Thursday, December 28, 2017

Life In The Cube: Ergonomic Chairs For Improved Posture

In today's installment of 'Life In The Cube' we'll be taking a look at ergonomically correct office chairs designed to keep you posture perfect throughout task filled work days. Here you'll see awesome seating solutions from brands like SitWell, Eurotech Seating, and MooreCo that encourage healthy operating habits while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal. Enjoy!

Best Cubicle Chair
The cubicle ready chairs from SitWell are hard to beat. Our team favorite is the Ovation. This line of posture promoting task chairs is completely customizable. SitWell has made it their mission to create a personalized operating experience that you'll wonder how you ever lived without. Their O-30-AO-B-T-SA Ovation chair is fully loaded with a natural lumbar support, adjustable arms, and user friendly mechanism controls for $300.00.

Eurotech Slider ChairSlip into comfort with the 1701 Slider office chair from Eurotech Seating. This contoured fabric task chair avoids restricting upper body movement with it's unique back shape. The Slider chair is practical, ergonomically correct, and and ready for all day computing.

MooreCo Ergo Ex ChairThe 34434 model Ergo Ex chair from MooreCo is an ergonomic gem. This top of the line cubicle chair is nothing short of awesome. From every angle this mesh chair is distinctively modern. The Ergo Ex offers far more than just good looks. It's fully loaded with a set of adjustable arms, a headrest, ventilated back, and so much more.

Ergonomic Tasking Chair by Offices To GoThe 11685 ergonomic chair from Offices To Go is cut out for cubicle use. This high back office chair with a breathable mesh back and adjustable arms makes it easy to compute at healthy angles without a headache inducing ergonomic learning curve. The 11686 is also an absolute bargain buy at just $202.99.

Weight Sensing Office ChairNo article on the best ergonomic office chairs for cubicle use would be complete without highlighting at least 1 seating solution from Global. Quite frankly we could of done an entire post on Global's chairs that are great for this common application. All things considered, the new Spritz weight sensing office chair from Global is definitely one of our favs. This "smart chair" automatically reacts to the weight of the user to minimize the need for constant adjusting. This responsive office chair is a bit more pricey than the average cubicle chair at $430.99, but it's far more advanced. If you're looking  to get on the cutting edge of comfort, the 6761-8 Spritz chair is the way to go.
Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Sit Correct With The Ergo Ex!

MooreCo Ergo Ex Chair Review
When it comes to professional office seating, MooreCo knows their stuff. This highly respected brand specializes in the provision of comfortable office chairs designed to keep workers posture perfect and looking great in the process. Take one look at their 34434 model Ergo Ex chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. This mesh chair is an absolute winner!

Best Ergonomic ChairEven from afar the Ergo Ex chair will catch your eye. It's distinctively modern and unmistakably bold. The Ergo Ex boasts a well thought out design that's brought to life with a contoured mesh back, headrest, and polished 5 star base.

If you're on the hunt for an office chair that looks great from every angle and is ready for the demands of the modern workplace, the Ergo Ex is a must consider. This best selling office chair can handle any task you throw at it. The ventilated mesh back will keep you feeling nice and airy while the adjustable T shaped arms encourage healthy computing angles.

High End Office ChairOnce seated in the Ergo Ex you'll be rewarded with an unrivaled experience that's founded around butt and back support. The shapely seat is well padded while the upper section of the chair back is wide and great for shoulder support.

When you're computing in the 34434 Ergo Ex high back office chair you can lean back and enjoy the standard headrest for neck support. The adjustable lumbar support is also a nice touch that will keep you sitting correctly throughout even the toughest work days.

MooreCo Ergo Ex Chair - Back ViewThe Ergo Ex is an ergonomic gem. While thousands of office chairs available on the market, this one stands out and is a cut above the competition. The mechanism controls are easy to use and make the chair itself a well rounded option for just about any application you can think of.

