Friday, September 29, 2017

End of September Office Seating Deals 2017

There's only a few days left in September, but that's okay. We're still working hard to make sure we showcase the hottest furniture and seating specials on the market. This month is ending with a bang. Office chair manufacturers are getting ready for the Fall by clearing out inventory and offering exceptional savings on popular models that promote good posture and high end appeal. If you're on the hunt for new chairs for your office, don't miss these end of September specials!

1.) Creedence Chair Closeout

Clearance Office Chair

If you're looking for a fancy weight sensing office chair that won't break the bank, this deal is for you. The Woodstock Marketing Creedence collection is now on clearance. Grab one while you can because once they're gone, they're gone for good.

2.) 10% Off Select Brands

Office Chair Coupon

You can enjoy 10% off office chairs from industry leading brands like Eurotech Seating, Woodstock Marketing, and iDesk this weekend only with coupon code CYBER1 at

3.) FREE Shipping On All Chairs

Free Shipping Office Chairs

From now through October we'll be offering free shipping office chairs from all of our industry leading brands regardless of purchase price or quantity to help you maximize your shopping budget. Enjoy!

4.) Circulation Chair 2 Pack

MooreCo Circulation Chair

Enjoy MooreCo model 34704 Circulation stack chairs in affordable 2 packs this week only for just $249.99.

5.) Eurotech Staq 4 Pack

Eurotech Staq Chair

Enjoy Eurotech Seating Staq chairs in affordable 4 packs for just $368.00 for a limited time. These multi purpose office chairs are great for training, reception, and even classroom applications.

6.) Offices To Go Chairs Under $200.00

Office Chairs Under $200.00

Attention bargain shoppers, the team at Offices To Go has your corporate budget in mind. This consumer friendly brand is offering more than 10 professional task chairs, guest chairs, and chairs for the executive office on sale for under $200.00 including this 11858B office chair currently priced at just $188.99.

7.) Modway Conference Chairs On Sale

Modway Twilight Chair

Are you in the process of designing a new meeting area for your business? Check out the high fashion chairs from Modway. Their conference room seating solutions offer the perfect combination of appeal and value. Take a look at the EEI-1249 Twilight chair from Modway and you'll see what we mean. It's available while supplies last for just $78.99.
Thursday, September 28, 2017

Weight Sensors, Auto Responders, And Smart Chairs Are Taking Over!

The ergonomic world is evolving around us. Top brands are hard at work looking for ways to minimize the ergonomic learning curve while simultaneously encouraging good posture and healthy operating in the workplace. The demand for improved office seating is at an all time high and these reputable manufacturers are answering the call with auto responding smart chairs that sense user movements. Today on the blog, we'll highlight next generation office chairs that are rapidly becoming the industry standard.

Weight Sensing Office ChairIt all started with weight sensors, office chairs that react to the weight of the user to provide ergonomically correct support and comfort. Popular weight sensing task chairs like the 11322B from Offices To Go provide a cost effective option for users looking to step into this modern realm of seating. Once considered luxurious and accompanied by hefty price tags, today's weight sensing office chairs like the 11322B are available for well under $250.00.

Auto Responding Office ChairAuto responding office chairs have been around for quite awhile now. There just now starting to catch on. For this reason, chairs like the Verte from RFM have really been able to withstand the test of time. This incredibly innovative and equally advanced ergonomic executive chair boasts a torsion spring lined back that mimics the human vertebrae.

Arti Responsive Office ChairWhile advanced in terms of features and technologies, auto responding office chairs are designed to be user friendly and minimize the leg work required by the user to get comfortable. Take one sit in the 6673-2 model Arti chair from Global and you'll see what we mean. This Arti reduces the need for constant adjusting with its responsive back that flexes for next level support.

G20 Cloud Office ChairIf a self adjusting office chair seems like something you'd like to try, brands like Global offer a wide range of options. In addition to the Arti, they offer user friendly weight sensors like the Spritz and G20 that are definitely worth a sit.

The ability to spend more time working and less time adjusting your chair throughout the day should be pretty appealing. It's these capabilities that have allowed smart chairs to start taking over the workplace. At one time, most office chairs had fixed arms. Now it's pretty uncommon to find a chair with arms that don't raise, lower, and pivot.

