Thursday, December 1, 2016

Life In The Cube: Products For Productivity

It's all about healthy, productive operating in 2016. Sure good posture tips will help, but to truly be at your best, you'll need key ergonomic add-ons to take your work day to the next level. That's where we come in! Today on Life In The Cube we're highlighting essential workplace productivity solutions from brands like OFM, Symetry Office, and more.

OFM Desktop Sit To Stand StationIt just wouldn't be fair to kick today's post off with anything other than the 5100 model desktop sit to stand attachment from OFM. This incredibly versatile ergonomic product can be utilized on any operating surface 35" x 23" or larger. The user friendly handle makes for effortless transitions from sitting to standing positions. The 5100 station helps prevent the need for extended sitting sessions without reducing productivity. Switching to a standing position while working will improve blood flow and alleviate the natural strain caused from staying seating for long periods of time. At just $279.99, the OFM 5100 station is a must for intensive work environments.

Symmetry Office CPU HolderNext up, the HARMONY-CPU-4 model CPU holder from Symmetry Office. For a modest investment of $120.99 you can avoid banging your knees on your CPU for a lifetime. While that should be enough to sway you, the Harmony also offers lot's of key ergonomic benefits that you'll wonder how you ever lived without. The ability to retract your CPU will provide you with more operational space. You'll be able to slide it forward when wire routing and device charging is necessary without those pesky trips under the desk. Additionally, having your CPU secured off the ground with protect your digital files from theft and even water damage.

Articulating ergonomic keyboard platformNot all ergonomic keyboard platforms are created equal! Those from brands like ESI reign supreme. The AA360-PL215 combo unit articulates to help users operate at correct and healthy angles. This adjustable unit mounts securely underneath nearly any operating surface to create more usable space. When you're not computing, simply retract your platform and continue on with your daily tasks.

Dual Screen Monitor SystemReduce visual strain, eliminate wasted time flipping between tabs, and simultaneously create more desk space with the integration of a dual screen monitor mount. This product is really a no brainer. Attachable dual screen monitor systems like the EZKC2 from Mayline provide unparalleled versatility and value.

Ergonomic Foot RestYou can't be productive if you're operating in pain of any kind. Believe it or not, even the simplest of products tend to make a difference. Take this adjustable ergonomic footrest from Global for example. the ability to relieve knee and foot pressure may seem minimal, but in fact, studies have shown that individuals (especially females) the use foot rests report improved comfort and productivity.

Advanced Ergonomic Office ChairIf you really want to take your work day to the next level, an advanced ergonomic office chair is a must. We recommend the iOO from Eurotech Seating. This highly adjustable swivel chair is in a league of it's own. The iOO comes standard with a tilt tension control that allows the recline rate to automatically adapt to the rate of the user. The chair back angle can be set for personalized comfort in a reclined position of your choosing by using the tilt lock feature. A waterfall seat edge is also standard. It will help take the pressure off your knees while working by improving blood flow. The list goest on and on! A 2.8" ratchet back makes it easy to achieve top quality lumbar support. The adjustable arms are multifunctional to help users compute at correct angles. This posture promoting office chair represents a pinnacle in the world of seating evolution. It's modern design characteristics and adjustable features have made it one of the absolute best chairs on the market for individuals looking to improved productivity. Needless to say, the iOO from Eurotech packs a major ergonomic punch!
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