Thursday, January 28, 2016

Popular GSA Approved Seating Solutions of 2015

As the fiscal year winds to a close, we though it would be helpful to provide our government shoppers with a list of awesome GSA approved seating solutions. This chairs in this post from brands like Global Total Office provide high end appeal and the user friendly ergonomic features to match. Enjoy!

Vion ChairFirst up, the 6322-8 Vion mesh back chair from Global Total Office. While the Vion seating collection offers a wide range of models to choose from, the 6322-8 is the best value. These multi functional chairs offer well padded seating surfaces, naturally pronounced lumbar areas, adjustable arms, and high tech ergonomic mechanisms. The 6322-8 Vion chair is available in a wide range of seat upholstery options to compliment the breathable mesh back color of your choice. You simply can't go wrong with one of these awesome chairs. The 6322-8 Vion is the full package!

Azeo ChairFinding a high quality GSA approved office chair is easier said than done, especially if you want leather! That being said, we've got the perfect solution. The Azeo 2050L-3 boasts a cutting edge modern look that's sure to impress even the harshest critics. These high back office chairs are available in a wide range of color options and three shell colors that are guaranteed to make your workspace stand out from the crowd. The Azeo is equipped with advanced padded arms and a wide range of paddle adjustments located to the right of the mechanism for easy access. This contemporary chair really catches the eye and backs up it's good looks with top notch performance.

Global Total Office Ride Chair 2611-1Don't delay your office comfort! Go with a reliable seating solution like the 2611-1 Ride chair today. This line of advanced fabric task seating provides the ultimate sitting experience. The 2611-1 Ride boasts arms that vertically adjust and pivot with a single action to make finding the right computing angle a breeze. Two frame finishes and a wide range of seating surface options are available to meet your specific tastes. With it's five legged, injection molded spider base and black suede side panels, you'll definitely want to come along for the ride. No pun intended!

Flex Nest Chair
When creating a training room environment, space is always at a premium. That being said, you'll wan to select chairs that will help maximize your area. The Flex Nest 6547 certainly falls into this category. These versatile mobile chairs offer space saving design characteristics and high end modern appeal. The Flex Nest training room chair can be nested along walls when not in use. They are lightweight and easy to transport when needed. Need to quickly reconfigure your space? No problem! The large casters and frame design makes the Flex Nest a breeze to move around the workspace.

Global Total Office Caprice Guest Chair
A well designed guest reception area will leave a positive impression on your valued visitors. To achieve this goal, you'll need the right seating for the job. We recommend the GSA approved 3365 Caprice model! With molded black polypropylene arm caps, durability is never an issue. The seat bottom is equipped with bullet style glides to protect your floors. Steel self-leveling rubber glides are also available as an option if needed. Caprice guest chairs work great in waiting room, lobby, lounge, and reception areas. Choose from a variety of attractive fabric, vinyl, and leather upholstery grades to meet your specific needs. Three frame finishes are available at no up charge.

How To Create A Professional Desk Configuration

Medina Desk
When the average office desk won't cut it, furniture shoppers are forced to go custom. That being said, with a little preparation and know how, the task can be effectively accomplished without breaking the budget. In today's post we'll teach you how to create a professional desk configuration using popular components from the Mayline Medina collection. Enjoy!

Medina Desk ReturnWe chose the Medina office furniture collection because it's been 2016's best seller. This full service furniture line from Mayline offers trend setting desks, conference tables, and reception stations needed to furnish all your professional interiors. Medina desks and workstations are available in a wide range of attractive finish options to help shoppers personalize their space.

Medina CredenzaAll professional office makeover projects start with effective space planning. Before you rush out and select a new office desk for the home or business, take the time to measure your workspace. Take note of entry ways, windows, and power outlets that will affect the functionality of your desired layout.

Medina File PedestalWith dimensions on hand, you'll be able to choose between 2 main office desk sizes. The Medina collection offers both 63" and 72" wide desks that should work well for just about any interior over 7.5' wide.

As you'll likely need a bit more operational space, consider adding a universal bridge. This is an extension or return that can work effectively on the right or left hand side of your desk. The Medina collection offers 48.5" wide returns that really come in handy.

Medina U Shaped Desk ConfigurationWith your stand alone desk and return, you will have formed an L shaped workstation that can be used along walls or in corner applications. To further enhance your layout, a 63" or 72" wide credenza can be added to form a full U shape. In 2016, U shaped desk configurations have been the preferred choice of business executives.

