Friday, May 29, 2015

Office Design Advice: Maximizing Wall Space

Any good architect will tell you, the best way to maximize space is to build up rather than out. In the office, square footage can become pretty limited. Trying to find the best way to make use of that limited space may seem like a daunting challenge, but don't fret. In today's article, we're sharing our favorite space saving secrets to help you win the most from your workplace, from floor to ceiling!

The Big Pictures

If you work in an office building, sometimes a scenic view can be hard to come by. But whether you work at home or in a skyscraper, wall art is one of the best ways to showcase your business and jazz up the office for guests! Any kind of art helps to open up the space in a solid-painted room by making things seem bigger than a blank wall.
Photographs are one of the most popular choices, particularly for windowless places, because they help to provide a sense of escape, like a window that reduces claustrophobia. Produced artwork is another popular choice because it offers a wide array of options for designers. With painted pictures, stencils, or abstracts, business owners may select pieces that match the interior of the room, showcase company colors, or illustrate the company motto. Either way, your office guests are bound to be dazzled!

Wall Hutches

For all the places where paintings don't go, wall hutches are an ideal space-filler. Not only that, but they also serve a useful purpose! Wall hutches provide storage for all the extra trimmings an office needs to function. Copy paper, sticky-note stacks, tape rolls, calculators, spare light bulbs - they all fit easily into hutches and office storage units. But don't stop there! Adding filing cabinets and bookshelves can also provide much needed vertical storage that won't eat up your floor space. Your office will be clutter-free in no time!

Presentation Boards

With massive tables and an army of chairs in the way, conference tables can be one of the most difficult rooms to work in. Most office boardrooms are limited solely to discussion and powerpoint projection. However, there is an easy way to turn any conference room into a sanctuary for sharing ideas. Adding office presentation boards to a workplace frees visionaries to share as fast as they can think. They also provide excellent impromptu drawing canvases, notepads, message boards, and so much more. Many of the best office furniture brands design presentation boards with closable doors for discreetness and security. Cork panels and magnetized dry-erase walls are just a few extra bonus features that make these all-in-one boards a must have office tool!


Remember how we talked about paintings providing windows to the outside world? Well, those that want a little extra will certainly appreciate pictures that move! Televisions are becoming one of the most commonly used office tools for guest entertainment. Ideal as an addition to lobby and waiting room furniture, flatscreen televisions do not take up much space. Pediatricians, dentists, and offices with long customer wait times find them invaluable, serving a purpose without taking up space. Prop them up on flatscreen TV mounts to mesmerize your patients and guests!


And last but not least, we leave you with the oldest trick in the book to maximize your wall space - lighting! Back in the day, architects used clever design to expand the daylight and brighten up the gothic cathedrals of ancient Europe, making them seem all the more massive. Today, designers use the same light tricks to maximize the space in offices through optical illusion. Whether you have fancy lighting fixtures, windows, or affordable desk lamps, plentiful dramatic lighting still remains one of the best ways to fool the eye into thinking a space is bigger. So if your office feels cramped and clustered, don't be afraid to "let there be light!"

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Good Habits Are Your Best Office Assets!

Form Good Habits At Work
To reach peak performance levels in the office, we must form good habits! From eating healthy to practicing good posture tips, following a good daily routine with superior accuracy will ensure personal productivity. In today's post we'll highlight the 4 key habit areas to focus on to help you operate at your best. Enjoy!


A good work day starts with a good nights rest. We all need a solid 8 hours to make it through the work day without suffering from fatigue. While we might be able to start strong out of the gate with minimal rest, maintaining a high performance level is incredibly difficult. Create a structured sleep plan by setting a reasonable bed time. Don't stay up all night watching movies and eating junk food! Get to bed early enough to ensure you're up with plenty of time to get ready for work. No more rushing out the door and starting your work day at a frantic pace. Commit to good sleep habits and reap the daily rewards!


