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Innovative New Office Chairs by Eurotech Seating

Love ergonomics and modern style? Then you have got to see the new office chairs from Eurotech Seating. With hot models like the Ergo Elite, Chakra, Hawk, Wing, and Stingray chair, your office will be at not shortage of efficiency and effectiveness. These awesome seating solutions provide optimal comfort and user friendly features designed to provide the perfect work day! Enjoy the reviews below.

Ergo Elite ChairErgo Elite Office ChairFirst up, the new Ergo Elite chair with patterned mesh back. If it's cutting edge good looks you're in search of, this is the chair for you. Available in both high back and mid back versions, the Ergo Elite is more than ready to provide sustainable support for any body type. The polished frame and base enhance the luxury look while innovative ergonomic features combine for a truly remarkable sit. Priced starting at $679.00, the Ergo Elite Office Chair is geared towards the needs and budget of the modern executive but not out of reach for the average consumer. Overall, the quality reflects in the price tag. This product is definitely an excellent value.

Chakra Office ChairChakra ChairThe Chakra Office Chair defines innovation and creativity! This unique product features an open zoomorphic structure that is light and airy yet extremely comfortable. The Eurotech Chakra chair focuses on the body's power centers for superior comfort. By specifically cushioning the chakras, and leaving the rest of the body free of tension, Eurotech has created and extremely comfortable seating solution. This line of top ergonomic office chairs for sale speaks directly to our animated connection to the inanimate world. The seating surface is composed of 7 independent cushions mounted directly to the chair frame on specially engineered rubber foundations to support the user and move in cohesion with their body. Choose from 5 cool color and frame combinations sure to spice up any workplace decor for only $343.99.

Hawk Series ChairHawk Office Chair by Eurotech SeatingCool, affordable, and efficient. These three words most accurately describe the new Hawk Series Office Chair by Eurotech. Priced at only $172.99 it's easy to see the value this innovative product has to offer.
The Eurotech Seating Hawk chair is the perfect seating solution for modern ergonomic office environments! This affordable yet high end ergonomic chair boasts impressive features designed for optimal comfort. Rest assured, the Hawk office chair is a top choice for any contemporary workplace. Available in 5 cool mesh back, seat, and frame combinations these ergonomic computer chairs for sale in 2013 easily adapt to any work environment and modern decor.

Eurotech Wing ChairEurotech Seating Wing ChairThe Eurotech Wing Series Chair is all about versatility! These innovative new office chairs for sale offer flip up arms and a unique back shape for optimal comfort. Standard features like tilt tension control, tilt lock, synchro tilt, seat height adjustment, and a waterfall seat edge are all quite useful. Priced at $193.00, these executive office chairs work great in both home and business applications. Choose from leather and microsuede upholstery options in both black and grey to match your individual office decor. The microsuede provides a delicate look that's surprisingly durable while the leather boasts class and elegance that's sure to earn your space a host of positive compliments. No matter your choice, the Wing chair is sure to have your office space soaring to new height!

Eurotech Stingray ChairEurotech Seating Stingray ChairWhen Eurotech Seating decides to create a new product they consider all of the essential points like comfort, price, style, and ergonomics. The new Stingray Series Office Chair combines them all to form an ideal seating solution for both professional business and home computing needs. This adjustable mesh office chair is perfect for any office application! The MT8500 model features a variety of luxury ergonomic attributes and includes free nationwide shipping from a variety of top chair retailers. Priced at $140.99, you'll be hard pressed to find better mesh back chairs for sale with better style, features, and overall quality. The Stingray is a real winner and should be considered by any business looking to provided their valued employees with reliable and comfortable task chairs on a budget.
Monday, August 26, 2013

Cool Workplace Furniture Trends

Whether your business is geared toward services specifically for people or you just want to stay hip to the modern age, keeping your office updated with the coolest workplace furniture trends is a great way to start. However, keeping up with what's hot can be really difficult if you don't know what to look for in your office furniture. But never fear, with this handy tutorial on how to keep things looking new and exciting, you will have your workplace tricked out with all the latest styles and gadgets, finding yourself on the cutting edge in no time!


Napoli Modular Executive Desk by Mayline

One of the coolest design trends on the market today is the sleek look of metal. This shiny, solid material is not just sturdy, but the extra sheen coupled with other materials such as wood or glass gives any place a spectacular feeling of balance and modernization. Even if your workplace decor is full of glass and dainty lines, metal can convey strength to even things out. If your workplace relies a lot on wood furnishings, adding metal is a great accent that brings a touch of the new age into the room. Office products that make the best use of metal accents are usually modern office desks and computer desks, as well as glass office desks for any home or business.  There are even a few modern chairs for executives out there that will match this new combo and add a splash of color to tie in any existing decor! When it comes to metal, there are tons of options. Whatever you choose, know that adding any of these great products is a surefire way to make your office shine. Literally!


