choice to inquire about bulk discount pricing. This is an excellent way to save and is typically far more budget beneficial than your average coupon. Newsletter sign ups and online coupon sites and are also great ways to keep a little extra money in the wallet when chair shopping!
Monday, January 12, 2015

How To Create The Perfect Modern Office Space in 2015

Modern Office Transformation
Looking to take your office space to the next level in 2015? If so, you'll no doubt want to incorporate  modern furniture designed around the industries hottest collections while staying in line with the latest trends. In today's post we'll share the tips, tricks, and products you'll need to utilize to do just that!

1.) Asses Your Space

Before you jump online and start shopping for new office furniture, you'll want to properly assess your workspace. Start by obtaining the dimensions of your space and notating where your power outlets, entry ways, and windows are located. This will give you an idea of what size desks will work best for your particular space. Next, sketch out a few simple layout ideas you feel would be effective in your office. Be sure to leave room for storage and room accents as they will help boost your visual appeal!

2.) Get Inspired

Once you've assessed your office needs, it's time to get inspired! Browse your favorite search engine for terms like "modern office interiors" to get you started. In addition, you may consider visiting surrounding businesses. This will help you build relationships with your neighbors while no doubt inspiring your private office makeover. As your neighboring businesses what furniture lines, brands, dealers, and designers they've enjoyed working with. Be sure to compliment their furnishings and thank them for taking the time to help you in your quest to create the perfect modern office space.

3.) Shop The Top Lines

With an abundance of design inspiration, you'll be ready to hit the ground running! In order to save you time, we've provided a few modern office furniture collections you should consider for your project.

  1. The Cherryman Industries Verde furniture collection is available espresso and latte finish options. This full service line of modular desks, multi user workstations, reception stations, and conference tables offers cool white accents and a ton of modern features that will no doubt make your office interiors pop.
  2. The Mayline Medina collection has been the furniture worlds hottest seller since hitting the market last October. This trending line is available in 3 quick shipping finish options and won't break your budget. Medina's blending of laminate surfaces with glass and metal accents offers a luxurious modern look that's sure to impress.
  3. Need a custom office furniture configuration to fit your space effectively? If so, there's no better line than Zira! Global Total Office's best seller,  Zira offers a combination of laminate finishes, attractive handle pulls, glass hutch doors, and metal accents. Zira stations can be spec'd in any of Global's 10+ finish options. Two tone stations can also be created for a more personalized look! The Zira collection also includes conference room tables, office storage solutions, and reception stations to highlight your surrounding office areas.

4.) Use Trending Finishes

Using trending office furniture and wall finishes will help to keep your space not he cutting edge. Gray, turquoise, yellow, and red tones have all been hot to start the year. When creating your new office space, be sure to paint before adding in your new furniture. This will prevent unwanted paint spills on your new desk and will also expedite the process.

5.) Add A Cool Chair

The office chair you select for your space will be a major factor in determining your day to day comfort and productivity. It will also be a huge part of your decor! Finding a new office chair with high quality adjustable features has become easier and more affordable than ever. Brands like Global Total Office, RFM, and Eurotech have all kicked off the year with best selling executive chairs, computer chairs, and task seating solutions you'll love. If you need help selecting the perfect office chair for your space, consider searching for product reviews and blog posts online. We've written plenty! You can also contact your dealer of choice for product suggestions.

5.) Incorporate Storage

Organization is yet another key factor in any well rounded modern office space. Your business interiors won't get the respect they deserve if they are overly cluttered and messy. Start your new modern office on the right foot by incorporating lateral file cabinets, storage credenzas, and mobile pedestals to keep your important documents and stationary secure and organized. If you're limited on space, you can utilize a wall mount hutch unit. These versatile storage solutions will accent your room decor while providing space saving storage space on your walls instead of your floor!

6.) Go Ergo

Office ergonomics does not stop at the office chair! Any new office space should allot a portion of the makeover budget to a few basic ergonomic accessories that will make a huge difference in your day to day functionality. A dual screen monitor arm will increase your usable desk space while adding a high tech look that's sure to earn your office compliments. A retractable keyboard tray will also increase your usable desk space while providing a ton of posture and health benefits. Ergo professionals will be happy to provide assistance in this department if needed.

7.) Assembly & Installation

Once you're furniture arrives you'll want to have your team and space prepped for installation. Most office furniture ships KD (knocked down) and basic assembly is required. You'll want to have basic tools on hand as well as a first aid kit incase of emergency. Having a set of floor sliders is also a great ideas as most furniture is quite heavy. Once your furniture installation is complete, you'll want to be prepared for a big time cleanup. Furniture packaging is quite extensive and you will have plenty of debris and cardboard that needs disposing of. If installation seems a bit hard for your team to handle, professional services are available.

