Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pain & Strain Are No Match For Mayline!

Mayline Ergonomic Furniture and Seating
Mayline has made it their mission to fight back against common office ailments like pain and fatigue. Their innovative products are truly a cut above the competition. Today on the blog we're taking a look at the Mayline office chairs, desks, and workplace accessories you should consider to promote healthy operating in 2017 and beyond. Enjoy!

Mayline Living ChairBack pain is no match for the Mayline Living chair. This innovative seating solution boasts auto responding features that minimize the ergonomic learning curve. It's passive seat slider is weight activated while the flexible back provides constant support as you move naturally when working. At $419.99, this is one top of the line office chair that's truly worth investing in. Standard features like the adjustable T shaped arms that raise and pivot will make everyday computing a breeze.

Mayline Valore Mesh Back Training Room ChairMayline is also ready to help you fight back pain in professional training areas. As the average training room chair is a bit small and uncomfortable for the average male worker, their Valore seating collection is a must consider. These generously dimensioned mesh back chairs boast well padded seats and arm rests that make it easier to survive longer group strategizing sessions. Valore mesh back seating for the training room can also be nested to save space when not in use. When it's time to setup your space, you'll reduce the strain involved with reconfiguring heavy chairs one-by-one as these can be moved in efficient groupings.

Mayline Sterling Height Adjustable BridgeJust this year Mayline has introduced ergonomically correct executive office desks from their Medina and Sterling collections. These already best selling lines just got a major boost with sit to stand bridges that promote continuous movement in the workplace. As sitting for long periods of time can cause serious pain and strain, Mayline is one again fighting back in a revolutionary way. These cutting edge workstations are the real deal.

Height Adjustable Mayline TablesGroup work areas just got an ergonomic twist! The height adjustable tables from the ML collection can be effectively used to create collaborative work environments without the health risks associated with traditional desks that don't allow for stand up operating. At the push of a button, these height adjustable Mayline tables are ready to transform the way you work to fight pain and strain throughout task filled days.

Mayline Monitor Arm SystemLast but certainly not least, Mayline will help you combat pain and strain with professional grade monitor arms. Their popular computer screen mounts for single and multi monitor operating provide limitless adjustment capabilities. Integrating a Mayline monitor arm like the EZKE1 attach via a clamp on system that will work with just about any surface. With a monitor arm installed you'll be able to raise your computer screen to the correct height to avoid looking down while working and enduring unnecessary neck pain. As an added bonus, a monitor arm like the EZKE1 will also help you get back a ton of usable desk space.
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