Verde White Glass Office Desk Set by Cherryman

If you want a workplace that looks crisp and stylish, there is no better material to use than glass. In fact, a few glass accents here and there are often just the thing needed to complete a room. Glass looks great with any decor because it is so incredibly versatile. It can come in a transparent shade of almost any color and be molded into just about any design imaginable. But, if you want to go for the modern look, clear or a nice pale blue are the ways to go. Adding glass signifies honesty in the workplace as well as a strong sense of the modern age. If you want to go green or symbolize a rebirth of some kind, glass is the also perfect thing, as it can easily be melted down and molded into something new. No modern office should ever be complete without a few glass accents, and the best office products to do it with are glass office desks and glass computer desks for your home or workplace. Other ways to bring in glass are with a few stylish storage cabinets with glass doors, or with glass end tables in a waiting room or lounge.


Wood and Glass Verde Conference Table by Cherryman

One of the biggest trends of the modern age is the addition of white office furniture to workplaces. We've all seen it at the Apple Store, but now the trend has become huge, and for good reason. White conveys a sense of cleanliness. It easily matches any color and looks great when compared with other solid colors or unique designs. Subconsciously, pale tones like white or light blue make rooms appear more open which is especially important if you have dark furniture. In fact, the white-black color combo is one of the most stylish modern designs of today, both colors working to contrast one another in a way that makes any room feel whole, complete, and well balanced. Office products that are great opportunities to incorporate white into your color scheme are through stylish office chairs, such as the Hendrix White Leather Conference Chair by Woodstock, or in cool office desks like the ones offered in the Verde Collection by Cherryman for office use.

Modular Design

Mayline Aberdeen Series Typical Muti User Workstation

If you're already thrilled with the way your office looks, but maybe aren't so thrilled with how it functions, there are some remarkable products out there to help you with just that, and they all rely on the same concept: modular design. Now, if you're wondering what "modular design" is, don't worry - its very new - but knowing a few tricks about modular design can really help you out regarding the functionality of your office. The whole concept revolves around keeping everything at hands' reach in the office and making the most use of the space you've got. A few of the products that best showcase this concept are multi user workstations and cubicles for business purposes. These products always make great use of space, often allowing more than one individual to work from the same unit. They are great for businesses that fluctuate in activity, part of their modular design including the ability to add or remove units as needed. However, if you've already got desks or workstations, it doesn't mean you get to miss out on the benefits of modular design. Adding sliding keyboard trays and monitor arms to your computers are easy ways to clear up desk space and improve office function. Mounting CPU holders under desks free up leg room and prevent accidents by keeping your computers' hard drives off the floor.

Ergonomic Features

OFM Verte Ergonomic Office Chair

Perhaps one of the biggest trends in office design today revolves around ergonomics. This new style of furniture is design to reflect the findings of different ergonomic studies, meaning all products are designed to improve comfort and efficiency in the workplace. The office products that do this best are without a doubt, ergonomic office chairs for the home and business. Products like the Verte Ergonomic Office Chair above are some of the most comfortable chairs money can buy, moving in every way that your back does. Other ergonomic desk chairs come with all sorts of features, including the ability for height and back adjustment, seat adjustment, and removable arm rests. There are even a few stylish ergonomic office desks out there, in case you need a desk that features height adjustment or provides tilt control over the surface. Adding ergonomic workstations are great for the health of your employees and, in turn, the health of your business. Even if your office is as stylin' as ever, without the addition of ergonomics, know that your workplace is seriously missing something in the realm of the modern age: comfort and efficiency.
Thursday, August 22, 2013

Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Office

Looking for ways to get things done faster and more efficiently but aren't sure how to do it? If you've been feeling cramped and stifled at work, it may actually be due to your office. Keeping an office space efficient and manageable is a critical first step to a successful business that people often overlook. A clean, well-designed office allows for more productivity, greater effectiveness and speed,  a better business image, and it gives you one less thing to worry about. Here are the top seven ways to improve your office space so that you can improve your business!

An Ergonomic Office Chair

Wing Series Microsuede Eurotech Office Chair

If you are looking for the best way to improve your office space, ergonomics is definitely the way to go. Ergonomics refers to the study of comfort and efficiency in a work environment and the studies have led to a whole range of products developed just to better your work experience. Chief among all of these great new inventions are, without a doubt, comfortable office chairs for your business. There are great ergonomic chairs designed for all purposes, from ergonomic desk chairs to guest chairs, and all are built to rectify discomfort. No more back pain with these babies! From their heights to their inflatable seat cushions, these chairs are designed for the individual to be adjusted by the individual so you can decide what is best for you. These affordable chairs are sure to keep you and your employees feeling comfortable and ready to take on the world!

