Wednesday, February 25, 2015

7 Office Design Trends That Are Here To Stay!

As new industry trends emerge, office interiors evolve to become more efficient and productive. That being said, in today's post we'll shine the spotlight on 7 of the hottest trends booming in 2015. From the use of open desking for work floor applications to modular lobby seating, these trends will have your office environments looking cutting edge for years to come!

1.) Open Desking

Open DeskingCubicles and panel furniture configurations will always have their place in business. However, open desking configurations are certainly dominating the market 2015. With an emphasis on collaboration and modern ergonomics, open desking configurations promote teamwork and productivity that can't be matched by the cubicle systems of the past. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office have introduced customizable open desking collections that offer high tech benefits like plug and play power modules and versatile storage options designed to keep your team working at peak performance levels. If your work floor is in need of a boost, go with open desking! This trend is here to stay.

2.) Powered Conference Tables

Powered Conference TableIf you want to kick meeting efficiency up a notch, you've got to go with a powered conference table! Solutions like the customizable Zira conference tables from Global offer USB, HDMI, Audio, Phone, and Ethernet input options at surface level. No more running extension cords across your boardroom to power your devices. These tech savvy tables were once thought of as high dollar luxury items, but no more! With the popularity of this trend, designing your conference room around a powered table has become more affordable than ever. Take your boardroom to the next level while simultaneously impressing your valued visitors with the cutting edge capabilities of a powered conference table.

3.) Gray Office Chairs

Gray Office ChairGray is the new black! Integrating gray mesh, fabric, and leather office chairs into your work environments is the way to go in 2015 and beyond. Gray offers a swanky alternative to black that's still easy to match surrounding finishes to. As white chairs got a major popularity boost last year, gray seating solutions are easier to clean and will become even more popular for executive office, conference room, and home office settings. Top selling gray office chairs available this year include the Hendrix from Woodstock Marketing and Hawk from Eurotech Seating are must consider options for any office makeover project!
retro decor

4.) Retro Decor

Retro Office LightingIntegrating retro room accents is a great way to boost your corporate appeal. As the vintage look is always in style, adding cool elements to your interiors like lighting fixtures, area rugs, and wall art will help you take your work environments to the next level. They say the little details make the biggest difference. Go retro with your room accents and earn your interiors the compliments they deserve. The best part of this trend is that super cool retro decor can be found at local thrift stores and salvage yards at prices that won't break your makeover budget! Want to take the retro vibe a step further? Consider adding an old telescope to your high rise office or even an antique globe!

5.) Industrial Stools

Perhaps the desire to compliment the retro design boom has prompted the top seating manufacturers to introduce industrial style stools. No matter the reasoning, we love this cool new trend! Industrial office stools like the Endure from OFM will certainly turn heads in your work environments. Great for drafting, bistro, or guest waiting area applications, industrial stools like the Endure provide that little extra touch of style that's sure to make your interiors pop. In addition to the Endure from OFM, keep your eyes open for cool metal stools with industrial appeal at the thrift stores and salvage yards  when you're on the hunt for complimenting retro decor! As it will be hard to find several of the same model for your interiors, don't be afraid to mix things up with a few different styles.

6.) Bar Height Tables

Bistro TablesYou can't go wrong with bar height tables in your guest waiting area and break room! Bar height cafe tables and bistro tables alike provide businesses with a swanky look, similar to that of a cool restaurant. The welcoming feel and upscale look of bar height tables will boost corporate decor in a hurry. Brands like Mayline, OFM, and Global Total Office have all bolstered their top table collections to include bar height variations designed for just these reasons. Use a mix of bar height and dining height tables in your cafe and break room spaces to achieve a unique style that will be appreciated by your guests and workers alike!

7.) Modular Lobby Seating

Modular Lobby SeatingUsing modular seating in your guest waiting areas is just plain smart! The ability to quickly reconfigure, clean easily, and adapt effectively is invaluable. Collections like the Wind Linear from Global Total Office offer right arm, left arm, and armless lobby seating options to help you create versatile configurations for large and small areas alike. Going modular with your lobby seating configuration will also provide your business with the ability to add-on easily in the future. This means, if you move into a larger space, you can simply add a few more matching chairs to compliment the features of your interior without having to purchase all new furniture! Additional brands like OFM have introduced cool new modular lobby seating lines like the Triumph just this year. This is sure to be a hot trend for years to come. Get on board and go modular with your lobby makeover!
Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Make the Switch to a Powered Boardroom in 2015!

Looking for a way to wow corporate guests at the next business meeting? Powered boardroom tables are the answer! Combining the best of technology and classic utility, powered tables make presentations and conferences modern and professional. Check out today's article, and take your boardroom to the next level with efficient powered tables in 2015!

Global Zira Conference Table
It's no secret that in modern business, the race to have the latest and greatest is very real. Being one of the first to discover a new product or practice to improve company effectiveness can give business associates a competitive edge. Thankfully, with powered boardroom tables, everyone can stand to gain! Powered tables are more than just a place to sit - they are business tools. Gone are the days where writing on paper boards or plugging in unsightly power towers were the best ways to share ideas. Today, corporate officials are looking at the tables themselves to maximize efficiency and profitability!

