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How To Create A Hip Home Office In 2017

Cool Home Office Interior
Are you looking to give your home office a facelift in 2017? You're in the right place! Today on the OFD blog we're providing the design tips, product suggestions, and remodeling advice needed to rock  your makeover. From selecting a cool desk to properly accenting your interior, we'll have you on the path to swanky home workspace in no time.

Before rushing into the shopping process, take the time to get a little design inspiration. If you have a furniture showroom in your area, give it a visit. You'll be rewarded with a ton of cool ideas to make your home office pop. If you don't have access to a showroom, social sits like Pinterest and Instagram are invaluable. When all else fails, turn to good old Google. Search phrases like "home office design trends" to find the inspiration needed to design a great space.

Modern Home Office InteriorOnce properly inspired, you need to choose a theme to base your remodel around. This year, you can't go wrong with a modern coastal vibe. Using natural woods, along with gray and white tones will ensure you're on the right track. You might also want to consider a retro industrial theme. To capitalize on this trending movement, focus your project around metal accented furniture and dark rustic woods.

The first item you'll want to shop for is the desk. When selecting a new home office desk for your space, keep in mind that it will set the tone for your remodel. The desk should be used as the main focal point of your interior.

Best Home Office Desk Brands:

  • Modway specializes in the provision of mid century modern writing desks and computer workstations that are absolutely perfect for home office remodels. Their desks are affordable and up to date with the latest trends.
  • Mayline offers a wide range of home computer and executive desks for just about every design theme imaginable. We highly recommend checking out the desks and matching furniture from the Medina and Sterling collections in 2017.
  • Flash Furniture makes it easy to craft cool home work environments that won't break the budget. Their home computer desks are typically available for well below $200.00. If you're designing on a dime, check out some of their stylish glass computer desks.

Once you've settled on a desk, it's time focus on combining cool and comfort. All hip home office interiors will feature some form of stylish ergonomic chair that's built to impress guests while simultaneously boosting productivity.

Cool Home Office ChairBest Home Office Chair Brands:

  • Offices To Go crafts cost effective mesh back, fabric, and leather swivel chairs. Their seating solutions are typically in stock and ready for immediate shipment. 
  • Eurotech Seating is ready, willing, and able to meet your personal comfort needs. Eurotech chairs are built with modern ergonomics in mind. If the average tasking chair just won't cut it, turn to this industry leader.
  • Woodstock Marketing has become the preferred brand for mid century modern office chairs. Their Joplin, Creedence, and Hendrix models are definitely worth a look.

With a cool desk and matching chair you'll be on your way to a well rounded interior. The next step is to account for your storage needs. Classic metal file cabinets are actually coming back in style as they offer an industrial vibe. That being said, if you're able to select your desk from a full service collection, finding a matching wall storage cabinet will be significantly easier.

Home Office Storage ProductsFurniture Collections With Cool Storage Products:

  • Medina by Mayline
  • Verde by Cherryman Industries
  • Zira by Global Total Office

To complete hip home office makeover project, you'll need a combination of ergonomic add-ons and aesthetic accents. While you don't need to invest in every high tech ergo product on the market, there are 2 that definitely need to be considered.

  1. The first ergonomic product to add is a retractable keyboard tray. It will help you compute at correct angles while simultaneously increasing usable desk space. 
  2. Next you'll want to consider a dual screen monitor arm. They'll help you compute faster and more efficiently. They also reduce visual strain and increase versatility.

Accessorizing is the fun part! To create a unique look, skip the traditional home stores. Spend a little time checking out an antique store, flea market, or swap meet. You'll be able to find unique items that really set your space apart. The aesthetic accents you choose will no doubt get the conversation with your home office guests. A combination of metal sconces, a retro area rug, and lighting fixtures is recommended.
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