Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Office Design 101: The Difference is in the Details

Any interior, when designed correctly is a work of art. And with art, the difference is in the details! Sure the right furniture and layout are important parts of any design space, but it's the details that really make an interior feel "complete," and convey to visitors what the business is all about. In today's article, we explore the importance of these details, offering helpful hints along the way to get you started. Check it out!


Color scheme is an enormous feature of any room, but unfortunately, it can be done wrong in a ton of ways. Remembering to keep the rules of the color wheel in mind when designing the look of your office is something amateur designers sometimes forget - and it can come back to bite them. If you know the style and color of furniture you want, whether it be lounge chairs for reception, or seating for conference room use, try to ensure the colors will all look good together.

Colors next to one another on the color wheel will compliment each other well (and in general, neutral colors like tan, taupe, and browns will look good with almost anything). Adding a bit of the color opposite your main color choice, even if it's something as simple as a lamp shade, throw pillows, or wall art will spice up the look of your office and help to make it pop!


The look of a room is important, but so important to forget functionality? Not even close. Office environments depend upon useful tools and furniture to keep guests and employees top-notch throughout the day. For those with more classical tastes, we understand that affordable ergonomic seating may appear bulky or industrial, but it's important to remember it's design and functionality. A quality ergonomic chair may make all the difference in the way your back feels when you drive home in the afternoon, so don't just brush it aside during the design phase.

In addition, consider adding other ergonomic office tools, such as monitor and tablet arms, retractable keyboard trays, and dual purpose lighting fixtures. Devices like these are designed with the health of office workers in mind and can help prevent office-related illnesses or injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome, spine curvatures, chronic neck pain, aggravated arthritis, aching joints, and computer eye strain are all classic office symptoms that can disappear with the assistance of an ergonomic tool!

Wall Art

For an office without windows, wall art is the next best thing. Whether you work in an executive workspace or at reception desks in the waiting room, a few simple art pieces can turn a space from a claustrophobic panic room into a visual oasis! Try to choose art that appeals to you, yet roughly works with your office color scheme. Anything too outlandish can throw the look of a place off, or change the atmosphere (which is particularly important in professional business settings). Typically, nature scenes, black and whites photography, or abstract paintings are safe choices. Hang them up around any part of the office that can get stifling. Even if it's just a painting, a window of any kind offers a relaxing escape.

Storage Space

Most people think of office storage as something that has to be hidden away in a back room, but in reality, storage can look great anywhere, with the right furniture that is. In the office, classy wood storage cabinets can help to give a more homey feel, making the furniture seem more in-tune with it's surroundings; metal storage cabinets can help an office seem more industrious or professional. The right choice just depends on the atmosphere you want your office to convey.

In smaller offices, shelving offers an ideal solution to freeing up floor space. Some office furniture brands have even been working on offering storage in plain sight! Options like the 3372 Leather Sirena chair by Global offers a chair with storage space, so visitors can have someplace to tuck a purse or a magazine waiting for their name to be called. Talk about clever!


And finally, the finishing details! Office accents are some of the funnest tools to design with. The average office desk offers endless opportunities for personalization and improvement. Simple photos of the kids or the family pet can help to make a cubicle your own. Dressing up the workstation with colored paper, trinkets, and souvenirs from a recent vacation can offer the same homey effect. Adding cork boards to hang up flyers, memos, or the kids' artwork helps keep paper off the desk. Even something as simple as a desk organizer can help things stay neat and tidy as you work, while also offering a sense of style. For that final touch, a simple office plant can help to purify the air so that every breath feels fresh and energizing - and in the office, that's something we all need!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Shop Smart: Discount Desks of 2015

When taking on an office makeover project, the budget is always a top concern! Luckily, there are still some awesome furniture collections available that will enhance your office interiors without breaking your budget. In today's post we'll share 2015's best selling office desks available under a thousand bucks. Enjoy!

Cherryman Amber Desks
First up, the Cherryman Industries Amber series AM-365. This U shaped office desk offers plenty of work surface space and the storage pedestals needed to keep you organized. Priced at just $819.00, the AM-365 is offered in 5 attractive finish options to match your workplace decor. Add on matching Amber series office products like bookcases, lateral file cabinets, and overhead hutch units to take your workspace to the next level without spending a fortune.

BT11 Brighton DeskIt's hard to beat the Mayline Brighton collection! This best selling furniture line offers the perfect combination of style and value. Brighton desks like the BT11 blend modern and traditional design characteristics to perfection. The BT11 includes a space saving overhead storage hutch and unique L shaped desk configuration that works great along walls and in corner office applications. These discount office desks are available in 2015 for just $776.99. Choose from 2 quick shipping finish options to meet your decor needs and project timeline.