MooreCo Ergo Ex Chair RatingAfter thoroughly reviewing this popular office chair from MooreCo we feel confident giving it a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. We deducted a half a star for a lack of color options, but that's about the only thing we could critique. All-in-all this is an absolutely awesome office chair that you can't go wrong with. It's easy to picture the Ergo Ex in an upscale executive office where top notch style and comfort are a must.
Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Sneak Peek: 5 Office Chairs Sure To Be Trending In 2018

Sneak Peek: Office Chairs 2018
With 2018 just a few weeks away, we thought it would be fun to do a 'Sneak Peek' article to showcase 5 office chairs that are sure to be trending in the new year. Thanks to the innovative designs from brands like MooreCo, SitWell, and iDesk, the seating world is going to be hotter than ever. The chairs highlighted here provide an unrivaled blend of appeal, comfort, and versatility. Enjoy!

Renew Chair by MooreCoFirst up is the Renew chair from MooreCo. This modern yet practical seating solution is an absolute winner. The Renew chair is available in a variety of attractive color combinations designed to make your professional interiors pop. This high quality ergonomic office chair is an excellent option for executive, work floor, and even conference room applications.

Ovation V Series ChairThe Ovation V Series from SitWell offers top of the line ergonomic office chairs that are perfectly suited for intensive tasking. These elite chairs are sure to be trending in 2018 because they're stylish and extremely comfortable. Ovation V series chairs are available for under $400.00 and worth every penny.

Best Office Chair Under $250The iDesk Ambarella office chair has been around for a couple of years now. That being said, it's showing no signs of diminished popularity. If you're looking for a great office chair under $250.00 this is it. The Ambarella is equipped with a built in guide for personal adjusting and ergonomically correct design that you'll find incredibly supportive without the need to break the bank.

Novello ChairThe team at Global is at no shortage of office chairs that will be trending in 2018. Take one look at their Novello series and you'll see what we mean. Designed by Alessandro Piretti, Novello chairs are distinctively contemporary and completely customizable. The 6400 model is our favorite. It features a poly back, cushioned seat, and integrated arms. These chairs are particularly great for the conference room!

European Style Office ChairLast but not least is the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing. These days ribbed back office chairs are all over the place. The problem is, not all of them are created equal and you've gotta be on the look out for cheap imitations. That's why the Joplin is sure to be trending again in 2018. It's got genuine leather surfaces, polished chrome deals, and an integrated rear bar that doubles as a coat rack. The Joplin is our favorite ribbed back office chair for a conference room and executive office. It's affordable at $289.00 for the mid back and $329.00 for the high back. Joplin chairs are available in 5 color options that ship within 2 days of order.
Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Hot Picks: Furniture & Seating For The Classroom

School and Classroom Furniture
In our new series 'Hot Picks' we'll be showcasing trending products that combine value, appeal, and performance. Today we'll kick things off with new desks, tables, and seating solutions designed to rock your educational environments. These products from brands like OFM, Mayline, and MooreCo are often imitated but never duplicated. Prepare to be impressed!

OFM Mesa DeskFirst up is the OFM Mesa collection. This full service line of industrial desks with laminate surfaces, tables, and standing height workstations is perfect for the classroom. Mesa products provide exceptional durability and versatility. With Mesa furniture you can lay the foundation for well rounded learning environments that are up to date with the latest trends.

Foresee Tablet Chair with Under Seat BasketOFM Foresee tablet chairs from the Moon collection are also great for classroom use. They're comfortable, easy to clean, and even provide under-seat storage. Moon series Foresee chairs are available in a variety of plastic, fabric, and vinyl options. These durable chairs for student collaborating support individuals up to 300 pounds. As one of the newest seating lines on the market, Foresee chairs are just starting to trend.

Flip Top Training Room Nesting TableMayline Sync series tables are perfect for the classroom. They can be grouped together or used individually as needed. With Mayline Sync tables the configuration possibilities are truly limitless. When not in use, Sync tables can be nested along perimeter walls with their tops flipped to save space. A variety of awesome sizes and finish options are available.

Dual Monitor ArmDual screen monitor arms are perfect for library, testing environments, and traditional classroom workspaces where computing efficiently is important. The ability to adjust computer screens to eye level to reduce visual strain and neck pain will provide students of all ages with an ergonomically correct operating experience. If one screen is good, two is better. A clamp on mount for 2 computer screens like the EDGE2 from ESI will cut down on the time spent flipping between tabs.

