Thursday, April 20, 2017

Modernize Your Office Interiors With Modular Furniture!

The benefits of modular office furniture can't be overlooked. If you're looking to go modern while simultaneously boosting productivity and versatility, modular furniture is the only way to go. Today we'll showcase the hottest modular lines on the market that are guaranteed to take your interiors to the next level. Enjoy!

Open Concept Modular Desking
In 2017, the open concept movement is in full swing. Crafting a modern open concept work floor will improve collaboration and team interaction on a daily basis. While cubicle systems are certainly modular, they are being kicked to the curb for modern open desking configurations. This year, brands like Mayline are paving the way with innovative lines like e5. Collections like e5 make it easy to create multi user bending layouts of any size. It's modular capabilities are second to none.

Modular Office Furniture by OTGYou can also use modular office furniture to modernize your personal workspace. Check out the Offices To Go Superior Laminate collection and you'll quickly see what we mean. With Superior Laminate components you can start with a stand alone office desk, add a bride, integrate a credenza, and much more as your needs increase. With this cost effective line, you're only limited by your own imagination.

Modular Office Tables for Conference and Training AreasModular furnishings are commonly used to modernize professional conference and training environments. The ability to combine these two essential areas is too much for the average business to pass up. As square footage is always at a premium, modular tables for the conference and training room like those from the Global Bungee collection have become an industry standard. With flip down tops and mobilized bases the configuration options are truly exceptional.

Tablet Arm Training Room Chairs That Can Be Stacked and NestedBest selling modular chairs like the Tagalong from SitWell will take your school, conference room, and training areas to the next level. With stackable frames that can also be nested along perimeter walls when not in use, you can really get the most out of your interiors. These modern chairs even boast integrated tablet arms to give users the edge when working.  Stationary chairs are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Going with mobile side chairs that can be stacked is just plain smart.

Modular Lounge SeatingThe combination of a sofa and lounge chairs will always have a place in waiting rooms across the globe. However, there is a more efficient and modern way to outfit your guest welcoming area. Hot new modular lounge seating collections like the Uno and Triumph from OFM are paving the way for cutting edge designs and an improved visiting experience. With modular lines like these, you'll be able to craft space maximizing configurations that promote comfort while leaving lasting impressions on guests.
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