Thursday, March 30, 2017

Improve Training Operations With SitWell Tagalong Chairs

SitWell Tagalong Training Room Chair Review
When it comes to professional office seating, SitWell knows their stuff. This innovative manufacturer takes pride in crafting some of the most well rounded chairs on the market. Today on the blog we'll be taking an in-depth look at their popular Tagalong seating collection designed to promote comfort and streamline daily operations. Enjoy!

SitWell Tagalong Training Room Office Chair T-15The Tagalong isn't just another training room chair. It was designed to do more. With flip up seats and mobilized bases, the Tagalong can be quickly and efficiently nested along perimeter walls when not in use. Tagalong series chairs for the training room are also very easy to reconfigure. With Tagalong, you can meet the needs of any task in a hurry without sacrificing comfort.

Tagalong Chair - Side ViewThe days of using traditional fixed leg guest chairs for training room applications are coming to an end. Popular new options like the T-15 model from the SitWell Tagalong collection are now dominate the market. With thick padded seats and modern design characteristics, they offer the perfect combination of style and support.

SitWell Tagalong Tablet Arm Training Room Office ChairIf you really want to give your training room the edge, we highly recommend checking out the T-15-TABLET model from the Tagalong collection. This training room office chair with tablet arm is a cut above the rest. The addition of an extra writing surface will come in handy during group strategizing sessions. These designer chairs are also perfect for school and classroom applications.

Tablet Arm Training Room Chair That Can Be StackedIn terms of price, the Tagalong is an absolute bargain buy. When compared to similar models on the market, Tagalong outperforms for less money. The standard T-15 Tagalong flip seat training room chair is currently available for just $225.99. The tablet arm variation is slightly more expensive at $285.99. We feel its definitely worth the extra investment.

Training Room Chairs That NestBoth of the chairs from the Tagalong collection can be stacked up to 4 high on the ground, and nested up to 10 wide. The ability to maximize space and simplify transport makes the Tagalong a supreme option for corporate training areas. You can even use these chairs to maximize the number of guests that can be accommodated around your boardroom table.

Most of today's training room chairs are a bit underperforming when it comes to comfort. Thankfully, SitWell designed these stackable office chairs with the user in mind. The Tagalong is ready to work! If you're hosting presentations, lectures, and testing sessions lasting longer than a few hours, your guests and workers will thank you for integrating these chairs into your interior.

Tagalong Chair RatingAfter a thorough review and sit test, we feel more than comfortable giving the SitWell Tagalong collection a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. They're durable, easy to maneuver, and very comfortable. If you're not loving the basic quick ship black fabric seat, custom options are also available to help personalize your decor. The Tagalong is ready, willing, and able to improve training operations without breaking the bank. We fully expect the Tagalong to be one of the best selling training room chairs of 2017. When paired with modular flip top training room tables with mobilized bases, you'll have successfully crafted yourself a learning environment for your workers that's a step ahead of the competition.
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