Articulating Office ChairThe fact that the seating world is evolving is a good thing. It's nice to know that comfort can be achieved easily and effectively in even the most intensive settings. Cutting edge options like the Living Chair from Mayline prove that the demand for smart chairs is only increasing. Shoppers are officially expecting more out of their chair in 2017.

Eurotech iOO ChairIn all honesty, smart chairs are not for everybody. Some chair operators find that with a smart chair, they loose the ability to customize and lock in their desired sit. Before investing in a weight sensing office chair that articulates and molds itself to your body, we highly recommend testing out a few in a showroom. There's really no substitute for a good sit test.

For those looking for the best of both worlds, we have one more recommendation. The iOO ergonomic office chair from Eurotech Seating. This top of the line chair blends auto responding features and user friendly controls into a single mechanism. With the iOO you can personally adjust your chair arms, lumbar support, and more while still enjoying the ease and simplicity you've likely come to expect. This well rounded office chair is truly a do-it-all solution. While expensive, those who can swing the investment will be rewarded with what many consider to be one of the best chairs of the year.
Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Design & Decor: Popular Boardroom Table & Chair Pairings

The right combination of furniture and seating will take your boardroom to the next level. That being said, you'll need a fashionable table and comfortable chairs to lay the foundation for space. Today on 'Design & Decor' we'll showcase popular boardroom table and chair pairings that are sure to encourage healthy collaboration, operational versatility, and superior comfort.

1.) Amber Table and Eon Chairs

Cherryman Industries offers 5 full service office furniture collections. Their array of designer tables and chairs is truly top notch. This year, their Amber boardroom components have been extremely popular as they provide exceptional value. Amber boardroom tables are expandable, and this means they're great for growing businesses not looking to break the bank every time their needs expand. When paired with Eon series mesh back chairs, you'll have created a versatile meeting area that's up to date with today's hottest trends and doesn't lack in terms of comfort.

2.) Zira Table and Accord Chairs

Zira Boardroom Furniture

Going for a high tech vibe and streamlined operations? Look no further than the Global Zira collection. This line of power ready boardroom tables can be customized with HDMI, USB, and other input options to kick performance into overdrive. Pair your Zira boardroom table with luxurious ribbed back office chairs from the Accord collection to maximize seating potential and appeal. Literally hundreds of fabric and leather textiles are available.

3.) ConnecTABLES Table and Sizzle Chairs

ConnecTABLES Configuration with Sizzle Chairs

If you really want to get the most out of your available square footage, consider going modular with a Global ConnecTABLES configuration. This line of connecting tables make it easy to combine conference, boardroom, and training functions into a single workspace. ConnecTABLES pair well with mesh back task chairs like the Sizzle that encourage good posture. The 6497-4 model Sizzle chair is a great choice as it's perfect for extending work sessions and isn't a pain to use. Sizzle chairs are user friendly, efficient, and stylish!

4.) GT3977 Table and 591-L Chairs

Glass Boardroom Table with Ergonomic Mesh Chairs

Create a cutting edge modern vibe with the help of OFM. Their modern boardroom tables are incredibly well made and surpassingly cost effective. This year we're loving the GT3977. This glass boardroom table from OFM boasts a thick operating surface and heavy duty metal legs. When paired with 591-L executive mesh chairs with leather seats, your new interior will be hard to top.

5.) SL9544RS Table and 2801 Chairs

Walnut Boardroom Furniture

Value, style, and comfort combine with the furniture and seating from Offices To Go. This industry leader offers professional grade boardroom furniture from the Superior Laminate Collection that won't let you down. Superior Laminate components are durable, scratch resistant, in-stock, and available in 5 finish options. We absolutely love the SL9544RS oval table in the new Autumn Walnut finish option. It's available for just $320.99. Pair this discount table with 2801 model mesh back task chairs and your guests will be thinking you spent a fortune to create a truly top of the line boardroom.
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bargain Hunter: 2017's Best Office Chair Buys

Here at we love showcasing value priced office furniture and seating solutions designed to maximize corporate appeal and comfort. Today is no exception! In this edition of 'Bargain Hunter' we'll take a look at 2017's best office chair buys. These popular chairs from brands like Offices To Go, Eurotech Seating, and MooreCo provide exceptional back support on a budget. Enjoy!

