Friday, November 30, 2012

Solutions to Consider When Shopping for Small Conference Tables

We all know that space is at a premium. Maximizing your available space creates more potential for you business. One very commonly misused space is the conference room. This area is used typically used on a daily basis for meetings and lectures. Getting the most out of a smaller conference space is absolutely essential. The being said, these conference and boardroom tables will work perfectly in smaller work spaces and won't break your budget.

Table 1: 6' Brighton Conference Table by Mayline
Small Conference Table 
This professional laminate table is designed specifically for small boardroom and conference spaces. The BTCT6 is just one of the popular pieces of Modern Mayline furniture available from the incredibly popular Brighton furniture collection. The BTCT6 is available in two stunning laminate finishes including cherry and mocha. The racetrack surface and contemporary leg design enhance the look of any space.

Table 2: Global Conference Table

Laminate Conference Table

The GCT5RX is perfect for smaller spaces. Starting as small as 5' in length this affordable solution can be yours for only $356.99. Now that's impressive. The GCT5RX modern conference table is offered in 14 laminate finishes and is manufactured by one of the most respected names in the office furniture industry, Global Total Office.

Table 3: OFM Mesh Base Conference Table
OFM Conference Table
For those in search of modern style, the T3672MB by OFM, Inc. is it. This contemporary boardroom furniture solution boasts a mar proof high pressure laminate surface, adjustable leveling glides, and was designed an built for the needs of commercial businesses. The T3672MB table comfortable sits 6 people and the racetrack design offers extra elbow room. The T-molded edge banding will protect the product from bangs and scuffs, and not to mention, this table is incredibly easy to assemble!

Table 4: Cherryman VL-868 Round Verde Table

Round Conference Table

The VL-868 is perfect for even the smallest of rooms. This 42" round conference table features a contemporary style that's hard to miss. Available in two coffee inspired finish including latte and espresso, this modern boardroom solution is a real winner. As an added bonus, this unique product is available with a host of matching Verde casegoods and Cherryman Industries Products to match.

Table 5: 8' Mystic Table

Lesro Conference Table

Lesro Industries reception furniture has been well known for years. Now, they have taken the conference arena by storm with the new Mystic furniture collection. This 8' elliptical top table solution is offered in 6 rich finishes and features metal legs for an added contemporary touch. The Elliptical surface is a real hit and so is the price. Mystic products are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs and taste of any space. Choose from mobilized versions on casters and even matching office chairs to accompany your space. When it comes to small conference tables these new products by Lesro are a real value and should be considered by anyone in the market.
Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Popular Space Saving Reception Desk Styles for Your Business

Small Reception Furniture

Reception, lounge, and waiting room areas are typically the first areas seen by visitors when they walk in the door of nearly all businesses. First impressions are incredibly important and having a well designed space is essential. When space is at a premium and it's hard to find quality reception furniture to meet the needs of your work environment, knowing these 3 key reception desk styles will help you to maximize you furnishing capabilities.

Style 1: Rectangular

Rectangular Reception Desk

The first and most common style of reception desk is the rectangular. In regards to space saving styles this form of desk is typically the smallest and therefore the most budget friendly and square footage friendly. Rectangular reception desks typically consist of a single unit. A variety of finishes like cherry, mahogany, and maple are commonly available from most manufacturers and stations average to be around 6' wide. These popular reception stations work well for single person applications and can be found for as little as $400. Top styles are manufactured by companies like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and OFM, Inc.

Style 2: Curved
Curved Reception Desk 
Probably the most popular style of reception desk on the market are those witch curved front. The modern look of units like the 55293 marque reception station make it popular in contemporary lounge environments where budgets are important. Curved reception desk solutions like these are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any space and these particular units can even be added on to later. This awesome attribute allows you to grow your desk with your needs, a priceless commodity in the modern office furniture world.

Style 3: L Shaped

L Shaped Reception Desk

Commonly, factors like desk storage and ADA compliance are important in reception furniture applications. L shaped reception desks offer the ability to meet these needs without sacrificing too much precious space. Often, L shaped reception desk models are able to be worked with 2 employees and are commonly seen in businesses throughout the country. As with all Mayline furniture, L shaped reception desks from this manufacturer are always recommended an incredibly well made. Other popular models are available including the new Verde reception desk by Cherryman Industries and styles from Offices To Go that are very budget friendly.

