Thursday, January 26, 2017

5 Chairs For Simplified Office Operating In 2017

It's sad to say, but many of today's "top office chairs" are a bit confusing to use and operate effectively. Thankfully, select manufacturers like iDesk and Global Total Office have you covered. This year they're crafting elite seating solutions that simplify comfort and improve posture. Today we'll take a look at 5 chairs you need to consider making the switch to.

1.) Oroblanco

iDesk Oroblanco Chair

The iDesk Oroblanco chair is an absolute winner in the workplace. It comes standard with multi functional arms and a synchro mechanism that's super easy to use. In addition to it's ergo attributes, you'll find a built in guide for personal adjusting under the seat that can be pulled out and used at your leisure. If you're ever a bit unsure of how to perform a specific adjustment, the adjustment guide has your back. Literally! At just $408.00, the Oroblanco is one of the best chair buys of 2017.

2.) Luray

Global Luray Office Chair

The Global Total Office Luray seating collection is poised for success in 2017. This classy office chair with mid century modern style will earn your executive office and conference room interiors the compliments they deserve. Popular Luray office chairs like the 6460LM-2 boast extended high backs that are awesome for taller users. The advanced knee tilter mechanisms operate effortlessly. These upscale swivelers simplify the quest for comfort with their natural contours.

3.) Commute

Mayline Commute Chair

The Mayline C1BB model Commute mesh back office chair is an absolute work horse. This advanced ergonomic tasker is ready, willing, and able to tackle the toughest work days in style. Commute chairs boast breathable mesh backs that combine with adjustable arms, seat sliders, and much more.

4.) Stratus

OFM Stratus Chair

The 257 Stratus chair from OFM is perfect for big and tall users. It's one of the absolute best big and tall office chair models on the market. With it's heavy duty back, thick padded seat, and heavy duty base, the Stratus simplifies office operating without sacrificing valuable appeal. At $300.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a smoother chair on the market. If you've had trouble finding a big and tall swivel chair you can rely on, give the Stratus your full attention.

5.) iOO

iOO Office Chair

Talk about wow factor! If you're looking to make a statement with a modern office chair that's not overly complicated, the iOO is your best option in 2017. This "smart chair" from Eurotech Seating offers a blend of auto responding features and manually adjustable attributes to create one of the most high end chairs on the market. The iOO is also available with an optional headrest for enhanced neck support. The lumbar area in this chair is unrivaled. Eurotech says the iOO represents a pinnacle of evolution in the seating world. We couldn't agree more.
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