OFM Venice Desk
Next up, the OFM 55145 Venice series executive desk. As the glass office furniture trend is in full swing, finding an affordable desk that fell in line with this booming movement wasn't easy. That being said, the 55145 from OFM fit the bill and then some! These super swanky desks feature 72" x 35" work surfaces and modern appeal to spare. The Venice desk is available this year for $715.99 and ships quick for those in need of new office furniture in a hurry. The OFM Venice collection also includes a wide range of versatile storage options including some really cool wall cabinets that will no doubt boost your corporate appeal!

Discount Office DesksKnown for their high quality office chairs available at everyday low prices, the desks available from Offices To Go can be easily overlooked if you're not careful! Budget shoppers will want to seriously consider OTG's Superior Laminate Casegoods collection. Available in 4 trending finish options, OTG's laminate desks are available in a wide range of layouts to meet the space requirements of any office. Popular Offices To Go desks like the SL-F can be used effectively in both home and business environments. These versatile U shaped desks feature peninsula shaped front workstations with 42" returns and matching rear wall credenza units. Need storage? No problem! The SL-F includes an overhead storage hutch and full size pedestal. Enjoy the entire layout for just $947.99 in 2015.

Medina Furniture
Mayline's Napoli collection has been a long time favorite for high end office makeover projects. That being said, consumers looking to capitalize on the top notch stylings of the Napoli line have been left in the cold. To solve the problem, Mayline introduced the all new Medina collection just a few short months ago. The laminate alternative to the Napoli collection, Medina offers the same appeal at a cost effective price point. Medina desks like the 4 piece configuration highlighted here can be created for just under $1000.00. This 4 piece set includes a 72" desk, two drawer lateral file cabinet, and corner bookcases. Unlike the Napoli, the Medina is also available in a gray steel wood finish option that's sure to impress your valued office visitors. Give Medina a look in 2015. You'll be glad you did!
Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Introducing The All New Eurotech Nuvem Chair!

White Leather Nuvem Chair with Teak Accents
Tired of the same old office chair designs? If so, we've got something that'll spark your interest! The all new Nuvem chair from Eurotech Seating is anything but ordinary. In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at the Nuvem and all it's innovative features. Enjoy!

Eurotech Seating Nuvem ChairAt first glance you'll notice the incredible modern design characteristics showcased by the Eurotech Nuvem chair. You'll be instantly drawn in for a sit, only to notice the cutting edge features that make these new office chairs great. The Nuvem is practically an independent office. With the exception of organizing files, there's not much you can't do from one of these modern chairs!

Cutting Edge Office ChairChairs this comfortable can be dangerous in the office. Kick back in the Nuvem and you'll surely want to doze off for a quick nap. The rich leather upholstery and supportive cushioning makes for a reliable sitting experience any user will appreciate. Designed for both the home and professional executive office, the Nuvem is incredibly versatile and ergo friendly.

Priced at $2026.00, the Nuvem may be a bit much for the average budget. But as they say, you get what you pay for! The Nuvem includes a matching ottoman that will allow you kick your legs up and relax while working. The adjustable tablet arm makes the perfect work surface for tablets and lap tops. As the tablet arm seating trend builds momentum in 2015, Eurotech has truly raised the bar with the Nuvem.

Modern Tablet Arm Reclining Office ChairThe Nuvem collection was introduced by Eurotech Seating with two cool color combinations for users to choose between. The black leather Nuvem chair with aluminum frame accents offers a space-age modern look that's sure to wow your office visitors. The white leather Nuvem chair offers the perfect blend of retro and contemporary design characteristics with it's teak finished wood trim. No matter the Nuvem you select for your space, rest assured that compliments will be sure to follow.

With an unmistakably modern and bold design, it's hard to miss the Nuvem when it's present in a workspace. These new chairs from Eurotech have taken the seating world by storm! With it's 3 reclining positions and swanky accessories, it's hard to give the Nuvem any grade other than A+! These ergonomic executive chairs mean business!
Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pain and Strain: Fighting Neck Pain At Work

Trying to endure any type of pain on the job is never a fun task, but for those working at computers all day, neck pain is definitely a killer. With computer work comes the constant struggle of trying to find the perfect position. Twisting one's head to view a screen or keyboard only exacerbates pain. Thankfully, ergonomics have provided solutions. If you're suffering from neck pain at the office, check out today's article for some excellent cures!

What Causes Neck Pain?

Office-related neck pain is usually the result of chronically improper posture. Constantly keeping one's head turned to view a computer screen or keyboard, talk on the phone, or keeping one's back bent over a desk are all popular causes of office related neck pain. Unfortunately, breaking these habits is sometimes extremely difficult. However, with the proper ergonomic tools to encourage proper body posture, neck pain can become a thing of the past!


