Thursday, July 20, 2017

5 Ways To Help Your Office Interiors Evolve With The Times

Are your office interiors starting to feel a bit dated? Rest assured, we've got you covered. Today on the blog we'll highlight 5 great ways to improve your work environments. From self adjusting chairs to powered furniture, these trendy solutions are ready, willing, and able to kick performance into high gear while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal.

1.) Self Adjusting Chairs

Articulating Office Chair

The days of constantly pulling mechanism levers and twisting tension knobs to ensure a proper sit are coming to an end. In 2017, self adjusting ergonomic desk chairs are rapidly becoming the industry standard. The take the guess work out of getting comfortable. This new and cutting edge style of office chair automatically responds to the user's movements. Self adjusting office chairs react to the weight of the user and often articulate like the spine to keep users posture perfect. Popular auto responding chairs like The Living Chair from Mayline are the perfect option for any interior in need of an ergonomically correct makeover.

2.) Sit To Stand Solutions

Height Adjustable Office Furniture

It's all abut sit to stand products in 2017. Brands like ESI, Systematix, Mayline, and OFM are all hard at work crafting the latest and greatest height adjustable components that reduce the need for extended sitting sessions. Why are sit to stand work surface attachments and desktop risers so popular you ask? Because they provide a ton of health benefits and don't cost a fortune! As it simply isn't practical for the average worker to take a short break once an hour, sit to stand solution make it easy to keep your blood flowing and reduce fatigue without stepping away from your work. Stand up operating isn't for everyone. However, those who give it a try typically find it to be very rewarding!

3.) Collaborative Benching

Collaborative Office Benching

Traditional high wall panel furniture systems are great for privacy. That being said, startup businesses that thrive on creativity and team involvement will definitely want to check out the latest and greatest collaborative benching systems from brands like Global. They encourage interaction and employee engagement while simultaneously creating an open concept feel that will make your work floor look more spacious. Collaborative benching systems are high tech, fashionable, and productivity minded.

4.) Tablet Seating

Executive Recliner With A Tablet Arm

Tablet arm chairs are a favorite among interior design teams and industry professionals. In the reception area they'll provide your valued visitors with the ability to work while they wait. Additionally, versatile training room chairs with tablet arms have also become very popular as they improve versatility. Sometimes that little extra work surface can make a big difference!

5.) Powered Furniture

Boardroom Table with USB Inputs

Last but not least, any business looking to help their professional interiors evolve with the times will certainly encounter an array of new powered office components. From the waiting room to the boardroom, powered furniture is changing the way we interact and work on a daily basis. Particularly in boardroom settings, a powered table with USB ports and other advanced inputs will help streamline group strategizing sessions and presentations. In the waiting room, powered furniture will improve the guest experience by allowing them to charge devices while the wait.
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