Thursday, February 9, 2017

Create Open Concept Office Interiors with Bungee SL Tables

Global Bungee SL TablesGlobal Total Office specializes in the provision of high tech office furniture designed to improve corporate appeal and operational functionality. Their Bungee SL collection is no exception. As professional interiors shift from traditional cubicle systems to open concept layouts built for collaboration, lines like Bungee SL are poised for success. Today we'll take a look at this cutting edge line and its undeniable benefits. Enjoy!

Open Concept Benching ConfigurationWith Bungee SL, you're only limited by your own imagination. This line of modular open concept office furniture makes it easy to grow, transition, and adapt to the needs of any situation. If you're ready to think outside the box with your remodel and get creative, there's no better option on the market today.

Bungee SL tables can be purchased individually or as part of unique configurations that take the guess work out of the design process. While most of today's open concept furniture collections are a bit tricky to spec without the help of the pros, Bungee SL simplifies and excels.

Modular Open Concept Conference Table
Popular Bungee SL configurations like the BSL503 are perfect for school, training, and work floor applications. This modular benching layout is ready to accommodate up to 6 users. With its 12" high glazed divider panels you create just enough privacy without making your interior feel closed off.

The open concept movement is here to stay. Lines like Bungee SL have cemented themselves in the market. They provide exceptional versatility and make it easy to grow as needs expand. In the training room, Bungee SL tables with integrated power modules will help streamline important lectures and learning sessions. In conference room settings, connectable Bungee SL tables can be used to create classic oval shaped tables, as well as custom layouts that can be reconfigured at a moments notice.

Open Concept Training Room Furniture
In terms of price, this line of open concept conference furniture is extremely competitive. Pre configured layouts are available starting at $2327.99 that when fully connected form a 12' long table. Individual Bungee SL tables for training needs can be purchased for around $300.00. Larger packages with power like the BSL506 that accommodate up to 15 guests are definitely more pricey.

Open Concept Office InteriorsThis open concept collection is an absolute winner in the workplace. If you're ready to integrate furniture that's built to last, incredibly versatile, and cost effective, Bungee SL is the way to go. This line can be used for so many applications! From benching to the boardroom, Bungee SL is truly in a league of its own.
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