1.) Offices To Go 10904B

Value Priced Office Chair

At just $199.99, the OTG 10904B mesh back task chair is an absolute winner. This ventilated office chair with adjustable arms offers an excellent blend of modern appeal and ergonomic features for all day support.

2.) Eurotech Tetra

Discount Office Chair

With a set of adjustable arms, a breathable mesh back, and multi functional mechanism that's easy to use, the Eurotech MF272BLK model Tetra chair is a true bargain at $177.50.

3.) MooreCo Circulation

Polypropylene Task Chair

The Circulation chair is all about durability. This polypropylene task chair with arms is easy to clean and ready for the demands of intensive work environments. At $265.99 you can rest easy knowing you invested in an office chair that's built to last.

4.) Cherryman Eon

Best Office Chair

The 415W and 415B model Eon chairs from Cherryman Industries are versatile, comfortable, and user friendly. In fact, at $294.00 we feel the Eon is the best chair buy of the year.

5.) iDesk Ambarella

iDesk Office Chair

Cherryman's sister company iDesk also offers one of the best seating solutions of 2017. The 401B model Ambarella office chair comes equipped with a built in guide for personal adjusting. It's an all around work horse that'll help you make it through the toughest work days for $247.80.

6.) OFM Stratus

Mesh Back Big And Tall Office Chair

The 257 model Stratus big and tall mesh back office chair from OFM is currently available for just $300.99. It's ready willing and able to support users up to 350 pounds.

7.) Global Graphic

Ergonomically Correct Office Chair

The Graphic seating collection from Global offers a variety of popular options. We feel the best buy is the 2738 model. It's equipped with a polypropylene back that's easy to clean and well padded seat. With adjustable arms and an ergonomically correct design, you simply can't go wrong with this office chair priced at $258.99.

8.) SitWell Ovation

Multi Function Task Chair

The OV-436-G model Ovation from SitWell is the most expensive office chair showcased in today's edition of 'Bargain Hunter'. That being said, it's one of the best. This top of the line ergonomic chair is fully loaded with the features you need to work posture perfect.

9.) Woodstock Creedence

Weight Sensing Office Chair

Weight sensing office chairs are the latest craze. They automatically respond to your body type to encourage the perfect sit. The Creedence mesh back office chair from Woodstock Marketing is the best weight sensor on the market under $350.00.

10.) RFM R2 Rainier

RFM R2 Rainier Chair

Last but not least, check out the R2 Rainier chair from RFM Preferred Seating. It's available for $347.95 and perfect for just about any application you can think of. This multi purpose chair is available in a variety of attractive textile options and comes packed with adjustment features you'll love.
Monday, September 25, 2017

Design & Decor: Trendy Waiting Room Seating and Accent Table Pairings

A fashionable waiting room will do wonders for your business. You'll start making a great impression on your guests from the minute they walk in the door. With a well designed welcoming area you'll also be able to boost corporate appeal while simultaneously encouraging guest interaction and improved morale. Today on Design & Decor we'll showcase waiting room seating and accent tables needed that are up to the task. Prepare to be impressed!

Global Wind Seating and TablesThe Wind collection has been a favorite of interior design teams for years. This fashionable line offers a blend of mid century and contemporary characteristics that are ready to earn your waiting room the compliments it deserves. Wind lounge chairs and sofas are available in both fabric and leather upholstery options from a seemingly limitless array of Global textile collections. When paired with the sleek tables from this best selling line, you'll be well on your way to a classy waiting room your guests love.

OFM Uno Seating and Profile TablesYou'll also want to check out the Uno seating collection from OFM. This line of distinctively modern lounge chairs are durable, fashionable, and affordable. Uno guest chairs for the lobby and waiting room are available in a variety of unique two tone upholstery combinations that make it easy to put your personal touches on your project. When paired with wedge end tables and coffee tables from OFM's Profile collection, you'll be able to craft an awesome space without breaking the bank.

OFM Triumph Components
The OFM Triumph collection offers exceptional versatility. With Triumph waiting room seating and matching tables the possibilities are truly endless. Wether you're furnishing a large lobby or small lounge areas, this modular seating line from OFM has your makeover needs in mind. Several Triumph series chairs even feature integrated tablet arms that make it easy for visitors to work while they wait. With components available in 3 quick shipping color options, Triumph simplifies and expedites the remodeling process.

