Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New In November: OFM, Inc. 5100 Sit To Stand Desktop Station

OFM Sit To Stand Desktop Station Review
Sit to stand desktop stations are the latest ergonomic craze. That being said, we couldn't be more excited to showcase the all new 5100 model from OFM. This user friendly ergonomic workplace solution promotes continuous movement while simultaneously improving blood flow.

OFM 5100 Sit To Stand StationDesktop stations like this hot new model from OFM reduce the health risks associated with extended sits without the hefty price tags found on electronic desks. At the everyday low price of just $279.99, the 5100 is truly the best desktop sit to stand station buy of 2016.

You'll most likely be comparing the 5100 to the Volante from Systematix and the VariDesk you've likely seen on TV. We personally prefer the 5100 from OFM as it's extremely easy to use, cost effective, and versatile. This desktop station can be effectively attached to any surface larger than 35"W x 22.83"D.

OFM 5100 Operating LeverThe 5100 sit to stand workstation from OFM also comes standard with a rising keyboard platform that offers users 15 different height adjustments ranging from 5.9" to 19.7". Talk about functionality! This little ergo add-on packs a major punch to say the least.

OFM 5100 Tablet TrayOn the main operating surface you'll notice a convenient slot that's ready to securely accommodate your smartphone and tablet. The adjustment lever located on the sides of the 5100 prevents accidental injury during movement while making for easy operation.

OFM 5100 Side ViewWhile functional, the 5100 also offers a cool modern look that's sure to wow your office visitors. As sit to stand desk attachments are still new to the industry, they're sure to get the conversation started with your guests. To make a long story short, they look really neat when activated. When not in use, stations like the 5100 can be lowered to near desk surface level out of the way. The ability to enhance office appeal while skyrocketing ergonomic efficiency is simply too much to pass up.

We give the OFM 5100 model desktop station a well deserved 5 star rating. This ergonomic office product is incredibly beneficial. The user friendly design makes for easy operating without sacrificing quality. The 5100 is incredibly well made, which is no surprise considering it's manufactured by one of the most reputable manufacturers in the business.

OFM 5100 Desktop Station Rating
At less than three hundred bucks there's no more cost effective way to improve your workspace for less. Skip those similar models that cost more and do less. Go with the 5100 from OFM. You'll be glad you did!
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