With grommets and electrical outlets built in, powered boardroom tables make it possible to blend technology into the conversation. In offices where presentations and proposals are a regular occurrence, being able to plug a laptop or tablet right into the table provides endless possibilities for sharing information. Guests can bring their own technology to participate and take notes, offering tremendous functionality. By eliminating the unattractiveness of messy cables strewn across the floor, powered tables also increase visual appeal.

Mayline Medina Conference TableChoosing to add a powered table to the current array of effective conference room furniture is never a bad decision. The best modern office tables will provide aesthetic appeal as well as progressive technology to help a workplace reach its full potential. Popular table choices, like those from the Medina furniture collection by Mayline, offer affordability and modern styling to accentuate visual appeal. The Zira collection, from the line of popular Global office products, offers a dazzling array of color choices so the high tech tables will fit in with existing office decor. 

All these benefits combine to turn the classic boardroom into a contemporary venue. Surrounded by comfortable executive meeting chairs, powered conference tables put users first. By providing comfort and maximized utility, guests feel smarter and stronger, and are more capable in the office. The time saved plugging technology into a power stand is better spent by plugging into the table itself and being able to get on with the conference as planned. In the end, powered conference tables not only make life in the office easier, they also go a long way to increase productivity and effectiveness for everyone who sits down at the meeting.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Pain & Strain: 5 Office Habits That Could Be Hurting You!

In Pain At Work
If you're in pain behind the office desk or find yourself straining to complete daily tasks, you may have formed some bad habits! As being uncomfortable in the workplace causes a major drop in efficiency, today's post will focus around the 5 top worst office habits and how to break them for good. Enjoy!

1.) Sitting For Extended Periods

Did you know that siting for more than 3 hours at a time can cause major health problems? If you're a victim of this bad habit like many are, you've got to make some changes! Get up from your desk once an hour to simply stretch and take a break. Don't allow your muscles to become tight and stiffened throughout the day from simply not getting up. To provide yourself with a reminder, try using a basic timer on your smart phone to alert you when it's time to get up and take a break. The industries best office chairs can only do so much. Don't over rely on your chair to keep you operating effectively. Do yourself a favor and avoid those long 3 hour computing sessions by taking short breaks to simply grab a drink of water or stretch.

2.) Hunching Over The Desk

As a staggering percentage of workers report pain in the workplace each year, we know hunching is a major culprit! Sitting at our computer desks it's easy to find ourselves operating from a hunched position. Hunching can cause major back problems that can be completely avoided by following a few simple rules. First and foremost, make it a habit to keep your back in contact with your chair at all times. Set your workstation up to have all of your essentials within arms reach. You should also integrate an articulating keyboard tray that adjusts to help you practice better posture. Don't settle for your keyboard resting atop your desk any longer. This is a recipe for hunching in the office!

3.) Sitting In An Uncomfortable Chair

Office comfort starts with the chair. If you're suffering from pain and strain in the workplace, much of it can be resolved by simply integrating a better seating solution for your space. While high quality ergonomic desk chairs were once incredibly expensive, now the best seating manufacturers are offering great options for as little as $200. There's really no excuse to settle for a non adjustable, uncomfortable chair that provides little ergonomic value. Once you've upgraded to an ergo friendly chair, take the time to master it. Learning the capabilities and features of your chair will help you eliminate pain while simultaneously becoming more productive.

4.) Staring At A Computer Monitor for Too Long

Staring at a computer screen for long stretches can cause some serious eye strain! Much like sitting for long periods of time, this bad habit can be quickly broken by simply getting up to take regular breaks. If you simply can't find the time to get up, at least look away from your screen ever few minutes to let your eyes adjust. Work from an acceptable distance away from your screen. Getting in too close can actually amplify the negative effects caused from staring for too long. Break this bad habit today and protect your vision for the long term!

5.) Over Mousing

If you're mouse is still located on the surface of your desk it's time to move it! Using your mouse on the desk surface is a guaranteed way to find yourself in pain throughout the week. Over mousing can cause stiffness in the wrist and even carpal tunnel. In the long run, the less you can rely on your mouse the better. Integrating a dual screen monitor arm will help you avoid using the mouse to click back and forth between tabs all day. You can also use an adjustable keyboard tray with mouse platform to help you compute with better posture.
Friday, February 20, 2015

5 Ways To Become One With Your Office

Become One With Your Office
If you're uncomfortable at work, the odds are your unproductive and inefficient. That being said, to maximize your work day you'll need to become one with your workspace. In today's post we'll highlight 5 great ways to do just that. Enjoy!

1.) Adjust Your Chair

If your office is outfitted with a chair that was manufactured any time in the last century, the odds are it  is equipped with at least a few ergonomic features to help you operate more effectively. Take the time to learn your office chair and it's benefits. Don't be afraid to test your chairs adjustment settings to reach a position that works great for any task. Most ergonomic professionals adjust their task and computer chairs regularly throughout the day to stay comfortable. While working at your desk, try to keep your back in contact with your chair at all times, even if this means adjusting multiple times throughout the day. Once you become one with your office chair and it's features, you'll be ready to tackle even the longest days at work!