Jefferson Serpentine Waiting Room Furniture and Table ConfigurationJust this month, the team at Woodstock Marketing released an all new office furniture and seating collection that's perfect for lobby, lounge, and waiting room environments of any size. The modular components from the Jefferson collection can be connected to form innovative layouts that are truly cutting edge. With matching accent tables and powered coffee tables, you'll be hard pressed to generate more wow factor than the amount provided by the Jefferson line.

Mayline Santa Cruz Furniture with Illusion Accent TablesWe can't say enough good things about the waiting room seating and accent table pairings from Mayline. This industry leader can truly do it all. Take one look at their Santa Cruz collection and you'll quickly see what we mean. This best selling line offers tablet arm chairs, sofas, and ottomans that work great in both modern and traditionally inspired welcoming areas. Santa Cruz components pair well with numerous accent table lines from Mayline including Illusion, Sterling, and Midnight! Our personal favorite is Illusion. These glass top tables offer an elegant look that's timeless and never going out of style. They can be seen here with black leather lounge components from the Santa Cruz line.
Thursday, September 21, 2017

The MooreCo Markerspace Collection Is Supremely Versatile

MooreCo Markerspace CollectionOur newest brand is doing big things in the furniture world. That's right, the team at MooreCo is taking the season by storm with the innovative new products from their Markerspace collection. This line of multi purpose tables and storage components offers an unrivaled combination of versatility and appeal.

Multi Purpose Office FurnitureWith MooreCo Markerspace furniture, the possibilities are endless. The multi purpose tables from this collection are great for single and multi user applications. A choice of 60" and 72" variations are available.

Even at first glance you'll notice that the tables from the Markerspace collection are a bit higher than what you're used to. At 37" they're perfect for both sit down and stand up operating.

MooreCo Markerspace Table with Organizing CartsYou'll also notice that Markerspace tables from MooreCo feature unique surface cutouts that allow storage carts to be docked comfortably. When paired with mobilized bases, the components from this hot new line can be transported efficiently and used in a variety of applications.

3D Printer CartThe Markerspace collection is perfect for any training room remodeling project. Table surfaces are scratch resistant and easy to clean. The ability to quickly group tables together and move them as needed will help you improve creativity and collaboration.

Lectern With StorageThe mobile organizing carts from the Markerspace collection are also worth talking about. If you're tired of the same old file cabinets and pedestals, check out popular options like the 91412. This handy storage cart with organizing bins provides ample organizing space and a cool modern look that's sure to compliment your interiors.

In addition to the 91412, the Markerspace collection also offers one of the coolest 3D printer carts on the market. The 91413 cart is a must consider add-on for any cutting edge business. With 5 storage tubes, a detachable side shelf that doubles as a projector stand, and handy storage hooks, this versatile cart is the total package.

MooreCo Markerspace Furniture Review
MooreCo Markerspace components are backed by a 12 year warranty. This new line of furniture for the classroom and training area offers a very cool look, exceptional durability, and unrivaled functionality. We're pleased to give the Markerspace collection a 4 out of 5 star rating. It won't let you down.
Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fall Favorites: Top Boardroom Seating Solutions

The Fall season is just now getting underway and our team is hard at work sourcing the hottest products for your professional interiors. Today on 'Fall Favorites' we'll be showcasing fashionable boardroom chairs from brands like Eurotech, MooreCo, and Offices To Go that combine top ergonomic qualities and the design characteristics needed to impress your meeting area guests.

Manchester Boardroom ChairThe boardroom chairs from Eurotech available in 2017 encourage good blood flow and efficient operating. They're great for extended meetings where you can't afford to allow posture habits to slip. Popular Eurotech boardroom chairs like the LE255 Manchester chair come equipped with thick padded cushions and waterfall seat edges that help avoid leg cramping during long sits.

Europa Boardroom ChairIf you're looking for something a bit more sleek this season, check out the Europa. This Eurotech boardroom chair features durable and easy to clean surfaces that pair with metal frames and a blast of contemporary flair. The Europa boardroom chair is available in 2 back heights and 3 color options starting at $222.50.

Polypropylene Boardroom Chair
MooreCo boardroom chairs like the Circulation provide exceptional value and durability. This easy to clean polypropylene boardroom chair will help you maximize seating potential as it's not overly bulky. This Circulation chair is available with and without arms. It's also a great option for professional training room applications.

