Monday, February 27, 2017

Are You Boosting Your Boardroom?

Modular Boardroom Table
It's no secret that important business gets handled in the boardroom. That being said, it's always a good idea to look for ways to take your corporate meeting area to the next level. That's where we come in. Today on the blog we're highlighting 6 ways to do boost productivity while simultaneously improving versatility in 2017. Prepare to be impressed!

1.) Collaborative Tables

Collaborative Boardroom Interior
It's all about collaboration in 2017. Businesses are finding that productivity levels increase when teammates are collaborating and working together. This year brands like Global Total Office are making it easier than ever to promote collaboration in the boardroom with modular tables that can be connected to form both small and large group layouts at a moments notice. Collaborative tables from Global collections like Bungee are in a league of their own. They offer exceptional versatility and operational functionality.

2.) Power Modules

Powered Boardroom Table
It's time to power up your boardroom. If you're stilling running extension chords across your space to host meetings, we highly recommend investing in a few power modules. The ability to streamline meetings and group strategizing sessions will improve collaborative efforts while saving your business valuable time. Nearly every reputable boardroom office furniture provider on the planet is now offering power ready tables and modules that will help you kick day-to-day performance into overdrive.

Nesting Boardroom Chair3.) Sleek Nesting Chairs

The days of using bulky, overstuffed, executive style conference room chairs are coming to and end. In 2017, top brands are realizing more than ever that space is at a premium. To get the most out of your boardroom and increase seating potential without sacrificing comfort, consider making the switch to sleek nesting chairs. As not all office chairs are created equal, you need to be wary of cheap knock offs and imitations that aren't built to last. We recommend going with high quality nesting chairs for training in the boardroom from a respected brand like Mayline. You simply can't go wrong with this TSH1 model from the Valore collection. These lightweight mesh back chairs can be reconfigured quickly, and nested along perimeter walls when not in use to maximize space. They're far more effective than those overly expensive leather chairs you've been stuck with. While once considered the industry standard, the boardroom is evolving. Nesting chairs are the way to go if you're looking to promote an open concept vibe while improving collaboration.

Folding Presentation Board for Boardroom4.) Idea Board

When good ideas are flowing, you don't want to miss them. That's why integrating a large white board cabinet into your boardroom is a great ideas. If your limited by wall space, you can go with a small presentation board with folding sides. Many of today's top conferencing collections offer matching presentation boards that will simultaneously boost your decor.

5.) Smart TV

Smart TV's make it easy to host presentations and teleconferences. In many cases they can be connected to your powered tables to improve operational performance. Needless to say, it's time to kick that old AV cart and fat back TV to the curb. The bigger the screen the better. That said, you can find great deals on smart TV's around the holidays. It's no wonder why we see an influx in boardroom remodeling projects around Black Friday.

Boardroom Storage and Organizing Cabinet6.) Effective Storage Components

Last but certainly not least, your boardroom needs to be well organized to maintain high performance levels. While you won't likely need a ton of file cabinets for your meeting area, a couple of locking wall cabinets are definitely a good idea. The ability to keep important presentation materials, literature, and training accessories organized, at hand, and secure is invaluable. The tops of your boardroom wall cabinets can also serve as food and beverage stations. In the long run, it's the little things that make the biggest difference. Don't get so caught up in boosting your boardroom with high tech modern tables that you forget about the importance of a little storage space!
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