Now it's time to start eating healthy! Breakfeast is yet another key pillar of every solid work day. Jump start your metabolism every day with a healthy breakfast. If you're limited on time, a piece of fruit, yogurt, or healthy muffin is better than nothing! Save the bacon, eggs, and pancakes with syrup for the weekend! During the week, eating healthy will provide you with the energy you need to make it through those long days at the office. Forming good breakfast habits is an absolute must. This asset offers too many benefits to pass up.

In addition to eating a healthy breakfast, don't set your work day back by pounding down a cheese burger and fries at lunch. Consider a healthy wrap, salad, or a little something on the lighter side. If you can, squeeze in a piece of fruit to boost your energy levels and go light on the condiments! We've all dealt with that mid day groggy feeling that comes from over eating at lunch time. Put good habits in place to avoid these dreadful productivity attacks!


Did you know that sitting for extended periods of time can actually shorten your lifespan. A staggering amount of workers report major health problems, aches, and pains that are directly related to sitting incorrectly each year. This tells us that it's time to form some good posture habits! Start by synchronizing your office chair and workstation. Set the height of your chair to keep your desk surface just above the naval. Next, adjust your chair arms to ensure you are operating at the correct computing position. 

Once your chair and desk are synchronized, it's time to start putting your chair's ergonomic attributes to good use. Most all computer chairs manufactured after 1990 claim to be ergo friendly in one way or another. While not all chairs are created equal, it's highly likely that your chair is outfitted with at least a few user friendly features that can be used as assets throughout your workday. Master the mechanism located underneath the seat of your office chair. This is will ensure you are ready to find the optimal operating position at a moments notice!

Studies have shown that workers who place posture tips and ergonomic reminders around their workstation report signs of improved comfort. Let's highlight a few good posture tips to get you started on the path to sitting successfully! 
  • Keep back in contact with chair at all times
  • Avoid over reaching
  • Don't cross legs
  • Keep feet flat on ground
  • Stand up and stretch once every hour
  • Use ergonomic tools (monitor arms, foot rests, etc.)

The last key office habit area you'll need to focus on is organization! You can't very well operate at your best if you're sitting in a mess workstation. Before you leave work every day, be sure to take 10 minutes to reorganize your workstation. This will ensure you don't start the following day dealing with a mess. If you work in a shared space, try posting reminders to get your team involved. While this is typically easier said than done, it's better than nothing! 

Be sure to utilize the organizational tools at your disposal. All too often workers leave files and important documents strewn across the office and fail to make use of the overhead storage hutch, file cabinet, or desk pedestal that's less than an arms length away. You can label the outsides of your cabinets and list the contents so you know just where to find everything you need. If the contents of your cabinets are always changing, consider using a dry erase board! 

Keep your personal belongings in a secure place that's close by. Typically, a desk pedestal will do the trick. Be sure to attach the key to your keyring, or keep it some place safe. Sadly, too many workers leave those keys in the the lock! In the long run, organization will make a huge different in productivity. This key asset can make or break your work day. Form the good habits needed to maintain a functional, versatile, and well organized office interior!
Friday, May 22, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: iDesk Curva Seating by Cherryman Industries

iDesk Curva Chair
Today we'll be reviewing the all new Curva seating series from Cherryman's popular iDesk collection. These awesome new office chairs offer high end appeal and provide a ton of great features designed to improve comfort in the workplace. Let's take an in-depth look at these trending new chairs!


It's hard to miss the swanky modern design characteristics of the new Curva chairs. With a blend of mesh, leather, and metal tones, Curva has a little something for everybody. The sleek design saves space and falls directly inline with many of the hot European chair trends of 2015. These chairs are can easily be classified as modern or contemporary. They were no doubt designed for wow factor. Rest assured, the Curva chair is ready to impress even the harshest critics.

Curva Chair - Side View

The iDesk Curva chair collection was introduced with both high back and mid back models. The high back Curva chair features a leather headrest and mesh back design. The mid back curve chair lacks the leather head rest but is slightly less expensive. Both models are available in a choice of brushed aluminum or metallic black frame finish options.


The Curva works great in a variety of office environments. The sleek design characteristics make both the high back and mid back Curva chair models a no-brainer for modern conference room seating needs. The high back Curva makes a great fit for executive office applications while the mid back Curva offers a comfortable tasking solution that's sure to provide users with the support features needed to make it through long days at the office.

