Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Office Chair Review: Lift by Modway

Modway Office Chair Review
Known for their innovative modern office seating, Modway never fails to impress. Today on the Office Furniture Deals blog we'll take a look at one of the hottest new Modway chairs on the market. The Lift high back mesh chair provides exceptional appeal and a refined sitting experience any user will appreciate. Prepare to be impressed. This is one chair we really love!

Modway Lift Chair ReviewStyle:

If we had to describe the Modway Lift chair with just one word, it would be "modern". With distinctively bold design characteristics, the Lift chair puts off a high tech look that's way ahead of it's time. You'll quickly notice the high back design with segmented mesh sections and headrest that work together to contribute to the cutting edge vibe. The Lift chair is further accented with the addition of a luxurious chrome 5 star base that really pops in professional settings. Looking at the Lift chair from the rear, it's even more modern. A stylish chrome support beam that resembles a human vertebrae rounds out what we feel is one of the coolest and most unique seating solutions on the market.

Modway Lift Chair - Side View

The EEI-324 model Lift chair packs a major ergonomic punch. The independently adjustable mesh back sections work together to provide excellent back support during those long operating sessions when you need your chair to be at it's best. The adjustable T shaped arms come in handy when computing while the multi functional mechanism is easy to use and operate. We found that the Lift chair really minimized the ergonomic learning curve. While most of today's most popular office chairs are a bit hard to master, the Lift will have you ready, willing, and able to adapt at a moments notice.

Modway Lift Chair - Rear ViewApplications:

The Lift chair is a perfect option for high end executive interiors. With it's upscale modern look, this chair will earn your space an abundance of positive complimented from valued visitors. This modern mesh swivel chair is also a great option for home computing as it's consumer friendly price point will allow you to get comfortable without breaking the bank. Last but certainly not least, these highly adjustable chairs are perfect for professional tasking. In a world filled with chairs claiming to be ergonomic in just about every way imaginable, the Lift excels. Sit in this mesh chair once and you'll never settle for anything less. The Lift will take your performance to the next level. There's not too much you can't do effectively in this office chair. While a bit big for professional conference room settings, that's really the only operational limitation.

Popular Office ChairPrice:

The EEI-234 model Lift chair is currently available 2016 for $474.99. It's most commonly compared to the Ergohuman mesh back executive chair from Eurotech Seating which is priced a few hundred dollars higher. While we personally feel the Ergohuman is a slightly more comfortable variation, this minimal difference cannot be effectively justified at nearly twice the price. The Lift chair offers many of the cutting edge adjustment features found on chairs priced well over a thousand dollars. It's probably a bit pricey for the average shopper, but for those looking to invest in ergonomic functionality, it's great buy when compared to the other top rated models on the market with the same features.


We are pleased to give this modern office chair from Modway 4 out of 5 stars. The Lift is cool, comfortable, and significantly more cost effective then it's most comparable peers. If you're looking for a high quality office chair that's up to date with today's current seating trends, the Lift is a must consider. We gave a half star deduction due to a lack of cool color options you'll find on many of Modway's most popular chairs. We gave another half star deduction because we feel the chair seat should be available in full upholstered variations for long term durability and user comfort. The mesh seat is light, springy, and doesn't have the waterfall edge commonly found on many of the chairs at this price point to help take the pressure off knees when working. Overall, this is a fantastic chair that's easy to use. Any shopper can invest in the Lift chair with confidence!
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