Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Are You Over Thinking Office Comfort?

Getting comfortable at work is a challenge. You have to focus on good posture habits, taking short breaks, and much more. That being said, you might just be overthinking the process a bit. Today on the blog we'll highlight tips, tricks, and product suggestions to help you simplify the process.

Posture tips are hard to remember, especially during busy work day. If you're overthinking your posture, the odds are productivity levels are suffering. To avoid this common problem, make yourself a tip chart that can be posted within eye sight of your computer screen. Rather than remembering every little tip, you'll be able to see them. They'll stay fresh in your mind while working at your office desk and your posture will rapidly improve. Recent studies have proven it!

At the top of your posture tip chart you'll want to write "Keep Back In Contact With Chair At All Times". Don't over think it! Make it a habit. Each time you lean away from your chair, you're missing out on the essential support needed to operate comfortably over the duration of your work day.

You'll also want to synchronize your chair and workstation. If properly done, you'll only have to do it once. Start by raising your chair to a level that ensures your feet are able to be placed flat on the ground and facing forward. Over thinking your chair height is a no-no. Just keep it simple. Take that top of the line ergonomic chair you invested in down to it's lowest level. Place your feet on the ground, then raise your chair to the most comfortable point that keeps your feet in the same position. This step can be tackled in less than 30 seconds. No headaches needed!

Computer screens also need to be raised to eye level. When they're too low, you look down when working. When you look down, your neck suffers. The pros will recommend a computer screen mount with a wide range of adjustments. While helpful, if funds are tight you can just use a stack of magazines or a cardboard box to solve this common issue. No overthinking required.

When it comes to selecting your office chair, don't overthink the features you need. Honestly, most of the standard features on high tech ergonomic chairs are fixtures on those half the price as well. The price difference is typically related to the brand name and upholstery used on the chair. Just be sure to select a height adjustable task chair with adjustable arms. Tilting functions are nice, but they're seldom used. You don't have to break the bank to get a great office chair. Just focus on the features that'll be used the most throughout the day.

Getting comfortable should be simple. Many of today's healthcare professionals will have you thinking you need every ergonomic office accessory available on the market to work efficiently. This is far from the case. You need to set your office space up for YOU! Analyze your personal areas of discomfort, and research the products needed to solve them. Only integrate one new product at a time to ensure you properly understand it's features and benefits. Once you've solved one comfort related issue, move on to the next. They don't have to all be resolved at once. In truth, most can be fixed with proper posture and taking short breaks throughout the day. Overthinking will have you questioning your sit and everything about your effectiveness. Even with all the best intentions, over thinking your office comfit will likely lead to negative results. Simplify to ergo-fy!!
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