Segmented Cushion Boardroom ChairIt seems like year after year, Offices To Go chairs get more and more popular. They're a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike because they look great, feel better, and don't cost a fortune. Popular Offices To Go Luxhide chairs like the 11648B have been around for quite some time and we don't see them going anywhere. This popular boardroom chair with segmented cushions is an absolute winner.

Eon Boardroom ChairWhile categorized as a task chair, the Eon from Cherryman has become a very hot choice for boardroom remodeling projects. The Eon is packed with user friendly features and it's very well made. This ergonomically correct mesh back office chair is also a bargain at just $294.00.

Memory Foam Office ChairYou gotta love the Hendrix from Woodstock Marketing. It's got memory foam cushions! If you're hosting long group strategizing sessions, the Hendrix is perfect for your business. These sleek boardroom chairs with genuine leather seating surfaces and polished accents are available in 2 back heights and 4 color options.

Tempo ChairWe wanted to wrap up today's post with a boardroom chair that really has it all. After a little debating, we settled on the EEI-1026 Tempo chair from Modway. This well rounded office chair boasts a trendy ribbed back look and polished frame. The rear handle doubles as a hanger your guests can use when they come for meetings. The Tempo is available in 4 popular color options for $212.99. This do-it-all boardroom chair is also very comfortable and comes standard with a multi functional mechanism and naturally contoured back which provides great lumbar support. If you need something reliable, that's ready to ship quick, and won't blow the budget, the Tempo is a must consider.
Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sit To Stand Transitioning Made Easy

The need to transition between sit-down and stand-up operating positions is at an all time high. Thankfully, industry leading brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, OFM, and MooreCo are now crafting awesome height adjustable products designed to reduce energy dips, encourage continuous movement in the workplace, and improve posture. Today on 'Office Ergonomics' we'll show you 5 of our favorites. Enjoy!

Ergonomic Desktop AttachmentJust a few short weeks ago, ESI introduced an all new sit to stand desktop convertor that's easy to use, cost effective, and ergonomically correct. The all new S2S station works with nearly any operating surface and can be used to support up to 35 pounds. The unique S2S lift system allows the station to be raised and lowered with just one hand.

Desktop Riser from OFMYou can easily transition between sit-down and stand-up work positions on a budget with the 5100 attachment from OFM. This desktop riser with a keyboard platform is an absolute bargain buy at just $279.99.

Sit To Stand Ergonomic StoolOnce you've got a height adjustable desk or surface riser, you'll likely want to enjoy a little extra support while utilizing it. We recommend the 2800 model Vivo perch stool from OFM. It's lightweight and easy to take from space to space. At just $157.99, it's hard to pass up.

Sit To Stand Mobile WorkstationNobody offers a more comprehensive selection of professional grade sit to stand office products than MooreCo. Their height adjustable components for the school, conference room, private office, and training room are exceptional. Popular MooreCo solutions like the 27614 Beta series single screen workstation make it easy to promote sit to stand operating on the go!

MooreCo Electric DeskYou can enjoy the world of sit to stand operating in the training room with MooreCo Up-Rite desks. Best selling options like the 91153-C feature ergonomically correct surfaces with handy contours that don't restrict operational functionality. This push button sit to stand workstation is a winner!

Hand Crank DeskIf you don't like the idea of an electronic office desk that requires constant power, manual hand-crank options are available from Global. Popular tables like the HTM2446 feature scratch resistant operating surfaces and heavy duty bases that make them perfect for regularly use work environments.

Collaborative Sit To Stand Cluster DeskThe team at Mayline offers collaborative sit to stand components that are great for accommodating groups of any size. The ergonomic workstation from their ML collection are available in a variety of size and finish options. ML tables are easy to use, extremely well made, and great for school and business applications.

Dual Monitor MountIf you don't like the idea of a desktop attachment taking up your available surface space, you might consider integrating a couple of sit to stand components from Symmetry Office. They're highly considered to be one of the best ergonomic computer hardware manufacturers in the business.

Take their Allure dual screen sit to stand monitor arm for example. This attachable mount increases usable operating space and provides a huge range of adjustment capabilities that will help you compute faster while simultaneously reducing visual strain. Simply clamp it on and you're ready to roll!

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