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How To Synchronize Your Chair and Desk Properly

Believe it or not, many people experience chronic pain... caused by their office workstation. The problem is that not enough people realize it's their daily office routine that's causing the problem. Too much sitting can be disastrous for health, especially since poor posture and poorly designed office equipment can promote an unhealthy office lifestyle. That's why we're offering you the one-two punch you need to knock out office-related pain - how to synchronize your workstation!

Pay Attention

Anyone who's ever been out West has probably heard the term "be bear aware." Well, in the office, you need to "be body aware." Posture plays a huge part in how a person will feel at the end of a long day at the office. Those with poor sitting posture are at a much higher risk for developing office-related health conditions such as sciatica, back or neck pain, poor circulation, high blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, and so many others. Paying close attention to how your everyday movements could be affecting your work routine is a critical first step in a healthier work life.

Use this guide to assess your sitting habits to make sure you aren't putting yourself at risk:

Sit at your desk as you normally would. Ask yourself these questions.
"Are you sitting up straight? Is the back of your chair closely aligned with your back? Do you have lumbar support? Is your spine in a natural S-shape? Are you facing straight forward (not turning your head to the side) to view a computer screen? Do I sit like this for most of the day?"

If not, your posture could be having a negative impact on your health.

Recognize Good Posture

The first key to practicing good sitting posture is learning to recognize it. Experts agree that seated individuals benefit the most from keeping their joints in a series of 90 degree angles. Start with healthy ergonomic office chairs as a base, since they offer the most adaptability for different workplace environments, body types, and previous health conditions. Once you've got the chair, check to make sure you meet these requirements of ideal seated posture:

Sit up straight, upper arms parallel to the spine.
Face forward, with the head kept naturally and straight ahead as if you were balancing books on it.
Bend elbows and knees at 90 degree angles.
Keep palms flat and face down, parallel to the forearms.
Keep feet flat on the ground.

Chair Back

Back in the day, royalty and the well-to-do were trained to keep proper posture by tying their upper bodies to chairs and balancing books on their heads. All this was done to encourage the spine to stay natural and upright. At work, sit up straight, with upper arms parallel to your spine. The back of your office chair should touch most of your lower, middle, and upper back. If the chair does not gently cradle the natural S-curve of your spine, you may need to make adjustments to seat height, back height, tilt, or the lumbar of your chair.

If you use a computer, look straight ahead - if the screen isn't there, either the computer or your whole body needs to move. Constantly turning one's head to view a computer screen can cause neck and upper back pain caused by distorted muscles. Adding flexible monitor arms to your workstation allows users to adjust a computer screen so it sits right in front of them - at eye level, about arm's length away from the face - properly.

Chair Height

Chair height is hugely important for a healthful office lifestyle. Thankfully, many ergonomic chairs offer chair height adjustability as a standard feature. Seat height and back height are other advanced features that may also appear on ergonomic chairs. Ideally, a chair's height should be in-line with both your body and the height of your workstation. The health of your body comes first though, so sit upright in your chair. You can determine if your chair is at the proper height by ensuring your feet are flat on the floor, with knees bent at 90-degree angles. If your feet dangle, it weighs down on your knees, cutting off the blood supply, which is one reason why many seated office workers experience leg pain after a long day of sitting.

* Hint: The height adjustment feature on most height adjustable desk chairs is typically located just under the seat in the form of a lever or knob.

An Arm and A Leg

Keeping the body's major joints kept at 90-degree angels is one of the coups to maintaining proper seated health. Feet flat on the floor and knees bent at 90-degrees is the ideal way to determine proper chair height. Once this is done, turn your attention to the desk. Ideal desk height is determined by keeping the elbows bent at 90-degrees in an office chair. Extend your hands, flat and palm down, so they are parallel with your forearms - if you're a typer, this is where your keyboard needs to be. If you write more, this is where the surface of your desk needs to be.

* Note: After adjusting the desk height according to arm level, if your computer screen comes up short, monitor arms can make up the difference. If you can't afford a monitor arm, add office foot rests or boosters can keep your feet flat so you can raise the height of your chair to meet your desk.