No workspace is complete without the right combination of storage products needed to stay organized. Lucky for you, the Medina offers plenty of solutions to choose from. Start by maximizing your floor space and adding an overhead hutch unit. Medina hutches like the MNH63 and MNH72 models can be mounted directly over your credenza to simultaneously improve workspace appeal. Matching lateral file cabinets, executive storage cabinets, and desk pedestals are also available to improve organizing potential. These units can be placed underneath your desk surface, credenza, or placed along walls to pull the elements of your interior together.

Ergonomic Monitor ArmLast but certainly not least, to make your desk configuration the best it can be, you'll need 3 key ergonomic products. The first is a dual screen ergonomic monitor mount. With a dual monitor mount you'll be able to raise your computer screens up to eye level and reduce eye strain while simultaneously increasing usable desk surface space. Secondly, you'll want to add a sit to stand keyboard tray as they promote continuous movement in the workplace, improve blood flow, and reduce fatigue. Last but not least, an under-mount CPU holder will help protect your important digital files against theft and water damage. A CPU holder will also help to create more knee space under your desk. Brands like Symmetry Office and ESI Ergonomic Solutions offer all 3 of these essential ergonomic accessories.

By now you should have a full U shaped desk configuration from the Mayline Medina collection. Your station should be outfitted with the top 3 ergonomic accessories needed to reach peak performance levels in the workplace. If you're looking for additional ways to improve your office interior, consider the addition of a new ergonomic office chair, as well as a task light and folding white board cabinet.
Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Global Sets Standard with G20 Cloud Chair

G20 Cloud ChairThe Gobal Total Office team never fails to impress. This industry leading manufacturer takes pride in crafting cutting edge office chairs designed to help users reach peak performance levels in the workplace. In today's post, we'll review Global's G20 cloud chair. This ergonomic seating solution is sure to help you kick office comfort into high gear.

Global Total Office G20 Chair ReviewThe moment you notice the G20 Cloud chair from Global Total Office you'll being dying to give it a try. The super cool modern design characteristics set it apart from all other chairs on the market. Wide sweeping cast aluminum lines and delicate edge details are carefully integrated with stylized nylon components to create a crisp, simple profile.

The Cloud chair boasts a durable mesh back design that's complimented by a well padded ergonomic seat. The back mesh is composed of alternating vertical rows of clear elastomeric yarns and black polyester yarns.

High Tech Office ChairsHigh tech, innovative, and comfortable! These three words best describe the 6008 model G20 Cloud chair from Global Total Office. You simply can't go wrong with this luxury office chair. Give it a sit, and you'll never settle for anything less. The G20 Cloud boasts an advanced synchronized mechanism that allows the seat to gently recline and slide to the rear while the back smoothly tilts. The lumbar support is fully active and can be raised or lowered to suit the user's preference.

Office Chair Reviews
G20 cloud chairs are also equipped with adjustable arms that make finding the correct computing position a breeze. The G20's versatile design makes it one of the best task chair models on the market. With it's ability to automatically adjust to body weight, the G20 Cloud chair is perfect for intensive work environments.

At $580.99, the G20 cloud chair can be yours. Shoppers will be able to pair the G20's white mesh back with a designer fabric seat upholstery of their choice. Leather and vinyl textiles are available at an up charge. While the near six hundred dollar price point may be a bit much for the average chair shopper, those who can swing it will be rewarded with one of the best ergonomic seating solutions on the market.

G20 Cloud Chair RatingWe give the G20 cloud chair 5 out of 5 stars. This "smart chair" minimizes the need for constant lever pulling and tension knob adjusting. If you're truly looking to kick office comfort into high gear, invest in a G20 cloud chair. You'll be glad you did.
Monday, January 25, 2016

Ergonomic Luxury: Symmetry Office Edition

Symmetry Office
Looking to improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace? Symmetry Office has you covered. This industry leading manufacturer takes pride in crafting some of the best workplace accessories on the market. In today's post we'll review the luxurious monitor mount systems, keyboard trays, and power solutions from this reputable brand.

Dual Monitor Mount
As visual fatigue can greatly hinder productivity, having your monitor at eye level is a must! A Symmetry Office monitor arm will help reduce eye strain with the ability to adjust your screens up and down quickly and effectively. In addition, Symmetry Office monitor mounts will increase the amount of usable desk space present at your station. You'll have more surface area for writing notes and organizing stationary. Popular Symmetry mounts like the ALLURE-2-SS can be used in both sitting and standing positions. These top of the line units can attach via grommet holes or by clamping to the edge of a work surface. They are the best monitor mounting solutions on the market!

