Monday, February 27, 2017

The Sit Test: Eurotech iOO Chair

Eurotech Office Chair Sit Test
When it comes to professional office seating, Eurotech knows their stuff. Today on The Sit Test we'll check out their popular iOO chair. This top of the line executive style mesh back chair provides a wide range of adjustable features designed to promote efficient and healthy operating. Is it all it's cracked up to be? Let's find out.

Eurotech iOO Chair ReviewAt first glance the iOO chair is very inviting. Quite honestly, if a chair isn't very stylish, you probably won't even be interested in giving it a sit. With it's modern design, the iOO series office chair is absolutely perfect for upscale interiors. This popular chair has become a go to option for design teams and industry professionals looking to please their picky clients who demand the absolute best and won't settle for less.

Once seated in the iOO chair you'll find the seat itself is super comfy. The waterfall edge makes for a smooth transition from seat to ground and takes the pressure of the user's knees while computing naturally.

We were surprised to find that all of the adjustable controls are integrated into a single mechanism. It's very user friendly to say the least. If you're looking to avoid purchasing an overly complicated modern executive office chair for your space, the iOO will definitely help you minimize the ergonomic learning curve.

Here's a list of the independently adjustable features that come standard on the iOO chair:

    Eurotech iOO Chair Features
  • Tilt Tension Control - Recline Rate Adapts to Weight of User
  • Tilt Lock - Locks Out Tilt Function
  • Back Angle Adjustment - Sets Back Angle for Personalized Comfort In Reclined Position
  • Syncro-Tilt - Back Reclines In A Preset Ratio to Seat
  • Seat Height Adjustment - Sets Seat Height to Desired Position Relative to Floor
  • Waterfall Seat - Front of Cushion Slopes to Reduce Pressure On Back of Knees
  • 2.8" Ratchet Back Height Adjustment - Backrest Easily Adjust Up or Down Relative to Seat for Personalized Lumbar Support and Comfort
  • Seat Depth Adjustment - Adjusts Seat Depth Relative to Back
  • Width Adjustable Arms - Adjusts Arms in or Out for Proper Ergonomic Positioning
  • Arm Height Adjustment - Adjusts Arm Up or Down for Proper Ergonomic Positioning
  • Swivel Arm - Arm Pads Angle In or Out for Proper Ergonomic Positioning
  • Arm Depth Adjustment - Arm Pads Slide Forward or Backward for Proper Ergonomic Positioning
Eurotech iOO Chair in BlackWe particularly enjoy the ratchet back, multi functional arms, and synchro tilt feature. The components on this chair truly work in harmony to provide users with exceptional support during those long days at the office. That said, every chair is as good as it's owner. With the iOO you do need to spend a little time committing the independent adjustments to memory. That way, you'll be ready to use them at a moments notice to achieve the perfect sit.

To pass our sit test, a chair must provide enough value in terms of comfort to warrant its price tag. The iOO is currently available for $560.00. While a bit pricey compared to the everyday task chair available in 2017, the iOO is far from average. It's far more comfortable than similar chairs priced nearly three times as much from competing brands.

Eurotech iOO Executive Chair RatingOverall, we give the iOO a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. You'll be hard priced to find a better mesh back office chair for back support this year. The iOO is super user friendly and easy to master. It's modern appeal, control system, and quality craftsmanship work together to form one of the best chairs we've ever had the pleasure of testing out.
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