Mid Back Curva Chair

Curva swivel chairs offer far more than just good looks! These new seating solutions from Cherryman pack an ergonomic punch. Both the high back and mid back Curva chairs come standard with a back structure design that forms a natural lumbar support, as well as an advanced seat mechanism that boasts an offset recline pivot with central tension adjustment. The side mounted lock lever offers a user friendly touch while the wide 5 star base provides stability.


Cherryman Curva ChairThe mid back Curva chair with black metallic frame is available for $427.00. The brushed aluminum mid back model is slightly more expensive at $633.50. This high back Curva chair with black metallic frame is $539.50, while the brushed aluminum upgrade will set you back $633.50.

Final Thoughts:

We give the new Curva seating collection 4 out of 5 stars. In terms of criticisms, we'd like to see an adjustable arm option. It would make these chairs a better option or everyday computing applications. In addition, we feel the price is a bit high. That being said, the Curva chairs are extremely well made and very cutting edge. If you want the absolute best office chairs for your conference room, the Curva is it! The quality craftsmanship and attention to detail has the Curva line poised for success in 2015.
Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Memorial Day Office Chair Sale!

In honor of Memorial Day, we are offering several of our top office chairs on sale. All of the chairs listed below can be purchased with an additional 5% off and free shipping by using coupon code: ERGODEAL at checkout. Thank you to all the Veteran's out there protecting our freedoms! Happy shopping.

Woodstock Marketing Hendrix Chair (4 Colors Available!)
Price: $315.00
Deal: Save 5% and Free Shipping with Coupon Code: ERGODEAL

Woodstock Marketing Joplin Chair (4 Colors Available!)
Price: $269.00
Deal: Save 5% and Free Shipping with Coupon Code: ERGODEAL

Woodstock Marketing Ravi Chair (3 Colors Available!)
Price: $229.00
Deal: Save 5% and Free Shipping with Coupon Code: ERGODEAL

Woodstock Marketing Creedence Chair (4 Colors Available!)
Price: $329.00
Deal: Save 5% and Free Shipping with Coupon Code: ERGODEAL

Woodstock Marketing Baez Chair (2 Colors Available!)
Price: $269.00
Deal: Save 5% and Free Shipping with Coupon Code: ERGODEAL

Eurotech Seating iOO Chair (2 Colors Available!)
Price: $560.00
Deal: Save 5% and Free Shipping with Coupon Code: ERGODEAL

Eurotech Seating Frasso Chair
Price: $405.00
Deal: Save 5% and Free Shipping with Coupon Code: ERGODEAL

Eurotech Seating Lume Chair
Price: $279.00
Deal: Save 5% and Free Shipping with Coupon Code: ERGODEAL

Cherryman Industries iDesk Oroblanco Chair
Price: $321.50
Deal: Save 5% and Free Shipping with Coupon Code: ERGODEAL

Cherryman Industries iDesk Ambarella Chair
Price: $315.00
Deal: Save 5% and Free Shipping with Coupon Code: ERGODEAL

*If you're in need of  multiple office chairs for your business, please contact us toll free at 800-456-6746 for additional savings and bulk discount pricing opportunities!
Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Functionality + Comfort = Ergonomic!

Want to go ergo? You'll need to combine functionality and comfort! These two essential elements of workplace versatility work together to create out of this world ergonomic interiors. In today's post we'll showcase awesome office products that do just that. Enjoy!

Sit To Stand Office FurnitureSit to stand office desks are the latest ergonomic craze. That being said, we naturally decided to kick today's article off by highlighting the super cool sit to stand workstations available in 2015! This year brands like ESI and Global Total Office have introduced cool new workstations that adjust up and down electronically. These versatile stations encourage continuos movement and improve blood flow. If you want to improve functional and comfort, an adjustable height desk may be the perfect solution for you!