Sit To Stand Keyboard TraySymmetry Office keyboard trays like the BALANCE-3-SW promote continuous movement in the workplace, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow as they allow users to work from both sitting and standing positions. Symmetry keyboard trays are mounted underneath work surfaces so they don't take up valuable space on top of your desk. The sit to stand keyboard trays from the Balance collection include articulating mechanisms that allow your keyboard to move left, right, up, and down with ease. The wide range of adjustment capabilities make these units incredibly user friendly.

Products by Symmetry Office
Wether you're looking to streamline the meeting process or improve the guest waiting experience, Symmetry Office is ready to help your interiors be the best they can be with their high tech power modules. Units like the ISLE portable power tower can be used effectively in lounge, waiting room, reception area, conference room, and training environments. This luxurious office accessory boasts plenty of USB and AC inputs that allow users to quickly and easily charge devices. No more looking for wall outlets and running extension cords across your boardroom to host presentations. With the ISLE, you'll be ready for anything the modern workplace can throw at you!

Symmetry Office Desk LampShed some light on your workspace with an ergonomic task light from Symmetry Office. These top of the line LED desk lamps and hutch lighting solutions are sure to cut down on those hefty electric bills. Popular Symmetry Office lamps like the ASCEND doubt as USB charging stations. This means, you don't have to spend time hunting for outlets underneath your desk to charge devices. The ASCEND is perfect for both home and professional applications. Integrate tho desk light and charging station into your workstation and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Sit To Stand Workstation
Symmetry Office also specializes in the provision of adjustable height workstations. As today's sit to stand desks typically come with a hefty price tag, finding a unit to meet your specific needs and budget can be a difficult task. Thankfully, Symmetry Office has the perfect solution. Their High Tide station can transform any reasonably sized surface into a high tech ergonomic desk that's ready to adapt at a moments notice. The High Tide station quickly attaches and can accommodate up to 2 computer screens for improved computing.

Ergonomic Foot Rest
Sometimes even the simplest products can make a big difference in workplace comfit and productivity. That being said, make the switch to the FR-1 adjustable ergonomic foot rest from Symmetry Office for just $62.99 and you'll see exactly what we mean. This thing works! The FR-1foot rest promotes greater circulation in the legs while seated at your desk. It also helps people with chars that don't adjust to properly reach a supportive surface for th feet. The FR-1 will help eliminate pressure under the legs. The unit is also covered by an anti-fatigue rubber mat to help you make it through those long days at the office.
Friday, January 22, 2016

Interior Inspirations: 5 Cool Lobby Interiors You Have To See!

To make your office makeover project the best it can be, you've got to find a little inspiration! That being said, we're here to help. Today on the Office Furniture Deals Blog we'll highlight 5 out of this world lobby interiors furnished by brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and OFM. These guest waiting areas offer the trend setting products and design elements needed to inspire even the harshest critics. Enjoy!

Maylie Prestige Furniture
First up, this contemporary sofa and lounge chair configuration from the Mayline Prestige collection. The black leather lounge seating utilized in this upscale lobby offers the perfect blend of modern and retro design characteristics. Prestige sofas and lounge chairs provide a simplified look that speaks to modern furniture enthusiasts without being too over the top. This ultra cool lobby is further complimented with the addition of Mayline Coherer series accent tables, a large neutral area rug, as well some really nice wall art for a splash of color.

Global Total Office River CollectionWhen out-of-the-box office furniture and seating just won't cut it, turn to the custom solutions manufactured by Global Total Office. Take one look at our second interior and you'll see what we mean. This year, Global Total Office is specializing in the provision of modular furniture collections that provide design teams with the ability to create one of a kind configurations. Global's new River collection is the perfect option for businesses outfitting lobbies both small and large. As seen in our second interior, River can be used to create serpentine seating layouts that will wow your valued visitors. River can be further enhanced with the addition of integrated power options designed to improve the guest waiting experience.

OFM Uno Lounge and Lobby Seating
Classy, contemporary, and cool! Our third interior highlights all 3 of the big C's. This awesome lobby outfitted with furniture from OFM is a real head turner. At first glance you'll be drawn to the innovative two tone reception chairs from OFM's Uno collection. These split back chairs are easy to clean, incredible durable, and super stylish. This curved lobby seating layout is further enhanced with the addition of OFM Profile series tables. Leave no doubt, OFM is ready to rock your lobby makeover project in 2016. This industry leader takes pride in setting new design trends year after year. If you're not feeling the furniture and seating from the UNO collection, check out other popular OFM lines like Triumph, Morph, Serentiy, and InterPlay.

