Friday, May 19, 2017

Fashionable Furniture: Global Zira Collection

Global Zira FurnitureGreat looking office interiors make lasting impressions and earn the compliments they deserve. With fashionable furniture from the Global Zira collection,  you'll be able to do all that and then some. This best selling line has become the preferred choice of design teams and industry professionals across the country. Today on the OFD blog we'll showcase Zira in all its glory. Prepare to be impressed!

Global Zira Open Concept Office Furniture
Traditional cubicle systems are going out of style. This year, it's all about collaborative workstations that encourage creativity and team interaction. Enter Zira. This extensive line of modular components can be used to craft cutting edge multi user desk layouts that are unlike anything you've ever seen. Unique finishes, frosted glass paneling, custom drawer pulls, and modular storage components make Zira the best in the business.

Global Executive Office FurnitureThe fashionable office furniture from the Global Zira collection is perfectly suited for executive interiors. With luxurious bow front desks, credenzas, hutch units, and filing cabinets the configuration possibilities are truly limitless. With Zira you can skip the cookie cutter look and get creative. If you're looking to showcase your design prowess, Zira executive components are a must consider.

Global Zira Reception DeskWe can't say enough good things about the custom reception stations from the Zira collection. Wether you're looking to save space or create a multi user desk to accommodate a large welcoming area, Zira has you covered. Global Zira series reception desks are completely customizable from the ground up. They're an interior designer's dream. Check out the station pictured here blending Absolute Acajou and White Chocolate finishes to perfection. With a glass accented vertical cabinet, desktop organizers, and spacious U shaped design, this guest welcoming area is poised for success.

Zira Powered Conference TablePowered conference room tables are now the industry standard. With a plethora of knock offs and cheap imitations on the market that aren't built to last, you have to be careful when selecting a table for your meeting area. Rest assured, the powered tables from the Zira collection are truly elite. With advanced USB, HDMI, AC, and Ethernet input options you can streamline your corporate strategizing sessions like never before. Zira conference room tables from Global are incredibly fashionable. They're available in single and dual tone finish combinations, multiple surface shapes, and sizes to meet your specific space requirements.

Zira Storage Components
Last but certainly not least, this versatile collection offers some of the most unique storage components on the planet. Sure you can get by with a few metal file cabinets, but those are just giant corporate eye sores. Why need show your interiors some love with modular cabinetry from Zira? With this fashionable line you can maximize organizing potential without sacrificing visual appeal. The bookcases, pedestals, wardrobe cabinets, and locking lateral filing cabinet solutions from Zira are second to none.

Global Zira Review and RatingZira is nothing short of a five star furniture line. It's components work in harmony to create elite work environments that are up to date with today's hottest trends. If you're ready to think outside the box while giving your interiors a major style infusion, check out Zira today. You'll be glad you did!
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