Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Office Design 2018: 5 Modern Office Chairs To Consider For Your Interior

The world of professional office seating is always changing. Year after year we see fashionable new chairs hit the market from our favorite brands. 2018 is no exception. Today on the blog we'll showcase 5 of the coolest ergo chairs on the market to consider for your space. These designer chairs come packed with the adjustable features and high end design characteristics needed to rock your work day.

Modern Office ChairThe 34392 MooreCo Renew chair is ready, willing, and able to enhance your workspace while keeping you sitting pretty. This ultra fashionable high back office chair with a headrest boasts a two-tone blue and gray color scheme. The adjustable features and unique pattern on the back cushion work together to make a modern office chair that's well rounded in terms of style and functionality.

Global Spritz ChairThe Global Spritz chair blends mesh and fabric seating surfaces to create one of the coolest modern office chairs of 2018. Sure the 6760-4 Spritz chair is stylish, but give it a sit and you'll see why we love it. This commercial grade task chair packs a major ergonomic punch!

Ravi Office ChairThe Ravi chair from Woodstock Marketing is modern, practical, and versatile. This fixed arm office chair with a gray mesh back is perfect for conference room makeover projects as well as home office. The fabric seat is available in a variety of flashy color options like red that will help make your space pop.

iOO ChairIf you're on the hunt for something a bit more upscale, check out the iOO from Eurotech Seating. This ergonomic chair is truly top of the line. The iOO boasts independently adjustable sections and is available with an optional headrest for additional neck support. The iOO chair in the black mesh and white frame scheme is definitely the way to go for modern interiors. This is one chair that you won't ever have to worry about becoming outdated. It has features that computing models can only hope to imitate.

Modern Task ChairLast but not least, there's a fine line between modern and over-the-top. If you find today's modern chairs to be a bit impractical, you don't have to settle for a boring seating solution. The chairs from Offices To Go available in 2018 are the perfect option. Best sellers like the 11685 are definitely worth a look. This cost effective task chair is modern enough to make a statement but won't overpower your existing office furniture. The 11685 is also available with colorful fabric seat options if you want to add a bit more personality.
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