Lesro Industries MysticWhen it comes to professional lobby furniture, nobody does it better than Lesro Industries. This highly respected furniture manufacturer crafts more than 10 full service collections that include the guest chairs, benches, sofas, and accent tables needed to furnish interiors of any size. Our fourth interior highlights Lesro's Mystic collection. We love the simple yet contemporary vibe that's showcased by Mystic's metal legs and unique cushion designs. The furniture and guest seating from this collection makes a professional statement that's sure to help any business show their design and space planning ingenuity.

White Lobby Furniture
Last but not least, we wanted to inspire shoppers by highlighting a budget friendly lobby that's built to impress without breaking the bank. This contemporary space is outfitted with Flash Furniture Lesley series seating. The white leather 2 seat sofa and lounge chairs boast tufted surfaces and metal framing accents that have been trending big time in 2016. This 3 piece seating set is available for just $1413.99. Now that's value!
Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Office Chair Review: 11961B by Offices To Go

Offices To Go 11961B Chair Review
When it comes to high quality seating, Offices To Go knows their stuff. This industry leader takes pride in crafting some of the best chairs on the market, at prices any shopper will appreciate. In today's post, we'll take an in-depth look at the 11961B chair.  Prepare to be impressed! This super comfortable big and tall chair is the full package. The 11961B offers top notch ergonomic features, adjustability, and affordability that puts it in a league of it's own.

Office Chair ReviewEven at first glance, the 11961B chair will wow you. The unique stitching pattern, luxurious curves, and well padded seating surfaces will draw you in for a sit. The simple yet sophisticated design characteristics of the 11961B create a well rounded look that's sure to work well in a variety of office environments.

Offices To Go SeatingWhile intended for big and tall applications. the Offices To Go 11961B office chair is also a perfect fit for conference room seating applications. The padded loop arms make for a comfortable sitting experience any boardroom guest will appreciate.

The 11961B chair supports users up to 350 pounds. With a heavy duty mechanism and extra strong steel base, you'll be hard pressed to find a more durable seating solution. As a quality big and tall office chair is never easy to find, it's nice to know that Offices To Go still has this important demographic in mind.

Big and Tall Office ChairIn terms of ergonomic features, the 11961B doesn't disappoint. While we think adjustable arms would be a nice upgrade option, the 11961B does come standard with an advanced tilt mechanism with single position tilt lock and tilt tension adjustment feature. Take one sit in this heavy duty office chair and you'll immediately appreciate the quality craftsmanship. The seat and back contours provide a secure and supportive feeling that's sure to help any user make it through those long days at the office.

Not all office chairs are created equal. Finding a chair for your specific needs and budget will take time. That being said, at just $238.99, the 11961B provides unmatched value. Most of today's most popular big and tall seating solutions cost around five hundred bucks. We highly recommend saving the funds by selecting the 11961B. It holds up extremely well, provides awesome support, and really looks great in the workplace. Leave no doubt, this is one of the best chair buys of 2016.

We give this Offices To Go chair 3.5 out of 5 stars. Adjustable arms and a few color options would put this chair over the top. That being said, if you want to keep it simple and traditional with a black leather big and tall office chair, the 11961B is the way to go. This OTG chair is incredibly well rounded. It's built to withstand the rigors of the modern workplace without sacrificing valuable appeal in the process. To make a long story short, this is a do-it-all chair that won't break the budget.
Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Furniture News: OFM Marque Reception Stations Now Available In White!

White Reception Desk
The OFM Marque reception collection has been enhanced to include a new white finish option! These  trend setting reception desks have become a favorite of interior design teams and shoppers alike. In today's post we'll take a look at the all new Marque stations and their innovative benefits. Enjoy!

Even at first glance you'll be wowed by the blend of modern and contemporary design characteristics showcased by a Marque reception desk. These guest welcoming stations from OFM are complimented by large operational surfaces and silver metal accent trim. If you're looking to earn your reception area daily decor compliments, a Marque desk will certainly do the trick.

Circular Reception DeskA Marque reception desk from OFM will impress your visitors from every angle. The curved front design makes positioning your station a breeze. These high end stations are available in 5 sizes. The 55290 and 55310 models are perfect for smaller reception areas. These attractive units can be further enhanced with the addition of ADA compliant sections for handicapped and elderly guests.