Modern Reception Desk

As not every business is at a space disadvantage, small reception desk units are not always needed. Additional desk styles are available for those businesses with more space. Modern reception desks and box shaped reception desk options are typically utilized in larger work environments where multiple employees are needed to handle the flow of calls and visitors. When it comes to reception furniture in general, working with a designer is always a help. For those on a strict budget it's best to keep it simple as a common rule. Using modular desks and products that can grow with you needs will always save you money and time in the long run. Most importantly, it's essential to remember that whatever you're needs, by doing a little research and homework a solution is never too far away.
Monday, November 19, 2012

5 Black Friday Office Deals You Don't Want to Miss!

While most will be shopping for big screen televisions and other popular electronics on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, those who are in need of new office furniture and office chairs will not be disappointed. Whether you prefer shopping online or in stores, these 5 awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are definitely worth a look!

Deal 1: Flash Furniture Desk Chair
This awesome little desk chair is perfect for contemporary home and business use. The LF-214-BLK-GG chair will be on sale for only $49.99. Now that's a steal! When it comes to affordable desk chairs, Flash Furniture knows there stuff. This chair features a tractor designed seat and high density polymer construction, making it an excellent value that should not be passed up!

Deal 2: Mayline Home Computer Desk

For only $86.99 (yes you read it right) this small home computer desk solution can be yours. The Mayline 946 desk features a slide-out keyboard tray with mouse platform. The CPU platform mounts left or right and the entire unit is totally mobile on 5 casters, two locking. Enjoy these small office desks in your choice of two attractive finishes.

Deal 3: Brighton 6' Conference Table
There is a common misconception that conference tables have to be expensive. Well, this deal should put that to rest! For only $205.99 this Brighton series laminate conference table can accompany your boardroom. This awesome piece of modern boardroom furniture boasts a racetrack table shape and unique leg design that add to the contemporary flair.

Deal 4: Verde Reception Desk

This modern reception desk is perfect for luxury work environments. The VL-816 reception station by Cherryman Industries is available in espresso and latte finishes and is also available as a larger, L shaped unit. The VL-816 is an industry favorite and is truly an excellent value.

Deal 5: Small LCD TV Mount by ESI

We had to give in to the traditional Black Friday deals a bit with this product but for good reason, it's a fantastic deal. The ESI TV-0L mount is only $69.99. For those unfamiliar with ESI, they are THE name in office ergonomics, their modern ergonomic office accessories are the absolute best. This small TV mount works perfectly in executive work spaces or even home office environments. Enjoy!

Hopefully you have enjoyed these Black Friday and Cyber Monday office furniture deals as much as we have. In addition to the products listed, several coupons are also available for limited time use at 

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Coupon Code 2: FP3900
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Coupon Code 3: FP4000
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Product Reviews: Global G20 Chairs

G20 Office Chairs
Have you had a chance to see the new G20 chairs by Global Total Office? These are the hottest new chairs on the market and for good reason! These modern mesh chairs feature a wide array of useful ergonomic features and benefits. In today's post we will review the G20 to share with out readers the value of this awesome seating solution.

First Impressions:

G20 Chair

At first glance it's easy to see that this super cool office chair has a totally modern look. The mesh back design and standard polished aluminum frame really pop. Looking deeper adjustable arms and a synchro tilt mechanism are standard. Probably the most noticeable feature of the G20 office chair is the curved back accents that match the base. This design feature really pulls the chair together and to be honest, we love it! Our overall first impression is overwhelmingly positive and it's easy to see that this is not just another mesh chair!

Taking a Seat:

6007 Model G20 Chair

The G20 practically begs you to take a seat. Once drawn in you are welcomed with a breathable mesh back and contoured seat. The adjustable arms and seat depth adjustment capabilities allow for a customized fit. The dual wheel carpet casters provide efficient mobility. Whether for home or professional business applications, this modern desk chair provides an absolutely perfect fit.


G20 Office Chair by Global

The term ergonomic is an industry buzzword that we have all heard relentlessly. Almost every chair on the market today is labeled as ergonomic to increase sales. However, the G20 truly deserves the title. These new office chairs feature an automatic lumbar tension mechanism that naturally adjusts to your posture giving the spine even support while in an upright or reclined position. The synchro mechanism has been designed to smoothly tilt the seat, but also gently recline and slide without lifting the seat. This helps to keep your feet planted on the floor and provides added support.


G20 Mesh Chairs

For the money, the G20 mesh chair is an excellent value. The 6007 model is typically sold for $504.99 with free shipping. Compared to other mesh chairs of the same caliber this is quite budget friendly. For those in need of a leather seat, the 6007L model is available for a moderate up charge. Frames are standard in polished aluminum. However, a black nylon base is also available at no charge. Hard floor casters are optional but by no mean necessary. The variety of stylish fabrics available for this chair also add to the value. The virtually unlimited selection of Global textiles will allow users to design their chair to match their space perfectly.