Sha Na Na Stack ChairOutfitting a classroom with new chairs can get a little pricey. It's also a bit hard to know which chairs are built to last and withstand the rigors of everyday use. Rest assured, we have you covered. The Sha Na Na plastic office chair that can be stacked is a can't miss option. They're easy to clean, durable, and sold in affordable 4 packs for $636.00.

MooreCo iTeach TowerPowered classroom components are hot! The ability to improve collaborative efforts amongst students is simply too much to pass up. With products like the iTeach mobile power tower from MooreCo you can jump on board with this booming trend. The 27735 model iTeach tower can be taken from space to space as needed throughout the day. Students will love the ability to quickly plug in devices and streamline their activities without the need to invade those overly used wall outlets.

Nido Height Adjustable TableMooreCo is one of our favorite manufacturers of school and classroom furniture because their selection and commitment to quality is second to none. As the demand for sit to stand workstations is at an all time high, you've simply got to check out the height adjustable tables from the MooreCo Nido collection. They're great for the classroom and will provide students with the ability to work standing up to reduce fatigue and improve posture. With sit to stand Nido tables you can also create stadium style configurations with clean sight lines from any row. Matching chairs are also available from this industry leading brand.
Tuesday, December 19, 2017

December Deals: Office Chairs & Desks Under $100.00

December is in full swing and that means the deals are flowing. Our top brands are looking to end the year with a bang by providing affordable office furniture you'll love. Here we're showcasing a few of the ergonomic chairs and computer desks available this month for less that $100.00. Happy shopping!

1.) Essentials Gaming Chair

First up is the ESS-3083 racing style gamers office chair from the OFM Essentials Collection. At just $82.99 this modern chair is an absolute bargain buy. The ESS-3083 is available in a choice of 4 in-stock color options that ship within 2 days of order. If you hurry, once can still get to you in time for Christmas.

2.) Essentials Writing Desk

Home Writing DeskYou'll also want to check out the OFM ESS-1000 home writing desk. This fashionable workstation priced at $95.99 and available in a choice of 3 finishes that pair perfect with a metal frame to form a touch of industrial flair. This cool computer desk is perfect for small work areas like dorm rooms and apartments.

White Office Chair3.) Flash Furniture Mesh Chair

Up next is an ultra stylish office chair from Flash Furniture. With a ventilated back and thick padded seat, this affordable computer chair provides a great sit and exceptional value. For the everyday low price of $79.99, this home office chair can be yours in a variety of cool colors.

Computer Desk Under $100.004.) Flash Furniture Computer Desk

In addition to discount office chairs, Flash Furniture offers awesome computer desks under $100.00 that don't lack in terms of style and quality. This NAN-2124-GG model desk boasts classic secretarial vibes and has plenty of organizing space.

Modway Chair5.) Modway Entrada Chair

Comfortable, stylish, and versatile. The EEI-1246 model Entrada office chair from Modway is great for just about any application you can think of. This multi purpose office chair works great in conference room, work floor, and home office settings thanks to its well rounded ergonomic characteristics.

Expound Desk6.) Modway Expound Desk

When it comes to affordable office furniture and seating, Modway knows their stuff. They've made it their mission to provide that you don't have to spend a fortune to create a cool office interior that's up to date with the latest trends. Take one look at their Expound desk and you'll quickly see what we mean. With distinctive modern vibes and sleek characteristics, this writing desk is perfect for laptop users looking to save big on new furniture. The Expound office desk is available in a choice of 4 color options for $98.75. Inventory is going fast. If you like this desk we highly recommend ordering one as soon as possible as they won't be available for long.
Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Seating Solutions: Upscale Task Chairs from Eurotech

Eurotech Seating Office Chairs
In our new series 'Seating Solutions' we showcase designer office chairs from brands you can rely on. Today we'll be looking at 5 of the most upscale ergonomic task chairs on the market from Eurotech. These ultra comfortable and equally stylish office chairs come packed with the adjustable features needed to encourage healthy computing habits and good posture in the workplace. Enjoy!

