Thursday, December 29, 2016

Two Tone Zira Tables Are Now Available!

If you want the absolute best for your boardroom, the Zira collection is the only way to go. Zira conference tables and matching presentation accessories are in a league of their own. Global has decided to kick this already best selling collection into a whole new stratosphere with the addition of custom two tone finishes that will impress even the harshest critics.

Global cool furniture and makes it even cooler. For example, Zira tables are available in extensive sizes, surface shapes, and trend setting finish options. They took things a step further by making the tables from the Zira collection available with high tech power modules for streamlined presentations. If you're tired of routing unsightly extension chords across your boardroom to host effective meetings, Zira has you covered.

Zira Two Tone Boardroom TableSure you could select a Zira table with a standard finish like Absolute Acajou and impress your meeting guests. But why not showcase your design ingenuity by pairing white and gray tones together. Talk about style! This Zira series boardroom table with boat shaped top features a white chocolate operating surface that pairs perfectly with Absolute Acajou bases.

Zira gives thinking outside the box a whole new meaning. If you're tired of the same old furniture that does little to boost productivity and corporate appeal, Global has your back. Known for their commitment to innovation, style, and productivity, Global's Zira collection emphasizes where competing furniture manufacturers can only hope to aspire to.

Global Zira Racetrack Conference TableWith so many modern characteristics, you may be thinking Zira isn't a good fit for traditional remodeling projects. This couldn't be further from the truth. With classic tones like Winter Cherry and Dark Espresso, two tone Zira tables are perfect for luxury boardroom remodeling projects looking to capitalize on a traditional vibes. This 12' long large oval conference table seats approximately 10 guests and is absolute perfect for upscale gathering areas.

You can't go wrong with a Global conference table from the Zira collection. Creating a personalized meeting experience is now easier than ever. Global tables (regardless of finish) promote efficient operating and collaboration by streamlining activities. If you find conference room sessions to be boring and have a hard time focusing, Zira furniture is the remedy. In addition to the new two tone tables from this best selling collection, matching beverage carts, wall cabinets, presentation boards, and other accessories are available to take your space to the next level.
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