... And A Hand in the Right Direction!

It is critical that users don't bend their hands and forearms up or down in order to perform daily office functions such as typing or writing. Bending the hands up or down can diminish proper blood flow, aggravating the symptoms of arthritis and carpal tunnel. For those of you whose office desks and workstations may sit too high, adding retractable keyboard trays is a great solution. Mount one under the desk and angle it too your needs for the healthiest results!

Think Outside the Cubicle

One alternative to the typical office setup is to include ergonomic workstations, so users can choose to sit or stand. Alternating between seated and standing positions is the most healthful office work style because it keeps users active and allows them to take all the benefits of standing (as the body's most healthful posture), and combine it with the benefits of seated breaks (to give the legs a rest). Standing at work reportedly improves energy and focus, and also keeps users trim!

Staying fit is a big part of improving posture as strong abdominal muscles are the key to proper spinal support during seated positions. Work out, stretch, and focusing attention on developing those abs - and you will be living a healthy office life in no time!
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Luxurious Desk Layouts of 2015

When the average office interior just won't cut it, shoppers are forced to kick things up a notch! Thankfully, top manufacturers like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Global Total Office offer high end desk layouts designed to create luxurious work spaces that are sure to impress. In today's post we'll highlight 2015's most luxurious desk configurations to consider for your space. Enjoy!

Mayline SorrentoLuxurious Office FurnitureAny shopper in search of a luxurious office desk configuration should start their browsing with Mayline Sorrento collection. This line of high end executive desks, reception stations, and conference tables is truly impressive. Sorrento desks are available in two wood veneer finish combinations that are guaranteed to impress your office visitors. Both custom layouts and pre configured typicals are available from the Mayline Sorrento collection to meet the needs of any space.

Top of The Line Office FurnitureCherryman EmeraldCherryman Industries has made their mark on the luxury office furniture world with popular collections like Emerald. This line of wood veneer furnishings is available in a choice of cognac cherry and mahogany finish options. Emerald series office desk layouts like the EM-401N include column leg writing desks and plenty of storage options for executive work environments. These high end packages are typically in stock and ship quick for shoppers in need of new office furniture in a hurry. In addition. custom Emerald series furniture layouts are available that can be designed with both straight front and bow front executive desks as well as custom storage solutions like hutch units, bookcases, and wall cabinets.

Custom Office Furniture
Global Total Office Zira Series Modern FurnitureWhile most of today's most luxurious office furniture lines offer a traditional wood look, Global Total Office has taken a far more modern approach! With their best selling Zira desking collection Global Total Office has managed to integrate high tech modular components with metal, glass, and laminate finish options. Custom Zira desks can be created for private office and multi user appellations. This extensive lineup offers a seemingly limitless selection of different desks, cabinets, credenzas, and filing options to choose from. If you're going for wow factor, Zira is a must consider for your luxury office makeover project.

Offices To Go FurnitureWe'd all like to have a luxurious office space to conduct our daily business from, and with brands like like Offices To Go, it's actually possible. Highly respected for their best selling office chairs, Offices To Go is now making a name for themselves by manufacturing high quality office furniture at prices any shopper will appreciate. Offices To Go desk configurations like the SL-H include a 71" executive desk along with a matching rear wall credenza, overhead storage hutch, and even a 42" meeting table. That's hard to beat for just $1611.99. Upgrades like glass hutch doors are available for an even more luxurious look. Go with any of OTG's quick shipping laminate finish options and create the workspace of your dreams without breaking your budget.

OFM Venice Furniture
Last but not least, we reach the awesome office desks from the OFM Venice furniture collection. Another line you might not have heard about, Venice furniture has never received the credit it deserves. These high quality executive office solutions are available in a choice of mahogany and cherry finish options. Venice desks feature frosted modesty panels and can be enhanced easily with returns, desk pedestals, and executive cabinets that offer plenty of wow factor. Stand alone Venice series desks like the 55145 can be purchased in 2015 for as low as $715.99. Matching add ons can be integrated at your leisure to create the perfect office interior for your specific needs. You can even add a matching OFM office chair that features the same wood finish to show your design prowess!
Monday, April 27, 2015

Super Cool Tablet Chairs of 2015

Tablet chairs are the latest workplace craze! As businesses are always looking to improve functionality and versatility, tablet arm chairs have been introduced in 2015 to answer the call. Check out this years coolest tablet arm seating solutions from brands like Eurotech Seating, Global Total Office, Mayline, and OFM in today's post.

