Friday, August 18, 2017

Take A Stand For Ergonomics!

MooreCo Beta WorkstationThe time is now to take a stand for ergonomics. Literally! Why you ask? Because sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span. As we work in our office chairs for extended computing sessions, even the best posture habits begin to suffer. Blood flow is restricted, fatigue sets in, and productivity levels are dealt a devastating blow. But have not fear! Sit to stand products are here. Today we'll highlight the hottest desktop risers, surface convertors, and height adjustable workplace solutions needed to help you fight back.

Brands like MooreCo, Inc. are ready, willing, and able to help you take a stand for ergonomics. Their array of adjustable products make it easy to operate healthy and efficiently, even in the most intensive environments. Take their Beta series mobile sit to stand workstation for a spin and you'll quickly see what me mean. This heavy duty ergo tool is ready to help you maintain productivity levels on the go. The 27614 Beta workstation boasts an integrated keyboard platform and CPU holder. Optional projector shelves and dual screen mounting options are also available.

Height Adjustable Computer Desk
In addition to the Beta station, you'll also want to check out the MooreCo Ergo E. Eazy all-in-one height adjustable computer desk with a built in CPU holder, keyboard platform, and shelf. Rest assured, the 82493M packs a major ergonomic punch. This compact workstation is ready for both home and professional business needs. The Ergo E. Eazy is currently available for $615.99 and has everything you need to create an ergonomically correct office interior.

Sit To Stand Desktop ConvertorMooreCo isn't the only industry leader crafting elite products designed to help you take a stand for ergonomics! The team at OFM is rocking the workplace in 2017 with versatile risers like the 5100M. This attachable sit to stand desktop convertor boasts a rising platform with a spacious keyboard tray and convenient surface slot that can securely hold your tablet or smartphone at just the right angle. At just $279.99, it's one of the hottest buys of the year.

Height Adjustable Tilt StoolNeed a little extra support when working at your stand up workstation? No problem. OFM has you covered. Their all new Vivo series perch stool is an absolute winner and a true bargain. Available now for just $157.99, the Vivo is ready to help you swivel, tilt, and rotate your way to superior comfort. This handy ergonomic office stool features an integrated rear handle, well padded seat, and light weight design that makes it easy to take from space to space as needed throughout the day.

Sit To Stand Executive DeskWe fully understand your desire to create cutting edge interiors that are up to date with the latest trends. All too often, sit to stand products are looked at as corporate eyesores that do little to generate a professional vibe. Thankfully, Mayline has crafted the perfect solution. If you're an executive looking to take a stand for ergonomics, check out the all new height adjustable executive workstations from the Mayline Sterling Collection. They're cutting edge, incognito, and ergonomically correct. These U shaped desks with sit to stand electric height adjust bridges are the best in the business.

Mayline ML Height Adjustable Collaboration TablesThese days you can even create collaborative interiors with sit to stand products. The height adjustable multi purpose tables from the Mayline ML collection can be used to create both single and multi user layouts built for creativity and team interaction. ML series ergonomic tables from Mayline are available in a wide range of sizes and surface shapes to meet your specific needs. Optional privacy panels, monitor arms, and more are available to take appeal and performance to the next level.
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