Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Keep It Collaborative with Mayline e5 Furniture

Mayline e5 Furniture Review
Traditional panel furniture and cubicle systems promote privacy by creating closed off workspaces. While once the preferred choice of businesses and design teams, these classic configurations are rapidly being replaced with open concept lines like e5 that promote collaboration and team interaction. Mayline's e5 collection is truly revolutionary. Let's take a look at the layouts and components that have made this line one of the best options for professional remodeling projects in 2016.

Mayline e5 Open Concept FurnitureIt all starts with the private office space. A personalized work environment built for your specific needs. That being said, you don't want your interior to feel overly cluttered right? Definitely not! To maximize performance and appeal, you want your workspace to feel open and awesome. That's where e5 comes in.

The modular components from this collection will help you maximize floor space and valuable square footage to promote collaboration. Cool e5 desk configurations are available from Mayline to simplify the remodeling process. Typicals like the e56 offer everything you need to create an upscale executive vibe. If a preconfigured set won't work for your office, you'll love e5's ability to create custom layouts. With e5, the sky is the limit!

e5 benching from MaylineMayline e5 series benching is perfect for training, educational, testing, and work floor applications. It's incredibly versatile to say the least. Creating cluster workstations is quick, simple, and surprisingly cost effective.With e5 benching, you can even put power at your user's finger tips. Surface level input options help minimize the trips underneath the desk to hunt down three prong outlets. Charging devices and routing wires will no longer be a headache. The frosted separating panels provide just enough privacy without hindering collaboration. Needless to say, open is awesome!

Mayline e5K16 Quick Ship TypicalThe e5 furniture line has recently been expanded to include quick ship desk layouts that leave the factory within just 2 days of order. While most of the components from this line take a few weeks to manufacture, these quick ship typicals are ready immediately. Popular e5 desk setups like the E5K16 include the storage modules and operating components needed to help you stay at your best while creating an interactive environment that can be expanded as your personal needs increase.

Open Concept Office Furniture LayoutWhat set's the e5 line apart is it's unrivaled functionality. While great for private office interiors, e5 is equally effective in large work floor applications. If you're looking to kick those old school cubicles to the curb to make your interiors feel large and more collaborative, e5 open desking is the only way to go. The custom components from e5 allow design teams and business to think outside the box. With e5 you're only limited by your own imagination. With cool storage components, intricate power options, and loads of cutting edge appeal, this modern office furniture collection excels in ways competitive lines can only hope to.
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