Eurotech Nuvem
It doesn't get any cooler than the Eurotech Nuvem chair! If you're looking to keep your office space on the cutting edge, this is the chair for you. The Nuvem package includes an executive leather lounger in your choice of white or black leather upholstery options, as well as a matching ottoman and adjustable tablet arm. Priced at $2026.00, the Nuvem is a bit pricey for the average shopper. However, those who can swing it will be highly rewarded with one of the best new seating solutions of 2015!

Global Total Office SirenaNext up, the 3372LCMLTM Sirena chair from Global Total Office. While the Sirena seating collection offers plenty of cool tablet arm chairs, we feel the 3372LCMLTM is by far the coolest! This model boasts a lower level storage shelf to further enhance it's user friendliness in the workplace. Use any of the Sirena tablet chairs effectively in office lounge and waiting areas to provide your guests with an improved visiting experience. The Sirena can also be used in professional meeting areas to provide additional perimeter seating during important presentations and strategy sessions. The tablet arm design makes it easy for boardroom guests to take notes while feeling as involved as the individuals sitting around the main table!

OFM ORO100 Tablet ChairOFM is making major waves with their awesome new ORO series tablet arm executive chairs. These high back office chairs support users effectively up to 350 pounds. Models like the ORO100 come standard with adjustable head rests, adjustable body bolsters, and adjustable tablet arms. Rest assured, there's not much these chairs can't do! OFM has really outdone themselves with the new ORO seating collection. As an added bonus, the ORO chairs are GREENGUARD certified. A nice touch for the eco friendly crowd! ORO series office chars are available in 2015 for just four hundred dollars. If the average office chair just won't cut it, give the ORO a look. You'll be glad you did.

Santa Cruz Tablet Chair
No matter the furniture and seating needs of your business, Mayline has you covered. This full service furniture manufacturer is always ahead of the curve. Mayline offers best selling desks, tables, and chairs for interiors both modern and traditional in design. Their stunning Santa Cruz collection has rapidly become a go to option for shoppers looking to incorporate tablet arm seating into their interiors without breaking the office makeover budget. The Santa Cruz lounge chair is available in two leather upholstery options and features a mobilized base that makes reconfiguring a breeze. A perfect blend of contemporary and retro design characteristics has the Santa Cruz tablet arm seating collection poised for success in 2015.

Ravenna Tablet ChairLast but certainly not least, no article on tablet arm seating solutions would be complete without highlighting a chair from the leaders in reception seating, Lesro Industries! Even though the Lesro Ravenna collection has been around for years, chairs like the Q1631C8 still find themselves atop best seller lists. Equipped with mobilized front legs and a cool tablet arm design, Ravenna chairs are great for professional lounge, lobby, and reception area applications. Lesro's Ravenna reception seating can be upholstered in an extensive offering of leather, fabric, and vinyl options to match workplace decor. Whether you're outfitting a patient waiting area or swanky hotel lobby, Ravena is ready to get the job done with ease. These chairs were there at the start of the tablet arm craze, and show no signs of falling in popularity! A comfortable sit, well rounded look, and quality craftsmanship make these chairs a must consider for any business.
Thursday, April 23, 2015

Chair of The Week: iDesk Curva by Cherryman Industries

Cherryman iDesk Curva Chairs
The all new iDesk Curva chair by Cherryman Industries is taking the seating world by storm. Released just a few short weeks ago, these swanky new chairs offer high end appeal and excellent ergonomic features that will keep them atop the market for years to come. In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at the new Curva chairs. Enjoy!