2.)  Kick Up Your Feet

If you want to be one with your office, you've got to kick up your feet. Integrating a foot rest into your workspace will help take pressure off your knees, improve blood flow, and no doubt have your working more effectively. If you don't want to spend the money on a foot rest, you can make one out of just about anything. A cardboard box, stack of magazines, or even an old pillow will do the trick until you're ready to purchase an adjustable ergonomic foot rest for your space.

3.) Add A Screen

The addition of a dual screen monitor arm will help you become one with your workspace while increasing the rate at which you compute. A second screen at your desk will help you avoid all those quick clicks between tabs while simultaneously increasing your amount of usable desk space. Dual screen monitor arms from brands like Symmetry Office and ESI Ergonomic Solutions are the preferred options in 2015 and should be highly considered for your workspace. No more monitors resting on their factory bases, taking up space, and lacking the ergonomic benefits you need to become one with your office!

4.) Practice Good Posture

Good posture is one of the key foundations of workplace comfort. That being said, bad posture can actually shorten your life span. Studies have shown that a staggering 98% of office workers showed signs of posture improvement by simply adding reminders around their workstation. While computing at your desk, try to keep your body in contact with your chair back. Keep your head properly aligned with the computer screen, avoid looking down, and don't hunch. These practices may be hard to adapt to if you've formed bad habits. However, with a little practice, you'll be working posture perfect in no time at all.

5.) Accessorize

Want to become even more productive and functional throughout your work day? You'll need to accessorize. By adding a few key ergonomic tools you'll be ready to tackle all your daily tasks in comfort. An articulating keyboard tray will help to take pressure off your wrists while helping you to type at a faster rate. Don't settle for your keyboard sitting atop your desk surface any longer! This provides no benefits to you or your work day. In addition, consider adding mobile file pedestals to your desk configuration. These helpful tools will prevent those trips across your office to access important documents. You can take things a step further by integrating a retractable CPU holder underneath your work surface. This will provide you with more leg room and easier access to your computers power source.

In the long run, a combination of good habits and ergonomic products will help you become one with your workplace. Commit to an ergo-minded plan for your work day and tackle your goals effectively. While all of the advice listed in today's post will be hard to tackle at once, take your time and be patient. Form lasting habits and master your ergonomic tools. You'll be glad you did!
Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Space Planning 2015: Waiting Room Edition

Waiting Room Design Tips
Looking to create a stylish waiting room of your office guests in 2015? If so, we've got you covered! In today's post we'll highlight the tips, tricks, and product suggestions you'll need to create the guest waiting area of your dreams. Enjoy!

All good waiting room design projects start with effective space planning. Once you've obtained accurate dimensions of your waiting area, you'll want to research popular seating layouts that will most benefit your business and office guests. A functional waiting room seating layout will ensure your valued visitors are comfortable while showcasing your design ingenuity. In 2015 popular waiting room layout styles include U shaped, back to back beam chairs, perimeter seating, and isle seating. Choose from these or create a custom configuration to kick your project off on the right foot!

Tablet Arm Lounge ChairsIn order to maximize your waiting room decor, you'll need to follow the hottest industry trends. This year modern lounge seating solutions with tablet arms and shelves have been the preferred choice. These versatile chairs keep guests comfortable while adding an extra touch of functionality that's sure to set your space apart from the competition. In addition, beam seating is another trending option that will help you maximize your areas seating potential without breaking your budget.

Researching the top waiting room furniture brands will help you better plan your space and outfit your interiors with products designed to meet your specific needs. In 2015, brands like Mayline, OFM, and Global Total Office are amongst the best providers of professional waiting room furniture and seating available. Collections like the Santa Cruz from Mayline include super cool lounge style seating and tablet chairs available in two cool color options. Always a leader in the world of waiting room design, OFM has introduced seating collections like the Contour and Serenity this year that you've got to see! For those in search of a more personalized look, Global Total Office is the way to go. This premier furniture and seating manufacturer offers a wide range of products designed for guest waiting areas available in a seemingly limitless array of textile options.

Modern Waiting Room FurnitureTo create the space of your dreams, you'll need to get inspired! The good news, is that finding inspiration for your project is super easy. Start by using everyones favorite search engine and searching for contemporary waiting room interiors, professional waiting rooms, and waiting room design trends. Next, visit surrounding businesses to see what's working for your neighbors. You can also inquire with them about who provided the furniture if you like what you see. Social sites like Pinterest and Instagram area also great for finding inspiring interiors sure to get your creative juices flowing. Don't start your project on a whim. Find the inspiration needed to make your interiors pop and earn your waiting room the compliments it deserves.

Waiting Room DesignAny good interior design team will tell you, room accents are a must! You might plan your space using the hottest lounge chairs and sofa solutions on the planet, but if you don't accent them well, they won't be received by your guests the way the should. When planning your waiting room, be sure to leave a portion of your makeover budget aside for room accents and accessories. Stylish coffee tables and end tables will make your space shine while trendy magazine racks, lighting fixtures, area rugs, and potted plants can be added to tie your space together. They say the difference is in the details, and it couldn't be more true!
Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Office Epidemics: The Cluttered Desk

The cluttered office space is one that's inefficient and unfortunately, all too common in the modern world. Whether you work at home, at school, or in an office, desks are usually central zone around which all work is done. However, a messy space can not only limit speed and productivity, but it can also become a terrible health hazard. That's why today, we're going clean things up! Enjoy this article loaded with helpful tips on the best ways to keep your office desk from becoming a disaster zone!

