Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New In November: OFM ESS-6035 Essentials Heated Massage Chair

OFM Essentials Seating Collection
For those looking for a bit more from their office chair, we present to you the ESS-6035 model Essentials collection heated massage chair by OFM. This executive seating solution provides an absolutely awesome sitting experience. Always ahead of the curve, we've come to expect nothing less from an industry leader like OFM. Today we'll take an in-depth look at the ESS-6035 and put it's features to the test.

At first glance, you really wouldn't know the ES-6035 is a massaging office chair with heated seat to help you make it through those tough work days. We've decided that's a good thing! You don't really want a chair that screams "I'm sitting around enjoying a massage at my desk all day". It's nice that the ESS-6035 takes an incognito approach to providing it's users with pampered comfort.

OFM ESS-6035 Essentials Heated Massage Chair ReviewWe then asked if a massaging executive chair was really necessary for the office. The answer we came up with is absolutely. Needless to say, work can be stressful. The ability to enjoy a Shiatsu massage at your leisure will help you take the edge off. We found that the ESS-6035 chair reduced anxiety and made for improved operating. Using it while working can be a bit distracting. That being said, we found it most beneficial in the morning while enjoying a cup of coffee!

At the everyday low price of just $249.99, the ESS-6035 Essentials collection office chair from OFM provides exceptional value. Many of today's top executive task chairs come equipped with far less features for well over three times the price. If you're looking for a unique, efficient, and user friendly operating experience that won't break the bank, the ESS-6035 is a must consider.

We found ourselves asking, "What can't we do with this chair". The answers were limited. While preferred in executive environments, the ESS-6035 is also an awesome option for conference and boardroom seating needs. Your meeting guests will be blow away when you provide them with a heated massage during important presentations and strategy sessions. They'll likely leave asking when your next meeting is! The ESS-6035 chair is also perfect for home office makeover projects. It's affordable and sure to enhance appeal without being too over the top.

OFM Essentials Chair RatingWe give the all new ESS-6035 model Essentials reclining massage chair for the office 4 out of 5 stars. Our only main deduction was due to a lack of color options. This year gray, white, and red leather tones have been incredibly popular. Don't put it past OFM to introduce more upholstery options in the coming months. With it's segmented padding, integrated headrest, and multi functional mechanism, the ESS-6035 packs a nice ergonomic punch to compliment the heated massage feature. True to form, we expect this new release from OFM to set a massage chair trend in motion.
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