Curva High Back Chair - Side ViewStyle:

At first glance you'll notice the high end modern design characteristics of the iDesk Curva. The sleek curves and blend of seating materials puts these new mesh chairs in a league of their own. The Curva combines mesh and leather to form one of the swankiest chairs on the market in 2015.

Curva High Back Chair by CherrymanErgonomics:

While most of today's top ergonomic office chairs offer adjustable arms, Cherryman has gone with a fixed frame design on the Curva. While we expect an adjustable arm option to be available in the future, we were still a bit surprised by the initial design choice. That being said, once sitting in a new Curva chair, you will forget all about the lack of adjustable arms. These chairs are downright comfortable! The Curva's flexible mesh surfaces offer breathability and excellent support. The chair structure shapes the back to form a natural lumbar support. The Curva's standard mechanism offers an offset recline pivot with central tension adjustment.

Curva High Back - Front ViewApplications:

The iDesk Curva chair was introduced with both high back and mid back models. Both the high and mid back Curva chairs are available in a choice of silver and black frame options. Choose from fixed loop arm and armless models to meet your specific workplace needs. The high back Curva chair makes the perfect option for executive office environments. The upscale look is sure to impress guests and earn your space the compliments it deserves. The mid back Curva chair is a must consider for any modern conference room makeover project. These sleek mesh chairs will keep your guests nice and comfortable during those long meetings and training sessions! You could even use the Curva for tasking, home, and computing applications. There's not much these new chairs from Cherryman can't  do!

Curva Mid Back ChairPrice:

The high back Curva chair with silver metallic frame is available for $633.50 and is the most expensive model from this new seating collection. Both the high back Curva with black frame and mid back Curva with silver metallic frame are slightly less expensive at $539.00 each. The most affordable chair from the Curva collection is the all black mid back model at just $427.00. No matter your specific needs or budget, there's a Curva chair available for you. These new chairs ship from Cherryman for free for even greater value. Bulk discount pricing and introductory offers will be widely available over the next few weeks to help shoppers save even more.

Final Thoughts:

The Curva rocks! Cherryman has really outdone themselves with this new seating collection. We feel these chairs are incredibly comfortable, stylish, and versatile. While they are a bit pricey for the conference room, if you can swing them with your budget, you won't be disappointed. We give the collection 4 out of 5 stars. Expect cool color options and adjustable arms to be added to the Curva offering in the near future.
Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Keep It Simple with Your Office Chair!

With all the ergonomic advancements out nowadays, sometimes trying to figure out how a brand new office chair works can feel like rocket science. However, when it comes to technology, gadgets are only as good as their owners, and in a world where office furniture is becoming ever more sophisticated, chairs are no different. For those of you out there seeking comfort, not confusion, look no further! Today's article highlights favorite user friendly chairs with ergonomic features. Enjoy!

First up is the iDesk Oroblanco by Cherryman Industries (don't worry, it's much easier to use than pronounce!) This popular user-friendly chair covers all the basics of ergonomic comfort, providing support and easily adjustable features, so users don't have to have a degree in mechanical engineering to operate it! Not only does it offer easy comfort, but the 402W Oroblanco also boasts a five star base and a multitude of colors so users can pick the upholstery they like best. Although, the favorite feature of this versatile desk chair usually ends up being the price tag!

Next up is a chair that's perfect for anyone who loves to accessorize! The mindset behind the Spree chair by Global is that if you choose the components, you'll know what the chair can do! By allowing users to choose the color, back, and base, Global is offering the opportunity for users to get more in-tune with their office chair. The custom design also comes with ergonomic features that run on a sort of autopilot design - so users have very little to do for their comfort. The chair includes a wrapping lumbar support, sliding seat and recliner, and seat depth adjustment at the touch of a button. Offered fro an unbeatable price, it's no wonder the 6040 ergonomic Spree chair is so popular!