Get Organized

Organized Office

Keeping an office space clean an organized is always a great place to start if you're looking to refine your office. Cleanliness is not only pleasing to the eye, but a truly clean place is a healthier environment  where everything is easy to find. However, if a workplace is tight on square footage, sometimes cleanliness is not always possible. There's just so much stuff! Sometimes stacking things along the edges of office desks can't be helped right? Wrong. There are tons of simple, affordable ways to keep an office clean, no matter how small it is. Adding mobile office carts is a wonderful example. They're made to provide space for everything that clutters up desks, such as files, pens, directories, even printers, and they can be rolled out of the way when not in use. Another great way to clean things up is by making use of vertical space. Building up instead of out with great storage cabinets and office shelving gives you more of your square footage back, and is much more efficient. You may even find your office has become a little feng shui by the end of it!

Ergonomic Monitor Arm

The screen's too high, too far down, too tilted, too angled, too... not right! If you find yourself struggling to see your own computer screen, things definitely need to change and fast! Ill-placed computers can cause a lot of health problems. If you find yourself bending unnaturally to see the screen in any way, you could be giving yourself headaches or major back pain that can lead to bad moods or even sciatica. Fortunately, the uncomfortable battle with computer screens has been fought many times before. There is a way to defeat discomfort without having to give up desks, stylish executive chairs, or even computers. Just go ergonomic! Mounting ergonomic monitor arms to your desk or wall is the best way to end the pain. These fancy little devices are easily installed and attached to computers and flatscreen TV mounts so that you can tilt and move the screen wherever you want. Maybe you use more than one screen? No problem. There are multi-screen monitor arms too. And as an added bonus, they also clear up desk space!

Proper Lighting

Flourescent Under Mount Task Light by ESI

Does your office seem gloomy? Have you or your employees been feeling down? Has your productiveness slowed exponentially? Don't worry. Chances are, not all of you are depressed at the same time. Most likely, you business just has poor lighting. Proper office lighting is critical for office environments. Without it, employees, guests, and even CEOs can feel crestfallen and when that happens, productiveness can take a huge dive. Additionally, trying to read in lame light is terrible for the eyes. Making sure your workspace is well lit either with natural or artificial light is very important for the health of you, your employees, and your business. If you've been feeling blue, try adding a desk light or overhead task light to shed some light on your office experience!

Retractable Keyboard Tray

Are you tired of leaning over the desk to type? Good! It causes tremendous back pain and is terrible for your health. But that doesn't mean you have to suffer to get your work done. Adding retractable keyboard trays to your office furniture arsenal is another fantastic way to end discomfort and bring productivity back to the office. Retractable keyboard trays mount easily against the underside of desks and can drawn out so that they rest just above your lap for you to type and then stowed away out of sight back under the desk when not in use. It may be a small thing but these little devices are great ways to improve your health and your posture. You can count on ergonomic monitor arms and retractable keyboard trays make a perfect tag team for cleaning up space and keeping you comfortable!

CPU Holder

Storable CPU Holder by ESI

One great way to guard against expensive accidents without spending an arm and a leg is by getting a CPU holder. Anyone who has ever spilled their morning coffee and was terrified their computer's hard drive would get wet has not worried without reason. Accidental spills have been the catalyst for many trips to the electronics store to purchase new computers. The good news about CPU holders that mount underneath the desk is that they not only keep your computer off the ground and away from the splash zone, but they also grant you extra leg room, and if you ever need to adjust the wires in the back, the hard holder can slide out much like a keyboard tray and flip around for easy reach.

Modular Furniture

Multi User Modular Workstation

Adding modular furniture is a trend that has been sweeping the nation with good reason. Modular furniture not only helps keep things organized and users from straining themselves, but it is also stylish and super efficient. The whole idea behind modular workstations is to make the most use out of the smallest space given, and keep everything within arm's reach so users can spend more time at the desk and less time running around looking for what they need. Of course, to do this, modular workstations provide excellent storage capabilities. Most are designed with the whole office in mind and many offices have seen the benefits multi user workstations that allow numerous individuals to effectively make full use of smaller spaces. If your business fluctuates in the number of individuals that work there, modular cubicle systems are wonderful ways to accommodate that by allowing units to be removed or added depending on your needs.
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Choosing the Perfect Waiting Room Furniture

 Modern Waiting Room FurnitureChoosing new waiting room furnishings is an important task for any business. This important area should be designed with the needs of your guests in mind while maintaining a style that matches your corporate decor. This article shares helpful tips and product suggestions sure to help you choose the perfect furniture for your visitor waiting area.

Before you begin the shopping process, you'll need to properly measure your space. There's no use shopping for stylish leather sofas and accenting products that just won't fit! When measuring your space, make sure to take note of all important electrical outlets, entry ways, load bearing members and other room obstructions.

Leather Waiting Room Furniture
Once you've calculated accurate dimensions and your usable square footage, sketch out a few practice layouts for your space. Simply determine the amount of guests you hope to accommodate and draw a few design ideas. When coming up with ideas, have a style in mind that will best showcase your companies prowess. While the traditional lounge area furniture look is always in style, modern office reception furniture is great for high tech work environments and high end businesses. Once you've settled on a style and layout, it's time to determine what type of seating will best meet your business needs.

