Thursday, September 28, 2017

Weight Sensors, Auto Responders, And Smart Chairs Are Taking Over!

The ergonomic world is evolving around us. Top brands are hard at work looking for ways to minimize the ergonomic learning curve while simultaneously encouraging good posture and healthy operating in the workplace. The demand for improved office seating is at an all time high and these reputable manufacturers are answering the call with auto responding smart chairs that sense user movements. Today on the blog, we'll highlight next generation office chairs that are rapidly becoming the industry standard.

Weight Sensing Office ChairIt all started with weight sensors, office chairs that react to the weight of the user to provide ergonomically correct support and comfort. Popular weight sensing task chairs like the 11322B from Offices To Go provide a cost effective option for users looking to step into this modern realm of seating. Once considered luxurious and accompanied by hefty price tags, today's weight sensing office chairs like the 11322B are available for well under $250.00.

Auto Responding Office ChairAuto responding office chairs have been around for quite awhile now. There just now starting to catch on. For this reason, chairs like the Verte from RFM have really been able to withstand the test of time. This incredibly innovative and equally advanced ergonomic executive chair boasts a torsion spring lined back that mimics the human vertebrae.

Arti Responsive Office ChairWhile advanced in terms of features and technologies, auto responding office chairs are designed to be user friendly and minimize the leg work required by the user to get comfortable. Take one sit in the 6673-2 model Arti chair from Global and you'll see what we mean. This Arti reduces the need for constant adjusting with its responsive back that flexes for next level support.

G20 Cloud Office ChairIf a self adjusting office chair seems like something you'd like to try, brands like Global offer a wide range of options. In addition to the Arti, they offer user friendly weight sensors like the Spritz and G20 that are definitely worth a sit.

The ability to spend more time working and less time adjusting your chair throughout the day should be pretty appealing. It's these capabilities that have allowed smart chairs to start taking over the workplace. At one time, most office chairs had fixed arms. Now it's pretty uncommon to find a chair with arms that don't raise, lower, and pivot.

Articulating Office ChairThe fact that the seating world is evolving is a good thing. It's nice to know that comfort can be achieved easily and effectively in even the most intensive settings. Cutting edge options like the Living Chair from Mayline prove that the demand for smart chairs is only increasing. Shoppers are officially expecting more out of their chair in 2017.

Eurotech iOO ChairIn all honesty, smart chairs are not for everybody. Some chair operators find that with a smart chair, they loose the ability to customize and lock in their desired sit. Before investing in a weight sensing office chair that articulates and molds itself to your body, we highly recommend testing out a few in a showroom. There's really no substitute for a good sit test.

For those looking for the best of both worlds, we have one more recommendation. The iOO ergonomic office chair from Eurotech Seating. This top of the line chair blends auto responding features and user friendly controls into a single mechanism. With the iOO you can personally adjust your chair arms, lumbar support, and more while still enjoying the ease and simplicity you've likely come to expect. This well rounded office chair is truly a do-it-all solution. While expensive, those who can swing the investment will be rewarded with what many consider to be one of the best chairs of the year.
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