Monday, February 6, 2017

Office Design 101: The 7 Core Components Needed For An Elite Executive Interior

Elite Executive Office InteriorAre you looking to craft an elite executive office interior designed to improve productivity while simultaneously wowing your valued visitors? You're in the right place! Today on Office Design 101 we'll educate you on the 7 core components needed for your project. From a stylish front desk to a comfortable office chair, we've got you covered from start to finish. Enjoy!

1.) Front Desk

The desk your select for your project will serve as the focal point of your interior. It's important to select a desk that showcases your desired design theme. This year, coastal inspired remodels and modern makeovers have been incredibly popular. Gray and white office desks from brands like Mayline are a must consider. We highly recommend the components from the Medina collection as they've rapidly become the best selling option on the market.

Executive DeskWhen selecting a desk, you also want to be aware of its dimensions. Selecting a desk too small or large will have a negative effect in your workspace. That said, it's always important to measure first before making a purchase. Most popular executive style office desks come in 63" and 72" widths. When determining what desk size will fit in your space, be sure to account for operating space and pathways to get around your interior comfortably.

2.) Return/Bridge

To form a professional U shaped office workstation you'll need a connecting return, also known as a bridge. This essential component will help provide you with additional operating space and a good flow from the front of your workstation to the rear. Nearly all of the top executive furniture lines available in 2017 offer connecting returns and bridges to work with their desks.

3.) Knee Space Credenza
Executive Credenza
The rear wall knee space credenza will complete your elite U shaped design. While adding to your overall vibe, the knee space credenza will provide you with another 63" to 72" of operating area. Some design teams choose to use low wall cabinets along the rear of the U shaped desk. We prefer credenzas with open knee space as they're easier to work at and cost significantly less.

*Bonus Tip: Make sure to select a credenza that's the same width as your desk. This way they match perfectly!

4.) Overhead Storage Hutch
Executive Hutch
Any reputable interior designer will tell you, floor space is always at a premium. You'll want to maximize the square footage in your executive interior by adding an overhead hutch. The hutch will rest atop your credenza to provide helpful storage and organizing space. Executive interiors with overhead hutch compartments look far more luxurious than those that don't. If you're trying to create elite vibes, don't skip the hutch!

Mobile File Pedestal5.) Mobile Desk Pedestals

Desk pedestals enhance appeal and simultaneously boost productivity. Sure style and fashion are important, but functionality and efficiency reign supreme. With your open knee space credenza, you'll likely be able to slide one matching pedestal under the operating surface and still have enough room to work comfortably. The mobile desk pedestal can be pulled out and recessed as needed throughout the day. Needless to say, they really come in handy.

Executive Low Wall Cabinet6.) Executive Wall Cabinet

The executive wall cabinet provides exceptional storage and organizing space while simultaneously creating an awesome surface to showcase awards and aesthetic accents. You'll definitely want to choose a wall cabinet to match your executive desk configuration. It will create a cohesive, well rounded look that adds to the elite feel of your space.

Arti Open Back Smart Chair7.) Comfortable Office Chair

Last but not least, no elite executive interior is complete without a high quality operator's chair! You may be thinking leather is the only way to go, but there are other comparable options out there. If you're looking to maximize the budget, consider going with a high quality mesh back office chair like the iOO from Eurotech Seating. You can also check out modernized open back smart chairs like the Arti from Global Total Office. They're cutting edge and perfect for upscale managerial environments.

*Bonus Tip: This year it's all about "smart chairs" that minimize the ergonomic learning curve. Today's executives are falling in love with advanced seating solutions like the Arti from Global as they simplify the sitting experience. Smart chairs like these automatically respond to user movements and prevent the needs for constant lever pulling and tension knob adjusting. We highly recommend checking out a smart chair for your elite executive makeover. 
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