Computer Hogs

Cluttered computer space

As sleek and stylish as computers have become, many of them still manage to eat up a lot of desk space. For anyone with computers or laptops taking up all the work room, considering monitor arms could be a healthy - and cleanly - solution! Monitor arms work by mounting to a wall or desk to support a computer, laptop, or tablet away from the desktop, thus leaving plenty of extra workspace. Because the arms can often support dual screens and allow the user to manipulate the height and distance of their computer, monitor arms have become associated with productivity and a healthier posture. Adding computer monitor arms for efficiency has become a trend that organized workspaces can't live without.

Battling Office Bacteria

Messy Keyboard

Much like monitor arms, keyboard trays make clean offices prettier by increasing the amount of visible desk space. These sliding trays mount to the undersides of desks specifically to support keyboards. When not in use, they are hidden away. When needed, they slide back out and adjust to the user's needs. However, ergonomic health is not the only benefit. Because the keys in a keyboard catch all sorts of dust, food particles, and other unmentionables when out in the open, sliding ergonomic keyboard trays are an excellent means of eliminating health hazards. Give a regular wipe-down with a sanitation cloth and your desk will stay organized and sanitized!

Crushing the Clutter

Cluttered desktop

For many, the problem with cluttered offices is not bacteria - it's simply a matter of messiness. The high stakes world of business often commands a certain degree of high speed on the part of office workers, and when efficiency is top priority, desk management sadly takes a second seat. However, with office organizers and other simple office accessories, you can take back your desk without making a mess!
Office organizers are easy to afford, easy to make, and can turn a space from chaos into cleanliness without a lot of effort. Even a simple mug can go a long way toward eliminating a desktop of pens. Make the extra effort to fill the organizers with office necessities instead of your desk, clean them out every Friday, and in about a month, you should have developed a solid habit for organization that will serve you for years to come!

Sorting it Out

organizational problems

We all know someone who's desk looks like its been hit by a paper tornado, but don't let that house fall on you! Proper filing and storage are the most effective means to eliminate unnecessary clutter in a cramped office. Adding file and storage cabinets, flat files, or other storage devices, like wall hooks and shelving provide the extra surface space to set items often without taking up floor space. Filing any documents away immediately will help to reduce the amount of papers that accumulate on your desk. Building modular workstations help eliminate the problem by putting all storage within arm's reach of the user. In addition, going paperless with a scanner, and regularly cleaning out old computer files will clear up the desk and improve the speed and lifespan of your computer!

Untangling the Web of Wires

Wire clips

One final problem that hasn't been done away with by technology is the problem of tangled wires. Office users who rely heavily on gadgets know the struggles of a tangled workspace. The wires of hard drives, lamps, computers, laptops, phones, keyboards, and computer mice will rile themselves into a frenzy if left unchecked. That's why investing in wire holders is such an expedient choice. Wire holders keep the lines from getting out of control, and they don't have to cost a lot. Many office workers detangle the mess with a few simple binder clips clipped to the desk!

*Bonus Tip: Save those bread clips! The little pieces of plastic are useful for writing down the source of each wire (for example, "hard drive") and clipping them to right wire so you always know which wire belongs to which device.
Monday, February 16, 2015

You Can Be An Ergo Master If...

Want to work more comfortably and effectively in 2015? If so, you'll need the right ergonomic tools for the job! In today's post we'll highlight the products, tips, and tricks you'll need to follow to become the ergo guru of your office. From utilizing a fully functional office chair to spreading the word to your teammates, we've got you covered. Enjoy!

Ergonomic Office ChairOffice ergonomics starts with the chair! If you're dealing with discomfort and fatigue on a daily basis, rest assured there are plenty of ergonomic desk chairs available on the market in 2015 to help. Today's fully functional office chairs offer the adjustable features needed to help you adapt to any situation. When selecting a new office chair for your space, look for preferred features that include adjustable arms, lumbar support, and seat sliders. When combined, these simple to operate functions will help you become an ergo master ready to operate at peak performance levels.

Dual Screen Monitor ArmOnce you've integrated a quality chair, it's time to get ride of that single computer monitor sitting on the factory base. While these old school solutions may keep your computer screen upright, they aren't doing you any ergo favors. If you want to improve your adjustment capabilities and recapture a ton of usable desk space, a dual screen monitor mount is the way to go! This year brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Symmetry Office have all introduced affordable new dual screen monitor arms that install in minutes. While you'll need to purchase a second monitor for your workstation, the time saved computing will have this new addition paying for itself in no time. No more flipping back and forth between tabs! Rest assured, once you go to a dual screen monitor setup, you'll be hooked for life.

Ergonomic CPU HolderTo become a true ergo master you'll also need to integrate an adjustable CPU holder. The benefits gained through the use of these essential workplace tools are too bountiful to skip. If you find yourself underneath your desk routing cords, turning on your computer, and plugging in devices, an adjustable CPU holder will no doubt solve these problems. In 2015, retractable CPU holders are available that will even provide you with more leg room to operate. Models like the CPU05 from ESI are preferred options that won't break your ergo makeover budget. 