8.) Share Your Space

Once your modern office space is up and running, take a few pics and upload them to your social networks of choice. Your followers will love seeing your office transformation and are sure to provide you with plenty of praise. This is also a great way to keep in touch with your valued clients. Sharing your makeover story will make them feel like a part of your team! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are all great outlets for those looking to share their transformations online.
Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Value Priced Reception Desks of 2015

Faced with a tight budget for your office reception area makeover? No problem! In today's post we'll be highlighting affordable reception desks available from the industries top furniture manufacturers in 2015. These stylish stations will boost your corporate appeal without breaking the bank. Enjoy!
Reception Desk

First up, the Cherryman Industries VL-816 model reception desk. This rectangular station is available in a choice of latte and espresso finish options. The VL-816 features attractive side curves and plenty of work surface space for your computer and accessories. Priced at just $706.50, the VL-816 will leave your business with plenty of money to spare for matching accessories like storage pedestals, wall cabinets, and other cohesive Verde components.

Offices To Go SL-O Reception Desk
Next up, the Offices To Go SL-O model L shaped reception desk. Available in several stylish finish options, the SL-O station can be easily integrated into both modern and traditionally themed office waiting areas. This versatile reception station includes a box box file pedestal for stationary and document organization. Available for just $735.99, the Offices To Go SL-O station is truly one of the best values on the market for reception desk shoppers in 2015.
55310 Marque Reception Desk
If you're a bit weary of installing a new reception desk in your guest welcoming area, you'll love the 55310 station from our friends at OFM. This curved front reception desk requires absolutely zero tools for assembly! The 55310 assembles in under 45 minutes with it's quick connect system. Available in 3 finishes, these user friendly modern reception desks are nothing short of impressive. The 55310 Marque station an be purchased for just $1131.99 in 2015. Need more space? No problem! The Marque collection also includes units large enough for multiple users and plenty of matching storage solutions to help kick your reception furniture configuration up a notch!
Cherryman Reception Desk

Finding a swanky reception desk with glass accents for just over $1000 is nearly unheard of. That being said, Cherryman Industries has accomplished this near impossible feat. The Amber series AM-400N offers just that and more! This L shaped unit can be configured with your choice of a left hand or right hand return. The AM-400N both a file file and box box file pedestal to help keep your receptionist's area nice and neat. Choose from 5 quick shipping finish options to meet your individual decor needs.

For just $656.99, Mayline is offering Aberdeen series modular reception desk shells that can be outfitted with your choice of box box file, file file, and matching wall cabinet storage solutions. These affordable work stations are sure to enhance any office reception area and can be shipped within two business days of order in your choice of 4 laminate finish options. The extensive Aberdeen furniture collection also includes matching conference tables, executive office desks, and much more to help transform your complimenting office areas on a budget.
Tuesday, January 6, 2015

5 Home Office Makeover Ideas for 2015

Considering a home office makeover in 2015? You'll no doubt want to keep your space up to date with the latest trends. That being said, in today's blog post we'll be highlighting 5 awesome furniture collections sure to help you take your space to the next level. Enjoy!

1.) Medina

Mayline Medina Furniture

The Medina collection offers affordable solutions for both home and professional work environments. This trending new line from Mayline ships quick in all of it's 3 attractive finish options. Medina desks combine modern appeal with industrial metal and glass accents that have been trending in the recent months. The gray steel Medina desks are especially popular as they offer a unique look that separates it from any other furniture on the market.

2.) Sorrento

Home Office Furniture

Those in search of a more traditional transformation will love the Mayline Sorrento collection. The luxury desks from this collection offer stunning finish options with rich tones that truly impress. Sorrento desks are a bit pricey as they feature solid AA grade North American hardwood construction, but the show stopping appeal achieved is definitely worth the money! Mayline's Sorrento collection also includes a wide range of file cabinets and versatile office storage solutions sure to help keep your office well organized and operating effectively.

3.) Verde

Modern Home Furniture

Want the ultimate in modern style? Cherryman's verde furniture is sure to provide you with just that! These swanky office units will make your home office pop as they feature white accents that compliment both the espresso and latte finish options to perfection. Verde desking ships quick for those in need of new furniture in a hurry. This line has been a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike since it's inception. Rest assured, Verde will transform your home office space into a professional quality work environment ready for the demands of modern business.

