Friday, June 23, 2017

Office Ergonomics: The Importance Of Staying Active

How To Stay Active At Work
The importance of staying active in the workplace can no longer be overlooked. Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span. Rest assured, we're here to help. Today on the blog we'll highlight simple tips, product suggestions, and advice to help you stay active and healthy during even the most task filled work days. Enjoy!

It all starts with good habits. You simply can't allow yourself to sit for hours on end until 5:00 strikes if you want to stay healthy in the workplace. Physicians recommend taking a 5 to 10 minute break once per hour to help you stay active and survive the modern work day.

Set A Timer As A Break ReminderIf you have a hard time remembering to take a break, set a timer! This simple tip can be the difference maker you need to remain active. When the buzzer sounds, stand up from your office chair and slide away from your desk. Walk around to get the blood flowing and grab a drink of water to stay hydrated. You'll return to your work refreshed and ready to continue tackling your daily tasks.

Sit To Stand Desktop AttachmentToday's top ergonomic product manufacturers fully understand that taking a 10 minute break once every hour isn't always practical. Rest assured, they've crafted products to help. This year, sit to stand desktop attachments are available to keep you active without causing your productivity levels to drop.

Eat Healthy At WorkIntegrating a clamp on sit to stand attachment will encourage continuous movement and good blood flow while simultaneously reducing the fatigue encountered from working from the seated position for hours on end.

There's something to be said for eating healthy at work. If your gorge on cheeseburgers and fries during your lunch break, you'll return to your workstation feeling groggy and in need of a mid-day nap. Needless to say, it's hard to stay active when you're feeling this way. Alternatively, eating healthy foods will provide you energy and the mental focus needed to conquer the day.

When you are seated, it's important to focus on good posture. By keeping your back in contact with the chair at all times, you'll stay supported and efficient. Hunching over your keyboard tray to type is a big time no-no. You will also want to keep your feet flat on the ground and facing forward. If you perch on the base of your swivel chair like a foot rest, blood flow is restricted and cramping is soon to follow.

Posture tips can be tough to remember, that's why physicians recommend adding a diagram within eye sight of your computer screen. Studies have shown that this simple practice will keep tips fresh in your mind. You'll have them committed to memory and put to good use in no time.

Ways To Exercise At WorkTo make a long story short, staying active at work should definitely be a priority. That's why practices like "deskercise" have become so popular. Standing up, stretching, and hydrating as often as possible will ensure you don't fall victim to today's office epidemics.

We recommend getting with a group of your coworkers to come up with team based activities that encourage movement, collaboration, and healthy living in the workplace. By strategically planning to stay active with a team, you'll be held more accountable and that's a good thing. Especially this case!
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