Ergonomic Foot RestNow that you've added a versatile CPU holder, it's time to kick up your feet! An adjustable foot rest like those from ESI, Symmetry Office, and Global Total Office will help to improve blood flow while having you better equipped to reduce fatigue in the workplace. Foot rests are quite affordable and must have items for any true ergonomic master. Reduce body stressors and improve your comfort by adding one of the easiest to operate ergonomic office accessories available on the market in 2015. 

Height Adjustble Office FurnitureThis year, the true ergo masters are integrating height adjustable desks and workstations designed to quickly adapt to any office situation while helping to encourage continuous body movement throughout the day. Height adjustable desks will revitalize your blood flow, boost energy levels, and help you defeat the dreaded fatigue monster! Height adjustable tables are also excellent additions to consider for training room and classroom environments. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline are specializing in these trend setting products. If you consider yourself a true ergo guru, you know height adjustable furniture is the way of the future!

Good Posture At WorkHaving all the best office tools in the world won't instantly make you an ergo master. You have to take the time to educate yourself on proper product use while practicing good posture habits designed to keep you operating at peak performance levels. You can be sure that no true ergo master will be found operating hunched over their desk and slouching. Any healthcare professional will tell you that poor posture in the workplace can cause your body long term damage and even shorten your life span. That being said, studies have shown that a staggering 98% of people showed signs of better posture when they had constant reminders posted around the desk. Simple to follow posture charts and tips should be printed of the web immediately to help you reach your full workplace potential. Practice good posture in the office and you might just live longer. It's as simple as that.

Spread The Word About Ergonomics

Last but certainly not least, any real ergo master takes the time to spread the word. If you've found products that work for your and methods that improve workplace efficiency, it's your duty to share these tips with your teammates. In turn, you might just receive helpful suggestions from your coworkers that you can apply to your own workstation for better performance. Be a team player and spread the good word about the benefits of ergonomics in the workplace. It's a must have habit of any true ergonomic master. In addition to simply telling your fellow workers about your ergonomic success, consider utilizing social media outlets like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to further spread the word. You can post pics of your workstation, highlight the products that work best for you, and provide helpful tips to those in need.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

6 Hot Office Design Themes Trending in 2015

Want to take your office interiors to the next level? You'll no doubt want to utilize one of the 6 hottest design themes of 2015 for your space. In today's post we'll highlight the top 6 makeover themes to help you create the work environments of your dreams. Enjoy!

1.) Modern

Modern Office Furniture 2015

Looking to keep your office interiors on the cutting edge? You'll need 2015's best selling modern furniture liens to help! This year brands like Mayline and Global Total Office are paving the way with trend setting collections like Medina and Zira. These innovative lines include desks, receptions stations, conference tables and accent furniture that will no doubt earn your corporate interiors the compliments they deserve. Impress your clientele while improving efficiency in 2015 with these trending modern furniture lines.

2.) Traditional

Cherryman Emerald Furniture

You can never go wrong with elegant wood veneer office furniture and seating. For class, elegance, and sophistication in the workplace there's no collection better than the Cherryman Industries Emerald line. The luxurious office desks and conference room tables available from this traditional line will wow your office visitors while providing your with the user friendly features needed to stay operating a peak performance levels. The stunning finishes, top notch craftsmanship, and attention to detail shown in traditional furniture collections like Emerald will have your interiors looking fantastic for years to come. The traditional look is always in style!

3.) Industrial

Industrial Office Decor

This year the industrial look has been super hot! The use of metal and wood accents in the workplace creates industrial themed environments that are heavy duty and super cool. Industrial furniture can be purchased new with collections like e5 and Medina from Mayline. You can also pick up unique furniture with industrial appeal at salvage and scrap yards. A little refurbishing may be required, but your interiors will never look better!

4.) High Tech

High Tech Boardroom Furniture

Go high tech with your office interiors in 2015 to boost appeal and functionality. Best selling furniture lines with plug and play capabilities will improve workplace efficiency and productivity in a flash. Using high tech conference tables will streamline your meetings while powered open desking configurations will allow you to charge devices and avoid those pesky trips underneath the desk to route wires. Once you give 2015's techy furniture a try, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline are leading this movement and should be considered by any business looking to move into the modern age of operation.

5.) Retro

Retro Office Chair

Retro furniture and seating has made a major comeback in 2015. Shoppers are visiting antique and thrift stores in search of vintage style desks with retro appeal to highlight their office interiors. In addition, today's best office chair manufacturers are releasing retro inspired chairs that really rock! Models like the Hendrix from Woodstock Marketing will no doubt improve your day to day comfort while simultaneously providing your workspace with a retro look that's hard to beat! As a side tip, you can take your retro decor to the next level by incorporating super cool wall art and lighting fixtures for an added touch of style.

6.) Modular

Modular Office Furniture

Modular office makeover themes are not only cool, they are also super versatile! Going modular with your private office, conference room, and training room will allow your business room to grow and expand when needed. Modular training room tables like the Sync and Bungee offer flip top designs, mobilized bases, and cutting edge power options that you utilize to truly appreciate. Going the modular makeover route is budget saving, stylish, and a great way to boost workplace functionality!
Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Symmetry Office Products Now Available at!