Articulating Keyboard Tray
In recent years, a simple keyboard tray that simply slid underneath your desk surface would of been acceptable. However, as ergonomic technology has reached new heights, the classic keyboard tray has been drastically improved. Articulating computer keyboard trays have now become the industry standard. These adjustable units allow users to change the angle and height at which they compute. This creates improved functionality, improved comfort while typing, and a lot more ergonomic benefits you can't afford to miss!

Adjustable CPU HolderStill venturing under your desk to route wires and plug in devices? Ouch! These trips are no fun for you or your back. Luckily, they can be avoided! If you're looking to skip the sea of crumbs and candy wrappers that are no doubt waiting for you during your adventures underneath the desk, it's time to incorporate a CPU holder. Available for under a hundred and fifty bucks, a CPU holder is a modern must have for any space. These handy devices mount directly underneath desk surfaces on retractable tracks that allow them to be quickly accessed when needed, and slid back out of the way when not. This means, no more banging your knees on your CPU when computing, and no more straining your back to plug in your phone for a quick charge.

Drifter Portable Power Module
Where have you been all our lives? Power modules are revolutionizing the way we work! Much like HD televisions, power modules where once considered luxury items that were overly expensive. As the demand increased, more and more top manufacturers hopped on board and brought the price point down to a more reasonable level! Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries all offer excellent conference room table models that can be equipped with factory installed power modules designed to improve meeting performance and efficiency. Already have your conference table? No problem! Check out awesome power solutions like the ISLE and Drifter modules from Symmetry Office. These units can be moved from room to room as needed, when needed!

Single Screen Monitor ArmDon't settle for the fixed base monitor stand that came with your computer. If you want to up your ergonomic credentials, you've got to incorporate an adjustable monitor arm into your workspace. Single and dual screen mounting systems are the most popular. However, computer monitor arms that hold up to 12 screens are now available on the market. This tells us that users are tired of clicking between tabs and closing out screens repeatedly throughout the work day! A monitor arm will instantly increase your usable desk space while proving you with limitless adjustment capabilities. Maximize your work day by adding a monitor arm. You'll be glad you did!
Monday, May 18, 2015

You Gotta Love Your Office Chair!

You Gotta Love  Your Office Chair!
Do you love your office chair? You should! As office comfort starts with the chair, it's important to select, master, maintain, and show a little love to the chair you choose for your workspace. In today's post we'll share helpful ways to maximize your chair while keeping it operating a peak performances levels for years to come. Enjoy!

Before you rush out and purchase a new office chair for your workspace, it's important to do your research. As not all office chairs are created equal, product reviews and videos will help you narrow down your search. In addition, shoppers can get helpful product suggestions from industry professionals as well as physicians.

Now that you've decided on an office chair for your specific needs and body type, it's time to save some money! Top notch office chairs can be quite pricey, but luckily there are several awesome ways to maximize and extend your budget. Start by looking for free shipping specials listed at various websites. Most of today's reputable seating manufacturers like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Eurotech Seating offer free shipping on their chairs for preferred dealers. That being said, if you see a shipping charge, keep on shopping! Next you'll want to browse various sites like and for coupons. Simply enter in the name of the website you're considering purchasing a new chair from and see if they have coupons. You can also call you dealer of choice and inquire about closeouts and special deals they may be running to help you save even more. As everyone loves a good deal, if you save a few bucks on your purchase, you'll love your new office chair even more!

Once your chair arrives, basic assembly will be required. While you may view this step as a bit of a hassle, it's actually a great way for you to learn how your chair operates. Typical assembly will take around 30 minutes, but the knowledge gained about your chair will help you operate more comfortably for years! Understandably, if you're purchasing multiple task chairs for your employees you may not want to put them all together by hand. That being said, be sure to look over the assembly instructions and keep them somewhere safe if needed.

With your fully assembled chair ready to rock and roll, it's time to start learning it's features. As even the best office chairs are only as good as their owners, mastering your chair's adjustments will make a huge difference in your ergonomic effectiveness. Adjust your chair up and down, manipulate the angle at which your chair sits, and master the paddles located on your chair mechanism. You can also check out good posture tips and sitting advice to help you become even more successful in the workplace.