A variety of waiting room chairs are available to choose from that will surely earn your space a host of positive compliments. From modular beam seating to traditional lounge furniture sets, these popular options are designed to keep guests comfortable while enhancing your workplace decor. When the time to decide on chairs comes, make sure to do your homework online. Shop for top selling waiting room furniture for sale online to give yourself the most broad range of products to choose from. You can also shop industry leading brands like Mayline, Flash Furniture, and OFM chairs for your project. These respected manufacturers pride themselves on cutting edge solutions designed for modern work environments.

Contemporary Waiting Room FurnitureNow that your space has been accurately measured, you've decided on a seating layout, and chairs have been chosen, it's time to find the perfect welcome desk to accent your space. When shopping for reception desks for sale online, you'll be greeted with ample in stock options to met your specific needs and space requirements. Popular styled include salon, L shaped, and curved reception desks with modern style. If you're in need of specific product suggestions, try Mayline reception desks as there top 10 selling casegoods lines all offer stations that are incredibly stylish, in stock, and budget friendly.

Last but certainly not least you'll need to add accent furniture to compliment your waiting room. Believe it or not, the little details often make the biggest difference in terms of boom or bust when it comes to the guest welcoming area. Adding products like modern coffee tables, accent lighting, and wall art helps to create more inviting spaces sure to make a great first impression. In addition to your new office furniture, you might consider adding accessories like literature racks to help keep your space neatly organized. Simply laying magazines all over your waiting room tables won't cut it! In the long run, a well designed and organized visiting area will keep your valued clientele comfortable and coming back for a second trip. Strive to make a lasting impact on guests with your professionalism and high class decor and you'll be on the path to success!
Monday, August 19, 2013

What to Expect from a Modern Office

The modern office is a thing of beauty. High tech work environments of the 21st century are built for productivity are built for productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Knowing what to expect in a modern office will help to better prepare your business and keep you on the cutting edge!

High Tech Office Desks

Napoli Modular Executive Desk by Mayline

Any modern office worth its salt is sure to have high tech office desks for their executives and employees. Great modern office desks are wonderfully easy to power and function many of the same capabilities as cool modular workstations so they are easy to add on to as a business grows. Today's ergonomic workstations are designed to solve problems. They often come with adjustable attributes so that each desk can be as individual as its user! Modern desks are often complete with levers or electronic buttons that allow users to adjust desk height so you never have to bend over or reach up to work.  And the best part is that they are always stylishly designed to match any decor!

Modular Design

Mayline Aberdeen Series Typical

Looking at the subtitle above, you may be asking yourself what "modular design" is. Well, one way to describe the concept is by thinking about trains. When trains have more passengers to carry, more cars are added. If there are less passengers, cars can be removed to save time and energy. In the world of office furniture, manufacturers have applied this concept to their products, incorporating what they call a "modular design". There are lots of businesses out there that fluctuate in activity that benefit from office furniture with this design. Today's modern cubicles are not only stylish and ergonomic, but they are also modular, meaning each unit is designed so that it can easily latch onto another unit or it can be easily removed, and modular workstations like the one above take up less space by effectively seating more than one individual. Not only that, modular design also refers to the idea of keeping everything within arm's reach so that users do not have to expend more energy than they need to running to mobile carts to get what they need. Everything is right there. Whether you're referring to the arrangement of desks in a space, or the storage capacity that desk provides, if it has a modular design, you'll never need to pick up a feng shui book again!

Ergonomic Products

ESI Keyboard Tray Solution

If you're wondering what truly makes an office exemplary in current times, just know that its all about ergonomics! Confused? Don't be. Ergonomics is a wonderful concept that has helped many businesses all over the world become more productive, improve efficiency, and introduce comfort. The word "ergonomic" refers to the study of ergonomics which is the study of efficiency in working environments. Ergonomic products can include everything from chairs to retractable keyboards trays,  to desks and much more and they're all designed to improve efficiency by making the workplace more comfortable and less of a hassle. A good modern office is never complete without any of these great ergonomic products: a good tablet mount that hooks computer screens to desks so that they take up less space, ergonomic monitor arms for computer screens and flatscreen TVs that mount to walls, so that you can move the screen around or tilt it to your liking, and CPU holders mounted under desks to keep external hard drives off of the ground in case of spills or other accidents. These fabulous devices save time, add comfort and security, and are an absolute must for any up-to-date office!