Speaking of unbeatable prices, let's take a look at the MF2000BLK Astra chair by Eurotech. Comfortable, stylish, and affordable, the Astra provides all the basic ergonomic features to ensure maximum comfort. Synchro-tilt tension, tilt locks, adjustable arms, and a waterfall seat offer everything the average user needs to stay comfortable with very little effort. With a Greenguard Certification, this environmentally safe office chair even goes the extra mile to ensure users aren't breathing in any heavy chemicals after it arrives in the office. Priced far below models of similar quality, the Astra chair by Eurotech is a hit on all sixes!

Anyone seeking a little extra flair in the workplace ought never to overlook Woodstock Marketing as an option. Getting that designer style without that demanding designer label is easy with the Ravi office chair by Woodstock! Boasting a stellar mesh back and a groovy red seat, this chair shares futuristic looks without the futuristic gadgetry. Buyers instead get a user-friendly design that looks as good as it feels. Take advantage of the breathable mesh back, synchro tilt controls, and pneumatic height adjustment today, and never have to worry about being tech savvy again!

Finally, we leave you with the 6496-4 Sizzle chair by Global. The secret to this chair's comfort is all in the ergonomic shape! Dramatic sweeping curves and elasticized fabric combine, providing all-day comfort without the user having to break out the manual. With the Sizzle, users can enjoy the benefits of comfortably padded cushions, a modern mesh back, and even an adjustable headrest. Choose from your favorite of more than ten dazzling upholstery colors, and watch this user friendly ergo chair enliven your workplace!

Monday, April 20, 2015

What's New? Medina Reception Desks by Mayline!

Medina Reception Desk
The Mayline Medina collection has taken the office furniture world by storm. With the same great design characteristics as the popular Napoli collection, Medina's lower price point has made it a top choice for businesses looking to create luxurious interiors without breaking the budget. To further boost this trend setting collection, Mayline has introduced several cool new reception desks from the Medina collection that you have to see!

Medina Gray Steel Finish SwatchMedina reception desks are available in L shaped and rectangular variations to fit the space requirements of any office space. The standard rectangular Medina reception desk features an 87 1/4" wide design that provides plenty of work surface space for smaller reception areas. The L shaped Medina station includes a 48" wide return for even more operating area.

Mayline Reception DeskEven at first glance Mayline's new Medina reception desks will impress you. The blend of laminate surfaces, silver metal trim, and glass accents is sure to earn any office waiting areas the compliments it deserves. The wow factor achieved with the thick glass transaction counter accent is truly top notch. Rest assured, these welcome desks are ready to be the focal point of any reception furniture configuration.

Medina Mahogany Laminate Swatch
Modern Reception DeskMayline introduced the Medina reception desk collection with three quick shipping finish options. The gray steel wood grain option has no doubt been the most popular for Medina's desks and conference tables. We expect no different with the reception desks! As the use of gray tones in the workplace is booming in 2015, Mayline's newest reception desks are ready to capitalize on this growing trend. In addition to the trendy gray steel finish, the mahogany and mocha options are also very attractive. Whether you're looking to create modern or traditionally influenced welcoming areas, these two finishes offer the well rounded appeal needed to do just that.

Mocha Office Furniture SwatchThe basic MNRS Mayline Medina series reception desk shell is available for just $1207.99, but doesn't include storage pedestals for organizing. This starter unit is an excellent value that allows businesses on a budget to capitalize on Medina's popularity now, and add storage later when needed.

Popular Reception DeskThe MNRSBB, MNRSLBF, and MNRSLBB Medina reception desks are the a bit more pricey than the standard MNRS shell. These rectangular Medina stations all include two desk pedestals that integrate nicely underneath the main work surface. That being said, if you want the absolute best, the MNRSLBB Medina reception desk is the way to go! This high end L shaped unit includes all the same great features as the rectangular Medina station, but with the addition of a universal return that can be configured as a right handed or left handed unit. The MNRSLBB is available for $1962.99 and  includes one file file pedestals and one box box file pedestal for organizing.
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

7 Ways to Improve Your Office Posture

Backaches, muscle pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel - it seems like the list of office-related injuries goes on and on! What most don't know is that 90% of this pain is due to improper posture. The human body wasn't made for 8-hours per day of sitting in an outdated office chair, and unfortunately, this lifestyle breeds terrible posture. Thankfully, we're here to give you all the best tips and tricks to improve your posture and reduce pain at work!