Telemarketers and phone-users, this one's for you. Most avid office phone users who experience neck pain are unaware that their struggles could be caused by the very thing they use the most. Cradling one's phone between the head and shoulder in order to free the hands during a call is one of the most prominent causes for office-related neck pain. For those with a single executive office all to themselves, one obvious solution to this is using speaker phone. However, for those in a crowded office or shared space, adding a headset to your arsenal of helpful office accessories makes the perfect noise-canceling solution.

Monitor Arm

Computer users beware! According to ergonomic experts, by far the most common cause of office-related neck pain comes from the improper posture encouraged by regular computer use. If you're a computer user with neck pain, it's time to reevaluate your office configuration. If you are constantly turning your head or leaning forward to view a computer screen or keyboard, it's a red flag. This kind of chronic twisting and slouching can cause an uneven distribution of strength in the muscular structure of the neck, shoulders, and upper back, which causes terrible pain. Thankfully, with the addition of monitor and tablet arms, users can reposition their computer to encourage proper viewing posture.

* Proper Computer Viewing Position: The top of the computer monitor should be at eye level, directly in front of the viewer, with the screen about arm's length away from the face. The viewer should not have to turn or lean forward to see the screen. If reading text is an issue, affordable prescription glasses can be purchased online. Text size may also be increased the computer's settings. 

Proper Posture 

While improper placement of computer screens can certainly contribute to office-related pain, it is not the only cause. Incorrect posture in the rest of the body can also cause widespread pain throughout the body, and can even spread to the neck if not addressed. Slouching to view a keyboard or work at a desk can easily contribute to neck pain, but with quality ergonomic desk chairs to pick up the slack, your health could be restored in no time. Nearly all ergonomic chairs are designed to encourage proper posture, so by necessity, they also encourage pain relief. Purchasing an affordable chair with ergonomic benefits, like the MM6233M-Scarlett Layover chair by Ergo Contract Furniture, can help to reduce office-related body pain.

* Bonus Tip: For neck pain sufferers, choosing a high back ergo chair with a headrest is the best option. Those with lower back pain may benefit more from a low back chair with lumbar support. Stretching and "deskercises" are also excellent ways to ward off extensive body pain at work!

Adjustable Desks

Part of the reason people feel the need to slouch in order to get work done is because of the horizontal design of desk surfaces. Considering that desktops are meant for work, it's somewhat curious why they are designed to be parallel with the ground. This parallelism often requires desk users to bend significantly over the top of a desk in order to write and see their work at the same time. Thankfully, ergo experts have realized this and teamed up with popular office desk manufacturers to create adjustable desks.

Options like the Catalina 10080 Split Top Work Center can make a versatile desk, with horizontal surfaces to support office supplies, but also a tilting desktop for easier writing to prevent slouchers. Of course, those who would rather not purchase an all new desk may consider tilted document holders or adjustable height desks for their writing needs.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Chair of The Week: iOO by Eurotech Seating

Eurotech Seating iOO ChairThe iOO office chair by Eurotech has taken the professional seating world by storm. As Eurotech phases out their popular Wau chair collection, the iOO is ready to fill the space in a major way! These awesome new chairs offer high end ergonomic features, out of this world style, and much more. Lets take an in-depth look at the iOO!


The iOO office chair is poised to dominate the mesh back seating category in 2015. These ultra modern mesh chairs combine the European design characteristics we've come to expect from Eurotech Seating, as well as a true commitment to ergonomics. The iOO will captivate you at first glance and draw you in for a sit. Once seated, there's no turning back! These incredible new chairs will have you instantly hooked. The sleek curves and attention to detail makes iOO one of the coolest office chairs on the market.

Modern Office ChairsErgonomics:

iOO Chair HeadrestPrepare yourself for improved performance in the workplace! The iOO is ready to deliver a wide range of adjustment features specifically designed to boost functionality. The weight sensing tilt tension control mechanism adapts to the recline weight of each user. Users can also activate the tilt lock feature to set their desired working angle quickly. The iOO also features a 2.8" ratchet back height adjustment that moves the backrest up or down relative to the chair seat for personalized lumbar support. When combined with waterfall seat to take pressure off the knees while working and multi functional arms, the iOO leaves no ergonomic stone unturned. These new age task chairs do it all!


Eurotech iOO Chair ReviewThere's not much you can't do with an iOO chair from Eurotech. Great for all day tasking and computing applications, the iOO offers the needed adjustment features desired by users to continuously operate at peak performance levels. Add the optional headrest and the iOO makes an awesome executive seating solution that's sure to impress your valued office visitors. While the iOO wasn't designed for the conference room, we feel they would make a welcome addition to any meeting space. The light and airy mesh back and modern design characteristics would make the iOO a standout feature of any meeting area looking to modern with the decor theme.


