Tuesday, May 9, 2017

We're Wild About Open Concept Office Interiors!

Open concept office interiors are the way of the future. As businesses strive to find alternatives to traditional cubicle and panel furniture systems, open concept furniture that promotes creativity and team interaction is answering the call. Today we'll take a look at 6 ultra cool open concept interiors furnished will components from industry leading brands like Global Total Office and Mayline. Prepare to be impressed!

When it comes to open concept office furniture, Global Total Office knows their stuff. This highly respected brand takes pride in crafting elite workplace solutions designed to promote collaboration. Our first interior showcases Global's Bridges II collection at its best. Even at first glance you'll be drawn into the white operating surfaces and their contemporary appeal. Upon closer inspection you'll notice surface level modesty panels equipped with power inputs to streamline daily activities. When paired with G20 series ergonomic seating, this open concept office interior has it all.

Global SideBar FurnitureIn addition to Global's Bridges II collection, you'll also want to check out the open concept furniture from their SideBar line. Built for team interaction, SideBar collaborative benching is incredibly versatile. With hundreds of interchangeable components, SideBar can be used to outfit interiors of any size. Interior design teams love this line as the components can be manufactured in two-tone variations to kick corporate appeal into overdrive. Rest assured, you'll be hard pressed to find a more well rounded line of professional office furniture on the market today. SideBar is also surprisingly cost effective when compared to today's other popular benching collections!

Mayline RGE Height Adjustable TablesWhile competing brands are scrambling to keep up with the latest trends, Mayline is hard at work setting new ones in motion. Take one look at their RGE collection and you'll see what we mean. This line of height adjustable office tables promotes sit to stand operating at the push of a button. RGE tables are the perfect cubicle alternative as they can be used effectively to create multi user workstations built around cutting edge ergonomic benefits. With RGE, designing healthy open concept interiors that are ready to adapt at a moments notice is the name of the game.

Cherryman Amber Modular DeskingBy now you're probably thinking that crafting open concept interiors is cool, but probably expensive. We're here to tell you it doesn't have to be. If you're ready to kick those old school cubicles to the curb, check out the affordable modular desks from the Cherryman Amber collection in 2017. With the addition of new frosted privacy panels, Amber desks can be used together to create open concept work floors that don't break the bank or sacrificing quality.

Open Concept Waiting RoomThe open concept trend has made its way to the waiting room. Sure a sofa and lounge chair configuration will get the job done, by why not think outside the box with your remodeling project? The open concept modular reception furniture from OFM is the way to go. Check out our fifth interior utilizing OFM Uno series two tone chairs and Profile series accent tables. The serpentine shape is sure to draw the attention of your valued visitors to earn your space the compliments it deserves.

Affordable Open Concept Office FurnitureLast but certainly not least, our 6th open concept office interior will no doubt leave you inspired. This multi user work floor has taken advantage of the benefits provided by the cost effective open concept office desks from the Offices To Go Superior Laminate Collection.  Available in 5 quick shipping finish options, Superior Laminate components are perfect for businesses facing stiff remodeling deadlines. We love this interior because it yet again proves that you don't have to spend a small fortune to craft an elite open concept space built for collaborating. This well rounded collection is classy without being too overly modern. With an array of matching conference tables, reception stations, and storage components, the Superior Laminate Line from Offices To Go is ready to take your business to the next level.
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