Symmetry Office
Symmetry Office Products are now available at! This high end line of ergonomic office solutions includes monitor arms, keyboard trays, and versatile office accessories designed to improve workplace efficiency. In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at this top manufacturer and their awesome products. Enjoy!

Allure Monitor ArmSymmetry's ergonomic monitor arms are amongst the best in the business! These adjustable units can be quickly and easily integrated into professional workstations to create usable desk space while improving the rate at which operators compute. The Allure single screen monitor arm is user friendly and affordable. This base unit is ideal for smaller workstations and home office environments. Additional Symmetry monitor arms are available to accommodate up to 8 screens. Create a high tech office space designed for fast paced business with Symmetry monitor arms!

Ergonomic Keyboard TrayIf you're still computing with your keyboard tray resting atop your desk surface, it's time to move into the modern world of office ergonomics! With a retractable keyboard tray from Symmtery you'll be able to quickly improve posture and blood flow while helping prevent the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome! Symmetry keyboard trays like the Balance 1 combo unit include articulating mechanisms designed to mount directly underneath your work surface. These heavy duty units offer a wide range of side to side, up and down, and angle adjustment capabilities to help users reach the perfect computing angle.

Aurora Desk LampShed some light on your office space with one of Symmetry's cool desk top lamps. Units like the Aurora LED desk lamp offer the ability to rotate, bend, and adjust to illuminate any project your working on. The Symmetry Dome lamp actually features two user friendly USB ports to charge your devices while you work. No more plugging in your phone under your desk where it's out of reach.

In addition to desk lamps, Symmetry offers super cool under mount task lighting solutions that integrate underneath your high wall credenza cabinets. These affordable and easy to install units are energy efficient and far less costly to operate than those high dollar overhead lights. Symmetry's under mount lights are available in rotating, magnetic, LED, and fluorescent variations. Choose from a variety of size options to fit your cabinets.

Align Laptop CartMobile computer stations provide a ton of workplace benefits! Schools and healthcare environments are integrating these ergonomic tools regularly and enjoying the performance boosts. That being said, nits like the Symmetry Align series laptop cart are amongst the premier options available in 2015. This high tech computer station features a retractable keyboard tray, extra stable base with locking wheels, storage, and easy to clean surfaces. Try an Align cart once and you'll wonder how you ever operated without it!

Adjustable Foot RestSimple tools like ergonomic foot rests help users take pressure off the knees and reduce fatigue in the workplace while computing. Foot rests like the FR-1 from Symmetry provide an affordable option for shoppers in need of such support. The FR-1 is available in 2015 for just $62.99. This adjustable foot rest offers an ample 16" wide surface, 4 tilt angle settings, and an aesthetically pleasing design that's sure to enhance your space.

In the coming months, Office Furniture Deals plans to expand our offering of Symmetry Office products with the addition of height adjustable tables, presentation boards, and super cool ergonomic products sure to boost your performance at work. Stay tuned for product updates and reviews!
Monday, February 9, 2015

Use These 7 Tips To Design Your Office Like A Pro!

Office Design TipsOffice design doesn't have to be headache. By following the simple tips highlighted in today's blog post, you'll be ready to take your interiors to the next level. From effective measuring to adding versatile storage products, we've go your workplace makeover needs covered!

1.) Measure Effectively

There's nothing worse than purchasing office furniture for your space, only to find it doesn't fit properly when it arrives! The importance of effective measuring can not be understated and all professional office design projects start by obtaining accurate dimensions. While taking your dimensions down, be sure to take note of important power outlets, entry ways, windows, and other room obstructions that may affect they way your furniture fits. As they always say, measure twice and cut once. Take your time with this essential step to ensure accuracy!

2.) Plan Ahead

When it comes to office design, the pros always plan ahead. Set a doable timeline for your project from start to finish. Many of the industries top furniture collections are made to order. This means you'll be looking at about a 4 to 5 week lead time for manufacturing. As you don't want to settle for sub par desks and chairs for your business, leave plenty of time to ensure you can select the best products for your business needs. Once you're furniture is ordered, be sure to schedule delivery and obtain tracking information when available. If you're planning to have your furniture professionally installed, you'll want to schedule this asap. Booking an install company in advance will allow you to have your furniture assembled at a time that works for you and your business! Plan ahead as best as possible for your makeover. You'll be glad you did!

3.) Follow The Trends

Professional office designers always research the latest industry trends before purchasing furniture. Staying in line with the latest trends will ensure your space is on the cutting edge and ready to earn the guest compliments it deserves. This year trends like the use of gray office chairs have been booming. Open desking configurations have been rapidly replacing the classic cubicle layouts of the past. In addition, industrial inspired spaces that utilize glass and metal accents have also been quite popular. For boardroom makeover projects, powered conference tables are the way to go! Take the time to research these trends and take your interiors to the next level!

4.) Visit The Competition

Visiting businesses in your local area will help you find inspiration for your design project. This is also a great way to meet the neighbors and build relationships that can be beneficial in the future. If you see a space you like, don't be afraid to ask what type of furniture was used. You can also inquire about where they obtained their furniture and any tips that might be helpful for your project. As most office furniture showrooms are limited to only a few lines, visiting surrounding businesses for inspiration will help you design your space like a pro! Most designers will tell you to allot at least one day to visit showrooms and surrounding businesses. If followed, this beneficial tip will have you loaded with info and ideas for your interiors!