Eco Friendly:

G20 Seating

The G20 chair is Greenguard Childred & School Certified. Both models are level 2 certified and ANSI-BIFMA compliant. Obviously these are features that really make a difference for those looking to go eco friendly with their business. It just goes to show you how much Global cares about our environment and overall indoor air quality. The G20 does not cost a penny more for these respectable attributes but the long term benefits are priceless. Global is committed to reducing our overall carbon footprint and it's just one more reason to love all their luxury office furniture and modern office chairs for the home and business.
Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Popular Waiting Room Seating Styles for Your Business

Waiting Room Seating

With thousands of seating solutions available it's easier to shop, design, and decorate your space if you have a style in mind. When it comes to waiting room furniture their are several popular options available. From modern beam seating to wood side chairs with traditional style it's important to find a look that meets your individual business needs.
Wood Guest Chairs

The most common form of waiting room seating is wood guest chairs. Wood guest seating offers a traditional look that warms a space and provides a professional appearance. This type of chair is commonly used by law firms and upscale businesses. Deciding on a wood finish can be tricky so it's important to get swatches and plan accordingly. Shop for chairs from a full service dealer so that you can enhance your space with a cohesive look. Nothing looks worse than having three clashing wood finishes throughout the waiting room. Most quality furniture manufacturers offer entire collections to meet the needs of any space and include a variety of wood reception desk models and office tables to match your new chairs.

Beam Seating

Another excellent type of waiting room chair that's become increasingly popular over the past few years is beam seating. This style is exactly what it claims to be. A metal beam supports a section of chairs to complete a modern, durable, and affordable look that really pops. Beam style office seating manufacturers like OFM, Inc. offer a variety of collections for both indoor and outdoor use and allow for custom configurations and modularity. As for the price, you will be quite pleased. This form of waiting room seating is an exceptional value and should be considered by any business looking to create a contemporary space.

Sectional Lounge Furniture

The third style of waiting room seating is sectional furniture. This style includes a variety of sofas, lounge chairs, love seats, and modular seating commonly used to provide a homey look. Often, this type of seating is seen in healthcare environments as a variety of antimicrobial upholstery options are typically available. Another common name for this type of seating is business lounge furniture. Overall, this is probably the most versatile type of seating for guest areas as it is very easy to find. Whether you're in search of a modern or more traditional look several packages designed for office use are available online to meet your individual needs.

In the long run, shopping for any type of office furniture can be fun and easy if you do your homework. When it comes to waiting room furniture in general, manufacturers like Mayline, Global Total Office, and OFM, Inc. provide affordable solutions to meet the needs of any space. Working with a professional furniture company or interior design team is also an excellent place to start and will ensure a well rounded space with a matching and visitor friendly appearance. If you don't have the budget for a designer, try to shop from one manufacturer. Avoid mix and match pieces and never hesitate to call a dealer for suggestions. You might just be surprised by what you can design yourself with a little product knowledge and creativity!
Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Professional Conference Tables with Modern Style

Modern conference furniture is in! That being said, it's incredibly important for those interested in this unique style of furniture to know where to find the best deals and coolest products. Several modern conference tables are available from industry leading brands that fit this description perfectly.

When it comes to modern conference tables, the first name that comes to mind should be Verde! This luxury line of Cherryman Industries furniture has truly taken the industry by storm. Verde conference table solutions are available in 8', 10', and 12' models to meet the needs of any space. These beautiful tables feature white glass leg accents and boat shaped surfaces that enhance the modern look. Verde tables are available in Latte and Espresso finishes that really pop.

Another fantastic modern conference table manufacturer is Mayline. For years Mayline has produced a variety of upscale contemporary furniture for home and business applications. The most popular new conference table models on the market are in fact manufactured by Mayline! The TransAction series offers a choice of surface shapes and feature heavy gauge steel legs for an industrial type look. TransAction table models are available in both standard and technology intensive versions to meet the needs of tech savvy businesses around the world. Being modern is much more than looks alone, these awesome tables offer the technology to back up the flashy look.

A relative new comer to the modern conference table game is OFM, Inc. This quality office furniture brand provides a host of home and business furnishings that are consistently a big hit throughout the industry. Over the last couple years, OFM has created a line of glass conference table options that won't break the budget. These awesome boardroom solutions are in a league of there own. The GT3977 and GT4794 models feature 5/8" thick tempered glass and stainless steel legs for a lightweight and durable design. These tables are a real winners and deserve a ton of accolades.

