Thursday, June 29, 2017

Do You Really Need A Custom Reception Desk? Probably Not!

If you're tackling a reception area makeover on a budget, a factory made welcome desk is probably the best bet for your project. Custom stations can be very pricey, and quite frankly, you can save big without sacrificing appeal with one of the fashionable out-of-the-box options from a brand like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, or Offices To Go. That's where we come in! Today on the blog we'll showcase awesome reception desks that will help you avoid going custom while boosting appeal and saving your business money.

Factory Reception Desk
Custom reception desks are cool, but they're not practical for businesses looking to give their welcome area a facelift on a budget. That being said, in-stock reception desks like the STG33 from the Mayline Sterling collection will help you meet tight remodeling deadlines, save the budget, and earn your welcome are the compliments it deserves. This modern reception desk with glass accents and work surface extensions is available in 3 quick shipping finishes for just $1237.99. Now that's value!

2 Person Reception Reception DeskFinding a factory reception desk that accommodates 2 people is easier said than done. This forces many businesses to go custom and spend more than they need to. Thankfully, brands like Cherryman Industries have the answer. Their AM-404N 2 person reception desk from the Amber collection offers plenty of operational space. This U shaped station with integrated storage modules and glass accents is an absolute bargain buy at $2005.00. A custom made reception desk this size would likely cost your business twice as much.

Curved Front Reception Desk In WhiteGoing with a pre-manufactured reception desk doesn't mean you'll be forced into a cookie cutter project that lacks a unique vibe. Take a look at the in-stock Marque reception stations from OFM. These curved front desks for the guest reception area look great from every angle! OFM Marque stations are available in multiple sizes, with or without plexiglass transaction screens, and with ADA compliant sections to accommodate guests in wheelchairs. If you're going modern, check out an OFM Marque reception desk in white. It will provide your space with wow factor to spare.

Custom Reception DeskIf you can't decide between a custom reception desk and one that's factory made, you can have the best of both worlds. Brands like Global have bridged the gap with the modular components available from best selling collections like Zira. With Zira you can create customized single and multi user stations that are still backed by factory warranties. The unique options available from this industry favorite line are second to none. That being said, Zira reception desks take about 4 to 5 weeks to manufacture, so plan in advance!

Quick Shipping Reception DeskThe 2 biggest differences between custom reception desks and those that are factory made will always be cost and ship time. If your a small business on a budget, you can spend well below a thousand bucks and still create an awesome welcoming area centered around a cool check-in desk. Allow us to introduce the SL-O from the team at Offices To Go. This spacious L shaped reception desk proves better than any that you don't have to invest in custom furniture to make your interior look great. The SL-O is currently available for just $620.99 in a choice of 5 in stock finish options. With a full sized Box Box File pedestal that locks, this station will keep you receptionist well organized and operating at peak performance levels. The best part is, the Superior Laminate line is full service. This means, you'll also be able to select from a wide range of matching executive desk configurations, conference room tables, and storage components to complete your professionals interiors with a cohesive look.
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