Best Selling Office Chairs by EurotechPriced slightly higher than it's predecessor the Wau chair, the iOO offers a lot more for the money. At $560, you'll be hard pressed to find a more functional and user friendly chair on the market. Needless to say, the iOO is truly cutting edge. Both the white and black iOO and the all black iOO chairs sure to boost workplace decor and performance. Add on the optional headrest for just $32 for an upscale executive look that's sure to impress.

Final Grades:

Comfortable, versatile, and incredibly stylish, the iOO truly deserves it's A+ grade. The ability to quickly adapt to suit the needs of any user, the iOO is ready to meet the demands of the modern workplace. We feel the iOO modern mesh chairs will end 15' as one of the years best sellers. If you're going for a cutting edge look, the iOO is the way to go!
Thursday, March 19, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: Woodstock Creedence Seating

Woodstock Marketing Creedence Office Chair Review
The all new Creedence seating collection from Woodstock Marketing is now available! These awesome new office chairs offer a ton of great benefits for both comfort and style. In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at the Creedence collection. Enjoy!


Blue Mesh Office ChairThe out of this world modern design characteristics of the Creedence seating collection will draw you in, even at first glance! These trendy new chairs feature sleek curves, elegant lines, and a contemporary feel that will no doubt make your workspace pop. The Creedence chair is available in both mesh and leather options. We give these new office chairs an A+ for style!


Woodstock Marketing is known for their retro inspired chairs, but the Creedence has taken them into the modern age of ergonomic seating. These comfortable ergonomic task chairs for everyday use offer a wide range of adjustable features that include an advanced syncro weight activated mechanism for tilt tensions, as well as a multi position tilt lock feature and adjustable arms. The Creedence chair is ready and willing to quickly adapt to suit your personal operating needs. For taller users, Woodstock has made an optional headrest available for even further support.

Creedence Chair Side View

Creedence office chairs are available in a variety of cool color options. Our personal favorite is the blue mesh Creedence chair. If you're looking to add a splash of color to your office interiors, this is the way to go! For a more traditional look, an all black mesh Creedence variation is available along with a gray and black two tone option. If you're going for that upscale executive look, the leather Creedence chair is an excellent option. That being said, we expect the all gray Creedence chair to be the most popular. This year office chairs with gray upholstery have been trending in a major way, and the Creedence is set to capitalize on this growing movement. No matter your decor needs and preferences, rest assured there is a Creedence chair available for you!

Leather Executive ChairApplications:

There's not much the Creedence chair can't do! Use an adjustable task chair from the Creedence collection to meet your workplace computing needs in style. Update your executive office with the all leather Creedence chair and improve functionality and support. We feel based on price, style, and adjustment capabilities that the Creedence also makes a nice addition to professional meeting areas. These chairs will keep your valued guests comfortable during boardroom strategy sessions, without breaking your budget!


Woodstock Creedence ChairPriced at just $329.00, the mesh office chairs from the Creedence collection are an excellent value. A matching mesh headrest can be added for an additional $69.00. At this price point, the Creedence is extremely competitive with comparable chairs on the market. The full leather Creedence chair is a bit more expensive at $459.00. That being said, the rich upholstery and polished base make leather Creedence chair far more luxurious. Whether you're looking to outfit private work spaces, conference rooms, or executive office interiors, Creedence chairs are ready to help without costing you a fortune. The style characteristics and ergonomic features make these cutting edge chairs a great buy in 2015.

Final Grades:

We give the new Creedence chair an A+. Woodstock Marketing has really raised the bar with these new chairs. The Creedence follows the latest seating trends and provides the ergonomic features needed for users to reach peak performance levels in the workplace. The Creedence is versatile, comfortable, and cool! If you're on the hunt for a new office chair, give the Creedence a try. You'll be glad you did!
Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Desks In Demand: Cherryman Verde Series

Looking to keep your office space on the cutting edge? You'll need the right desk for the job! This year, the Cherryman Industries Verde collection has been a top choice of industry professionals, interior design teams, and consumers alike. These trending desks are in high demand. Their modern appeal and versatile components have set them apart from the competition. In today's post we'll take an in depth look at the hot new desks from the Cherryman Verde collection. Enjoy!

VL-745 Verde Desk Configuration by CherrymanThe modern desks from the Cherryman Verde collection area sure to turn heads. These stunning workstations are available in latte and espresso finish options that offer a refreshing alternative to the traditional cherry, maple, and mahogany finishes that have dominated the furniture world in years passed. At first glance you'll notice the designer white accents showcased on many of the Verde workstations. The unique look is sure to make your space pop! A Verde desk will no doubt earn your office space the compliments it deserve.