Ergo Elite ChairFirst up, the Ergo Elite chair. If ever a name could tell you everything you need to know, this one does it. The Ergo Elite chair is in a league of its own. This top of the line ergonomic office chair is built for intensive work environments where sitting for long periods of time is simply unavoidable. With standard features that including multi functional arms, various tension adjustments, and an array of seat and back adjustments, the Ergo Elite is a seating solution you absolutely can't go wrong with if you suffer from back pain in the workplace.

Luxurious Office ChairUp next is the FUZ9LX-HI model Fuzion luxury chair. This ventilated mesh back task chair with a headrest is absolute joy to use in the office. The Fuzion is extremely comfortable and equally stylish. If you're looking for an upscale task chair to make a statement in your space, this chair has your back. Literally! The Fuzion is also available in a mid back variation, but we highly recommend spending the extra few bucks for the headrest. It's great for neck support.

Concept 2.0 Office ChairThe Concept 2.0 office chair from Eurotech is ready to tackle your task filled work days with plethora of standard features that include a synchro tilt mechanism, 6 way adjustable arms, and natural contours that provide exceptional lumbar support. The Concept 2.0 is outfitted with a wide seat that's great for larger operators. The chair controls are easy to use and help to minimize the ergonomic learning curve associated with high end chairs.

Monterey Office ChairThe MMSY55 model Monterey is a Eurotech chair that really hasn't generated the love and accolades that it deserves. In all honesty, we're not sure why. That ends today! It's time to shed some light on this breathable mesh back office chair with an adjustable lumbar support and user friendly mechanism that controls the back angle and seat depth. The Monterey is great for extended sits as its mesh seat with a waterfall edge will help to reduce knee pressure while keeping users feeling light and airy.

iOO ChairFrom one end of the spectrum to the other. We're wrapping up today's edition of 'Seating Solutions' with perhaps the most talked about office chair of the last 3 years. The iOO is definitely one of our favorites and it's likely to be yours as well. This top of the line executive style mesh back office chair boasts independently adjustable sections that make it easy to customize your sit. This popular office chair has been reviewed several times on our blog but we never get tired of talking about it, or sitting in it for that matter. The iOO is an ergonomic marvel that deserves every bit of attention its received. Sit in it once and you'll quickly see why. With a breathable waterfall seat, seat slider, adjustable arms, and awesome mechanism, this chair means business.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Sit Test: Eurotech Ergohuman Chair

Eurotech Ergohuman Chair Sit Test
If you want to know if a chair is really worth the investment required to purchase it, there's no substitute for a sit test. The problem is, showrooms are not always readily accessible. When the closest showroom is hundreds of miles away and a visit isn't practical, reliable reviews become invaluable. That being said, in this edition of 'The Sit Test' we'll be checking out one of the most popular office chairs on the market to see if it can live up to the hype.

Luxurious Ergonomic ChairErgohuman ChairFirst things first, is the Ergohuman chair even worth sitting in? Absolutely! Even at first glance this distinctively modern office chair impresses. From every angle the Ergohuman is ready to wow even the harshest critics with its unique design characteristics.

The independent back sections of the Ergohuman mesh and leather office chair are inviting. They'll certainly draw you in for a sit test. Ergohuman chairs look high end and it's easy to picture them in upscale work environments.

Okay, now that we've covered the well rounded appeal of the Ergohuman, let's talk about the features that have made it one of the most popular office chairs of 2017 and a regularly recommended seating solution by industry professionals.

Top Rated Ergonomic ChairFeatures:

Tilt Tension Control
Tilt Lock
Back Angle Adjustment
Seat Height Adjustment
Back Height Adjustment
Seat Depth Adjustment
Arm Height Adjustment

With so many standard features, you might start to feel a bit overwhelmed. However, once seated in the Ergohuman it's very easy to use. We were pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable the chair was with just a few minor tweaks.

Mesh and Leather Ergohuman ChairOnce we raised the chair to a level that allowed feet to be planted flat and facing forward, we then adjusted the back angle and tilt tension. The mechanism itself is located underneath the chair and the controls can be easily accessed with one hand.