U Shaped Reception Desk from OFMMarque reception stations like the 55316 boast circular design characteristics. These reception desks work great when placed in larger open areas. The 55316 reception desk offers unmatched appeal, especially in the all new white finish option. When the average reception station just won't cut it, give this high end unit serious consideration!

Marque stations are available with and without plexi transaction screens. Models like the 55292 feature the full front design while the 55312 boasts the transaction screen upgrade at a slight price increase. Base level units start at $993.99 and $1131.99 with the plexi screen.

Modern Reception DeskThe one downfall of the Marque collection is the lack of storage. In years passed, you were forced to select alternative file pedestals and wall cabinets to keep your receptionist operating neatly and effectively. We fully expect OFM to upgrade their Marque collection with the addition of matching storage solutions in 2016. It will push this popular collection even further into super stardom.

In the long run, a white reception desk might not be perfect for every space. That being said, Marque stations are available in 3 additional finish options that include walnut, maple, and cherry tones. Personally, we love the white! If you're going for a high end modern look, it doesn't get much cooler than these reception stations. The ability to easily blend accent finishes and brighten up your welcoming area is too good to pass up. We give this modern reception desk collection 4 out of 5 stars. The all new white Marque stations will no doubt make their way onto our best sellers list in the next few months.
Monday, January 18, 2016

Deal Finder: 2016's Best Desk Configurations Under $999

Taking on an office makeover project in 2016? You're in the right place! In today's post we'll highlight best selling office desk configurations priced under $999.00. These professional layouts from brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Offices To Go will transform your interiors into works of art. Happy shopping!

Discount Office Desk ConfigurationFirst up, this exclusive 4 piece Medina office furniture set from Mayline with gray steel finish. With 72" modern desk, low wall cabinet, and 2 quarter round bookcases, this configuration has it all. At exactly $999.00, it falls right at the top of today's budget. Additional finish options like mahogany, sea salt, brown sugar, and mocha are available. That being said, the gray steel laminate finish pictured here has been the top choice of 2016.

Office Furniture On Sale
Second on our list of best selling desk configurations under $999.00 is the Cherryman Industries AM-365 U shaped desk. With a curved front section, the AM-365 is perfect for hosting small meetings and office gatherings. This versatile executive desk promotes collaboration in the workplace. Choose from 5 attractive finish options for just $819.00.

Offices To Go Desk LayoutWhen it comes to affordable office furniture, nobody does it better than Offices To Go. This highly respected brand specializes in the provision of professional grade furniture at discount prices. Popular Offices To Go desk layouts like the SL-E provide plenty of work surface space and storage. This U shaped desk layout is available for just $695.95 in 2016.

OFM Standing Height Desk
Standing height office desks will be incredibly popular in 2016. This developing trend was paved by industry leaders like OFM. With a new standing height desk like the 66121, you'll avoid the dangers of extended sits in the workplace. The 66121 will help reduce fatigue and muscle soreness while simultaneously improving blood flow. At just $379.99, you'll be left with plenty of funds to spare for a cool new office chair and room accents.

Zira Desk ConfigurationLast but not least, no article on best selling office desks would be complete without highlighting at least 1 layout from the Global Total Office Zira collection. When the average desk configuration won't cut it, turn to the Zira collection for help. The professional executive workstations for sale from the Zira line make it easy to expand your desk configuration as the needs of your business increase. Zira stations like this one offer shoppers the ability to select handles, edge details, and various finish options to help personalize their space. Leave no doubt, the Zira desk collection from Global Total Office is the most user friendly, versatile, and customizable furniture line on the market in 2016.
Thursday, January 14, 2016

Seating Brands To Watch In 2016

It's going to be a huge year in the world of professional office seating. Brands like Eurotech Seating, Global Total Office, and Woodstock Marketing have big things in store for chair shoppers. In today's post we'll showcase these industry leading manufactures and give you an idea of what to expect from your office chair in 2016.

Eurotech Seating 20162015 was quite successful for Eurotech Seating. This respected seating provided gave us innovative new chairs like the Nuvem, Eduskate, and iOO. We expect 2016 to be even better. Eurotech doesn't like to sit on the sidelines while new trends develop. They are steadily raising the industry bar and working hard to craft amazing new chairs as we speak. We fully expect Eurotech to jump on board with the "smart chair" movement in 2016. Prepare to be wowed by cutting edge modern office chairs that automatically adjust to body weight and require minimal adjusting to reach high end comfort.