Cherryman Verde Series Writing Desk
Verde desks like this VL-745 configuration offer the storage components needed to keep any space organized. This modern desk package includes a two drawer lateral file cabinet, wardrobe cabinet, overhead storage hutch, and matching mobile file pedestal. Priced at $3229.00, the VL-745 is one of the most luxurious Verde stations available. The blend of laminate work surfaces, white hutch doors, and silver handle pulls makes the VL-745 a well rounded workstation that's guaranteed to appeal to a wide audience.

The Cherryman Verde collection also includes versatile writing desks that can be purchased individually, or in affordable sets. As more and more workers have turned to laptops as their primary computing options, Verde's writing desks have become incredibly popular. Layouts like the VL-749N include the best selling Verde writing desk. This 4 leg station features silver legs and a small white modesty panel. In addition to the writing desk, the VL-749N also includes a rear wall credenza and matching hutch for storage. Priced at $2677.00, the VL-749N is one of the nicest writing desk configurations available on the market in 2015.

Modern L Shaped Office Desk
Limited on space? No problem! The Verde collection includes smaller rectangular office desks and L shaped office desks to help users maximize floor space. Units like the VL-621N offer a two piece design that includes a 72" wide rectangular desk and matching 42" wide return. This modern L shaped desk can be used in corner applications, in open spaces, or along walls. The VL-621N also includes a file file pedestal and a box box file pedestal to keep your stationary and important documents nice and neat. Priced at $1169.00, the VL-621N is an excellent value.

Modern Reception Desk
Finding a quality reception desk to accent your guest welcoming area can be difficult and expensive. That being said, the Cherryman Verde collection includes rectangular and L shaped reception desks with high end modern appeal at a price point any budget shopper will appreciate. These stunning welcome stations feature sleek curves, silver accents, and white transaction counters that will impress your valued visitors. Verde reception stations like the VL-816 can be purchased in 2015 for as low as $731.00. Now that's value!
Monday, March 16, 2015

Pain and Strain: Fighting Carpal Tunnel in the Workplace

Who says working at a desk is a no-pain gig? Not us. Just because a job doesn't require a lot of physical labor doesn't mean you can't get injured. In fact, one of the most common desk related injuries that plagues America today is carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by long term desk work which results in pain, weakness, or tingling in the hands. If this sounds like you, do not delay action! Check out this article for helpful tips and ways to prevent carpal tunnel at work!

What is Carpal Tunnel?

For those who don't know, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is caused by a pinched median nerve in the wrist, which results in pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling in the hands (usually in the thumb and first and first three fingers). This is because the median nerve runs all the way though your forearm to control feeling, but it has to pass through a cramped passageway in the wrist called the "carpal tunnel." Prolonged pressure on the nerve here is what causes the symptoms of CTS.

With more than 3 million US cases of carpal tunnel reported every year, its hard to believe this condition hasn't gotten more publicity. Not surprisingly, it is a condition that's very highly associated with office and desk workers. Why? Because any activity requiring repeated hand movements, especially where the wrist is bent (such as with typing, web searching, or filing) can put stress on the median nerve, causing CTS.

How to Prevent It

Unfortunately, the only ways to correct severe carpal tunnel syndrome are through painful shocks to the nerve or even expensive surgery. However, if your doctor says the condition is not so bad, there are simple, easy ways to prevent CTS progression, and even reduce the symptoms! Check out following tips:


Taking regular breaks to stretch your hands and wrists at work can do wonders for the symptoms of carpal tunnel. Youtube and other video-sharing sites are full of helpful tutorials, showing isometric stretches specifically targeted toward the causes of CTS. While at work, be sure to take a 4-5 minute stretching break every hour for the most significant prevention, especially if you're a typer. An arm brace can help keep your hands correctly positioned in the meantime. Investing in flexible office chairs that move as you stretch isn't just good for the health of your hands, but for the whole body!


Deskercising is one of the newest, most popular trends to hit the workplace since email. The health movement has made some astounding discoveries about how life in the office can negatively impact health. Thankfully, medical professionals and ergonomic experts have developed several effective desk-exercises and yoga moves to promote health in the workplace. There are websites, classes, and online video tutorials to get you started. Keeping a pair of dumbbells tucked into small office storage cabinets can help build up strength during break times.

* Bonus Tip: Zoomorphic chairs like the Chakra ergonomically correct chair by Eurotech are specifically designed for exercise and healthful posture while at the office. The Chakra-White-Gray is just one of five amazing colors!

Go Ergo 

Shopping ergonomic office furniture for sale may be one of the best business decisions you ever make! Devices like ergonomic computer mice and adjustable keyboard trays help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. However, remember that the effectiveness of these devices lies in how they are used. The goal of computer mice, mouse platforms, keyboard platforms, and any office products designed to promote wrist health is to keep the wrist and hands parallel to the forearm. This promotes the blood adequate flood flow and reduces pressure on the nerve that causes carpal tunnel.