Adjustable Office Chair

RFM Verte Ergonomic Chair

Now, if there were a product that showcased all the advances and benefits of ergonomic studies, it would have to be the office chair. No medium has provided more opportunity to expand and discover ergonomic possibilities as the office chairs you sit in every day. Today's comfortable office chairs are completely different than the chairs we sat in ten years ago. They are adjustable, reliable, durable, and individualized so that each person can make their chair as comfortable as they want. Any business with good ergonomic desk chairs or will gladly attest to the well being of their employees as far as comfort goes. But comfort and functionality isn't just limited to executive office chairs anymore. There have been major advancements in the realm of guest chairs and as well! Seating options such as training chairs and beam seating for guests have improved drastically, seating occupants  while providing comfort, saving space, and nesting capabilities for easy storage. Any workplace that includes the advancements of modern seating is sure to wow everyone that steps inside!

Cutting Edge Storage Products

Mayline 30 pocket Cabinet

Everyone could benefit from a little extra space, but finding it when you have a limit on square footage can be hard. Fortunately, in the modern workplace, you don't have to worry about it anymore! There are tons of great office accessories and products out there with fabulous storage capabilities to give you all the space you need. Products like desk pedestals are great for places tight on storage, especially if they are mobile. Wheels give things the ability to be rolled out of the way when not in use. If your home or office is tight on space, its best to build up instead of out. Vertical bookcases are extremely helpful and shelving keep things off of the floor to free up space. Additionally, things like vertical file cabinets are great for keeping files, books, binders or anything else that isn't regularly used out of the way, and locking features keep all the stuff safe from marauders! So, if you want your office to stay on the cutting edge, make sure you provide tons of storage to free up your space!
Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to Properly Adjust Your Office Chair

How To Properly Adjust Your Office Chair
Simply having a high quality ergonomic office chair isn't enough. You can spend thousands on the must cutting edge seating solution available, but the money is poorly spent if you don't understand how to operate your chair properly. Getting the most out of your chair involves making the proper adjustments to keep you comfortable on a regular basis throughout your work day. From chair height to arm width this article shares the 4 key ways to most effectively adjust your chair in order to keep you working efficiently.

1.) Chair Height

Believe it or not, the height of your chair determines quite a bit about workplace comfort. Sitting too low will have you reaching and over extending. These poor practices cause you to tire more quickly when working in addition to back pain. A chair positioned too high limits blood blow and makes for bad posture sure to have you sitting uncomfortably all day long. The funny part is, that most people will just deal with the pain rather than adjusting one simple lever beneath their chair. The habit of sitting uncomfortably is strangely hard to break! That being said, take the time to go through your office chairs full range of motion, then choose the most effective position for yourself. If you're  still unsure, the middle of the pneumatic cylinders range is typically a good bet. You can also meet with a physician for more insight.

2.) Chair Back

When shopping for ergonomic office chairs online, one of the most important factors to consider is back height. While some models offer adjustable back height, this is considered a luxury feature that can drive the price up significantly. No need to worry! This seldom used feature is unnecessary if you pre determine the necessary back height that works best for you. Individuals over 6' tall will want to use a high back office chair while those under 6' can use mid back models comfortably. Shorter individuals will benefit from low back solutions designed to best accommodate their frame. The back height of a chair is far more important for taller individuals. Sitting in a chair that's too low will not provide you with the proper support, thus resulting in back pain. Top high back executive chairs like the Concorde Presidential Chair from Global are great for those in search of a luxury option for their workspace. Models like the Triumph Executive Chair are far more cost effective and still offer excellent features and benefits sure to improve your work day while keeping you properly supported.

3.) Chair Angle

Most ergonomic chairs for everyday computing come standard with a tilt function that can be locked in place. Higher end chairs are commonly accompanied with an infinite tilt mechanism that can be secured at any angle you choose. Regardless of the chair you're operating, adjusting the angle at which you sit is vitally important. Setting the angle too far back may have you lounging and looking stylish, but this could be causing you much more harm than good! Setting the angle too far forward will have you straining and constantly adjusting. That being said, most industry professionals recommend trying out several positions. In the long run, your chair adjust for a reason. Most ergonomists will adjust the angle of their chair 10 to 15 times throughout the day to work most efficiently. While you might think that sounds a bit extreme, you should at least do yourself the favor of adjusting to an ideal angle that works well with your body type and natural posture.

4.) Chair Arms

With so many incredible advances to the world of adjustable office chairs, buying a model without adjustable arms is just plain silly. The arms of your chair are one of the most important features that can make or break your work day. Fixed arms are fine on conference room chairs, but your everyday model needs to be comfortably accommodating to any of your current needs. Innovative new executive chairs like the G20 office chair from Global offer width, height, and angle adjustable arms for a reason! These capabilities all allow for a customizable sit geared towards improving your work rate and effectiveness. As with all adjustments, you have to know what you're working with before you can know what works best. Simple adjust your arms in all of the ways available and choose a regular position. Width adjustable arms should be moved out on big and tall office chairs when getting up or sitting down. Smaller operators should move chairs in for the same reason. The versatility of adjustable chair arms and their benefits are endless. This is one adjustment that should be used several times a day to get the most out of your chair. The proper use of your arms makes for a sure fire boost in comfort that should not be overlooked.

