Thursday, December 7, 2017

5 Reasons We Loved Global In 2017

Global Office Furniture and SeatingNobody does office furniture and seating better than Global. We feel that Global is a cut above the competition for many reasons, 5 of which we'll highlight today. That being said, if you want the absolute best for your business interiors, turn to the made to order products from this industry leader. Rest assured, you'll be glad you did.

Princeton Modular Desking From Global1.) Innovative Desking

Global has made it their mission to craft elite desks and workstations that encourage collaboration and healthy operating habits. Global desk collections like Zira and Princeton can be used to create both single and multi user workstations. From the private office to the work floor, Global has your desking needs covered. The executive style workstations from Global will earn your space the compliments it deserves. Those looking for modern cubicle alternatives should highly consider the cutting edge benching systems from this world renowned brand.

Luxurious Leather Office Chair2.) Exceptional Office Chairs

Not all office chairs are created equal. If you're tired of a sub par sit and looking for ways to create sustainable posture habits, turn to Global. You'll love the wide range of styles and collections for literally any professional application you can think of. New Global chairs hit the market all the time that competing brands can only hope to imitate. Take a look at the Novello and Spritz collections from this respected brand and you'll quickly see what we mean. Global chairs are truly a cut above the competition and ready to help you minimize the ergonomic learning curve. From modern weight sensing office chairs that articulate to luxurious leather executive chairs for upscale interiors, Global has it all.

Powered Conference Table3.) Powered Furniture

These days powered office furniture is becoming the industry standard. As businesses look for ways to encourage collaboration and improve the visitors experience, the demand for powered office furniture is truly at an all time high. The problem is, most of the powered office furniture available on the market today is difficult to spec. This isn't the case with Global. Their simple to spec power options make it easy to power you interiors. A Global conference room table with USB ports or a modular lounge seating configuration with integrated AC outlets will do wonders for your business. If you're ready to step into the modern age of office furniture, prepare to love this brand.

Gray Office Furniture4.) Unique Finishes and Fabrics

Sure black office chairs and cherry office furniture will always have a place, and yes Global offers a variety of classic options just like these. That being said, interior design teams and shoppers alike love Global because of their wide range of unique finish and fabric textile options. Those looking for ways to modernize their office interiors will absolutely love cool Global furniture finishes like Absolute Acajou, White Chocolate, and Winter Cherry. With thousands upon thousands of fabric and leather color options to choose from, you're at no shortage of ways to distinguish your interiors from the competition.

5.) Commitment To Quality

Quality Office Furniture GuaranteeIn the long run, it all comes down to quality. If you want well reviewed office furniture that's built to last and ready to keep your interiors up to date with the latest trends, Global is the way to go. From desks to chairs and everything in between, this all encompassing brand knows their stuff. Global office components are made to order and built for the demands of the modern workplace. In addition to extremely well made furniture, Global backs their products with truly exceptional customer service. In a day and age where people are quickly herded along, Global is one of those class act brands that's willing to devote the time needed to ensure your remodeling projects are done right.
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