* Bonus Tip: For those looking into wrist pillows or wrist rests to use at the office - don't! These devices may help those who suffer from wrist fatigue, but for the CTS victim, using a wrist rest can almost double the pressure on the median nerve, actually worsening CTS symptoms.

Strike A Pose

Workplace health is all about proper posture. Nearly all of the leading office-related pains: neck pain, back pain, arm pain, leg pain, and especially carpal tunnel pain can all be traced back to improper posture. Ergonomic experts recommend keeping the body positioned in a series of angles. A straight, upright sitting posture, facing forward, with elbows and knees bent at right angles is the best way for desk workers to sit. Keeping the hands and wrists parallel to the forearms (not bent up or down to type) is the best way to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

* Bonus Tip: Ergonomic chairs like the 6670-2 Global Arti help to promote good posture. This high quality desk chair is designed to move with the human spine for constant support. Adding a monitor arm to your office setup helps to ensure proper viewing practices for computer users. Keeping the head upright, facing forward can help reduce muscle pain in the neck and back.

Stay Active!

Staying active is the key to any healthy lifestyle. For those working in an office, the truth is no different. Making sure to take brief, frequent breaks in the office to stretch and exercise can help ensure user health so you can go on working. For sufferers of CTS, the first part about stretching is critical. Be proactive, take the stairs, stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, eat right, and your body will reward you with energy and a positive outlook to keep you going.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Office Trends: Tablet Chairs In The Conference Room

Tablet Arm Conference Chair
Tablet chairs are the latest office craze. Interior design teams, industry professionals, and consumers alike are looking to tablet arm seating to boost versatility and functionality in the workplace. This year, incorporating tablet chairs into the conference room has been incredibly popular. In today's post we'll share the benefits of tablet chairs in the conference room and showcase the top models sure to take your meeting area over the top. Enjoy!

If you're designing a multi media conference room, tablet arm chairs are the way to go! The ability to work with tablets and mobile devices effectively without hunching over the conference table is a huge plus. Tablet arm chairs will allow your guests to work more comfortably during long meetings while streamlining the meeting process. Whether your guests are delivering important presentations or taking notes, an office chair with an adjustable tablet arm will definitely come in handy!

Going for a lounge type atmosphere in your boardroom? You're not alone! This trending movement has been gaining quick momentum in 2015. That being said, it's hard to maximize conference room seating when using lounge chairs around meeting tables. Adding tablet arm lounge seating will certainly improve the potential of your space. Accenting the perimeter of your boardroom with tablet arm lounge chairs will help you accommodate more guests during meetings and strategy sessions. While they may not be seated at the main conference table, your perimeter guests won't be at a disadvantage because they'll have a functional work surface to operate on.

In 2015 brands like Global Total Office, OFM, and Mayline are paving the way for the tablet arm chairs in the workplace. These industry leading manufacturers are offering cutting edge tablet seating designed with excellent ergonomic features and high end modern appeal. Let's take a look at some of their top models!

Tablet Arm ChairDealing with limited space? No problem! The Global Total Office Sonic series 6513T side chair with tablet arm is the perfect solution. These fixed leg guest chairs work great in professional training, classroom, and conference room settings. The Sonic is priced affordably at $242.99. Shoppers will enjoy a choice of 4 cool color options as well as optional casters to provide increased mobility.

The OFM ORO200 model big and tall tablet chair is premier option for the boardroom. Capable of accommodating guests up to 400 pounds, the ORO is ready to work at all times! The adjustable tablet arm is sure to provide guests with an enjoyable tool to utilize throughout those important meetings. Priced at $528.25, the ORO is a bit pricey for the average conference room chair budget. However, those who can swing it will no doubt enjoy improved versatility and comfort in the boardroom. Trust us, your guests will thank you!

Using tablet arm lounge chairs in the conference room is just plain smart. The ability to accommodate more guests without the need of a larger table shows design ingenuity. That being said, Mayline's Santa Cruz series tablet arm lounge chairs are a premier choice that should be considered for every meeting area. These leather lounge chairs are available in two attractive color options and feature mobilized casters for easy reconfiguring. At just $665.99, businesses should consider using these awesome new chairs in the boardroom as well as the waiting room!
Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ergo Contract Furniture Raises Bar with New Circuit Task Chair

Circuit Task Chair by Ergo Contract Furniture
The all new Circuit task chair by Ergo Contract Furniture is set to hit the market in the next couple of weeks. In today's post we'll provide shoppers with a sneak peak of what these super cool new office chairs have to offer. Rest assured, the Circuit is ready to take the seating world by storm!

