Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Are Self Adjusting Office Chairs The Answer?

Ergonomic "smart chairs" are the latest craze. Brands like Global Total Office, RFM Preferred Seating, and Mayline have made it their mission to minimize the ergonomic learning curve and improve posture. But is a self adjusting office chair right for you? Today on the blog we'll take a look at the advantages of auto responding chairs to help you decide.

Auto Responding Office ChairPopular self adjusting office chairs like the Arti from Global Total Office are nothing short of high tech. That being said, they're also very user friendly. The Arti features an advanced back that articulates like the human spine. This means, you can sit down and automatically receive excellent support without the need for constant adjusting. The Arti series posture improving office chair back is linked together by internal steel cables and highly graded springs that play a vital role in ensuring maximum strength and flexibility.

Office Chair That Automatically AdjustsWe credit RFM Preferred Seating with setting the smart chair revolution in motion. Their Verte chair took nearly a decade to perfect. This chair is the result of countless hours devoted to comfort by ergonomic specialists. The Verte chair back features 11 torsion springs that mimic the human vertebrae. There's no denying the comfort this chair is ready, willing, and able to provide. That being said, this office chair that self adjusts comes at a price that may not be practical for the average consumer. At $1398.99, it's one of the most expensive options on the market.

Mayline Living ChairWith a self adjusting office chair like the LV34GG model from Mayline, you'll be reducing the need to constantly pull levers and twist tension knobs to achieve correct operating positions. This advanced seating solution was specifically designed to mimic your movements. In an average office chair, you'd be spending a lot of time moving the back and seat to meet the needs of specific tasks. In a smart chair like the this one from Mayline, it does the work for you. With a passive seat slider that's weight activated and a flexible back, the Living chair takes the guess work out of getting comfortable.

Torsion Spring Office Chair BackSo is a self adjusting office chair right for you? They definitely provide an abundance of distinct advantages. If you regularly adjust your office chair, an auto responder will certainly save you time throughout the work day. If you like the ability to control your sit and operate from fixed positions, a smart chair may not be your best option.

In the long run, the office chair is only as good as its operator. You have to take the time to master any chair you invest in. While smart chairs most certainly minimize the ergonomic learning curve, they don't fully eliminate it. You'll still need to focus on good sitting habits. A set it and forget it approach is never the answer.

Ergonomic Task Chair That Automatically Responds To User MovementsThe benefits of smart chairs should not be overlooked. If you find it hard to remember a long list of posture perfect operating tips, you may find that a smart chair is the answer. That being said, if you like the ability to personally adjust your office chair instead of relying on automatic movements, you can probably avoid the hefty price tag associated with this style of chair.

One thing is for certain, more self adjusting ergonomic task chairs are on the way. Nearly every reputable seating manufacturer on the planet is hard at work crafting next level chairs that require little on the part of the user. We feel that smart chairs are not the be-all end-all answer to comfort. However, they're certainly a step in the right direction! We'd really like to see a smart chair with a "user mode" that allows the self adjusting features to be turned off to provide the operator with more control when needed. We can dream right?
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