Tuesday, March 14, 2017

6 Ways New Office Furniture Will Improve Your Business In 2017

Collaborative Office Furniture
Are you ready to take your business to the next level? New office furniture will help you do it! By investing in smart, efficient, and versatile products you'll be able to take performance to the next level. Today on the Office Furniture Deals Blog we'll highlight 6 ways that new office furniture will do just that and more. Enjoy!

1.) Boost Corporate Appeal

The first one is a bit obvious, but it's still important. When guests visit your business, you want to wow them. You certainly don't want them forming impressions about your level of service and commitment to excellence based on dated interiors. With new open concept office furniture you'll be able to promote a cutting edge vibe that knocks the socks of even the harshest critics. In 2017, full service modern furniture lines that are up to date with today's hottest trends are widely available from industry leading brands like Mayline, Global, and Cherryman. Here's a few collections we recommend...

Open Concept Office Furniture
  • Medina by Mayline
  • Zira by Global
  • Verde by Cherryman Industries
  • Superior Laminate by Offices To Go
  • Mesa by OFM

2.) Maximize Square Footage

Square footage is always at a premium. If your interiors are feeling confined and cramped, it's time for an upgrade. Inefficient furniture layouts restrict productivity, organizational potential, and much more. When selecting new furniture for your business interiors, place your focus on modular versatility and functionality. With today's popular furnishings you'll be able to get the most out of every inch of space.

Modular Training Room Furniture3.) Collaboration

It's all about collaboration in 2017. The days of using traditional cubicle systems are rapidly coming to an end. This year businesses are turning to group benching and open concept office desk layouts that encourage team interaction. Do you remember those days in grade school when you got to work in groups? It was fun, right? You were more excited to tackle daily tasks because you got to collaborate with your fellow students. The same strategies are now being applied to professional interiors to kick productivity levels into overdrive.

Ergonomic Monitor Arm4.) Promote Healthy Operating

Investing in new office furniture will help you emphasize the importance of modern ergonomics and healthy operating. Today's furniture is designed with user comfort in mind. If your employees are complaining about physical strain and pain, you likely need to revamp your interiors. This year, new smart chairs are available from brands like Eurotech Seating and RFM Preferred Seating that minimize the ergonomic learning curve by automatically responding to user movements. In addition, essential ergonomic accessories like dual monitor arms, articulating keyboard trays, and sit to stand desktop risers will all give your employees the edge in terms of productivity and healthy operating.

5.) Streamline Daily Activities

Powered Up Boardroom TableFrom the reception area to the boardroom, new office furniture will help you streamline daily activities. In 2017, it's all about power ready products. With powered lounge furniture you'll quickly improve the guest waiting experience. With a powered up boardroom table you'll be able to effectively host multi media presentations and teleconferences. Old school furniture without power is becoming extinct. Don't let your business fall behind!

Well Organized Office Interior6.) Organization

If your file drawers are bursting at the seams, it's a problem. Without the room to effectively grow, you'll be incredibly limited in terms of operational functionality. Sure a few old school metal file cabinets will do the trick. That being said, advanced storage modules with modular stacking capacities are now the industry standard. From wardrobe cabinets to mobile desk pedestals with cushioned tops that double as guest stools, innovative new storage products are changing the way we work.
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