Tuesday, June 20, 2017

6 Ways To Freshen Up Your Office Space

It's always a good idea to freshen up your office space from time to time. From purging to painting, we've got 6 great ways to do just that. Here we'll highlight the tips, tricks, and product suggestions needed to make your personal interior feel vibrant, productive, and up to date with the latest trends. Enjoy!

1.) Purge & Clean

How To Clean and Purge Your Office Space Effectively

Start with a good cleaning session to freshen up your space. Go through your old file cabinet drawers and remove any unnecessary documents that are doing little more than taking up valuable space. Next, clean off your work surface and get your stationary well organized. To complete your purge and cleaning session, dust your interior, hit the walls with a magic eraser to remove any unsightly scuffs, and vacuum the floors. This simple process should be done about once every month to keep your space looking great.

2.) Succulents

Succulents For The Office

The days of using large faux plants to freshen up office interiors are coming to an end. Add a modern touch to your interior with some cool succulents. They survive well with minimal watering so you don't have to worry about maintenance. Additionally, there's tons of cool varieties that thrive indoors without a ton of natural light. Use cool planters to compliment your furniture and contribute to your refreshed office vibe.

3.) New Office Chair

White Leather Office Chair

There's no substitute for comfort. A high quality chair with adjustable ergonomic features will serve as a supportive friend throughout the toughest work days. These days combining style and comfort on a budget is easier than ever. Brands like Modway, Woodstock Marketing, Cherryman, and OFM are all manufacturing awesome chairs that are ready, willing, and able to refresh your interior without breaking the bank.

Cost Effective Chair Recommendations:

  • Vibe Chair by Modway
  • Creedence Chair by Woodstock Marketing
  • Eon Chair by Cherryman Industries
  • Stratus Chair by OFM
*Designer Tip: The office chair color you select can greatly help or hinder your quest for a refreshed interior. This year, light upholstery options like white, tan, blue, and green are all super popular. Skip old school colors like light brown and black. They'll always have a place in professional interiors, but they feel a bit out dated compared to today's trendy new options!

4.) Natural Light

Natural Office Lighting

Let there be light! Take a few minutes to open up your blinds each morning when you arrive at work. It will make your space feel refreshed in just seconds and doesn't cost a dollar. That being said, if you're refreshing your home office, investing in plantation shutters is a great idea. They look fantastic and make it easy to control the flow of natural light in your space. You should even consider opening up your windows on pretty days. A little fresh air will do you and your office good!

5.) Ergonomic Computer Accessories

Ergonomic Computer Screen Mount

You can refresh your office interior while promoting healthy operating and productivity with ergonomic computer accessories that won't break the bank. We recommend starting with the big 3. Here's a run down of each and their benefits.

  1. Sit To Stand Desktop Riser: Promotes continuous movement in the workplace, reduces fatigue, increases blood flow, and reduces the need for extended sitting sessions that can be damaging to your health.
  2. Monitor Arm: Improves the rate at which you compute while creating additional operational surface space and reduces neck strain by allowing monitors to be raised to eye level.
  3. Articulating Keyboard Tray: Ensures healthy computing angles that reduce the risk of common office epidemics like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome while simultaneously creating additional desk surface space.

6.) Paint Job

Cool Colors To Paint Your Office

A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your office. If your currently dealing with those lack luster beige tones most offices are suffering from, take a trip to the paint store to pick up some swatches. When you decide on a color that will make your space feel refreshed and vibrant, devote a weekend to removing your existing office furniture and laying it on carefully. Most actually choose to paint around their furniture, but this is dangerous and not recommended because the risk of spills goes WAY up. If you're going with this method, at least cover your furniture to the best of your ability and lay down drop cloths! This year, light yellows, blues, and even greens have been super popular paint colors for office remodeling projects.
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