Be Conscious

We've all heard it from our mothers at some point, that familiar phrase "sit up straight!" But the reason we heard it so much was likely because we forgot. Habit forming is all about remembrance. In order to form a habit of proper posture, we must make a conscious effort to remember it. Take the time to familiarize yourself with what constitutes proper posture and lifting techniques, so you can employ them at work. Come up with a remembrance tactic to check your posture, and each time you get a text, or when the boss walks past the office cubicles nearby, sit up. Even the good old fashioned bow-on-the-finger trick is effective as long as you follow through frequently.


Stretching is a excellent for building good posture. Not only does it limber up the muscles for exercise, but it helps to relieve pain if your muscles have developed unevenly due to bad posture. One of the biggest causes for office related pain is slouching and unnatural seating positions. For example, constantly turning one's head to stare at a computer screen can cause muscles in the neck and back to sort of "shrink" in places, which results in chronic muscular pain when you try to sit normally again. Adding flexible monitor arms to your office setup can prevent users from twisting unnaturally to see computer screens, and help to enforce ideal sitting habits. Frequent stretching breaks, also known as "office yoga," will kickstart the pain relief process and prepare your body for better posture.


Exercise is the cornerstone of proper posture. A set of toned abs not only prepares you for swimsuit season, but it also keeps you sitting straight at work. Part of the reason office workers are so prone to slouching is because their abdominal muscles aren't prepared for, or capable of, supporting the spine during 8-hour workdays. Training your muscles to harden up and stay strong will help them hold up your spine, improving posture, and reducing pain. Curl ups, crunches, and pushups are all excellent exercises that train the abs, both in strength and endurance. Standing at height adjustable office desks (with breaks in between) is the latest fad. Walking and jogging can also help you cut as set of killer abs, so you'll look and feel fabulous at the desk - and the beach!

Train Your Body

While exercise is the key to healthful posture, it still takes a long time to develop healthy, enduring muscles. Having to go 8 hours a day without exercise is a huge hurtle to leap as well, and remains the biggest reason why office slouchers often give up on posture. But don't give up! There are many ways to train your body to keep posture while you're helping those muscles grow.

First, set up your cubicle so the layout doesn't tempt you back into bad posture. Set your chair height, seat, and armrests so that your knees and elbows are bent art right angles. If your chair doesn't offer these adjustments, perhaps its time to shop ergonomic office seating for an upgrade. Most ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to encourage better posture because it's the most effective way to prevent office-related pain. If you must, tie your upper body to the back of the chair to keep yourself from slouching forward. It may look silly, but hey, that's how kings learned!

Go to Extremities

Nope. It's not a typo. We really want you to go the extremities! Many healthful people often forget to consider the arms and legs when trying to impact posture. However, these parts of the body are just as prone to pain and injury as the neck and back. Adjust desk height and keyboard trays to meet the hands, instead of the other way around. Make sure the hands stay parallel with the forearms. This improves blood flow and reduces risk of arthritis and carpal tunnel while typing. If you're a standing worker, be sure to take frequent sitting breaks so your legs don't wear out, and your feet don't develop injuries or poor blood circulation. Always stand on a cushioned pad with supportive shoes to ensure healthful standing practice.

Invest in Your Health

Finally, invest in your health. No one knows you better than you do. If you're the type that needs a gym membership to exercise, invest in it. If you've got neck pain because of an improperly placed computer screen, get a monitor arm. If you've got specific back pain, shop around for a budget-friendly ergo chair that targets your body's weak points. There are plenty of excellent office furniture brands out there with your health in mind. Read customer reviews, call dealers for discounts, and shop sales and coupons to get the best deals. Your health depends on effort - make sure to put effort in!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

5 Ways To Revive A Lack Luster Lobby

Lobby Design Ideas
Is your corporate appeal suffering from a lack luster lobby environment? Do your guests feel uncomfortable when waiting for their appointments? If so, it's time to revive your space! In today's post we'll share 5 great ways to help you enhance lobby appeal with a quickness. From tablet arm chairs to great welcome desks, we've got you covered. Enjoy!