In the long run, to properly adjust your office chair you have to first understand it's capabilities and benefits. In most cases research is done while shopping. However, if you've already purchased new computer chairs for your business you can still meet with industry professionals or look for manufacturer specifics online to learn about your particular model. It's also important to keep in mind that properly adjusting your chair means meeting your specific comfort needs. There is not set rule on how you should sit while working. Ergonomics is all about comfort and getting the most out of your work day. Experiment with your chair to find out how you can achieve this goal for yourself!
Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Top 5 Tips for Creating an Awesome Reception Area

Reception areas are an important part of many businesses. If you are a doctor, dentist, hotel concierge, or even a hair stylist, chances are you walk through one of these rooms every day. You may even sit behind the big desk! Reception areas set the stage for how the customer will view your business, so it is pivotal that your business's reception area looks top-notch. Here are some helpful tips as to what sort of furniture is both stylish and functional enough to leave your customers in awe!

Reception Seating Sets

Mayline Santa Cruz Lounge Furniture Set

If you're not quite sure where to start regarding your reception area's design, consider choosing furniture set. Sets are wonderful options because they include everything you need to keep your guests happy, and with reception seating sets you never have to worry about forgetting something visitors might need. The furniture is predesigned to match itself perfectly, and usually provides numerous color options for you to choose from if your walls are already painted. Reception furniture sets such as the Santa Cruz Lounge Furniture Collection by Mayline typically include comfortable sofas, matching lounge chairs, and coffee tables in one affordable package. Just one or a few of these sets depending on the size of your reception area will impress your guests without a doubt!

Reception Tables

Sorrento Series Oval Coffee Table By Mayline

One super important aspect of reception area design that is often overlooked is the addition of tables to the room. Adding reception area accent tables is crucial to your guests' satisfaction. If you provide magazines or drinks for your guests but neglect provision of a place to set them, all your efforts to keep visitors refreshed and entertained are wasted. Guests will notice very quickly if they want to set down a beverage or book and can't find a place to put it other than the floor. Don't make this critical mistake. Try throwing in some cool coffee tables for your guests to set their belongings. Not only are the tables beneficial to your customers, but they are also beneficial to you! They provide a place for you to set pamphlets about your business and reading materials for your guests while they wait. You may even consider going the extra mile by including bistro tables where your guests can enjoy snacks or surf the web on their laptops if wait time is extensive.

Beam Seating

Net Beam Seating Configuration by OFM

Another option you may want to consider is beam seating for your office space. Beam seating is a trend that has been sweeping the nation with good reason. It has become a wonderful way to organize reception areas and save space by combining numerous chairs into one single unit. Some beam seating options even like the OFM Net Beam Seating Configuration include small end tables as part of their setup so that you can provide a place for guests to set drinks or magazines. These seating solutions are wonderful for offices that have cramped space or want a new design that has never been seen before. They are available in tons of materials and color options and you can often choose how many chairs you want in your configuration. Beam chairs are modern, chic, and totally cool for any business that wants to bring in fashionable looks without having to pay exorbitant prices.

Reception Desks

Marque Plexi 5 Unit Reception Desk

One thing that is essential to any reception area is the reception desk. This desk should be unique, functional, and reflect the way you want your business to be seen. From a design standpoint, reception desks are usually the focal point of the room, so it is often best to choose a desk that you really like first, and then choose the furniture that you feel will best accent it. Wonderful curved reception desks like the Marque Plexi 5 Unit Reception Desk above are great examples of how modern office desks can make a beautiful focal points because the circular design makes the desk accessible from all parts of the room. But don't limit yourself. If space is an issue, there are plenty of great reception desks for a small office area that can look just as spectacular if you don't have the square footage for a big desk, or if you want another feature of the room to be a focal point. Just keep in mind that the desk you choose is always an important feature of the room, so give it some serious thought.

Reception Seating

Global Lux Arm Chair

Now, if there were anything more crucial to to a reception area than its desk, it would definitely be the seating. In order to make a great first impression with your customers, work so that they feel comfortable at all times. Making sure you have comfortable guest chairs is the best way to start, but you don't have to spend a fortune either. In order to know the right sort of chairs to get, consider how long your guests typically wait for. If your guests only wait between five to ten minutes, you probably don't need to get a whole array of ergonomic executive chairs to satisfy them. Something simple and stylish like the Marche Side Chair by Global is perfect. However, if your guests wait closer to thirty minutes, you might want to go ahead and get something more comfortable such as the Global Kate Series Contemporary Leather Armchair Set for your guests. The best part about guest chairs is that they typically come in a multitude of color and style options to match any decor, so you never have to sacrifice style for functionality!
Monday, August 12, 2013

Top U Shaped Desk Configurations

A U shaped office desk helps to maximize the square footage potential of any space. Desks of this nature are composed of a main front piece with either bow front, straight, or peninsula section. The focal desk is highlighted by an attached return and rear credenza to form the full U shape design. As the most popular style of executive desking solution on the market, you'll be at no shortage of models to choose from. Luckily, this post highlights the best of the best for your workspace!