Circuit Mesh ChairAt first glance you'll notice the unmatched modern design characteristics of the Circuit. The contemporary curves, stylish mesh back design, and cutting edge features make are what's sure to set the Circuit a cut above the competition.

Circuit Chair MechanismThe two tone color combination of a white frame and light gray mesh back works perfectly. These new ergonomic tasks chairs are sure to turn heads in any work environment. The high back design provides excellent support for taller operators while the extra wide 5 star base offers top notch stability.

Modern Office ChairsPriced at just $415.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better off chair on the market for the money. With standard features that include an adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock control mechanism, the Circuit task chair is ready to adjust quickly to meet your needs. These hot new tasking models from Ergo Contract Furniture offer a cutting edge button-less arm adjustment feature that's sure to make finding the perfect computing position a breeze.

While most of today's top of the line office chairs cost thousands and require a ton of education to operate properly, the Circuit does not. These modern ergonomic chairs are incredibly user friendly. You'll have this chair mastered in less than 30 minutes!

New Office Chairs 2015Now let's get a bit technical! The back-seat pivot axis is near the hip socket joint, limiting torso movement for full support during the chair's recline range. The separation of the chair's spine and high tensile mesh back make for a flexible sit that's far more comfortable than the stiff mesh chairs commonly found on the market today.  The 60mm dual wheel casters make gliding around the office effortless. The Circuit is truly a refreshing addition to the seating world.

Office Chair ReviewThere's really not much these modern office chairs can't do. The Circuit makes the perfect task and computer chair for intensive work environments. It's high back design makes it a perfect candidate for executive office applications. The user friendly adjustment features and style characteristics also makes the Circuit a great option for professional conference rooms and meeting areas.

With the Circuit set to hit the market in just a few short weeks, the seating world is abuzz. Expect these trendy new chairs to hit the ground running. If you're interested in the Circuit, we recommend putting in your pre order now. We give this chair an overall grade of A+. With cool new colors sure to come in the near future, Ergo Contract Furniture has us more excited than ever!
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Global Total Office Furniture is Well Worth The Wait!

Global Total Office
If you're looking to create the ultimate workspace, you'll need to plan in advance. By not backing yourself into a tight project deadline, you'll open up extensive design possibilities that will no doubt take your interiors to the next level. Brands like Global Total Office provide some of the coolest, most comfortable, and down right functional workplace solutions on the market. Their 3 to 4 week lead time may sound a bit lengthy for businesses looking to furnish office environments in a hurry, but those who plan ahead will be rewarded with truly impressive furniture that's ready to earn your office interiors the compliments it deserves. In today's post we'll highlight the awesome furniture and seating from Global Total Office and show you why their products are worth the wait!

Global Total Office Aspen ChairsTired of the same old office chairs with the same old features and the same old color options? Us too! Thankfully brands like Global Total Office exist to break the mold. This year, Global has brought to market a plethora of trendy new office chairs like the Vion, Arti, and Spree, as well as long time favorites like the Accord and Aspen. These customizable seating solutions are available in a ton of swanky leather, fabric, and vinyl upholstery options that will take your workplace decor to the next level. Waiting 3 to 4 weeks for a chair that's guaranteed to provide superior comfort and versatility is small price to pay. Global's commitment to ergonomics in the workplace is second to none. The adjustment features incorporated into Global's new chairs will have you operating at peak performance levels in no time.

Modern Lounge FurnitureIn addition to their incredible seating, Global takes pride in providing some of the best new lounge furniture collections on the market. Both the Wind Linear and Ballara lines offer modular capabilities that allow businesses to quickly reconfigure, add on, and adapt at a moments notice. The all new modern lounge chairs from the Sirena collection can be outfitted with casters for mobility as well as versatile tablet arms and lower level storage shelves. Taking your time with your office makeover and choosing a respected brand like Global for your furniture will allow you to choose from awesome lines like these. Don't settle for a sub par interior. Go with Global and have new furniture manufactured specifically for your and your business!

This year, Global has taken the furniture world by storm with their new modern reception desks from the popular Zira collection. Known for it's superior functionality, power options, stunning two tone finish options and much more, Zira has made itself the premier choice of industry professionals and interior design teams alike. Zira reception desks can be configured for single or multi user applications in rectangular, L shaped, and U shaped designs. These top of the line reception desks will earn your welcoming area daily compliments while providing your receptionist with the cutting edge features needed to operate at peak performance levels.