1.) Tablet Chairs

The use of tablet arm seating is the hottest lobby design trend of 2015. The ability to boost decor and simultaneously improve versatility is simply too much for businesses to pass up. This year, industry leading lobby furniture manufacturers like OFM and Global Total Office have introduced cutting edge lobby chairs with tablet arm options that you've got to see. If you're lobby is in need of a face lift, tablet arm chairs will get you started on the right foot!

2.) Paint

If you're limited on funds and can't afford new furniture, don't fret! Give your lobby a boost with a fresh coat of paint. Trending color options like grays, greens, and teals will all make your waiting area pop. Painting is also a fun project that you can tackle with your coworkers over the weekend. A little bit of team bonding never hurt anybody! Be sure to move or cover your furniture before you begin the painting process to avoid drips and spills. When selecting paint colors, do what the designers do! Grab lots of samples and test them out in your space before committing. You can also get helpful insight from your coworkers. Need a bit more inspiration before painting? Try browsing the web for lobby interiors you like and visiting surrounding businesses. You'll be ready to revive your lobby in no time.

3.) Accent Tables

New accent tables will make a major difference in your lobby. Adding a matching set of coffee and end tables to your space will help it earn the compliments it deserves. When selecting new tables for lobby makeover projects, remember that all elements of your space should work together in harmony. Unless you have professional design experience, it's probably best to select all your furniture and room accents from a single collection. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and OFM all offer full service lobby furniture lines to help you effectively match products.

4.) Wall Art

Those old motivational posters are a bit out of date these days! Try visiting thrift stores, flea markets, and arts markets to find some cool new wall art on a budget. Stores like Homegoods, At Home, and Hobby Lobby also offer super cool wall art that's sure to boost your lobby appeal. Add a few sconces, framed pics, and additional room accents to liven up your space.

5.) Cool Welcome Desk

As a main focal point of your lobby, the welcome desk is an essential contributor to the overall feel and look of your space. Having a nice reception desk will do wonders for your business, and the visiting experience of your guests. In 2015, you can pick up new reception desks like the VL-816 from the Cherryman Industries Verde Collection for well under a thousand bucks. As one of the most expensive items you can purchase for your lobby, the reception desk should be looked at as an investment in your corporate appeal, as well as an opportunity to boost the performance and functionality of your receptionist.
Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Here's What The Right Office Chair Can Do For You...

High End Ergonomic Office Chairs
Having the right office chair can do wonders for your work day! From reducing fatigue to keeping you operating in comfort, there's simply no substitute for a good ergonomic chair. In today's post we'll be sharing the benefits of ergonomics in the workplace and what using the right office chair can do for you. Enjoy!

1.) Reduce Fatigue

The right office chair will help you reduce fatigue in the workplace. Every movement your make around your office contributes to fatigue. That being said, reducing those movements is key. An adjustable office chair like the iOO from Eurotech Seating will allow you to quickly adapt to any situation with it's user friendly features. Don't over reach for items in your storage hutch. Raise the height of your chair and minimize the movement. Need to turn on your computer? Don't hunch over! Simply lower the chair height and save your back. In the long run, fatigue can take over any work day if you're not prepared to fight back. Using the right office chair and mastering it's features will certainly help you tackle this common workplace plague.

2.) Improve Functionality

If you're still operating a fixed back office chair, a chair with fixed arms, or a fixed base office chair, you're missing out on a ton of functionality. Upgrading to a modern office chair with adjustable arms will allow you to compute more comfortable and efficiently. An office chair with an adjustable back will allow you to change the angle at which you operate at your desk to achieve higher levels of comfort. A mobile office chair will allow you to glide effectively around your workstation and minimize your body movements. The right office chair will be equipped with all these features and more. Don't settle for sub par functionality. Improve versatility and find a chair with the features needed to help you take back your work day.

