Monday, September 19, 2016

Ergo Experts: ESI

ESI Ergonomic Solutions at
When it comes to workplace productivity, ESI knows their stuff. This cutting edge manufacturer specializes in the provision of high tech office products specifically designed to reduce fatigue, improve blood flow, and skyrocket functionality. Needless to say, ESI is an ergo expert. Today on the blog, we'll highlight their top rated products to show you why. Enjoy!

ESI EDGE2 Monitor ArmSave desk space and reduce visual fatigue with an ESI monitor arm. The computer screen mounting solutions from ESI are the best in the business. Models like the EDGE2 can be mounted to desk surfaces as well as grommets to properly enhance your workstation.

ESI Ergorise StationSitting for extended periods of time can actually shorten your life span. To fight back against this office epidemic, sit to stand solutions like the Ergorise station from ESI are a must consider in 2016. These incredibly versatile ergonomic products attach to nearly any desk or table. Ergorise stations are perfect for home, business, and even classroom environments.

ESI Ergonomic Keyboard TrayNot all retractable keyboard tray systems are created equally! To operate and compute effectively during those long days at the office, you need an articulating model from a brand you can trust. Check out an ESI combo solution and you'll see what we mean. With their highly adjustable arms, these keyboard platforms offer unrivaled versatility. Computing at the correct angles has never been easier.

CPU Holder by ESITired of bending over to route wires and simply turn on your computer? Stop straining your back and get that CPU off the ground with an ergonomic mount from ESI. The CPU05 mounting system is an absolute bargain buy at just $124.00. This swiveling CPU mount attaches directly underneath any normal desk surface on a retractable glide system that allows it to be slid in and out of position when needed. Having your CPU off the ground also protects your important digital files against theft and flood damage.

ESI Vivid Task LightLight up your workspace with an ESI tasking light. This do-it-all brand offers awesome LED desk lighting to help keep your interiors well lit. If you're done wasting money on pricey overhead lights, make the investment into an adjustable ergonomic lamp like the VIVID-LE from ESI. You'll be glad you did.

ESI WOW WorkstationLast but certainly not least, no article on ESI products would be complete without highlighting the WOW01 station. This product has truly earned it's name. The ESI Ergonomic Solutions WOW station (workstation on wheels) must be experience in person to be fully appreciated. That being said, we'll do out best to give it the props it deserves. This mobilized operating station is perfect for any fast paced environment. The WOW excels in healthcare settings and corporate training areas. With heavy duty casters, a wide 5 star base, and adjustable height design, the ESI WOW station is an absolute bargain buy at just $531.00. Give your interiors that little something extra by investing in this cutting edge product. It's one of those items that after trying, you'll wonder how you ever operated without it.

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