Elliptical Conference TableIn just 3 to 4 short weeks you can outfit your conference room with a stunning table ready to meet the needs of your modern business. You can also opt to select an out of the box model from a competing brand that's been sitting on a shelf for months. Trust us, Global's tables are well worth the wait! The elliptical conference tables highlighted in the alba collection offer an industrial look with cool metal legs and sleek curves. These affordable boardroom tables are available for as little as $456.99 in 2015 making them even more attractive. Alba tables can be outfitted with custom power modules designed to take meeting area performance to the next level. If you want to the best on a budget, you've gotta be willing to wait a couple weeks! While in stock Alba tables are available with a faster turnaround, we recommend waiting and going with a custom color like White Chocolate or Absolute Acajou to set your space apart from the competition.

Modular WorkstationDid we mention that this full service brand also specializes in modular workstations for private office and work floor applications? Global truly does it all! The ability to source all your furniture and chairs from one manufacturer is truly a luxury. Global's open desking from collections like Bridges will boost collaboration in the workplace and provide a nice change of pace from the lack luster cubicle systems of the past. In addition, the stunning executive furniture configurations available from lines like Dufferin, Halton, and Lufton will add a touch of sophistication and class to any office interior. With furniture this nice, no wait is too long!
Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Are You Effectively Fighting Stress At Work?

Everyone knows stress is a killer, but in the workplace, nothing is worse! Unbridled anxiety is like a ball and chain that not only leaves victims unhappy, but it reduces productivity, efficiency, and skillfulness - leaving employees virtually helpless to do a good job. If this sounds like you and stress has been giving you a hard time at work, don't fret. Take a deep breath. This list of helpful hints is here to help!


It may sound strange, but all too often physical pain is one of the most common sources of stress in the workplace. Incorrect posture, improper lifting techniques, and defective office furniture can all contribute to the kinds of pain office employees experience. Neck, shoulder and back pain, wrist pain, leg pain, abdominal pain, and even foot pain can all become the results of poor posture and flawed or outdated office accessories. This is why ergonomic office furniture holds such a high value in the workplace. Because ergonomic furniture is designed around the human form to enforce proper posture, the body never forces itself into the contorted positions that cause pain.
Even something as simple as turning one's head repeatedly to view a computer screen can result in terrible neck problems. Embracing the value of ergonomic products, like adjustable monitor arm, can reduce or eliminate your stress simply by tackling pain.

Quality Rest

Like proper posture, getting quality rest is one of the best natural ways to address workplace stress. In a study polled by Sleep in America, results found that individuals who were diagnosed with anxiety and depression were likely to sleep less than six hours per night! In worst-case scenarios, insomnia can cause accidents, can dumb you down and cause forgetfulness, weight gain, and even critical health conditions like heart disease. Ensuring you get enough quality sleep can not only improve your productivity in the office - it can improve your life.

Eating Healthy

A healthy diet and exercise can make all the difference in the world to someone who actively pursues them. Eating right can give you more energy, better focus, and improve your overall outlook on life - thankfully, that also includes your job! For office workers, breaking out the blueberries, walnuts, yogurt, and dining on a light sandwich with some avocado can massively increase your focus and energy, filling you up without weighing you down. To avoid bacteria at the desk though, try investing in retractable keyboard trays that mount under the desk and slide out of sight. Fallen crumbs attract bugs and contribute to the buildup of germs, making keyboards one of the dirtiest pieces of office equipment you can have. Sliding a keyboard out of the way for lunch is one of the best ways to improve the health of your cubicle!

Group Collaboration

That old saying, "Many hands make light work," isn't an exaggeration - especially when it comes to stress. Group collaboration on large projects is one of the greatest tactics for saving yourself loads of stress when the deadlines are pressing. In addition to lighter workloads (and less stress) for everyone, group collaboration also builds bonds of teamwork between coworkers, helping to strengthen the company as a whole. For those seeking to foster teamwork in their office, investing in conference room furniture, such as a long meeting table, presentation equipment, or training room accessories can coworkers share ideas in the conference room. Choosing to invest time and skills in a few interns can give you a pool of highly qualified applicants with knowledge of how your company runs when the time to hire resurfaces.

Stretch and Exercise

Finally, we leave you with one of the best-reputed methods of de-stressing around - stretching and exercise. Experts agree that taking the time to stretch and work one's body can do wonders for health, life outlook, and self-esteem. Unfortunately, too many people fall under the impression that a healthy body requires lots of time - something many Americans have significant trouble finding in our fast-paced world. However, with the right equipment, office-yoga and deskercising have become the effective new way to work in a workout at work!
All it takes is a chair and a desk, and with the guidance of a few informational videos (something you can find for free on Youtube.com) you can have a healthier body in no time. What's better, some furniture companies have invested in the manufacture of specialized office chairs, like the Chakra chair by Eurotech. This chair combines the comfort of ergonomics with the zen-inducing qualities of zoomorphic design to create a chair that's perfect for office exercise. Short, five minute breaks of exercise every hour is all it takes. If the boss is walking the halls, even just a few deep breaths can untie the knots in your belly, giving stress the boot!

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