Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Transitional Office Products Are The Future!

Height Adjustable Desk Workstation
Height adjustable, sit to stand, and transitional. You'll hear these industry buzzwords regularly if you're looking for ways to stay healthy and active in the workplace. Make no bones about it, transitional office products that promote a mix of sitting and standing are the future. Once considered an industry niche, adjustable desks, tables, and accessories are now the standard.

Why are transitional products so important you ask? Because sitting for hours on end at your desk can actually shorten your life span. When you sit for long periods of time, even the best posture habits suffer. Staying active int he workplace is an absolute must.

ergonomic perch stool with sit to stand laptop deskYou're probably wondering where to start. The good news is that creating an up-to-date office interior that promotes sit to stand transitioning is pretty easy these days. Nearly every manufacturer on the planet now offers some type of adjustable desk or work surface attachment. The problem is, they're not all created equal.

When shopping for sit to stand products, be sure to read reviews. It's best to go with a manufacturer who specializes in commercial quality products that are ready for the demands of the modern work day. We recommend industry titans like OFM, MooreCo, and Mayline.

ergonomic executive desk by MaylineThe first thing you'll want to invest in is a desktop riser. It will essentially turn your desk into a transitional workstation that's ready to adapt on the fly, without a huge investment of funds. Popular options like 5100 model from OFM provide an unrivaled combination of value and functionality. At just $279.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better riser for commercial applications.

Once you've purchased a desktop riser, you'll likely be looking for a bit of extra support while standing. We all know that being on your feet all day can be tiring too! Brands like MooreCo are answering the call with active stools like the 34796 model from the Up-Rite collection. This heavy duty and easy to clean sit to stand stool encourages regular position changes to keep you active without having to fully sit down. If you're going to work with a sit to stand workstation of any kind, a perch stool will make a nice addition to your ergonomic arsenal.

electric sit to stand executive workstation
If you've had a desktop riser for awhile and find it beneficial, you might considering upgrading to an electric sit to stand desk. Brands like Mayline are now offering executive workstations with sit to stand capabilities that eliminate the need to take up valuable operating space with a riser. Collections like Medina and Sterling offer some of the best ergonomic desks on the market today.

In the long run, you don't want to spend all day sitting or standing. You need a healthy mix of both. If you don't have sit to stand products present at your workstation, at least take a 5 to 10 minute break once every hour to avoid extended computing sessions in your office chair. Once you've made the switch to a transitional work life, there's no turning back. You find your self tasking with better posture and improved energy levels that can't be overlooked.
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