3.) Enhance Decor

Don't settle for a lack luster office chair! The right chair will provide you with excellent adjustment features as well as high end appeal. Some of 2015's best office chairs like the Circuit from Ergo Contract Furniture will earn your workspace the compliments it deserves from your valued guests. As a main focal point of any office, the chair should be used to compliment and enhance your visual appeal as well as your personal comfort.

4.) Reduce Back Pain

Using the wrong office chair will almost certainly affect your back and neck. With limited support and ergonomic features, poor quality office chairs are the silent killer! It's absolutely essential to select an office chair with good lumbar support as well as an ergonomic design to keep you from falling victim to this office epidemic. Popular ergonomic task chairs like the Spree from Global Total Office should be considered for any individual dealing with back pain in the office. These high quality chairs are affordable, user friendly, and will help you kick back pain to the curb!

5.) Keep You Comfortable

The right office chair will keep you comfortable. The wrong chair won't. It's as simple as that! If comfort in the workplace is important to you, it's essential to select an office chair designed for your needs and body type. As comfort in the workplace starts with the chair, take the time to discuss popular seating solutions with various dealers and manufacturers. Research reviews online and equip yourself with the product knowledge needed to select the right office chair for your personal needs. In the long run, if you're working comfortably, you'll be more productive and effective on a daily basis. Don't settle for pain in the office. Don't sit back and accept a poor quality chair that does nothing but limit your abilities while affecting your health. Test out various chairs and make an investment geared towards improving your daily performance.
Monday, April 6, 2015

Powered Office Furniture Solutions of 2015

Powered office furniture is taking businesses by storm! The ability to improve efficiency, productivity, and overall performance is simply to great to pass up. In today's post we'll take a look at 2015's best powered office furniture solutions. Enjoy!

Powered Conference Table
The powered furniture craze started in the conference room. Powered conference room tables are rapidly becoming the industry standard. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries have all introduced high tech conference tables that can be equipped with customizable power ports with HDMI, Audio, Phone, and other advanced inputs. Rest assured, a powered conference table will streamline your meetings and make your presentations a breeze! Tables like those from the Global Zira collection should be highly considered for any conference room makeover project.

Powered Training Room TablesIf you're looking to improve training room performance, powered tables will certainly help your cause! Mayline's Sync tables can be daisy-chained together and plugged in at a centrally located outlet. Training room visitors will have the ability to plug in devices, operate laptops, and utilize tables effectively without hassle. Top of the line training tables can even be outfitted with individual power modules that offer plug and play capabilities! No matter the tables you choose for your training room, add a few modules to keep things running smoothly.

Powered WorkstationsAs traditional panel furniture and cubicle configurations are rapidly being replaced by modern open desking layouts, the power readiness of these cutting edge workstations has contributed majorly to this movement. Open desking configurations can be outfitted with cutting edge surface modules that allow users to plug devices directly into the work surface or side walls. No more trips underneath the desk to route wires and turn on the computer!

Height Adjustable Desk
Even stand alone office desks can be configured with surface power ports! Workstations like those from the Mayline e5 collection are incredibly advanced and ready to take your office performance to the next level. In addition, height adjustable ergonomic desks are trending in 2015. The ability to quickly raise and lower your workstation at the touch of a button will promote continuous movement, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow.

Powered Lounge Chair
This year, furniture manufacturers like OFM decided to shake things up by introducing powered lounge and lobby furniture solutions. Lounge chairs like the Serenity are ready to improve the waiting experience of your guests in a hurry! The Serenity features a user friendly arm panel with
USB and AC inputs. They are also ready to accommodate users up to 500 pounds. Now that's heavy duty technology!

Symmetry Office Isle Power Tower
If you're feeling bummed because you've purchased new furniture and it's not powered, don't fret! Portable power towers are available to help you achieve the same great benefits. Units like the all new Isle from Symmetry Office can be purchased for around $700. These handy stations work great in lounge, lobby, training room, and boardroom environments. Simply move your Isle power tower from room to room as needed. These stations come equipped with USB and AC inputs, as well as a 108" cord. Rest assured, these techy office tools are super cool!

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