In the long run, if you show some love to your office chair, it'll show some back! Take the time to understand the individual components of your chair and how they operate cohesively to keep you comfortable. Maintenance you chair regularly by oiling it's metal parts and tightening loose screws. When respected and treated properly, your chair can be an office investment that lasts you a lifetime.
Thursday, May 14, 2015

Selecting The Right Office Chair for Your Body Type Is Essential!

Selecting the right office chair can be a difficult process without the helpful tips and ergonomic knowledge needed to make an educated purchasing decision. While a certain office chair may be an excellent option for you, it might not be for your coworker. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same holds true when it comes to office chair comfort. With the advice provided in today's post, you'll be ready to find the perfect office chair for your body type. Enjoy!

Type A:

Smaller chair operators will want to avoid bulky office chairs for their space. Petite users should focus on low and mid back task chairs for day to day operation, as well as some executive style chairs for higher end interiors. Low and mid back office chairs provide excellent support and don't lack in terms of ergonomic features. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Eurotech Seating offer excellent chairs for smaller workers. If you're under five and a half feet tall, there's no real need for fancy chair upgrades like headrests as you'll probably not be able to reach them to effectively gain the support they provide. Focus on a chair that focuses on you! Low and mid back chairs harness their ergonomic energies towards lumbar and mid back areas, the perfect place for you!

Chair Suggestions:

  • Yorkdale Chair
  • Azeo Chair
  • Experience
  • Granada

Type B:

If you fall between 5'6" tall and 6' tall, the world is your oyster when it comes to selecting an office chair. While a low back chair may not provide the effective support you'll need to make it through those long days at the office, pretty much any other chair style can get the job done. Medium back and some high back chairs should be the primary focus for type B chair operators. These types of ergonomic chairs will be easy to operate and integrate into your workspace.

Chair Suggestions:

  • Curva
  • Ambarella
  • Oroblanco
  • Frasso

Type C:

Larger individuals will want to focus their office chair search on high back models. High back office chairs provide excellent upper back and neck support that taller individuals will need to operate comfortably behind the desk. Chairs with headrests are often classified as high back models as they exceed the typical chair height by several inches. In addition, if you weigh over 250 pounds, a big and tall chair may be the way to go. Brands like Global Total Office, Eurotech, and OFM provide high quality big and tall chairs that are capable of supporting users up to 500 pounds.

Chair Suggestions:

  • Loover
  • Alero
  • Ergohuman
  • Avenger

When shopping for your next office chair, be sure to ask yourself important buying questions. What ergonomic features will be most helpful? What are my current areas of office discomfort? What is my budget? Determining the right chair for your body type means analyzing your body! Don't be afraid to test out several chairs to determine what works best for you. Physician's and ergonomic seating specialists will be happy to provide you with helpful tips and chair suggestions. In the long run, your office chair is an investment in comfort and workplace productivity. Making it count is a must!
Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chair of The Week: G20 by Global Total Office

Global Total Office G20 Chair
The Global Total Office G20 chair is a must see. In terms of form and function, G20 chairs are amongst the best on the market in 2015. In today's post we'll review the G20 line and it's versatile benefits. Enjoy!


G20 Cloud ChairsAt first glance you'll notice the high end modern design of the G20. With a polished base and breathable mesh back, the G20 is ready to impress while keeping you supremely comfortable. The attention to detail is showcased by the polished back accents and elegant curves.


6007 G20 ChairWhere do be begin! The G20 chair offers some of the best new ergonomic features money can buy. All models are standard with multi functional arms and fully active lumbar supports that can be raised or lowered to meet the specific preferences of any user. The G20's mesh back is composed of alternating rows of clear and black elastomeric yarns that flex effectively during chair operation. That being said, perhaps the most advanced feature of the G20 is the synchronized mechanism. This cutting edge device allows the chair back to smoothly tilt while the seating surface slides to the rear. This makes it easy for users to keep their backs in contact with the chair at all times.

