Monday, January 16, 2017

The Sit Test: Global Concorde Presidential Chair

Presidential Concorde Chair by Global The Concorde seating collection from Global Total Office is in a league of it's own. These top of the line office chairs promote ergonomically correct operating and posture perfect performance. Today on  'The Sit Test' we'll take a look at the 2409 model Concorde Presidential model. Many of today's top office chair specialists will tell you, the Concorde Presidential is the best option on the market. Let's find out why!

Seat Comfort:

First things first, you've gotta test the seat on any office chair! Once seated in the model 2409 Presidential Concorde chair from Global you'll be rewarded with a firm yet supportive experience. The Concorde chair seat is generously proportioned. One of our team members described it as a "firm and luxurious pillow". We couldn't agree more!

Back Support:

The Concorde Presidential chair boasts a 50" high back design. This top of the line leather executive chair provides exceptional upper and lower back support. The natural contours of the back are wide at the bottom and then narrow slightly at the top to avoid restricting upper body movement. From the side you can tell that the Concorde boasts a curve that's similar to the human vertebrae. With proper adjusting, you'll be hard pressed to find better back support.

Ease of Use:

Even the most fancy office chair on the market (and this one certainly qualifies) isn't worth much if it's a headache to use. Thankfully, Global simplified the mechanism and operation of the Concorde chair. After about thirty minutes just about any user can have the Concorde mastered. It comes ready to rock and roll with little to no adjusting needed. You won't find an abundance of levers and knobs on this chair. Everything is self contained and built for effortless performance.


Most chairs feature an exposed mechanism located under the seat with levers and tension knobs. That being said, the Concorde isn't your average office chair. The controls are integrated into the arms for ease of use. You'll be able to quickly and effectively change your operating positions without hunching over the side or front of your chair. The control system is really what put the Concorde on the map.


The arms house the controls as mentioned above. They also provide users with a secure feeling when working. Most T shaped arms hit the outer thighs when computing naturally in the seated position. The Presidential office chair offers additional support and a nested feeling any user is sure to appreciate. All things considered, the Concorde chair arms don't adjust. If you have trouble finding the correct computing positions and angles, the arms on this chair might not be your best option.


The Concorde chair has earned every bit of it's 5 out of 5 star rating. It has passed our sit test with flying colors. It excelled and even exceeded expectations in nearly every category. The 2409 model Concorde chair is easy to use and operate. It's very stylish without being over the top. If you're looking for a luxurious executive chair that will out perform in just about any situation imaginable, the Concorde has definitely earned our seal of approval.
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