4.) Superior Laminate

Affordable Home Office Furniture

The Offices To Go Superior Laminate Casegoods collection offers a wide range of interchangeable components that allow shoppers to create one of a kind home office furniture configurations. In addition to the individual components, the Superior Laminate collection offers pre laid out sets recommended by Offices To Go that are super easy to spec and order for your space. Choose from a variety of popular finishes including the trendy espresso option that's OTG's best seller.

5.) Zira

Zira Furniture

If you have the time to wait 3 to 4 weeks for custom home office furniture, there's no better solution on the market than the desk configurations from the Global Total Office Zira collection. Available in over 10 statement making color options, Zira stations can be accented with frosted glass modesty panels, unique storage options, and a variety of cool handle pulls. The Zira line is typically used in professional executive settings, but as more and more home office design projects turn to a more commercial friendly look, Zira is definitely the way to go!
Monday, January 5, 2015

Popular Conference Tables of 2015

Boardroom makeover projects always seem to be trending at the start of each new year. That being said, we thought it would be helpful to provide our valued readers with a list of 2015's hottest conference room tables. These popular boardroom solutions will help take your meeting area makeover to the next level. Enjoy!

Popular Conference TableZira series conference tables by Global Total Office are poised for success in 2015. In fact, we expect this collection to be the years top seller! With a rectangular, boat, and oval shaped models available, the Zira lineup has something for everyone. These high tech tables are available with factory installed power modules that will improve your meeting efficiency and productivity. The ability to easily and effectively add table input options like HDMI, Data, Phone, USB, and Ethernet makes Zira tables amongst the hottest solutions on the market.

Small Conference TableIn addition to the Zira collection, Global's Alba tables are also sure to be big winners in 2015. These cool and contemporary meeting area tables feature attractive metal legs to compliment the elliptical, rectangular, and oval shaped tops. Alba series conference tables are available in a variety of lengths for boardrooms both small and large. If you're looking to make your conference room a multi media wonder, the Alba collection offers awesome baseline modules that won't break your budget. These affordable tables are the perfect combination of style and functionality!

High Tech Conference TableMayline's TransAction conference table collection offers an industrial modern look with the cutting edge features to match. These high tech tables are available with and without power modules to meet your specific needs. The TransAction line is available in a wide range of Mayline's popular finish options that match collections like Aberdeen and Brighton. This makes adding storage and accessories is a breeze! The TransAction line also includes super cool open desking solutions and other high tech furnishings that allow businesses to create cohesive work environments from the work floor to the boardroom!

Modern Conference FurnitureThe affordability and modern appeal of the Mayline Medina collection is sure to make it a huge hit in 2015. With the same great looks as Maylines' popular Napoli collection, Medina's lower price point has made it a top choice of businesses on a budget. With it's durable laminate construction, variety of surface lengths, power options, and three attractive finish options, it's no wonder why Medina has taken the office design world by storm.

Elliptical Conference TableOften overlooked for their boardroom solutions due to their highly praised reception furnishings, Lesro Industries has made big strides with popular lines like Mystic. This full service collection of modular lobby seating and super cool conference tables will help transform any boring boardroom into a regularly complemented space. Mystic tables are available in a variety of surface styles, sizes, and shapes and feature swanky metal legs that really pop. Add a central power module or keep it simple, not matter your preferences the Mystic collection has something for you!

Glass Conference TableGlass conference tables offer a classy and sophisticated look that's sure to impress. OFM's popular GT4794 and GT3977 model tables showcase this point to perfection! These glass conference table models feature thick tops and heavy duty metal bases. These durable glass tables offer a neutral look that will match nearly any wood furniture finish to perfection. Incorporate a GT4794 or GT3977 glass conference table into your meeting area makeover project in 2015. You'll be glad you did!

Popular Conference FurnitureWhile the modern furniture movement is in full swing, many of today's businesses who are looking to keep things simple are left feeling unsatisfied when shopping for new products for the conference room. Luckily their are still brands like Offices To Go that offer the attractive boardroom solutions needed to fill this void! OTG tables like the SL9544RS offer a well rounded looked that's not too over the top. These simple design characteristics make designing boardroom environments a breeze. Offices To Go's attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and affordable lineup of conference tables has them ready to corner the market on traditional tables in 2015.

Verde Conference TableNo article about popular conference room tables of 2015 would be complete without highlighting Cherryman's Verde tables! These modern marvels feature boat shaped tops and super cool white accented legs. Available in latte and espresso finish options, Verde tables like the VL-871 are nothing short of unique. As an added bonus, Cherryman's Verde conference table collection an be outfitted with up to 3 factory installed power modules that include three prong outlets and data inputs. These plug and play solutions are incredibly user friendly and down right stylish.

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