Last but not least, Global Total Office conference tables. When looking through this well renowned manufacturers assortment of products it's hard to find something without a modern style. With conference tables especially, Global has combined simplicity, affordability, and modern flair. Lines like Alba and Easton boast incredible style and durability. Tables from global are available in a virtually unlimited selection of shapes and finishes. Consumers are also rewarded with the ability to choose from a variety of leg styles to meet their individual taste. Along with their basic models, Global offers a variety of modular conference table solutions that are also a huge hit. Lines like Bungee and ConnecTABLES lead the way in this revolution into itself.
Monday, November 5, 2012

Luxury Lounge Furniture Sets by Flash Furniture

If you appreciate upscale lounge furniture but love a deal, Flash Furniture has the products for you. In addition to their extensive selection of discount office chairs. Flash offers a variety of contemporary lounge furniture solutions for the home or business. In today's post we will share several of our favorite collections.

Set 1: Diplomat Leather Lounge Furniture Set

Brown Leather Lounge Furniture Set

This modern lounge furniture set includes 3 unique seating solutions in a comfortable brown leather upholstery. The Diplomat collection features a simple yet contemporary appeal that's easy to appreciate. Enjoy this set for $1138.99.

Set 2: Imperial Reception Furniture Set

Imperial Lounge Furniture

The versatile style of this brown leather lounge furniture set is hard to beat. The Imperial collection includes a lounge chair, love seat, and comfortable sofa that all boast sturdy hardwood construction and a unique sloping arm design. With a price of $1081.99, this set is an excellent value.

Set 3: Majesty Lounge Furniture Collection

White Leather Reception Furniture

Last but not least, the Majesty white leather lounge furniture set by Flash Furniture. This 3 piece set features flaired arms and super soft foam filling in the cushions. Majesty works excellent in reception spaces along with waiting room applications. When it comes to discount reception furniture, Flash Furniture truly does it best. This set along with all the others shared today are really winners and should definitely be considered by those in the market for upscale guest chairs on a budget.
Thursday, November 1, 2012

Style Alert! White Office Furniture and Seating is In

White Office Furniture

Lately white office furniture is selling like crazy. White office furniture is incredibly popular right now and for that reason we wanted to highlight this new trend and shed some light on a few collections and seating solutions that fit this niche. From white accented desking to white leather office chairs, you will love these hot new products.
 First and foremost, if you combine white and glass, you get a hot selling line of office furniture. The Cherryman Verde Furniture collection does just that. Verde executive desks feature optional white glass doors on overhead hutches, while Verde conference table solutions feature white glass leg inserts that really pop. This line of contemporary casegoods is beyond popular right now, and for good reason. It's really cool and well made. If you are looking to outfit your space with a matching and cohesive line of white office furniture, Verde is the choice for you. From desk and tables to modern reception desk configurations, this popular collection is a real winner. Don't like the white? No problem. Verde furniture is also available in an all wood look that still keeps a modern feel.
Now that we have covered the hottest collection of office furniture on the market, let's take a look at white leather office chairs. If there is one trend setting item right now its this. Modern office chairs upholstered in white leather offer a clean and stylish look. Whether your looking for new office chairs to utilize at home or in the workplace several manufacturers offer white solutions to meet your needs.

New white office chair solutions by Flash Furniture are probably the hottest selling styles on the market. This affordable seating provider just seems to know what people want. With several white office chair styles priced well under $200 it's no wonder why. Along with their modern desk chair models, Flash offers a variety of contemporary lounge chairs, sofas, and reception seating solutions to match the white theme.

Along with Flash, Boss office chairs has recently released several cool white leather seating options that sell like hot cakes. The new B9431 chair is perfect for home, executive, and even conference room use. It's easy to picture this unique office chair in an upscale space an image a very high price tag. However, this user friendly chair is priced quite fairly at $223.99.

Still need more? How about the new Mayline e5 Furniture collection? If you haven't had a chance to see this incredible line of modular office products, do yourself a favor and visit a showroom. You will be in love! Mayline e5 furniture is available in 6 laminate finishes (including white) and includes a variety of preconfigured modular workstations, desking solutions, and modern office desk sets to meet the needs of any contemporary work environment. Furthermore, e5 furniture is so easy to spec that custom configurations are never out of reach. This furniture collection is an absolute winner!

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