Mayline Brighton DeskFirst up, the Brighton BT23 Typical by Mayline. This popular configuration features a glass accented hutch, ample storage, and peninsula front desk that combine to create a stunning modern office. Priced at $1129.99, this unit is truly an excellent value! Both the cherry and mocha finishes compliment well in executive environments. As an added bonus, the Mayline Brighton series is typically in stock for those in need of new products in a hurry!

HPFI Affirm DeskSecond on the list of top 5 U shaped executive desks is the Affirm configuration by HPFI. This station includes 4 pieces for the $2615.99. While this might be a bit pricey for the average consumer, the Affirm collection is designed for high end work atmospheres with luxury style. The honey cherry and rouge mahogany finishes boast success and class while the bow front desk portion offers a traditional look sure to earn your space a host of positive compliments. Those unfamiliar with HPFI office furniture should definitely take a peek at the Affirm and Atlas collections as they truly create beautiful work environments to be proud of!

Verde U Station ConfigurationWhen it comes to corner office desk configurations, using a U shaped design is always a great choice! Manufacturers like Cherryman Industries specialize in quality desk sets designed to fit in corner and small office spaces while still offering a cutting edge look that doesn't sacrifice valued professional qualities. Lines like the Cherryman Verde Series offers some of the most cutting edge modern office desks for sale on the market today. Pre configured furniture packages like the Verde VL-745R U station even include a matching mobile pedestal with choice of 3 fabric cushion options. These little add on packages make for a space saving guest seat that also provide versatile office storage. The white glass accents are definitely the main style attribute of these stations. Available in your choice of 2 finishes, Verde sets are amongst the top selling business office furniture solutions of 2013.

Offices To Go Ventnor Desk
You can never go wrong with Offices To Go desks and chairs for the home or business. This line of discount office furniture includes a variety of stunning U desk sets and accenting leather executive chairs sure to highlight any office on a strict budget. Units like the Ventnor executive desk package offer a choice of 2 color options to meet your stylistic needs. Excellent desk storage pedestals are included in most OTG suites that lock for added workplace security. Stunning edge details and well made surface grommets make for a well rounded collection of executive office desks for sale that won't let you down!

Napoli FurnitureLast but certainly not least, if you're looking to impress with modern style, the Mayline executive desks for sale from the popular Napoli collection will definitely do the trick! This line of modular workstations combines glass, wood, and metal accents to form an industrial yet commercially influenced modern line of products that really impress. Units like the NT31 Napoli Typical are an excellent example of Mayline's industry leading craftsmanship at it's finest. High grade American hardwood veneers and Italian influenced design qualities make for a cutting edge look that can't be denied. Choose from three popular finish combinations with plenty of executive cabinets and storage products to complete your space.
Wednesday, August 7, 2013

5 Must Have Office Accessories for Any Workspace

In order to work at the highest levels of productivity in your office you'll need the right tools. Believe it or not, office accessories make a huge difference in terms of efficiency and overall workplace effectiveness. This article highlights the top 5 office accessories any business will benefit from. From ergonomic monitor arms to adjustable keyboard trays, outfitting your office with these top products is a must!

2 Screen Monitor ArmFirst up, the ergonomic monitor arm. If you're still working with a single screen on the stock base you're in the stone age! Top articulating monitor arms from brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Systematix, and Symmetry are incredibly budget friendly and equally useful. From increased usable desk space to limitless adjustment capabilities, adding a monitor arm will change the way you work. Going will a 2 screen monitor arm will add even more benefits that include a major increase in work speed. No more flipping back and forth between tabs! Simple click and drag a webpage to either monitor and adjust the screen to a desired position. Priced starting at around $200, the features gained from these awesome products are well worth every penny.

Orion Tablet MountTablets like the iPad are being used in business more and more each day. The difficult part is that without mounting your tablet properly you'll be stuck holding it in your lap. The new Orion tablet mount is a great way to keep your tablet handy and within arms reach. Priced at only $149.99, this product makes an awesome gift that any modern business professional will surely appreciate. The Orion offers a simple clamping mechanism that attaches to the side of almost any work surface. The upper clamp will easily accommodate screens from 7" to 11" comfortably. As an added bonus, all Orion mounts are standard with a security locking feature that provides a great anti theft deterrent. We expect these versatile products to be a staple of any modern business in the near future. Look for the tablet mounting trend to show up in an office near you in 2013.