Ergohuman Chair BackIf you want to compute healthy, you need to adjust the chair arms to encourage effective typing angles. This is expected. The chair arms raise and lower easily and they firmly lock into place. They don't feel flimsy at all. It's easy to see and feel that this top of the line office chair is very well made.

The seat itself offers just the right amount of give. It's firm, supportive, and ready for the demands of the modern work day.

Mid Back Ergohuman ChairWhat really sets the Ergohuman apart is the back. The lumbar support is absolutely excellent and the natural contours of the frame work to cradle the back when sitting naturally. A choice of high and mid back variations are available for shoppers to choose from. We definitely preferred the high back with a headrest as it provided additional neck support.

Ergohuman Chair RatingOverally, it's hard to give the Ergohuman anything other than a 5 out of 5 star rating. These chairs are the real deal. They've stood the test of time in a very competitive market and now we know why. If you're looking for discount office chairs to outfit your interiors with, this probably isn't your best option. The Ergohuman is definitely expensive by industry standards. That said, if you have a hard time getting the back support you need, this chair is definitely worth the investment.
Thursday, December 7, 2017

5 Reasons We Loved Global In 2017

Global Office Furniture and SeatingNobody does office furniture and seating better than Global. We feel that Global is a cut above the competition for many reasons, 5 of which we'll highlight today. That being said, if you want the absolute best for your business interiors, turn to the made to order products from this industry leader. Rest assured, you'll be glad you did.

Princeton Modular Desking From Global1.) Innovative Desking

Global has made it their mission to craft elite desks and workstations that encourage collaboration and healthy operating habits. Global desk collections like Zira and Princeton can be used to create both single and multi user workstations. From the private office to the work floor, Global has your desking needs covered. The executive style workstations from Global will earn your space the compliments it deserves. Those looking for modern cubicle alternatives should highly consider the cutting edge benching systems from this world renowned brand.

Luxurious Leather Office Chair2.) Exceptional Office Chairs

Not all office chairs are created equal. If you're tired of a sub par sit and looking for ways to create sustainable posture habits, turn to Global. You'll love the wide range of styles and collections for literally any professional application you can think of. New Global chairs hit the market all the time that competing brands can only hope to imitate. Take a look at the Novello and Spritz collections from this respected brand and you'll quickly see what we mean. Global chairs are truly a cut above the competition and ready to help you minimize the ergonomic learning curve. From modern weight sensing office chairs that articulate to luxurious leather executive chairs for upscale interiors, Global has it all.

Powered Conference Table3.) Powered Furniture

These days powered office furniture is becoming the industry standard. As businesses look for ways to encourage collaboration and improve the visitors experience, the demand for powered office furniture is truly at an all time high. The problem is, most of the powered office furniture available on the market today is difficult to spec. This isn't the case with Global. Their simple to spec power options make it easy to power you interiors. A Global conference room table with USB ports or a modular lounge seating configuration with integrated AC outlets will do wonders for your business. If you're ready to step into the modern age of office furniture, prepare to love this brand.

Gray Office Furniture4.) Unique Finishes and Fabrics

Sure black office chairs and cherry office furniture will always have a place, and yes Global offers a variety of classic options just like these. That being said, interior design teams and shoppers alike love Global because of their wide range of unique finish and fabric textile options. Those looking for ways to modernize their office interiors will absolutely love cool Global furniture finishes like Absolute Acajou, White Chocolate, and Winter Cherry. With thousands upon thousands of fabric and leather color options to choose from, you're at no shortage of ways to distinguish your interiors from the competition.

5.) Commitment To Quality

Quality Office Furniture GuaranteeIn the long run, it all comes down to quality. If you want well reviewed office furniture that's built to last and ready to keep your interiors up to date with the latest trends, Global is the way to go. From desks to chairs and everything in between, this all encompassing brand knows their stuff. Global office components are made to order and built for the demands of the modern workplace. In addition to extremely well made furniture, Global backs their products with truly exceptional customer service. In a day and age where people are quickly herded along, Global is one of those class act brands that's willing to devote the time needed to ensure your remodeling projects are done right.

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