5.) Don't Overcrowd

While it's important to maximize the square footage of your space, you don't want to overcrowd! When designing your work environment, be sure to leave plenty of room to operate effectively. While you'll no doubt want your space to have all the latest and greatest products, show restraint and don't over do it!. When selecting your furniture, make a list of need and want items. Focus on the needs and essentials, then assess what adding more products will do to the overall functionality of your office.

6.) Focus On Ergonomics

The right combination of ergonomic products will help you operate more comfortably and productively in the office. When designing your space, be sure to make ergonomic efficiency a primary focus. Start by selecting an adjustable ergonomic chair from a reputable brand. As you'll be sitting for approximately 8 to 10 hours per day, don't settle for a sub par seating solution. Brands like Global Total Office, Eurotech Seating, and RFM all offer excellent ergonomic chairs that won't break your budget. Next you'll want to accessorize! Integrating versatile products like Dual screen monitor arms will help you improve the rate at which you compute while helping you maximize usable desk space.

7.) Storage Matters

Any professional designer will tell you, storage matters! While most will put a primary focus on aesthetic appeal and room accents, those who make storage a priority will be far better suited for effective business. Wall mount hutch units will help you save floor space and should be considered for nearly every interior. While file cabinets will always have their place in business, modern storage solutions like mobile file pedestals and combo storage units are becoming the industry standard. Evaluate your storage needs and plan accordingly. When adding storage products to your space, be sure to leave room for future growth to ensure you're ready to stay organized now and in the future.
Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 Reasons Why Napping On The Job Should Be Allowed!

Naps At Work
We all know napping on the job is a frowned upon practice. But should they be? Recent studies have shown that the occasional short nap at work can actually be beneficial to businesses and employees alike. In today's post we'll share 5 reasons why napping on the job is a good thing!

1.) Improves Focus

If you didn't get a good nights sleep, the odds are you're probably not focused at work. If you're not focused at work, you're probably falling behind. Unfortunately these typical instances are all too common in the modern work world. Allowing naps at work would allow employees to catch up on a little rest and regain focus for the remained of the day. Coffee is great, but it's no substitute for kicking back at your office desk and catching about 30 minutes of quality rest.

2.) Improves Concentration

Focus and concentration go hand in hand. Allowing a 30 minute nap period at work would ensure employees were more equipped to handle common daily tasks effectively. When we work in a fatigued state, our concentration starts to fade gradually. Catching a few Z's would ensure we all maintained our highest concentration levels and operated more efficiently. While operating on tedious tasks throughout the day can build frustrations, naps would help us all stay on an even keel. Work rested, be happy, be productive!

3.) Better Mood

Ever feel like everyone in the office is in a bad mood? Lack of rest could be the culprit! Taking a quick power nap in your office chair will reduce stress levels, prevent fatigue, and help us all avoid turning into grumps in the workplace. While a mood swing is not likely to be fully averted with a quick nap, it would certainly help! If you're feeling exhausted, frustrated, and grumpy, take a 10 minute rest and reap the rewards.

4.) Reduce Stress

Work is stressful! No matter what industry your'e in, stress is bound to find you at one time or another. Studies show that napping during the day will reduce stress and help you maintain a more positive attitude in the workplace. Stress can even be a killer! Many health issues are directly related to stress that could be overcome with short naps throughout the work week.

5.) Breaks Up The Day

Some times it's nice to just break up the day! Doing the same tasks, with the same people, at the same times can become a real drag. Taking a short nap after lunch will help break up the day and prevent you from the groggy feelings we all suffer from after that burger and fries we should of skipped at lunch. Break up your day with a 10 or 15 minute nap. When you awake, the rest of the day will fly by and you'll be more effective in the process!

While it's unlikely that naps on the job will be commonly accepted any time soon, there's very compelling evidence that shows they could actually beneficial. Allow your employees to take a quick rest and evaluate their productivity levels before and after. You might just be so surprised at the results you're turning your cubicles into bedrooms and conference tables into beds!
Wednesday, February 4, 2015

5 Must Have Items For Fast Paced Work Environments

Working in a fast paced work environment where time is always of the essence? If so, we've got 5 key office items that will help you maximize your days. These modern must haves improve ergonomic efficiency and functionality in even the busiest environments. Enjoy!

1.) Dual Screen Monitor Arms

Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Still operating with a single computer screen sitting on your office desk? If so, you're loosing valuable time that could be easily saved when computing. Dual screen monitor arms will speed up your work day while simultaneously helping you and your office teammates recapture valuable desk space that can be used for other essential activities. Dual screen monitor mounts from brands like ESI, Global Total Office, and Mayline offer the adjustment capabilities needed to work more comfortably in office interiors both small and large. Consider adding dual screen monitor mounts to your workstations in 2015. Once you make the switch, you'll be wondering how you ever got by without them!