Adjustable FootrestAdding an adjustable footrest to your office is a great way to take pressure off your knees while improving blood flow. Top ergonomic footrests for office applications will also improve your posture and work great in cohesion with ergonomic office chairs from related brands. The office of the future is solely based around comfort and efficiency. Adding a product like the FR201 footrest by ESI will surely have you started on the right track. Priced at only $71.99, the benefits achieved from this simple product are just too good to pass up. As a side tip, avoid wood models as they tend to ware much more quickly over time. Hard plastic variations hold up better, longer, and offer a modern look thats's sure to impress.

Ergonomic Task LightDuring the average work day the majority of office workers rely solely on the overhead lighting in their space. This is not ideal to say the least! Adding adjustable office lighting to your space will cut down on electric bills while providing light when and where you need it. High energy overhead bulbs are quite expensive, and top LED task light models are an absolute bargain when compared to both long and short term power usage. An ergonomic desk lamp can also be of excellent use. Products like the Omega task light take up minimal space and really come in handy during day and night time hours.

Adjustable keyboard trayThe unsung hero of the office world is still the ergonomic keyboard tray. These adjustable ergonomic products are often overlooked but are relied upon daily to perform most every computing task comfortably. A retractable keyboard tray provides excellent space saving features by mounting under your desk when opposed to sitting on top. Using adjustable keyboard trays to accompany executive office desks for sale from top brands is a must for any work environment looking for a clean and well organized look! No more cluttered desk tops with wires strewn about. The most important benefits of these helpful products include an improved computing position to meet your body type, height, and angle most efficient for working long hours.
Monday, August 5, 2013

Helpful Tips for Creating the Perfect Training Room Furniture Configuration

Have you been considering adding a break room to your office? What about a place just to train new recruits? Perhaps you were even thinking about a cafeteria or event room too, but don't quite know what to get or where to start. Well, it sounds like training furniture might be just the thing for you. This extremely versatile, useful, and trendy style of furniture has been sweeping the nation as the addition of training rooms to office buildings has taken a recent rise. Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to    redecorate and reequip your workplace with the coolest new furniture on the market. Here's some helpful tips about the uses of training furniture and where it can fit into your business!

Consider Your Needs

Consider Your Needs

When adding training furniture to your workplace, the first thing you should consider is what your furniture must be able to do. Training furniture is extremely diverse design because many business owners like to use it for various purposes. Consider what you need your furniture to do for you. Will it be used for lunch? Education? Events? Should it be able to fold up or "nest" for easy storage? Would it be a permanent fixture in the room? Does it have to be lightweight or have wheels for mobility? While different training room products can do these things, you first have to choose what you want for yourself, then you can choose your furniture!

Modular Design

OFM Rize Modular Workstation

One of the greatest aspects about training furniture is that possesses a modular design. This means that no matter what style you choose, whether you choose mobile furniture, stationary furniture, or a configuration that can be easily stowed away, training furniture will always enhance the productivity and efficiency of your workplace. If you're tight on space, there are wonderful training tables with folding tops and chairs that can be nested for easy storage. If your office fluctuates in activity or number of people, there are great multi-user workstations that give you the option of adding or taking away units, much like the way the units in cubicles can be removed or built onto.

Furniture for Education

Sync Training Room by Mayline

Training room furniture was designed for education. Though its remarkable versatility makes it a fantastic solution for many other problems, perhaps its greatest use is in teaching. This type of furniture is wonderful for training new recruits - in fact, that was its original purpose. The good news is that it also makes this type of furniture great for schools and libraries. If your office is all about technology, there are plenty of small affordable computer desks that are highly functional and would look good anywhere. Adding a few presentation boards and lecterns in with your furniture configuration will help keep everyone informed.

An Ergonomic Solution

Training Room Furniture

Ergonomics is the study of efficiency and productivity in the workplace. It is all about making things adjustable, comfortable, functional, and the perfect solution for whatever problem it was designed for. If you feel that ergonomics may be the answer for your workplace, training furniture is a great place to start.  All training products such as training room chairs are stylish and comfortable and are often available in numerous color options for your convenience. Training room seating can often double as great stacking office chairs and easy folding office chairs for business events or cafeteria furniture. They are usually made of molded materials that fit to the curves of the body for added support and comfort.


Training Room Student Chair

The absolute best part about training room furniture is its extreme versatility. This furniture can be useful anywhere, which is a key reason why it has swept the nation. Training room tables make popular student desks and the chairs are perfect as student seating solutions or even guest chairs for stylish waiting room furniture in reception areas. Because of this, training room furniture is often a common sight in schools, doctor's offices, and libraries, but that isn't all it can be used for. Looking for affordable cafeteria tables for your business, or are in need of small tables for a cafe or break room? Training tables are here for you! With the ability to fold and nest against one another, these items are can easily double as bistro tables, and have the style to pull it off. Training room furniture can be found almost anywhere, from offices, to museums, and even family gatherings. One thing's for sure, this furniture is here to stay, and with all that it can do, we're sure glad it will!

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