Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Need A Little Wow Factor? Go With Verde Furniture!

Cherryman Verde Furniture
If you're tired of the same old office furniture collections that do little to distinguish your interiors from the competition, Cherryman has you covered. Their Verde line of distinctively modern executive desk configurations, power ready conference tables, and fashionable reception stations will provide your business with wow factor to spare. Let's take a look at a few of the hottest options from this best selling collection!

Modern Office DeskWe can't say enough good things about the Verde desk collection from Cherryman. That being said, if you're on the hunt for traditional furniture, you'll likely want to skip today's post. Verde desks are exceptionally modern and designed for shoppers looking to craft cutting edge work environments. Take one look at the VL-707N configuration and you'll see what we mean. Even at first glance this executive station with white accented storage cabinet doors will have you saying WOW!

Modern Conference Table with PowerIt's all about powering up the conference room in 2017. As businesses strive for ways to streamline presentations and strategizing sessions, power ready conference tables from the Verde collection are answering the call in a major way. In truth, most of today's top conference room tables with power options are a bit tough to spec without the help of the pros. However, Verde simplifies the process with their factory installed modules equipped. Multiple sizes are available to meet the needs of any space.

Fashionable Meeting AreaLimited by square footage? No need to worry. The Verde collection offers small meeting tables with round tops that are perfect for collaborating. Their VL-869 model table boasts a 47 1/4" diameter top that's complimented by fashionable silver legs to give you and your business that wow factor you've been looking for!

Verde Reception DeskMaking a lasting impression on your office guests just got easy. While there's no substitute for good customer service, fashionable furniture will definitely help lay the foundation for exceptional visits. The guest reception desks available from the Verde collection are a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. With a variety of rectangular and L shaped variations available, these stations can be used in just about any sized space. Popular models like the VL-644L come equipped with the modern appeal, work surface space, and storage components needed to rock your reception area.

Cherryman Verde ComponentsCherryman Verde series components are also sold individually to help businesses and design teams craft truly unique office interiors. If custom is the only way to go, you'll love the modular capabilities provided by this line. Verde offers individual desks with returns, hutch units, storage cabinets, and much more that can be used cohesively to craft elite interiors. All of the components available from this popular Cherryman furniture collection are offered in a choice of espresso and latte finish options that are a breath of fresh air compared to the overly used cherry and maple tones that flooded the market in years passed. Verde's attention to detail is second to none. Silver handle pulls, grommet caps, and post legs work together to perfectly compliment both of the laminate woodgrain tones. When paired with white accents, your wow factor will be off the charts!
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