Global Total Office 2016
Over the last 6 months, Global Total Office has given us new chairs like the Solar, Vion, Arti, and G20. If the average office chair just won't cut it, we highly recommend checking out the professional seating solutions provided by this top notch manufacturer. 2016 will be business as usual for Global. We expect them to release about 5 new seating collections that take the industry by storm, raise today's standards, and set new trends competing brands can only hope to imitate. In addition to computer and tasking chairs, Global will likely give us modular lounge and reception seating collections with power options that will no doubt take the guest waiting experience to a whole new level.

Woodstock Marketing 2016No too familiar with Woodstock Marketing? No worries. You will be after 2016! The chairs from this up and coming brand are inspired by rock icons like Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana. This Year, Woodstock Marketing is going to take us on a magical ride with the release of contemporary office stools that work great for drafting, bistro, home, and, break room applications. In addition to new stools, Woodstock will be introducing cool side chairs from their soon-to-be released Shankar collection. If you're looking to set your interiors apart from the competition, give Woodstocks's chairs a look. They provide exceptional value, quality, and comfort.

Office chair shoppers on a budget will definitely want to keep an eye on Offices To Go in 2016. As the sister company to Global Total Office, Offices To Go chairs are extremely well made. Need new seating in a hurry? No problem! This stocking chair provider typically ships orders in less than 48 hours. This year, the Offices To Go seating team will be introducing awesome new task chairs, conference room chairs, and executive models for both home and business use. Integrate an OTG chair into your space and watch the compliments roll in. The high quality seating from the budget friendly brand is unmatched. If there was a "most bang for your buck" award in the seating industry, Offices To Go would win it ever year.

RFM Preferred SeatingLast but certainly not least, we're expecting big things from RFM Preferred Seating in 2016. This industry leader has been relatively quiet the past 2 years. This gives us the impression that they are up to something big. When their Verte chair collection hit the market, it was way ahead of it's time. The Verte chair set into motion a chain of trends that led to the modern "smart chair" movement that's sweeping the globe. Our gut feeling is that RFM is getting ready to raise the bar again in 2016. While we can't be positive, we wouldn't be surprised at all to see RFM bring us yet another revolutionary chair that changes the industry forever.
Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Check Out The All New iDesk Oroblanco Chairs from Cherryman Industries!

Cherryman iDesk Chair Review
Cherryman's iDesk Seating collection took 2015 by storm. This year, they've expanded the collection with the addition of new Oroblanco series mid back task chairs and one of the coolest training room chairs on the market. In today's post we'll highlight the features that make the Oroblanco collection great while reviewing the new additions. Enjoy!

iDesk SeatingThe Oroblanco chair collection provides high end modern appeal with the ergonomic features needed to reach peak performance levels in the workplace. All of the professional task seating solutions from this collection come equipped with natural lumbar supports, multi functional syncro tilt mechanisms and built in guides for personal adjustment.

Modern Task ChairNew Oroblanco mid back task chairs like the 404W and 404B provide excellent value. At just $249.99 they are nearly a hundred bucks less than their high back counter parts. The mid back design showcased on the new Oroblanco models make them perfect for personal computing and home office applications. Rest assured, there's not much you can't do successfully with the Oroblanco.

Mid Back Oroblanco ChairLast year, high back Oroblanco chairs dominated the market. In 2016, the mid backs are set for a takeover. The 404W mid back Oroblanco chair sports a white accented frame with a polished base and charcoal mesh back. The 404B model Oroblanco chair is a bit more simplified with it's black frame and mesh, but still sports the attractive polished base for visual appeal. All high and mid back models from the Oroblanco collection are available in a wide range of trend setting color options to help personalize your space.

Modern Training Room ChairIn addition to the new mid back chairs, Cherryman released an ultra cool Oroblanco series training room chair that's sure to become an instant favorite of interior design teams and shoppers alike. The 406B model boasts an attractive mesh back with full upholstered seat and polished frame. With two inches of padding, you're valued employees will enjoy a supportive sit they can rely on during extended training sessions.

Oroblanco Training Room ChairThe new Oroblanco series training room chair is also great for school and classroom use. At just $256.50 it won't break the budget. With space saving dimensions you'll be able to maximize floor space without sacrificing comfort and appeal. We fully expect this new training chair to make it's way onto our best sellers list within the next couple of months.

We give the new Oroblanco chairs 4 out of 5 stars. There's really not much to criticize. All models look great, perform incredibly well, and ship quick. The full collection is priced very competitively by industry standards and you'll be hard pressed to find more chair for the money. In terms of ergonomics, form, and function, the new Oroblanco chairs are everything you'd expect and then some from a modern office chair.

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