Monday, January 8, 2018

Office Furniture News: 5 Things You Need To Know In January

The new year is just getting underway and there's already a lot happening in the office furniture world. Top brands are working hard to introduce cool products and set new trends in motion. Today on the blog, we'll give you the rundown. Here we'll highlight the 5 main things you need to know if you're tackling an office makeover in the coming month.

Office Furniture Price Increases 20181.) Price Changes Are Coming

If you're planning to purchase new office furniture on a budget for your business, now is the time. Price changes are definitely coming. Most brands will be experiencing about a 3.5% increase. New Mayline prices have already gone into affect and more are coming in March. Other industry leading brands like Cherryman have their corporate price changes going into affect in February.

Transitional Office Desk2.) Transitional Products Are Trending

You'll often hear transitional office products referred to as "sit-to-stand" or height adjustable. There's really no difference, the term "transitional" is just a bit more inclusive. Essentially they reduce strain, promote continuous movement in the workplace, and improve posture. From desktop convertors to perch stools, transitional products are taking over. They're very beneficial in terms of both health and productivity levels.

Universal Power Module3.) Power Modules Are A Must

Don't waste time and strain yourself in search of elusive power outlets underneath your desk. 2018 will be the year of the power module. They're a must for productivity minded workers and businesses alike as they make it easy to charge devices. Popular clamp-on modules like the FlexCharge4 are great for private workstations. Group work areas like the conference room will benefit from larger modules like the FlexCharge9. Rest assured, more universal power modules are on the way, and that's a good thing!

Modular Lobby Seating4.) Modular Seating Is Here To Stay

Sofa and lounge chair configurations will always have a place. This year however, modular seating will prove that it's the way of the future. Connectable guest chairs and tables are here to stay. Just take a look at the Jefferson collection from Woodstock Marketing and you'll quickly see what we mean. Innovative and equally stylish modular lobby seating makes it easy to maximize square footage and get creative.

Gray Office Furniture5.) More Gray Office Furniture Is On The Way

Mayline set the gray office furniture trend in motion with collections like Medina and Sterling. This year, competing brands are jumping on the bandwagon and we all should be super excited. First and foremost, Cherryman will no be offering their ultra popular and supremely affordable Amber casegoods line in a new gray finish that's going to take 2018 by storm. Additionally, brands like OFM are offering gray computer desks and personal workstations that are perfect for the home. Gray office furniture has officially supplanted espresso finished components as the top option on the market. It modern, coastal, and cool without being too over the top.
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