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7 Tips For Your First DIY Office Makeover

DIY Office Remodeling Tips
Tackling your first office makeover project can be a bit tricky. Lucky for you, we're here to help. Today on the blog we'll highlight 7 key tips for success. By following the simple advice highlighted here, you'll be ready to create a professional grade interior that's comfortable, productive, and in style.

1.) Keep It Simple

All to often, DIY designers go overboard on their first makeover. While we applaud your enthusiasm, it's best to keep things simple. Don't try to over do it by adding every product under the sun at the same time. Go slow and focus on the core elements needed to get your interior started on the right foot. Doing so will help you avoid a frustrating project that doesn't end up the way you intended.

2.) Take Your Time

At the beginning of your project you'll be super excited and ready to shop. We highly recommend slowing down and creating a plan of attack to keep you on track.

Before you rush out and purchase a bunch of new office furniture for your makeover, take the time to properly measure your space. Rest assured, there's nothing worse than purchasing cool new furniture, only to find that it doesn't fit properly upon arrival.

Take your time, create a realistic timeline for your project, and write down a list of tasks that need to be accomplished from start to finish. Check them off one by one as your makeover moves along.

Common Office Makeover Tasks:

  • Obtain accurate dimensions
  • Set a budget
  • Shop
  • Plan delivery
  • Sell old furniture
  • Space prep (cleaning, painting, etc.)
  • Installation

3.) Get Inspired

It's always a good idea to get a little design inspiration! If you have a showroom in your area, drive over and check it out. You'll be rewarded with a ton of cool office design ideas and product knowledge direct from the pros.

If you don't have a showroom in your area, browse social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. They're invaluable!

You can also call online office furniture providers direct. Don't be shy to ask about what colors, finishes, and product collections are currently trending.

Current Office Makeover Trends:

  1. White Office Furniture
  2. Gray Office Chairs
  3. Powered Conference Tables
  4. Tablet Arm Chairs
  5. Writing Desks
  6. Sit To Stand Furniture
  7. Mid Century Modern Seating
  8. Bright Green, Red, and Blue Upholsteries
  9. Industrial Wall Art and Lighting Fixtures
  10. Ergonomic add-ons like monitor arms, keyboard trays, and CPU holders

4.) Stick to A Budget

This ones a biggie! First time remodelers typically don't limit themselves to a budget because they don't quite know what to expect in terms of product cost. Do a little research on how much a new office desk configuration and the components that go along with it will cost. Set a realistic budget for your project. Those who blow the budget, typically end up suffering from a case of remodeling remorse.

It's important to note that there's a ton of great ways to save on new office furniture. Comparison shopping engines like Google Shopping will allow you to sort products by price, and those with free shipping from a ton of the best dealers online. You'll also want to inquire with your dealer of choice about any current closeouts, promo codes for first time shoppers, and bulk discount that can be applied to your order. If you're purchase a desk and an ergonomic office chair for your space, the odds are that you'll qualify for some kind of savings if you ask. Every little bit helps!

5.) Schedule Delivery

Once you've made your purchase, contact your dealer about estimated ship times and tracking information. It's never fun to hear a knock at the door when you're unprepared for the arrival of your furniture. Talk about a headache! Think like the pros and schedule delivery as soon as possible.

If you're purchase a new computer desk from one manufacturer, a new chair from another, and asthetic accents from a third, it goes without saying you'll have a bit more work to do when it comes to scheduling deliveries. If you can, purchase the components needed for your makeover from as few sources as possible.

6.) Prep Your Space

About a week before your new items are scheduled to arrive, you'll want to start prepping your space. Remove your old furniture and sell it if possible to recapture a bit of your budget.

Once your old furniture has been removed, give your space a thorough cleaning. Vacuum the floors and patch any unsightly wall marks that are in need of attention.

Last but not least, lay on a fresh coat of paint. It will do wonders for your office appeal. Fresh paint will make your space feel clean and professional. Just what you were going for! Avoiding painting around that fashionable new executive desk layout once it's been installed as the risks for spills goes up big time. This is a rookie mistake that occurs all to often. Think like the pros and tackle this step when it's easiest.

7.) Evaluate and Improve

With all your components delivered and installed, it's a good idea to give your space a thorough evaluation. Are you able to work comfortably? Is your space in need of a few aesthetic accents? Asking questions like this will help you take your interior to the next level. You should always be on the look out for ways to improve your office space in terms of appeal and productivity. From ergonomic accessories, to wall art, to lighting fixtures, the options are limitless.
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