Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Expanding Your Business? Consider These 5 Full Service Office Furniture Lines

If you're planning to tackle a business expansion in 2018, you know time is of the essence. You can't be bogged down selecting mix and matched components for your office interiors. That could take weeks! We recommend streamlining your expansion with the integration of furniture from a full service collection that's up to date with the latest trends. Today on the blog we'll showcase 5 awesome lines that will do wonders for corporate appeal while simultaneously expediting your remodel.

1.) Medina

Best Office Furniture CollectionWe wanted to kick things of with one of our absolute favorite lines. The Medina series has been a top
seller for the last 3 years as it combines value and appeal like nothing else on the market today. Medina desks, conference room tables, and guest reception stations work in harmony to create elite interiors with modern-coastal flair. Check out swanky finish options like Textured Sea Salt and Gray Steel. You'll quickly see what we mean. Medina components are also in stock. This means they can typically be ordered and delivered within a week.

2.) Zira

Furniture For Business ExpansionThe Global Zira series office furniture line is fashionable, versatile, and fully loaded with all of the components you'll need to tackle work floor, conference room, and private office makeover projects. With an array of modular desks and storage components, creating collaborative workstations is an absolute breeze. A Zira boardroom table with USB inputs and other power upgrades will help you modernize your business and streamline your strategizing sessions.

3.) Superior Laminate

Affordable Furniture For Business ExpansionBusiness expansions can be pretty expensive. For this reason, it's important to maximize your budget. If you purchase office furniture from the Offices To Go Superior Laminate Series you'll be able to do just that without sacrificing quality or appeal. This awesome line offers easy to spec desk configurations, cost effective conference tables, and so much more. With 5 in-stock finish options to choose from, Superior Laminate is perhaps the most well rounded and business friendly collection on the market.

4.) Mesa

Business Expansion Ideas
When expanding your business, you'll no doubt want to invest in furniture that's built to last. That's where the OFM Mesa series comes in. This full service line of metal office desks is ready for the demands of the modern workplace. Mesa training tables encourage collaboration and boast flip down tops that make for easy space reconfiguration. The standing height desks from this line reduce energy dips and improve blood flow. Needless to say, Mesa is an excellent option for any growing business as the products from this line are very well beneficial, built to last, and look good doing it.

Group Workstations and Desks5.) Amber

The Cherryman Amber series has come a long way. Once considered a discount furniture line for small projects, this collection has been expanded and enhanced. Amber now offers the connectable modular desks needed to create group workstations. Additionally, the conference tables with expanding tops from the Amber series are also great for growing businesses. Amber reception stations can be purchased for both single and multi user applications. With matching wall cabinets, bookcases, wood guest chairs, and accessories, this business friendly line has become a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals.
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