G20 Cloud Chair - Side ViewModels

Global introduced the new G20 collection with two models. The 6007 G20 chair features a black mesh back with black accent features. The 6007 is standard with a polished base that can be accented by a variety of seat upholstery options. The 6008 model G20 chair is also known as the Cloud! With it's white features and a sitting experience that will have you feeling like your sitting on a cloud, the 6008 G20 chair is very appropriately named!


Office Chair ReviewThe 6007 G20 chair is available for $507.99. Shoppers will enjoy the ability to select from a wide range of grade three fabric seat color options. Additional fabric and leather seat options are available at an up-charge that's directly affected by the upholstery grade chosen. The G20 Cloud chair is slightly more expensive at $580.99. The same seat color options are available on both models.

Final Grades

We give the G20 5 full stars. These chairs mean business! With good looks, a variety of color options, and cutting edge ergonomic features, the G20 has everything you'd want in a premier office chair at a price point any shopper will appreciate. There's just not much to criticize about these awesome new chairs!
Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Are You Computing Correctly?

Computing isn't all about cyber know-how. It's also about proper maintenance - and the computer is only as good as it's user. In the modern workplace, computers are a regular fixture, so it's important to know how to keep both yourself and your computer running smoothly. That's why, in today's article, we're sharing plenty of ergonomic and cyber tips to help you compute correctly!


Anyone whose ever fallen asleep at their desk knows how difficult it can be to stay focused and comfortable in the office. That's why we recommend stretching as our first tip! Taking periodic stretch breaks not only wakes you up and keeps you focused, but it's also extremely healthful. Don't be afraid use ergonomic task chairs as exercise equipment. The internet is filled with plenty of office-friendly exercises enliven your work day. Plus, stretching also keeps you limber and helps reduce pain, so you can always say it's for medicinal reasons if coworkers give you weird looks!

Flex Those Abs

Bad posture is one of the worst causes of office related pain known to man, with slouching being the number one culprit. Of course, it's hard to keep your torso upright for eight hours a day, but thankfully, it's nothing a few good workouts can't fix. At home (or at the gym), remember to tone that core with plenty of crunches and pushups. Your abdominal muscles are the key to good posture because they are what helps support the spine. Work good posture into your daily routine by tying your shoulders to your office chair or investing in sit to stand desks for a more healthful work style.

Get Adjusted

One of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of computing is the physical relationship between the user and their workstation. Before anyone touches that keyboard, take the time to research and accurately adjust desks and workstations to the proper positions for each user. Most desks and chairs with modern design will provide plenty of adjustable ergonomic features. Ideally, the body needs to be a series of right angles. Start with the chair, making sure your knees bend at 90 degrees, with your feet flat on the floor to avoid stressing the legs. The elbows should be bent at 90 degrees, with the wrists and hands parallel to the forearms - the desk height needs to be adjusted to your hands, not the other way around. And finally, the back should be upright in it's natural S-shape, with the lumbar gently cradled by your office chair.

Cyber Cleaning

Finally, we can begin computing! But first, every computer user should become familiar with computer maintenance procedures. Just like the human body, computers will become slow and tired without proper care and plenty of sleep. Take the time once a week to clear caches, empty the digital recycle bin, and run a virus scan to ensure your computer is healthy. At the end of every work day, be sure to turn off your computer or set it to "sleep." This allows the computer time to reboot and rid itself of malware. The extra effort will help your computer to run much faster!

Eye Exam

Now that you're ready for computation, it's important to remember some personal maintenance tips as you work. In addition to periodic stretching to relieve tension, it's also important to rest your eyes. Computer-related eye strain is a very common problem in the workplace. Viewing a computer in an overly dark or bright room, or without corrective lenses, can force the eyes to work harder, leading to headaches and poor vision health. Ergonomic monitor arms reduce pain not just in the eyes, but also in the body if you are leaning forward to see the screen. A properly adjusted computer monitor should be arm's length away from the face, at eye level when the person is sitting upright and face-forward. And lastly, take visual breaks. A short glance at something 20 feet away from you for 15 seconds should be enough to rest your eyes for another work session!