2.) Mobile Computer Stations

ESI Mobile Computer Station

Mobile computer stations like the WOW from ESI Ergonomic Solutions are perfect for fast paced work environments! These versatile tools can be quickly moved from space to space throughout the day. Units like the WOW mobile computer station are must haves for hospitals, schools, and dentist offices. With cutting edge ergo benefits abounding, mobile computer workstations offer far more capabilities than stationary desks and the tablets we typically hand carry around from space to space.

3.) Tablet Mounts

Adjustable Tablet Mount

Modern businesses are utilizing tablets more than ever. These powerful devices have become valuable tools that save time and make work environments more efficient. With this emerging trend, ergonomic product manufacturers have introduced helpful tablet mounts that attach directly to any work surface. No more setting your tablet down, leaning over it, and practicing bad posture. These mounts adjust quickly to meet any users desired working preferences and save time when switching back and forth between computer and tablet applications. Add a tablet mount to your reception station, conference table, and private office desks and watch the benefits stack up!

4.) Height Adjustable Tables

Height Adjustable Tables

Sit to stand tables encourage continuous body movement and reduce common body stressors that cause fatigue. Utilizing adjustable height tables in your fast paced workspace will revitalize user blood flow, boost energy levels, and much more. Provide your office employees with the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to any situation more effectively. Brands like Global Total Office, Ergonomic Concepts, and Mayline offer the best sit to stand workstations on the market!

5.) Power Modules

Power Modules

Desks and workstations from trending furniture collections like Zira from Global Total Office can now be outfitted with custom power modules to increase productivity. No more frustrating trips under the desk to plug in devices and route cords. In the conference room, these power modules can be mounted directly into table surfaces to provide multi media benefits not found in years past. Options like HDMI, Phone, Audio, USB, and Ethernet can all be integrated to take your work environments to the next level. If you're operating a fast paced business, consider powering up your office interiors in 2015. While this typically requires purchasing new furniture, the investment will pay dividends in time saved!
Tuesday, February 3, 2015

7 Best Selling Office Chairs Trending In 2015

Looking for a stylish new office chair to compliment your space while keeping you comfy? We've got you covered! In today's post we'll showcase 7 of the hottest office chairs available on the market in 2015. These trending seating solutions will boost corporate decor while providing you with the support you need to make it through those long days at the office.

1.) Oroblanco

Oroblanco Task Chair

Rest assured, you'll be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck in 2015! The all new Oroblanco mesh task chair from Cherryman's iDesk seating collection is a top notch office chair that won't break your budget. Priced at just $321.50, these chairs offer many of the cutting edge features utilized in chairs priced nearly 3 times more. The Oroblanco offers the perfect combination of style and functionality to create one of the all around best office chairs available this year.

2.) Joplin

Sleek Conference Chairs

As the retro office design movement builds momentum, chairs like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing have become incredibly popular. These sleek leather office chairs available in gray, black, and white, are ideal for professional conference room areas and executive office applications. Joplin chairs save space, look great, and perform well in all situations. Both high back and mid back models are available to meet your specific needs.

3.) Avenger

812-LX Avenger Chair

OFM recently expanded their best selling Avenger chair collection to include this 812-LX model with rich brown upholstery. The 812-LX Avenger chair offers a classy look that will help distinguish executive office interiors. While finding attractive big and tall chairs has been difficult in years past, OFM has put this problem to rest! The Avenger supports users up to 400 pounds and boasts the adjustable ergonomic features need to reach peak performance levels in the workplace.

4.) G20 Cloud

G20 Cloud Chair

If you're looking for the ultimate in office comfort, the G20 cloud chair from Global Total Office is the chair for you! This incredibly user friendly seating solution offers high tech features and seemingly limitless adjustability. The G20 Cloud boasts wide sweeping cast aluminum lines with delicate edge details that have been carefully integrated with stylized nylon components to create a crisp, simple profile. As the G20 chair back smoothly tilts, the synchronized mechanism allows the seat to gently recline and slide to the rear. The heavy duty back mesh is composed of alternating vertical rows of clear elastomeric yarns and black polyester yarns.

5.) Ergo Elite

Ergo Elite Mid Back Chair

This chair got it's name for a reason! The Ergo Elite is in a league all it's own when it comes to comfort and support. These best selling office chairs from Eurotech offer super cool mesh backs with segmented sections that independently adjust to fit any users body type. Priced at $650.00, these chairs are a bit pricey for the average consumer. However, Ergo Elite chairs are amongst the premier options available on the market for executives and CEO's alike.

6.) Cannes

Cannes Mesh Chairs

Another trending option for professional boardroom and executive office applications, the Cannes chair from our friends at Ergo Contract Furniture is downright swanky! These elegant, slim fit office chairs will help businesses maximize the number of chairs that fit effectively around the conference table. The Cannes features polished frame and base features to compliment the all mesh design.

7.) Gist

Gist Chair

Sit in this chair once and you'll get the Gist! While our play on words no doubt has you laughing hysterically, the all new Mayline Gist chair is no joke! These trending new task chairs have hit the ground running. The Gist, Gist Plus, and Gist multi function chairs from Mayline are incredibly versatile and comfortable. The wide range of ergonomic features paired with awesome color options and ergo features have made the Gist one of 2015's most popular chairs. Use Gist in the home or business and find the comfort you deserve. 

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