Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Improve Training Room Collaboration with Modular Tables

Modular tables have become an industry standard. They provide unrivaled versatility and make it easy for workers to collaborate in groups of any size. In the training room, modular tables have found a permanent home. The ability to connect tables quickly when it's time for team-work, and then separate when privacy is needed will help you adapt on the fly to meet the needs of any task.

Bungee Nesting TableToday's most popular modular office tables are fashionable, easy to use, and cost effective. Just take a look at the Bungee series from Global and you'll see what we we're talking about. These flip top nesting tables can be housed along perimeter walls when not in use to maximize floor space. When you're ready, simply roll your Bungee tables into position and start working. These modern tables are sure to earn your space an abundance of compliments.

OFM Mesa TableDon't limit the potential of your training room with stationary tables that serve as little more than giant paper weights. Get collaborative with modular tables like the 66152 from the OFM Mesa Series. These heavy duty tables with folding tops are built to last and look good doing it.

Mayline Sync TableMayline offers a ton of awesome training table lines that are great for encouraging collaboration and sparking creativity. While most of them are now made to order and come accompanied by a 10 week lead time, if you order early they're worth the wait. Mayline Sync tables are super functional and make it easy to outfit large training areas without breaking the bank.

Safco Rumba TableMayline's new parent company Safco also crafts some really awesome tables for training room collaboration. Their Rumba line has been around for years and provides unrivaled modern appeal. These tables are available in a variety of attractive size and finish options to meet your specific operational needs and compliment your decor.

MooreCo Nido TableThe two hottest trends of 2018 are stand up working and collaborating. You can enjoy the best of both with the 90283 height adjustable training room table from the Nido collection. These ergonomic tables are absolutely awesome. They make it easy to create clean sight lines when tables are setup in rows. With standing height training tables you can avoid the need for stagnant sits throughout long strategizing sessions. Nido tables are available in a variety of size and finish options. They're designed to encourage collaboration while simultaneously reducing fatigue and improving posture. Yep... They rock!
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