Monday, May 11, 2015

8 Awesome Ways To Get Ergofied In 2015!

Going ergonomic is just plain smart! The ability to improve workplace performance, comfort, and versatility is simply too good to pass up. While we've all heard the word thrown around the workplace, it's time to start applying the benefits associated with it. In today's post we'll share awesome ways to get you ergofied in 2015. Enjoy!

1.) Improve Posture

Posture At Work

If you're hunching, slouching, or leaning over your work surface is time for a change! Be sure to keep your back in contact with your chair at all times. Align your desk and chair properly to avoid over extending your extremities and operating ineffectively. Proper posture will promote good blood flow, reduce fatigue, and improve your performance. Place a posture chart with handy reminders around your work surface to ensure you keep up the good habits and leave the bad ones in your ergonomic wake!

2.) Get To Know Your Chair

Ergonomic Chair

Are you and your chair good friends? You should be! As office comfort starts with your chair, it's essential to master it's features and benefits. If you've recently purchased a new chair, be sure to study the manual and check out demo videos online. Don't be afraid to test out all the functions! If you've got an older chair, show it some love! Do a basic maintenance to tighten screws and oil mechanisms. Don't settle for squeaks and wobbles. Those are your chair's cries for help. Remember, the office chair is only as good as it's owner.

3.) Standing Height Desks

If you're fighting fatigue, back pain, or cramps when operating at your desk, it may be time for an upgrade. In 2015 standing desks are the hottest trend. Models from the Global Total Office Foli collection and Mayline VariTask collection have taken the ergonomic world by storm. Standing height desks promote continuous movement in the workplace and improve blood flow. Whether you're upgrading your private office, guest welcoming area, or home workspace, height adjustable ergonomic workstations are a must consider. This is one trend that's sure to be booming for years and years.

4.) Deskercise


You read it right, deskercise. The practice of exercising at your desk! Check out the awesome videos with deskercise ideas online. Tons of great stretches and workout routines can be incorporated into your work day to keep you healthy. Deskercise is fun and really addicting. You'll have your coworkers on board and hooked in no time. While we're not suggesting you drop you gym membership, avoid sitting for lengthy stretches and shake things up with a few simple deskercises throughout your day!

5.) Monitor Arms

Monitor Arm

Ergonomic monitor arms are rapidly becoming an industry standard. If you're still working with your computer screen mounted to it's factory base, you're missing out on a ton of ergo opportunities. Single and dual screen monitor arms can be purchased for under two hundred bucks to greatly improve your work day. A monitor arm will instantly increase your usable desk space while simultaneously improving the rate at which you compute. The incredible adjustability of monitor arms has made them a must have for any professional work environment.

6.) Sit To Stand Keyboard Trays

Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray

Can't afford a swanky new standing height desk? A sit to stand keyboard tray is the next best thing! While traditional articulating keyboard trays have made their ergonomic mark in years passed, sit to stand models are taking over. While a basic retractable keyboard tray is good, sit to stand models are great. Provide your space with improved functionality and versatility without spending a fortune. Add a sit to stand keyboard tray today.

7.) CPU Holders

CPU Holder

Stop crawling under your desk to turn on your computer, route wires, and plug in devices. A CPU holder can save your back and valuable time throughout the day. These handy ergonomic tools mount directly underneath your desk work surface on a track system that's super easy to install. When you need your CPU, simply slide it forward and swivel it into position. When you don't need it, slide it back on the track and enjoy lots of extra leg room. No more banging your knees on the CPU!

8.) Research The Trends

Tablet Mounts

Last but certainly not least, you'll want to follow the ergonomic trends throughout the years. Ergonomic blogs provide a ton of great tips and helpful info that will keep you operating at peak performance levels. New products are being introduced regularly to improve the way to work. From surface level power modules to innovative new tablet chairs, 2015 has been an exciting year for ergonomics. We can't wait to see what's next! Never settle for discomfort in the workplace. Take the necessary steps to ensure you are working healthy and at your best.
Friday, May 8, 2015

Chair Of The Week: Europa by Eurotech Seating

Europa High Back ChairThe Eurotech Seating Europa chair collection is a must see. Wether you're outfitting a professional meeting area or boost your personal office appeal, the Europa is up to the task. These best selling office chairs from Eurotech are the topic of today's Chair Of The Week article. Enjoy!


