Thursday, July 6, 2017

Office Design 2017: First Half Highlights

With the first half of 2017 in the books, we thought it would be helpful to take a look back at the products and trends that rocked the market. Like they say, you have to know where you've been to know where you're going. If you're looking to craft elite work environments, the industry info provided here will help you do just that. Additionally, we'll provide you with sneak peeks of what to expect in the coming months!

1.) Sit To Stand Solutions

Work Standing Up To Improve Health

It's no secret that sit to stand office products have been the talk of 2017. Why you ask? Because operating from the seated position for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span. On a daily basis, sitting for too long can have you fighting fatigue, poor blood flow, and even physical strain. To solve the problem, modern sit to stand solutions like desktop risers and perch stools have been crafted by today's top brands.

5 Sit To Stand Products To Consider:

  • Volante Desktop Riser by Systematix
  • Vivo Perch Stool by OFM
  • RGE Tables by Mayline
  • Ergorise Station by ESI Ergonomic Solutions
  • Balance 3 Keyboard Tray by Symmetry Office

2.) Mid Century Modern Office Chairs

Mid Century Modern Conference Chair

Brands like Modway and Woodstock Marketing made mid century modern office chairs incredibly popular in the first half of 2017. Mid century seating has become a go to option for businesses looking to craft fashionable conference and boardroom settings. Traditional executive style conference seating has gone out of style. They're just too bulky! On the other hand, mid century modern conference chairs are sleek, comfortable, and classy. They'll help you maximize the number of guests that can be seat effectively around your table.

3.) Coastal Finish Options

Gray Office Furniture

Shoppers have grown tired of traditional furniture finish options likes cherry, maple, and mahogany. In the first half of 2017, they were on the hunt for something different to add flair to their interiors. That's where coastal finishes came in. Brands like Mayline rocked the market with trendy tones like Textured Driftwood and Sea Salt that offer a modernized beach look that's professional and sophisticated. Collections like Medina and Sterling will continue to be "must consider options" for the foreseeable future.

4.) Collaborative Furniture

Collaborative Benching System

Traditional privacy cubicles will always have a place, but this year collaborative systems have started to take over the market. The ability to encourage team interaction and spark creativity is too much for growing businesses to pass up. Collaborative benching systems are distinctively modern and equally versatile. They're great for interiors of any size.

Popular Collaborative Furniture Lines:

  • e5 by Mayline
  • TransAction by Mayline
  • SideBar by Global
  • Bridges II by Global

5.) Powered Lounge Seating

Powered Lounge Sofa

If you truly want to improve the guest experience, powered lounge seating is the way to go. Providing your valued visitors with the ability to work while they wait is a professional advantage they'll surely appreciate. Powered lounge seating from OFM collections like Morph and Serenity are cost effective, stylish, and surprisingly affordable.

6.) Auto Responding Chairs

Articulating Office Chair

Last but certainly not least, the office chair world got a major boost with auto responding office chairs from brands like Global Total Office. Their Arti and Spritz chairs minimize the ergonomic learning curve by reducing the need for constant adjusting. A weight sensing ergonomic task chair with an articulating back will help you take posture and performance to the next level. In addition to Global, brands like Mayline raised the bar with auto responding seating solutions like The Living Chair. This advanced task chair for everyday use is nothing short of impressive. Rest assured, auto responding chairs are rapidly becoming the industry standard. They're here to stay!
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