The Europa is available in both high back and mid back variations. These distinctively modern office chairs combine sleek curves and an attention to detail that any shopper will appreciate. Both the polished chrome and metallic black Europa chairs feature a ribbed leather upholstery that's sure to impress your office guests.

Eurotech Europa Seating

As mentioned above, the Europa is available in both high back and mid back variations. Both models are available with a choice of polished chrome and metallic frame options. The Europa guest chair makes the perfect compliment to any executive office and is available in two leather color options. The Europa mid back chair with polished chrome frame is now available in a swanky white leather upholstery option that shoppers have to see! All models are also available in black and brown leather tones to keep interiors cool and classy.


Europa Chair - Side ViewWhile the Europa collection may not offer the adjustable arms found on most of today's best selling chairs, they still pack a major ergonomic punch! Both the high back and mid back office chairs from the Europa collection come standard with tilt tension control, center tilt, tilt lock, adjustable seat height cylinders, and waterfall seat edges.


The Europa is a top choice for both executive office and conference room areas. The sleek frame design is sure to save you space in any office interior. If you're looking to maximize seating around your boardroom table, give the Europa a look. You'll be glad you did. With it's trend setting European design characteristics, there's not too many areas the Europa won't improve in terms of style.


Europa Chair ReviewThe high back Europa chair with metallic frame is priced at $226.00. The high back Europa chair with polished frame is slightly more expensive at $233.00. The Mid back Europa chair with metallic frame is $215.50, while the polished frame model is $22.50. The Europa series guest chair is $206.00.

Final Thoughts:

In a nut shell, Europa chairs are a great buy. They offer excellent appeal that falls directly inline with 2015's hottest seating trends. They are not overly pricey and work great in nearly every work environment imaginable. We give the Europa collection 4 out of 5 starts. While we'd like to see an optional adjustable arm upgrade, there's just not too much to criticize about these awesome chairs from our friends at Eurotech Seating!
Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Office Desks and Chairs On Sale In May!

This month is offering best selling office desks and ergonomic seating solutions on sale with free shipping. In addition to the awesome deals highlighted here, check out our list of active office furniture coupons highlighted at the bottom of today's post. Happy shopping!

1.) Mayline Medina Straight Front Desk and Bridge - $679.99 + Free Shipping!

Medina Straight Front Desk

2.) Mayline Medina Straight Front U Desk - $1656.99 + Free Shipping!

Medina Straight Front U Desk

3.) Mayline Aberdeen U Desk - $2602.99 + Free Shipping!

Mayline Aberdeen U Desk in Gray Steel Laminate

4.) Cherryman VL-730 Verde U Desk - $1849.00 + Free Shipping!

Cherryman Verde Series VL-730 U Desk

5.) Cherryman VL-716N Verde Bow Front L Desk - $1070.00 + Free Shipping!

Office Desks On Sale

6.) Cherryman iDesk Curva Mid Back Conference Chair - $427.00 + Free Shipping!

iDesk Curva Mid Back Chair

7.) Eurotech Tetra Mesh Task Chair - $177.50 + Free Shipping!

Eurotech Tetra Chair

8.) Woodstock Marketing Creedence Chair - $329.00 + Free Shipping!

Woodstock Marketing Creedence Chair

9.) Ergo Contract Furniture Layover Chair - $267.99 + Free Shipping!

Ergo Contract Layover Chair

10.) Offices To Go 11960B Managers Task Chair - $195.99 + Free Shipping!

Mesh Managers Chair

Active Coupons for May:

Save 5% On Select Office Chairs ~ Call 800-456-6746 for Details! 

Receive 5% On Select Desks ~ Call 800-456-6746 for Details!

Code: FP3400
Receive $25 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $499 or More

Code: FP3900
Receive $50 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $999 or More

Code: FP4000
Receive $100 Off and Free Shipping On Any Purchase of $1999 or More

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